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(Project Status and Release Cycle)
(Roadmaps and Schedules)
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=== Roadmaps and Schedules ===
=== Roadmaps and Schedules ===
* [[Yocto 2.4 Schedule]] (In Planning)
* [[Yocto 2.4 Schedule]] (Current)
* [[Yocto 2.3 Schedule]] (Current)
* [[Yocto 2.3 Schedule]]  
* [[Yocto 2.2 Schedule]]  
* [[Yocto 2.2 Schedule]]  
* [[Yocto 2.1 Schedule]]
* [[Yocto 2.1 Schedule]]

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Planning for features and schedule is done as a community. Details on the schedule, features, and development and release process are below.


Project Status and Release Cycle

Roadmaps and Schedules


Release Table

  • Releases -- This is a table of information about the releases of Yocto Project.

Stable branch maintenance

Yocto Kernel Policy

  • Linux Yocto -- This describes the kernel Policy for the Yocto Project

Yocto Build Failure Swat Team

Bug Status Dashboards

Weekly -

Daily -

Development Methodology

QA Status

  • 2.3 QA Status -- This is the most current QA test run Status in progress.
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