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Yocto Project 1.3 release Status


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Scheduled Design Design Review Development Patch Review Merged Testing Done (M5) Blocked
1731Bogdan Marinescu1.3 M4
3700Darren Hart1.3 M4
2651Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
2994Beth Flanagan1.3 M5
2940Alexandru Damian1.3 M5
2895Andreea Brandusa Proca1.3 M5
2577Andrei Dinu1.3 M5
3138Andrei Gherzan1.3 M5
3133Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
3146Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
3148Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
3151Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
3162Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
3163Paul Eggleton1.3 M5
3117Bogdan Marinescu1.3 M5
3025Bogdan Marinescu1.3 M5
3186Bruce Ashfield1.3 M5
3088Bruce Ashfield1.3 M5
3111Bruce Ashfield1.3 M5
3170Constantin Musca1.3 M5
3082Constantin Musca1.3 M5
2597Constantin Musca1.3 M5
2958Constantin Musca1.3 M5
3108Constantin Musca1.3 M5
2982Constantin Musca1.3 M5
3152Constantin Musca1.3 M5
3045Constantin Musca1.3 M5
3046Constantin Musca1.3 M5
3184Cristian Iorga1.3 M5
2195Cristian Iorga1.3 M5
2960Cristian Iorga1.3 M5
2983Cristian Iorga1.3 M5
3188Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3189Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
2537Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
2831Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3104Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3105Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3107Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
2998Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3114Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3147Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
2999Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
3160Cristiana Voicu1.3 M5
2633Beth Flanagan1.3 M5
3134Beth Flanagan1.3 M5
3118Beth Flanagan1.3 M5
3097Ioana Grigoropol1.3 M5
3002Ioana Grigoropol1.3 M5
3022Ioana Grigoropol1.3 M5
3076Ioana Grigoropol1.3 M5
3096Jessica1.3 M5
3141Jessica1.3 M5
3019Jessica1.3 M5
172Kai Kang1.3 M5
2332Kai Kang1.3 M5
2768Kai Kang1.3 M5
3125Kai Kang1.3 M5
3164Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3083Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3090Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3102Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3135Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3109Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3143Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3156Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3161Laurentiu Palcu1.3 M5
3128Robert Yang1.3 M5
3136Robert Yang1.3 M5
3137Robert Yang1.3 M5
3123Robert Yang1.3 M5
3159Robert Yang1.3 M5
3157Mark Hatle1.3 M5
3072Matthew McClintock1.3 M5
3206Nitin Kamble1.3 M5
3121Rahul Saxena1.3 M5
2964Richard Purdie1.3 M5
3202Ross Burton (Arm)1.3 M5
3149Ross Burton (Arm)1.3 M5
3056Ross Burton (Arm)1.3 M5
3101Scott Garman1.3 M5
3112Scott Garman1.3 M5
3080Saul Wold1.3 M5
3089Saul Wold1.3 M5
3126Saul Wold1.3 M5
3067Saul Wold1.3 M5
3103Song.Li1.3 M5
3095Scott Rifenbark1.3 M5
2904Scott Rifenbark1.3 M5
3091Tom Zanussi1.3 M5

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Design Review




Patch Review



IDAssigneeESummary (120 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
1690Paul EggletonBuilding an image for qemu* machines always builds X111.3RESOLVED
1768Paul Eggletonqt-mobility-x11-1.2.0-r0: task do_compile: Failed1.3RESOLVED
2044Paul Eggleton10sstate needs a mechanism to detect changes to local files(P1) Implemented1.3RESOLVED
2423Paul Eggleton2Reduce host pre-requisites list1.3RESOLVED
2455Paul Eggletoncombo-layer fail to handle empty patch list1.3RESOLVED
2458Paul EggletonChange image recipes to include package-management IMAGE_FEATURES explicitly1.3RESOLVED
2680Paul EggletonUsing the "hob" script will not re-use the parse from the bitbake -p1.3RESOLVED
3040Paul Eggletoncombo-layer: Respect last_revision specified in conf file1.3RESOLVED
3119Paul EggletonBeta - default sanity checking fails if http proxy set but not git / SVN1.3RESOLVED
3115Bogdan MarinescuBeta hob error messages in launching window are messy1.3RESOLVED
1634Bruce Ashfield5BSP: research and update/refresh reference platforms(P2) - Design Review Complete. January 30th, 20121.3RESOLVED
2047Bruce Ashfield1Make linux-yocto branches reflect strictly source changes(P1) Done.1.3RESOLVED
2333Bruce Ashfieldkernel: development workflow usecase documentation and support - 1.31.3RESOLVED
2952Bruce AshfieldRequire the ability to have Yocto install the kernel modules in the root filesystem but not the bzImage1.3RESOLVED
842Constantin Musca3automake does not handle the --warnings=cross option3668a2de732b61f916464e921e6b31f2552edad81.3RESOLVED
2068Constantin Musca4Clutter run failed in qemux86/x86-64 using toolchain.(Test Case Completed)1.3RESOLVED
2520Constantin Muscamklibs: Can't handle multilib pathsd6ef548c48968d16f7e24dec7452ddb455c26d461.3RESOLVED
3070Constantin Muscapatch: do_patch failed in a rare case2a0d7aded81330e644ac766249aca06b63c3905c, ada2c27f751c6f9277787a5e774927bd387977061.3RESOLVED
1736Dexuan Cui1[Build Appliance] Tune Self-Hosted Image Size(P2) lower priority. we might want to close the bug? (Apr 03, 2012)1.3RESOLVED
1303Dongxiao Xu5Allow customize the dev packages when building a toolchain(P3)1.3RESOLVED
1739Dongxiao Xu10[multilib] Enable multilib for debian packaging format(P?) dup of 15021.3RESOLVED
1648Darren Hart20Real-time process-executed timers(P4)1.3RESOLVED
2073Darren Hart3n450 machine need to be of arch x86_64 instead of i586(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2387Darren Hart5Switch to using libkmod(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2477Darren Hartyocto-7-denzil : core-image-sato doesn't work with Atom N5501.3RESOLVED
3158Darren Hartxserver-xorg-config_0.1.bbappend bsp FILESPATH not set in a robust mannerpatch submitted to yocto/meta-intel mailing lists for review1.3RESOLVED
4601Darren HartERROR: No recipes available for:24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "Done".1.3RESOLVED
2136Beth FlanaganINCOMPATIBLE LICENSE may end up excluding compatible packages1.3RESOLVED
2882Beth FlanaganInclude git hash in release tarball1.3RESOLVED
1193JessicaGNU autotools project build function disabled by Yocto Project1.3RESOLVED
1610Jessica12Eclipse BSP/Kernel Plugin(p2) - development complete1.3RESOLVED
2536JessicaGenerate meta-toolchain by 'bitbake meta-toolchain' missing libcurl.so.41.3RESOLVED
2851JessicaBuilding eclipse plugin failed(autobuilder)1.3RESOLVED
2041Joshua Lock - Disabledsstate relocation problem1.3RESOLVED
2213Kevin Strasser2[baryon] samba needs python 2.6 to pass do_configure1.3RESOLVED
1719Kevin Strasser[NAS] NFS 4.0 doesn't work but NFS 3.0 does in meta-baryon.(P3)1.3RESOLVED
1713Lianhao Lu[NAS] Oprofile will cause kernel hang when profiling.(P3)1.3RESOLVED
2435Lianhao LuInstalling or Accessing the Eclipse Yocto Plug-in from the latest sources fails1.3RESOLVED
2436Lianhao LuADT build.sh build file path is wrong for org.eclipse.pde.build_*1.3RESOLVED
2471Lianhao Lu[eclipse]Sanity check fail when create BC project1.3RESOLVED
2405Robert Yang10remove pkgs from a build(P3)1.3RESOLVED
2406Robert Yang10conditionally compile or depends according to pkg's existence(P2)1.3RESOLVED
937Mark Hatle2Adding -feliminate-dwarf2-dups to compiler flags for libnfsidmap causes prelink to segfault1.3RESOLVED
1443Mark Hatle7segfault of lttng-ust applications in qemuarm: caused by prelink: on x86-64 Ubuntu host1.3RESOLVED
1928Mark HatleRPM unusably slow on target1.3RESOLVED
1929Mark Hatlezypper hangs in a futex early on1.3RESOLVED
2289Mark Hatle10Packages providing "ALTERNATIVES" do not have provides specified(P1)1.3RESOLVED
2321Mark Hatle1TUNECONFLICT is neither documented nor used consistently(P1)1.3RESOLVED
2314Martin Jansa5eglibc-2.15 failing with shlib.lds:127: syntax error1.3RESOLVED
2312Nitin Kamble5Examine changes after repeated perl do_compile(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2443Nitin Kamblepoky-tiny: eglibc 2.15 fails to compile xregex.c1.3RESOLVED
2446Nitin Kamble3x32: move to upstream 3.4 kernel(P2) 1.3RESOLVED
2447Nitin Kamble10x32: migrate x32 compiler to gcc 4.7(P2)1.3RESOLVED
3063Nitin Kamblecrownbay: black screen booting emgd version of crownbay1.3RESOLVED
3268Nitin KambleNo license files for the Intel binary only license1.3RESOLVED
2815Radu Moisanlocale package dependency issuein development1.3RESOLVED
3174Radu MoisanQA warning building nativesdk-ncursesin review1.3RESOLVED
3286Rahul Saxena[cedartrail] cdv-prv-driver gets bad name with debian-renaming1.3RESOLVED
2378Khem Raj5Use kmod(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2381Khem Raj5Add ARM hard float support1.3RESOLVED
1508Richard Purdie[Multilib] Drop PKGSUFFIX and have nativesdk use multilib technology1.3RESOLVED
1615Richard Purdie7gtk+ sato filechooser patch(P3)1.3RESOLVED
2056Richard PurdiePKGV_<package> change doesn't change the package_write checksumPatch on mailing list for review1.3RESOLVED
2057Richard Purdiebitbake-diffsigs ability to dump a single signature should be more obvious1.3RESOLVED
2235Richard PurdieSome recipes not 'upgrade' safe1.3RESOLVED
2395Richard PurdieBitbake spins1.3RESOLVED
2409Richard Purdiebitbake svn fetcher support for subversion-1.7(P1) Patches out for review1.3RESOLVED
2418Richard PurdieBitbake fetcher: Fix handling of local file mirrors of git repositories in PREMIRRORS(p1) Patches out for review on the bitbake mailing list1.3RESOLVED
2448Richard PurdieFILES_split += "/foo//bar" will never match due to the '//'1.3RESOLVED
2848Richard Purdieeglibc_2.15 do_populate_sysroot fails with gcc 4.6.1 (Ubuntu 11.10)1.3RESOLVED
2879Richard Purdiebitbake build-appliance-image do_rootfs fails on Fedora17 64bitPatch out for review on mailing list1.3RESOLVED
2981Richard Purdietracebacks should be better when exception raised in anonymous pythonPatches out for review1.3RESOLVED
3000Richard Purdiestacktrace building meta-toolchain with qemu image testing enabled1.3RESOLVED
3085Richard PurdieUndefined event handler execution order can lead to unexpected behavior and even failures1.3RESOLVED
3113Richard PurdieBeta build results in QA failures1.3RESOLVED
3165Richard Purdiekernel recipes must be cleaned to avoid a confused runtime-reverse directory1.3RESOLVED
3183Richard Purdie1.3 needs to have a debug scanner for the tabs to spaces issue1.3RESOLVED
3029Ross Burton (Arm)crash on no xml theme1.3RESOLVED
3204Ross Burton (Arm)meta-cedartrail pvr driver doesn't depend on exa1.3RESOLVED
3224Ross Burton (Arm)shutdown-button postinst always fails on !qemu1.3RESOLVED
701Saul Woldxserver: keyboard input not workingPending info from reporter... (11-Aug-2011) Needs Owner.1.3RESOLVED
1452Saul Wold732bit kernel generated oprofile data file can not be read by remote 64bit opreport1.3RESOLVED
1883Saul WoldNo space left on device1.3RESOLVED
2092Saul Wold5rpm fails to create rootfs for x321.3RESOLVED
2241Saul Wold4gnomebase.bbclass fetcher url needs to be fixedpatch pending1.3RESOLVED
2245Saul Wold5gthumb fails to install configration files correctly(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2287Saul Wold2Create target that will download all versions required for all target builds1.3RESOLVED
2302Saul Woldbitbake (recipe boost_1.44.b) gets confused with ~/user-config.jam1.3RESOLVED
2316Saul Woldrename eds-dbus to eds1.3RESOLVED
2339Saul WoldBuild appliance shows a shell prompt for many seconds before Hob starts1.3RESOLVED
2359Saul Woldmiss perl in distribution of x86 & x86-64 sato1.3RESOLVED
2369Saul Wold1Update site/arm-common to allow building recent version of glib-2.0(P1)1.3RESOLVED
2428Saul Wold[qemuarm/mips] core-image-sato-sdk build failed due to dependency of mesa-demos1.3RESOLVED
2516Saul Woldboost: added missing libraries to BOOST_LIBS1.3RESOLVED
2529Saul Woldx32: eglibc move to version 2.16 of libc1.3RESOLVED
2532Saul WoldCan't fetch source from git repository if using https1.3RESOLVED
3051Saul Wold[ qemux86-64-sato-sdk ] qemux86_64 machine is not coming up . showing kernel panic.1.3RESOLVED
3062Saul Woldfetchall builds a ton of targets and takes forever1.3RESOLVED
3087Saul WoldBitbaking task-xfce-base fails when using debian, but not with rpm1.3RESOLVED
1033Scott RifenbarkCreate a power users tips and tricks document1.3RESOLVED
1939Scott RifenbarkFully document SRC_URI and its various parameters19 Sept 2012: Fixed/Resolved1.3RESOLVED
2445Scott RifenbarkNot recommend using Eclipse from Ubuntu/Fedora package repository10 May 2012: Fixed/resolved1.3RESOLVED
2459Scott Rifenbark1reword core-image-sato-dev - should not include native tool chain21 May 2012: Fixed/Resolved1.3RESOLVED
2553Scott RifenbarkADT-Installer failed if the folder /opt/poky/1.2+snapshot exist26 July 2012 - Fixed1.3RESOLVED
2653Scott Rifenbarkcontradiction between docs and local.conf comments regarding parallelism options4 Oct 2012 - Resolved/Fixed1.3RESOLVED
1843Tom ZanussiError screen when I input "clear" in the terminal1.3RESOLVED
2015Tom Zanussi3[emenlow]X is black when resume from S3 standby mode.(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2386Tom Zanussi3[Crownbay]The system can resume from S3 standby mode automatically(P3)(No QA needed)1.3RESOLVED
2791Tom ZanussiMpeg video is supported in sugarbay image although it shouldn't1.3RESOLVED
2990Tom Zanussiyocto-bsp tool default choice is inexistent1.3RESOLVED
3142Tom Zanussi[yocto-bsp] kernel panic message for yocto-bsp based images1.3RESOLVED
3167Tom Zanussiperf: annotate doesn't workDone1.3RESOLVED
3178Tom Zanussibuilding a power pc image with a layer created using yocto-bsp fails due to cfg/vfat not availablepatch submitted to yocto mailing list for review1.3RESOLVED
1114Xiaofeng YanLSB 4.1: illegal instruction1.3RESOLVED
2358Xiaofeng Yan3eglibc-nativesdk (2.15) has packaging issues(P2)1.3RESOLVED
2343Yang Shisugarbay/huronriver/crownbay: abnormal filesystem-related messages in dmesg(P2)1.3RESOLVED
1731Bogdan Marinescu20[multilib] Finish rest recipes in world multilib enabling(Scheduled)1.3 M4RESOLVED
3700Darren HartWhen inherit boot-directdisk class, the first build fail with error "disk full"1.3 M4RESOLVED
2651Paul EggletonHob stopped when use the external CSL toolchain--Sourcery CodeBench Lite1.3 M5RESOLVED
2994Beth FlanaganFix eclipse plugin release process within releaseme.sh1.3 M5RESOLVED




IDAssigneeESummary (593 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
2282Paul EggletonGlib-Gobject-warning when launch connman-properties on qemux86-64 sato/sato-sdk image1.3VERIFIED
2875Paul Eggleton[meta-ti / HOB] when adding meta-ti to layer configuration, yocto fails after about 5% of the recipe parsing1.3VERIFIED
1994lvchunhua1[Web Hob] Initialization data to database(P3) 1.3VERIFIED
1995lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to listen bitbake server status(P3)1.3VERIFIED
1245Constantin Musca2BitBake proceeds unhindered when unrecognised commands are called8202e49c5fa03822adf3a4d75bc87d33b23a7f65;8d019a77d7c6ded1cff66094bfb9effa38c75c981.3VERIFIED
3035Constantin Muscaperl fails on PPC, mv: cannot stat `Bzip2.xsc': No such file or directory(autobuilder)1.3VERIFIED
3194Constantin MuscaWhen building an image without customisation fails, the 'Edit image' button in the failure message does nothing1a85fc8f5b9d04fecb87ecc04ac89b52387090a11.3VERIFIED
3195Constantin MuscaThe 'Building packages' heading is gone999f7c2601f025dcd0e64580c4716eedef2f24021.3VERIFIED
3196Constantin MuscaSelecting 'Run image' brings up the deploy image tool73182ed4ea6d6d8a42acc6c611a0744c27c6d5db1.3VERIFIED
2338Cristian Iorga5[Hob2] Hob should report that it's running sanity checks when it is1.3VERIFIED
3066Cristian IorgaWon't be able to run bitbake from commandline after HOB has done a build1.3VERIFIED
3106Cristian Iorga[qemux86-64 sato-sdk] connman offline mode functionality is not working1.3VERIFIED
3231Cristian Iorgarootfs for custom image fails because of missing dependenciesd38f055593404e6395300e37ae54ee5a4edada97, a6f6d4faba3d8ce02d198b0bb9f8cfb9c2963529, bcc73d26ddff01f0e4bb38eab23c57ef9bf76b041.3VERIFIED
2322Cristiana Voicu3In 'Recipes' and 'Packages' the tooltips for 'All recipes', 'Tasks', 'All packages' are missing.1.3VERIFIED
2566Cristiana VoicuHob should not have let me switch my distro to poky-tiny and expected things to work - but it did1.3VERIFIED
2171Dexuan Cui1build image errorNo reproducible: need more info from the reporter;we may have to close this bug or make this post-1.2 (May 08, 2012)1.3VERIFIED
2060Dongxiao Xu[Hob] parsing does not return with server/client mode1.3VERIFIED
2412Darren Hart2n450: Support EFI boot1.3VERIFIED
3037Darren Hart[Autobuilder] n450 core-image-sato and core-image-sato-sdk gives corupt kernel image error1.3VERIFIED
3290Beth FlanaganADT couldn't be installed properly for RC4 because sato sdk for qemuarm does not exist1.3VERIFIED
3203Ioana Grigoropolkernel trace type not available in the lttng project1.3VERIFIED
2499Jessica[Hob2] The content of the Proxy tab in the Settings dialog needs review by copywritinga new patch to bitbake-dev is out for review based on the latest text change request1.3VERIFIED
2737Jessica[Eclipse] cannot install TMF using eclipse-poky setup script1.3VERIFIED
3234Jessicatooltips cannot parse MACHINE var1.3VERIFIED
3235JessicaUsers should not be able to create projects containing spaces in their name1.3VERIFIED
3237JessicaUsers should not be able to create bitbake recipes with spaces in their name1.3VERIFIED
3242Jessicacannot select kernel trace type for a lttng projectrelease note, upstream is unpluged lttng legacy support, so please stop using lttng legacy1.3CLOSED
2276Joshua Lock - Disabled4Replace custom HobNoteBook with gtk.Notebook1.3VERIFIED
927Kai Kang[POSIX] case pthread_cond_broadcast does not kill itself after finished1.3VERIFIED
1116Kai KangLSB 4.1: GHashTable error1.3VERIFIED
1122Kai KangLSB 4.1: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'1.3VERIFIED
1124Kai KangLSB 4.1: kllclnt error1.3VERIFIED
3201Laurentiu Palcucannot build Hello World Ansi C project using standalone Toolchain for ARM and X86(merged)1.3VERIFIED
2501Lianhao Lu[Eclipse]Could not create the hostShellProcess1.3CLOSED
3074Robert Yangdo_rootfs fails update-alternatives already exists1.3VERIFIED
3116Martin Jansasstate-cache-management.sh prints some error message when running1.3VERIFIED
2962Mihai Lindnermeta-cedartrail: no PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto set1.3VERIFIED
2867Nitin Kambleglxinfo and glxgears missing from e-menlow sato images1.3VERIFIED
2971Nitin Kamblee-menlow image build fails in hob due to linux-yocto-3.4.6 do_configure error1.3VERIFIED
943Paul GortmakerNeed a functional u-boot for mpc8315e-rdb (using factory now)(P4) O2 solves build, PRC hardware bricked (12-May-2011)1.3VERIFIED
1975Richard PurdieBitBake test suite1.3VERIFIED
2979Richard Purdiesourcing toolchain variables impacts on bitbakePatch out for review1.3VERIFIED
2847LiRongQingusbutils: segment fault occured when doing "lsusb -t" on qemuppc1.3VERIFIED
3127Ross Burton (Arm)Busy cursor is system-wide1.3VERIFIED
2433Scott Garmanrunqemu scripts in master broken by recent changes(No QA needed)1.3VERIFIED
2122Saul WoldN450 route table adds in a duplicate gateway address1.3VERIFIED
2296Saul WoldFedora 17 generated meta-toolchain won't work on non-fc17 systems(1.2) 1.3VERIFIED
2704Saul Woldmeta-tlk needs to add a notice1.3VERIFIED
3077Saul WoldX fails to start on QEMU arm when installed with adt-installer 1.3_beta1.3VERIFIED
3078Saul WoldOpenSSH should honor the "debug-tweaks" IMAGE_FEATURES(Patch Review)1.3VERIFIED
1449Shane Wangbuildstats handler raises exception early in hob build1.3VERIFIED
2625Shane Wang[HOB] Usability issue - "View packages" tag on two subsequent buttons1.3VERIFIED
2876Song.Li2tcl 8.5.11:do_install tcl is installed in /usr/lib rather than /usr/lib64 on x86_64 target.P31.3VERIFIED
3075Song LiuCannot creat a bitbake commander project in Juno1.3VERIFIED
3180Scott Rifenbarkglib-gettextize must be replaced with glib2-devel in quick start documentation4 Oct 2012 - Resolved/Fixed1.3VERIFIED
2754Tom ZanussiCannot boot crownbay image from usb using the hddimg image1.3VERIFIED
2793Tom ZanussiErrors when running ABAT in Crownbay1.3VERIFIED
3217Tom Zanussimeta-cedartrail and meta-crownbay discard SRC_URI additions1.3VERIFIED
3233Tom Zanussierror when selecting kernel version 3.4 in yocto bsp tool1.3VERIFIED
2845Wenzong.Fanqt4: qt4-native fails to build on SLED11.2-64bit1.3VERIFIED
2907Wenzong.Fanpcmciautils: WARNING: QA Issue: installed in the base_prefix, requires a shared library under exec_prefix1.3VERIFIED
2008xiaotongx.lv@intel.com31.[Helper API] Understand bitbake server build mechanism to implement bitbake server helper (rest API) for web UI(P3)1.3VERIFIED
2829Xin Ouyangmtools: fail to run because no codepage 850 installed1.3VERIFIED
2858Xin Ouyangfindutils-4.4.2: do_compile: Failed: bison: command not found1.3VERIFIED
2331Yang Shisugarbay: problem with getcwd in terminal(P1)1.3VERIFIED
2500Belen Barros Pena[Hob2] Editing the recipes of a selected base image changes 'Select a base image' combo box value to 'self-hosted-image'Patch out under review1.3 M1VERIFIED
2451Paul Eggletonbuildhistory can't handle + in version when generating depgraphs(No QA needed)Fixed1.3 M1VERIFIED
2046Bruce AshfieldMake KBRANCH default to a valid branch (not KMACHINE)(Development)Mostly done, needs to be verified and closed.1.3 M1VERIFIED
2487Bruce Ashfieldlinux-korg recipes do not work with tar.gz sources1.3 M1VERIFIED
2518Bruce Ashfieldlinux-korg recipe does not work with v3.4 kernel1.3 M1VERIFIED
2573Bruce Ashfield[linux-yocto] No recipes available for linux-yocto_3.2.bbappendPatches on list (Jun 8, 2012)1.3 M1VERIFIED
1850Beth Flanagan0.25Add new nightly-misc target to test other combinations(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled) Fixed in contrib. Once AB lockdown is complete will be implemented in production.1.3 M1VERIFIED
2028Beth Flanagan0.2Add a poky-tiny DISTRO target(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled)Status: Pending commit to repo1.3 M1VERIFIED
2029Beth Flanagan0.5Add a core-image-rt DISTRO target(No QA needed)(Design) Estimate: 4 hours.1.3 M1VERIFIED
2419Beth Flanagan2[Performance] Rootfs generation is inefficient (license checks)(P1)(Covered by current QA test plan)(Merged)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2441Beth Flanagan1feature request: add package version to license.manifest(P2)(No QA needed)(Merged)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2079Jessica2validate required field in new recipe wizard(Covered by current QA Test Plan)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2115JessicaAdd prompt for Perf/LatencyTop when eclipse connect to target(QA Testing Completed)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2116Jessica1Setting Kernel Module as a required field for SystemTap(QA Testing Completed)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2118Jessica1No response from SystemTap after connection timed out(p2) (QA Testing Completed)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2123Jiajun Xu3Add in tests for re-execution of tasks(P2)(No QA needed)(patch checked in)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2388Kai Kang5[Hob] Separate the hob image writer into a separate application(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M1VERIFIED
2467Laurentiu Palcuxserver-nodm-init init script broken for rootles X(Scheduled)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2075Robert Yang10bitbake: replace older functions with the subprocess module(P2)(No QA needed)(Patch Review) 20%1.3 M1VERIFIED
2440Robert Yang5Incremental RPM image generation doesn't work(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M1VERIFIED
2454Robert Yang5oe-core: replace older functions with the subprocess module(P2)(Development 30%) (No QA needed)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2489Robert Yang2remove some oe_functions and oe/process.py(P3)(Scheduled)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2511Robert Yang2[Hob2] The 'Build configuration' tab in the building screen is empty1.3 M1VERIFIED
2310anliming2[Hob2] Line length for base image descriptions changes between images(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2326anliming2[Hob2] All 'Image details' screens must contain a primary action(P1)(QA Testing Completed)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2439Khem RajMultiple providers for runtime module-init-tools cause build failures(No QA needed)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2449Richard Purdierunqemu break under bash41.3 M1VERIFIED
2450Richard Purdiequilt-native siginfo file name matches despite cache file being unused/unusable ?(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2460Richard PurdieX server fails on PowerPC when built with GCC 4.7.x1.3 M1VERIFIED
2513Richard Purdiebitbake -c menuconfig silently fails if ncurses is not installedPatch out for review on the mailing list (May 31, 2012)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2558Richard PurdieFetcher code incorrectly forces fetch of files which are in the download directory or mirrorIssue debugged and patch under discussion/testing1.3 M1VERIFIED
2462Ross Burton (Arm)4telepathy-glib has potential parallel make issue(No QA needed)(autobuilder)1.3 M1VERIFIED
2556Ross Burton (Arm)meta-intel layer build errors1.3 M1VERIFIED
2466Saul WoldX server can not startup on qemuarm/qemumips/qemuppc/e-Menlow with nightly build (20120515-2)(Scheduled)1.3 M1CLOSED
2545Saul Woldgcc-4.7 build fails on systemtap-sdt-devel installed hostpatch pending in mut1.3 M1VERIFIED
2593Saul Woldgcc 4.7 - beecrypt causes core-image-minimal failure - do_compile failfixed1.3 M1VERIFIED
2492Shane Wang[Hob2] Blank error message after updating to latest master branchPatch out under review1.3 M1VERIFIED
2469Tom ZanussiThe switch from WARNS -> ERRORS introduces failures in meta-intel BSP's1.3 M1VERIFIED
2608Tom Zanussi[emenlow] X server segmentation fault1.3 M1VERIFIED
2284Xiaofeng Yan2(YOCTO 1.2)LSB 4.1: LSB Test Suite complain that there is no library "libgdk_pixbuf_xlib-2.0.so.0" in lsb image(p2) (Covered by current QA Test Plan) test1.3 M1VERIFIED
2472Xiaofeng Yan2archiver.bbclass: improve usability(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M1VERIFIED
2493Andrei Gherzanbootlogd init script depends on devppts1.3 M2VERIFIED
2638Andrei Gherzanerrors while running license_create_manifest - searching for files in ${TMPDIR}/pkgdata/*/runtime(autobuilder)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2256Paul Eggletonkernel menuconfig confusion with sstate(P1) (fixed) - 25 June 20121.3 M2VERIFIED
2615Paul EggletonAdd a new flag to bitbake -C to clear a stamp and run the default target(p1)(fixed)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2478Bogdan Marinescuguile fails to build on mips1.3 M2VERIFIED
2523Bogdan Marinescupoky-tiny build fails due to perl build failure(P1)(scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2572Bogdan Marinescu[multilib] failed dependency for util-linux with multilib build1.3 M2VERIFIED
2654Bogdan Marinescugcc , g++ compilation with sdk is failing on the target [nightly build - 20120621-3]1.3 M2VERIFIED
1552Bruce Ashfield5Tracing: create separate recipe for perf(P2)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2397Bruce Ashfield1Move the linux-yocto-custom to oe-core(P2)(patch review): In MUT1.3 M2VERIFIED
1992lvchunhua2[Web Hob] configure web development environment(P3)1.3 M2VERIFIED
1996lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get users build configuration(P3)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
1997lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get layer and machine information(P3)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2490Cristian Iorga2iproute2 links against a library which might not available at boot time1.3 M2VERIFIED
2491Cristian IorgaConnman 1.0 does not include a default wired connection1.3 M2VERIFIED
1581Dongxiao Xu2[HOB] Enable customisation of image drop down(P1)(Patch In the master)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2521Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] The require of Gtk+, PyGtk and PyGobject is obscure1.3 M2VERIFIED
2613Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Delete layer failed1.3 M2VERIFIED
2656Dongxiao XuAll references to 'self-hosted-image' should be expunged from documentation26 june 2012: Resolved1.3 M2VERIFIED
1614Darren Hart5Target module build(P1)(patch review) (Jun 28)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2034Beth Flanagan1Tail first failing log in yocto-build email summaries(P1)(Done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2191Beth Flanagan0.1[autobuilder] i686-x86_64 toolchain is copied to the incorrect sharing directory(P1)(No QA needed)(Done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2647Beth Flanagangcc-4_7-branch_gcc.gnu.org_.svn.gcc.branches_188658_.tar.gz not found1.3 M2VERIFIED
2390Jessica12Adopt Eclipse Juno changes, esp. for LinuxTools(P1)(done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2401Jessica6Existing ADT based auto-tool project migration plan between Indigo and Juno releases(P1)(done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2497Jessica[Eclipse]Yocto-bsp tool doesn't read the value of reedited "output location"1.3 M2VERIFIED
2592Jessica[Eclipse]Yocto-bsp tool fail to create Yocto BSP with the same build&output location1.3 M2VERIFIED
2622Jessica[Juno]Multiple entry of Yocto Project Templates in new project wizard1.3 M2VERIFIED
2133Kai Kang7can't find the daemon/failure/warning... functions needed by lsb.(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
2149Kai Kang1Unify progress bar implementations(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M2VERIFIED
2579Kai KangI can't seem to build a working poky-tiny with hob(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
2665Kai KangPOSIX: case aio_return 2-1 3-2 4-1 return UNRESOLVED on all arches1.3 M2VERIFIED
2580Laurentiu PalcuBuild gtk-directfb image failedQA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
1489Lianhao Lutcf-agent segmentaion fault cause the re-running remote debug fail in Eclipse(P3)need to test the latest tcf 1.0 upstream whether the problem still exists1.3 M2VERIFIED
2288Lianhao Lu6unable to create new Bitbake Commander project due to too many files under project root directory(P2)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2389Lianhao Lu10Adopt latest TCF refactor for 1.0(P1)(Covered by current QA Test Plan)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2604Lianhao LuSupport Eclipse remote target interaction over SSH as another option besides TCF(p1)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2605Lianhao Lumake tcf-agent, openssh can be easily enabled or disabled through image features for sato-sdk image(p1)(Done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2634Lianhao Lucannot build successfuly eclipse plugin in Ubuntu 12.04 x86-641.3 M2VERIFIED
2667Lianhao Lu[Eclipse]Init org.yocto.bc.ui.Activator failed if BC project in the workspace1.3 M2VERIFIED
2403Robert Yang5Make the build profiling in pictures(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
2404Robert Yang10print which pkgs would be built(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2434Robert Yang3sanity.bbclass: check TMPDIR is not too longPatch Review 30%1.3 M2VERIFIED
2488Robert Yang3apt-native 0.7.14: do_compile failed on FC17 64bit(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
2506Robert Yang3core-image-sato: failed with deb rootfs(P2)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2571Robert Yang1.5[multilib] no provider for lib32/lib64-lsbinitscripts[P2](Merged)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2591Robert Yang3gcc-cross: argument list too long when do_install(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
2155anliming3[Hob2] In the 'Image details' screen, it should not be necessary to select images whenever the build process outputs more than one file(testing)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2175anliming5[Hob2] Implement "-- select a machine --" and "-- select a base image --" on the GUI.(P2)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2238anliming3[Hob2] My Images selection(P1)(scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2526anliming[Hob2] error happens when I choose directflb package in the package view.Patch out under review1.3 M2VERIFIED
2576anliming[Hob2] wrong image profile selected after template load1.3 M2VERIFIED
2581anliming[Hob2] 'HobNotebook' no attribute 'tabbar' when build failure1.3 M2VERIFIED
2679anliming[Hob]Deploy image failure1.3 M2VERIFIED
2557Mark Hatlebusybox sets incorrect link on /etc/syslog-startup.conf1.3 M2VERIFIED
2540Nitin Kamble4Move sugarbay BSP to the 3.4 kernel(P1)(Done)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2541Nitin Kamble4Move fishriver BSP to the 3.4 kernel(P2) (development)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2697Khem Rajpuzzles-r9561.tar.gz checksum mismatched1.3 M2VERIFIED
2463Richard PurdieUsability: autotools: Provide config.log in the bitbake log for do_configure() failures(P1)(patch review) Patch out for review1.3 M2VERIFIED
2485Richard PurdieFailure in autoconf copying or using an m4 filePatch our for review on mailing list1.3 M2VERIFIED
2696Richard Purdie'bitbake -c clean' should purge ccache for packagePatch on mailing list for review1.3 M2VERIFIED
2582Ross Burton (Arm)'show-title' tag is not honored by default theme1.3 M2VERIFIED
2611Scott Garman1runqemu consistency fixes1.3 M2VERIFIED
2069Saul Wold5Clutter run failed in qemux86/qemux86_64 on ubuntu/Opensuse/Fedora.1.3 M2VERIFIED
2367Saul Woldlibpcap recipe does package pcap-config in libpcap instead of libpcap-dev(M1)(merged)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2494Saul Woldbusybox should build rfkill1.3 M2VERIFIED
2535Saul Woldsyslog is not started by default in background on bsps(Crownbay,N450 etc)(p2)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2607Saul Woldcannot compile iptables-1.4.11.tar.bz21.3 M2VERIFIED
2631Saul Woldbeecrypt-native failed to compile on Fedora17(final) 64bit1.3 M2VERIFIED
2676Saul Woldnon GPLv3 build fails on 1.2.1 - do_patch fails for util-linux-native1.3 M2VERIFIED
2721Saul Woldgnupg-2.0.19 do_compile failed for nightly-x86-64 on autobuilder against master1.3 M2VERIFIED
2725Saul Woldzypper do_install failure for nightly x86_64 on AB against master1.3 M2VERIFIED
2247Shane Wang3[Hob2] Proxy Setting(P1) Patch In the master1.3 M2VERIFIED
2586Shane Wangqemu-native build failed in self-hosted-image with vmdk1.3 M2CLOSED
2637Shane Wang[HOB]perl-5.14.2-r7 do_copile failed1.3 M2VERIFIED
2507Tom Zanussi[emenlow] X server can not successful start up successful to the Desktop(P2)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2548Tom ZanussiERROR drm/i915 can't work without intel_agp module1.3 M2VERIFIED
2559Tom Zanussi[yocto-bsp]X can't start in sato image built by yocto-bsp toolpatch submitted (June 18 2012)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2609Tom Zanussi[SugarBay] X server fails to start1.3 M2VERIFIED
2473Xiaofeng Yan3Create or modify class for license filtered source archival using archiver.bbclass(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M2VERIFIED
2009xiaotongx.lv@intel.com22.[Helper API] Implement configuration APIs in helper side based on bitbake server runCommand() method via synchronous way(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2014xiaotongx.lv@intel.com2[Helper API] Finish configurations infos API via asynchronous way to generate events, such as machine, package formats, distro lists(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2016xiaotongx.lv@intel.com3[Helper API]Finish these APIs of parsing recipe(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2017xiaotongx.lv@intel.com4[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build packages for helper(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2018xiaotongx.lv@intel.com4[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build images for helper(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2019xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1[Helper API]Finish these APIs to control bitbake states for helper, such as initialize, reset, shutdown and so on.(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M2VERIFIED
2626xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.[Web Hob]Implemented a general helper based on the webservice technology in the bitbake server.(P1) Completed1.3 M2VERIFIED
2627xiaotongx.lv@intel.com2.[Web Hob]Implement a common encapsulation class file for python webservice client to call bitbake server webservice UI functions.(P1) Completed1.3 M2VERIFIED
2628xiaotongx.lv@intel.com3.[Web Hob]Refer to hob hobeventhandler.py class to write a common class file and build workflow in django framework.(P1) Completed1.3 M2VERIFIED
2629xiaotongx.lv@intel.com4.[Web Hob]Implement recipe and packages dependency relationship based on database.(P1) Completed1.3 M2VERIFIED
2420Paul Eggleton[Performance] RPM Rootfs generation is inefficient(P1)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2505Paul Eggletonqt4x11.bbclass forces to add qt4-x11-free dependency1.3 M3VERIFIED
2531Paul EggletonADT/Poky apps build fails with -static link option1.3 M3VERIFIED
2595Paul Eggletonxxx-dev packages missing in the core-image-sato-sdk image using ipk1.3 M3VERIFIED
2598Paul Eggletondev-pkgs and dgb-pkgs not working1.3 M3VERIFIED
2599Paul Eggleton2Avoid extraneous dependencies when adding -dbg packages(p2)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2600Paul Eggletonbitbake -p does not save cache properly(p1)(fixed)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2614Paul EggletonUsing EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "doc-pkgs" in local.conf does not install man pages(p1)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2809Paul Eggletonqt4.inc defines packages for fonts that are only useful for qt4-embedded1.3 M3VERIFIED
2828Paul EggletonMUT: rpmresolve-native-1.0-r0: task do_compile: Failed(autobuilder)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2936Paul Eggleton3rpm-native: db3New: Assertion `dbOpts != ((void *)0) && *dbOpts != '\0 failed.1.3 M3VERIFIED
2729Bogdan Marinescuguile-2.0 fails to build on arm1.3 M3VERIFIED
2825Bogdan Marinescutelepathy-glib-0.19.2-r0: task do_compile: Failedautobuilder1.3 M3VERIFIED
2910Bogdan Marinescutoolchain installation error message on Ubuntu 11.101.3 M3VERIFIED
843Bruce Ashfield3kernel: support standalone kernel builds(P3)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)1.3 M3VERIFIED
1649Bruce Ashfield5Define Kernel policy(scheduled)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2687Bruce Ashfieldbtrfs format image build fails1.3 M3VERIFIED
2780Bruce Ashfieldbtrfs format image build fails due to kernel do_patch failure1.3 M3VERIFIED
1993lvchunhua3[Web Hob] design web database table(P3) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
1998lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get recipe build progress and logs(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
1999lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get base image list and store data into DB(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2000lvchunhua2[Web Hob] add feature to get recipe and package user selected and send to bitbakeserver(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2001lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get package build progress and logs(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2002lvchunhua2[Web Hob] add feature to store package successful build information into DB(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2003lvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get image build progress and logs(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2004lvchunhua2[Web Hob] add feature to store image url into DB(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2005lvchunhua1[Web Hob] add feature to check bitbake server status frequently.(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2006lvchunhua3[Web Hob] amended some fatal error in the system(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2323Cristian Iorga5Included recipes/packages information is included within a button that opens the 'Included' tab(P3)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2357Cristian Iorga1connman has hard build time dependency on ofono(P2)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2429Cristian Iorga3connman do_compile failed on ppc(P1)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2802Cristian Iorga[Hob]Deploy image button not available1.3 M3VERIFIED
2408Dexuan Cuiatom-pc images should work on Fedora virt-manager out of the box(P2)1.3 M3VERIFIED
1919Darren Hart5Accommodate EFI via the live image "install" label(P1)(done)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2382Darren Hart3dropbear does not work with poky-tiny(P2)(done)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2735Darren Hartscripts/send-pull-request cc:ing everyone mentioned in a resubmitted patch1.3 M3VERIFIED
2803Darren Hartmeta-intel: BSPs built with linux-yocto-rt hang at 'waiting for removable media...' on USB hddimg boots(Done)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2510Beth Flanagan0.1enable deb build on autobuilder1.3 M3VERIFIED
2769Beth Flanagan[Autobuilder] No dtb file for mpc8315e-rdb in directory with 1.3 M2 RC11.3 M3VERIFIED
2781Beth FlanaganCorrupt psb-video-cdv or pvr-bin-cdv downloads?1.3 M3VERIFIED
2806Beth Flanagan"Grabbing git archive failed" across the board(autobuilder)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2942Beth Flanagan[autobuilder]No qemu images in public directory for 1.3 M31.3 M3VERIFIED
2913Ioana Grigoropolyocto-bsp tool is unusable in ADT1.3 M3VERIFIED
2914Ioana GrigoropolYocto project bitbake commander cannot be created1.3 M3VERIFIED
2749Jackie Huang5python: _bsdb module is broken in python.1.3 M3VERIFIED
2891Jackie Huangtcl 8.5.11: STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS/tclConfig.sh is not in sysroot stage.1.3 M3VERIFIED
2905Jackie Huang1gdk-pixbuf: postinst script failed on boot1.3 M3VERIFIED
2400Jessica5Update lttng-ust to 2.01.3 M3VERIFIED
2761Jessicaqemu target can not startup with "bitbake meta-ide-support"1.3 M3VERIFIED
2770Jessica[Hob] build failure for any image type - "Key error: elf"1.3 M3VERIFIED
2168Kai Kang7HOB should check for available disk space(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2481Kai Kang20YOCTO 1.3(M3): LSB fix bugs(P2)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2659Kai Kang2POSIX: case aio_cancel/4-1.c fails on routerstation randomly(P2)(D2)(Merged) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2709Kai Kang[Hob2] elf image type causes Hob error1.3 M3VERIFIED
61Laurentiu Palcu3[Performance] Generate fontconfig cache when building image(P1)(Scheduled)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2383Laurentiu PalcuRelocatable SDK(P2)(Scheduled)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2522Laurentiu Palcumdadm needs binutils added to DEPENDS1.3 M3VERIFIED
2838Laurentiu PalcuMake toolchain installed through adt_installer relocatable1.3 M3VERIFIED
107Lianhao Lu10TCF RSE plug-in not handle the situation if the remote agent does NOT support terminal service1.3 M3CLOSED
1915Lianhao Lu2Can't change C/C++ Yocto Project settings(Covered by current QA Test Plan)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2498Robert Yang2opkg 0.1.8: do_fetch failed since no checksum specified(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2554Robert Yang3autogen-native 5.12: do_compile failed on FC 17 64bit(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2617Robert Yang3Incremental RPM image generation doesn't work with 1.3 M1 RC1(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M3VERIFIED
2727Robert Yang4subversion: do_install failed (parallel issue)(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2741Robert Yang10PN -> PACKAGES mappings for each available recipe(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2753Robert Yang2createrepo failing with assertion in do_package_index(Scheduled) (autobuilder)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2822Robert Yang2rpm-createsolvedb.py fails to import os(autobuilder)(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
1991anliming5Define the flow after user finish a build, still able to retrieve the build log(P1)(QA Test Plan Ready)(development) 80% done1.3 M3VERIFIED
2476anliming[Hob2] How to handle kernel file selection when running qemu images1.3 M3VERIFIED
2706Mark Hatlemultilib build failure1.3 M3VERIFIED
3691Mark Hatlesmart: meta-toolchain fail on do_populate_sdk1.3 M3VERIFIED
2542Nitin Kamble5Upgrade EMGD(P2)(review)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2543Nitin Kamble5Move crownbay BSP to the 3.4 kernel(P2) (review)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2544Nitin KambleMove emenlow BSP to the 3.4 kernel(P1) Nitin: Please size and target.1.3 M3VERIFIED
2606Nitin Kambleupgrade automake to the latest version(P1)(patch review)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2642Nitin Kambledmesg errors on emenlow sato sdk image1.3 M3VERIFIED
2736Nitin Kambletar QA issuefix pushed in contrib1.3 M3VERIFIED
2756Nitin KambleAutomake 1.12.1 needs to be tested agains non-gplv31.3 M3VERIFIED
2757Nitin KambleAutomake 1.12.1 needs to be tested against commercially licensed recipes1.3 M3VERIFIED
2775Paul Gortmaker[mpc8315e-rdb] kernel crashes when booting with 1.3 M2 RC1 20120712 build1.3 M3VERIFIED
2261Radu Moisan3dbus-launch should be included in main dbus packagehttp://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?id=f8d40ab395ffb8ed12731e318354fb3d30447e841.3 M3VERIFIED
2426Radu Moisan1live image installer does not preserve BSP specified console= kernel parameter(P1)(scheduled)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2527Radu Moisan1grub-efi-native fails due to help2man script(patch review v2)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2675Radu Moisando_compile for x32 build fails on M3CLOSED
2772Radu Moisan1[multilib] no provider for lib64-ossp-uuid/sato-image1.3 M3VERIFIED
2765Khem Rajmkelfimage fails to build first time1.3 M3VERIFIED
2824Khem RajMUT: do_rootfs failed due to failed dependency on eglibc-localeautobuilder1.3 M3VERIFIED
1179Richard PurdieSpecify paths searched when failing to find a SRC_URI(P1)(Scheduled) Two patches out for review on bitbake-devel1.3 M3VERIFIED
1938Richard PurdieDetect Host system changes when using sstate(P1)(Scheduled) Patches out for review1.3 M3VERIFIED
2530Richard Purdiebitbake fails to parse with "method already seen" error1.3 M3VERIFIED
2672Richard PurdieMultiple overrides do not seem to be workingPatch out for review1.3 M3VERIFIED
2778Richard Purdiebitbake package-index failes because of error in opkg.py - Module opkg-utils_git.bb1.3 M3VERIFIED
2799Richard Purdiefetchall does not work as expected1.3 M3VERIFIED
2813Richard Purdiegtk-doc-stub doesn't package all files1.3 M3VERIFIED
2849Richard Purdiex86-64 bitbake core-image-sato fails due to libxcb not compiling1.3 M3VERIFIED
2726LiRongQingslang: sort.sl test case failed on arm architecture1.3 M3VERIFIED
2788LiRongQingbusybox:udhcpc: root_is_nfs() in /etc/udhcpc.d/50default always return flase1.3 M3VERIFIED
2826LiRongQingfindutils: running updatedb failed if sort is installed on /bin on host1.3 M3VERIFIED
2844LiRongQingsocat: build socat failed1.3 M3VERIFIED
2319Ross Burton (Arm)3gthumb: do_install hangs on highly parallel builds(P1)(Patch Review)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2594Ross Burton (Arm)Icon theme needs to inherit gnome1.3 M3VERIFIED
2602Ross Burton (Arm)Tasks doesn't start1.3 M3VERIFIED
2764Ross Burton (Arm)Use gtk-doc-stub1.3 M3VERIFIED
2798Ross Burton (Arm)Add gsettings.bbclass1.3 M3VERIFIED
2612Scott Garmanrunqemu can't launch a poky-tiny image2012-08-10: Patch out for review on ML1.3 M3VERIFIED
1488Seebs2[Multilib] settings need a sanity check(P1)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2777Jesse Zhanggrub-mkconfig references wrong location of grub-mkconfig_lib1.3 M3VERIFIED
2840Jesse Zhangbusybox: udhcpc misbehavior when "ip=dhcp"1.3 M3VERIFIED
2700Saul Woldcannot reconnect to x11vnc1.3 M3VERIFIED
2707Saul Woldnongplv3 build failure on autobuilder1.3 M3VERIFIED
2733Saul Woldeglibc-2.15 compiling fails in poky-tiny core-image-minimal1.3 M3VERIFIED
2739Saul WoldRemove proto in favor of protocol keyword in SRC_URI1.3 M3VERIFIED
2767Saul WoldNothing PROVIDES when compile 'self-hosted-image'1.3 M3VERIFIED
2835Saul Woldguile failed in do_configure(autobuilder)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2745Song.Li2augeas 0.10.0:do_configure configure fails if libxml2 is not presentP21.3 M3VERIFIED
2857Song.Li2cairo 1.12.2:build failed without get_feature in gccP21.3 M3VERIFIED
1553Tom Zanussi5Tracing: perf trace scripting support1.3 M3VERIFIED
2589Tom Zanussi[yocto-kernel] fail to build core-image-sato when add patch into the kernel1.3 M3VERIFIED
2705Tom Zanussiperf issue in world build1.3 M3VERIFIED
2823Tom Zanussiperf failed on beagleboard & atom-pcautobuilder1.3 M3VERIFIED
2731valentinwebkit-gtk fails to build for mips1.3 M3VERIFIED
2402Wenzong.Fan5Add remake-native and remake(P3)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M3VERIFIED
2734Wenzong.Fan0.5bitbake: A build should be abort while runtime dependency conflictP31.3 M3VERIFIED
2883Wenzong.Fangdk-pixbuf: do_install failed in a parallel build1.3 M3VERIFIED
2011xiaotongx.lv@intel.com5[WEB HOB ] finish webhob front and back end UI html , JS and some python codes(P1)1.3 M3VERIFIED
2630xiaotongx.lv@intel.com5.[Web Hob]Refer to hob client program, to implement a similar webhob single-user client.(P1) Completed1.3 M3VERIFIED
2762Yao Zhaodbus-glib 0.98: do_compile: failed to compile if enable-tests with dbus-glib1.3 M3VERIFIED
2534Alexandru Damian[Regression]Glxgears failed on qemuarm/mips/ppc on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit1.3 M4VERIFIED
2752Alexandru Damianpython error creating rpm packages1.3 M4VERIFIED
2794Andrei Dinu2[HOB] STOPTASK value for BB_DISKMON_DIRS attribute is unknown for HOB1.3 M4VERIFIED
2797Andrei DinuRemove gypsypatch review1.3 M4VERIFIED
2965Andy Rosscross linker picks up host libraries via -rpath argument1.3 M4VERIFIED
2995Andy Rosspango fails to build for x86_641.3 M4VERIFIED
1715Paul Eggleton4[NAS] poky needs user-friendly error messages1.3 M4VERIFIED
1890Paul Eggleton5Build history analysis web interface1.3 M4VERIFIED
2422Paul Eggleton2Rework core task recipes1.3 M4VERIFIED
2649Paul Eggleton[Hob2] Hob reorders layers internally(patch review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2787Paul Eggletonbuildhistory.bbclass should track runtime package name changes1.3 M4VERIFIED
2976Paul EggletonAttributeError: 'CoreRecipeInfo' object has no attribute 'task_deps'1.3 M4VERIFIED
1563Bogdan Marinescu[Multilib] Complete recipe enablement(scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
1729Bogdan Marinescu10[multilib] Finish core-image-sato-sdk multilib enabling(scheduled) Depends on Jiajun's full test1.3 M4VERIFIED
2162Bogdan Marinescu5[Hob2] Implement 'Settings' dialogue as designedMerged (db7d98569117b7a75262eb555e1c7ae9a421bdf8)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2620Bogdan MarinescuMultilib sato image fails - virtual/lib32-gettext dependency not met1.3 M4VERIFIED
2695Bogdan Marinescu[HOB]toolchain arch in settings is not saved1.3 M4VERIFIED
2720Bogdan Marinescux32 build fails on 1.3 - gcc 4.6 recipe missing1.3 M4VERIFIED
2751Bogdan Marinescux32 - eglibc_2.15.bb, do_install_locale) failed with exit code '1'1.3 M4VERIFIED
2763Bogdan Marinescuqemu-native fails to build when both 32 and 64 bit libraries are installed.1.3 M4VERIFIED
2836Bogdan Marinescubison-native 'gets' failure1.3 M4VERIFIED
2888Bogdan Marinescux32 build fails at gcc cross-initial do_compile1.3 M4VERIFIED
2912Bogdan Marinescuoprofile installation fails due to gcc compiler issue1.3 M4VERIFIED
2931Bogdan Marinescumultilib clutter compile failed1.3 M4VERIFIED
1192Bruce Ashfieldmpc8315's tune file: "tune-ppc603e.inc"1.3 M4VERIFIED
1730Constantin Musca10[multilib] Finish core-image-lsb multilib enabling(Already covered by QA)(scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2616Constantin Musca2ppp uses host files to determine whether to link against libpcapdd429885189761c264f8d626524c6a02bf1488011.3 M4VERIFIED
2750Constantin Muscagrub has host contamination issuesa6d808f8c8aabb6fdc9ca6dc1ab27074fa1596051.3 M4VERIFIED
2805Constantin Muscagnome-keyring-2.32.1-r7: has unpackaged files with PAM enableddcd607ecc1d512f8cc704916e9c6737fe5dd0bb51.3 M4VERIFIED
2925Constantin Muscabitbake build-appliance-image fails due to iptables issue1.3 M4VERIFIED
2464Cristian Iorga2gst-ffmpeg do_configure fails with "C compiler test failed"1.3 M4VERIFIED
2550Cristian Iorga5Add "kvm" machine for running virtualiseda69b5e1eae58618bb92f3f03c8727ae7462d2d26, 79947f1eb9f695c374ba63672f94deaa1de75561, a69b5e1eae58618bb92f3f03c8727ae7462d2d26, ebe1f9f7cf1fa63683bcd2bf21e809588780b1d91.3 M4VERIFIED
2590Cristian Iorga4[multilib]do_rootfs failed for lib32-connman-gnome with ipk1.3 M4VERIFIED
2636Cristian Iorga1[Hob2] We are missing proper descriptions for qt4e-demo-image and self-hosted-image20 June 2012: Suggested descriptions1.3 M4VERIFIED
2678Cristian Iorga[Hob]deb packaging build failure1.3 M4VERIFIED
2771Cristian Iorga2lib32 connman-gnome is not built for qemux86-641.3 M4VERIFIED
2789Cristian Iorga2Running image fails - after image is ready1.3 M4VERIFIED
2834Cristian Iorgalibsamplerate0-0.1.8-r0: task do_compile: Failed(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2515Cristiana Voicu[Hob] "Build new image" button (in image details page) doesn't work correctly1.3 M4VERIFIED
2596Cristiana Voicu[Hob2] traceback when DISPLAY is not set1.3 M4VERIFIED
2893Cristiana Voicu[Hob] SSTATE_MIRROR box not populatedpatch review1.3 M4VERIFIED
2900Cristiana VoicuHob displays a small window without message1.3 M4VERIFIED
2984Cristiana VoicuImage details reports that "Your image is ready" even if changes to the included packages have been made1.3 M4VERIFIED
3010Cristiana VoicuThe image configuration screen should have only one primary action1.3 M4VERIFIED
3012Cristiana VoicuSecondary action in 'Edit recipes' and 'Edit packages' screen should be 'Cancel', not back1.3 M4VERIFIED
2884Denys DmytriyenkoPandaboard fails to boot1.3 M4VERIFIED
2924Denys Dmytriyenko[meta-ti][meta-gumstix] file://defconfig fails to download - doesn't exist1.3 M4VERIFIED
2860Darren Hartn450 : trace-cmd recipe fails to compile(autobuilder)(Development complete)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2889Darren Hartlinux-yocto-custom QA warning for mismatched architecture for tools/relocs in kernel-dev package1.3 M4VERIFIED
3004Darren Hart[FRI2]X server fails to start(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2373Edwin Zhai1No virtual/egl provider on Mesapatch ready for test, May2, 20121.3 M4VERIFIED
1877Beth Flanagan1populate ipks/qemu images/eclipse plugin for QA test(1.3) Status: Patch Pending1.3 M4VERIFIED
1958Beth Flanagan0.5missing package at source and not in Yocto mirror(1.3) Status: Design Phase. Needs to be in bb1.3 M4VERIFIED
2732Beth FlanaganBetter build failure email.1.3 M4VERIFIED
2818Beth FlanaganAdd Build Appliance Target to Autobuilder1.3 M4VERIFIED
2986Beth FlanaganPrepping for package-index creation by copying ipks back to main builddir failed(Scheduled)(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3016Beth Flanagan[Autobuilder] x86_64 list of images is incomplete for 2012.08.22 build1.3 M4VERIFIED
3064Beth FlanaganADT-installer failed to install with 1.3 beta1.3 M4VERIFIED
2922Ioana Grigoropolyocto-bsp wizard fails on properties page with empty error pop-up1.3 M4VERIFIED
2927Ioana Grigoropolthe new Cross-Toolchain does not work with eclipse (Juno)(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2953Ioana GrigoropolADT-installer failed to install with nightly build (20120814-1)(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2956Ioana Grigoropoltoolchain installation error -inconsistent behavior(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2980Ioana Grigoropoltoolchain issue - segmentation fault while configuring packages(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3011Ioana GrigoropolButton style in the image details screen should be taken from the host themePatch merged 1.3 M4VERIFIED
3058Ioana GrigoropolCannot build eclipse plugin for 1.3_beta1.3 M4VERIFIED
2779Jackie Huang3groupadd/useradd error: "tried running groupadd command 10 times without success"1.3 M4VERIFIED
2811Jackie Huang1quota 4.00: do_install failed: msgfmt: command not found1.3 M4VERIFIED
2947Jackie Huang2apr-util 1.4.1: do_compile failed with the error gawk: fatal: can't open source file `.../make_exports.awk' for reading (No such file or directory)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2959Jackie Huangcoreutils: built without ACL support1.3 M4VERIFIED
3081Jackie Huanglibgnome-keyring: do_configure failed with "intltoolize: command not found"1.3 M4VERIFIED
2165Jessica15[Hob2] Change actions in the 'Recipes' screen to: 'Build image' (primary action) and 'Build packages' (secondary action).1.3 M4VERIFIED
2975JessicaCannot install Qt toolchain for crownbay platform on x86_64 host1.3 M4VERIFIED
2985JessicaHob can not create image due to permissions error while creating cooker log.1.3 M4VERIFIED
2482Kai Kang10YOCTO 1.3(M4): LSB fix bugs1.3 M4VERIFIED
2674Kai KangPOSIX: case pthread_cond_signal/1-1 fails on routerstation(D5)(Patch Merged)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2795Kai Kanghob2: remove the hardcoded map between image types and real image extend name(QA testing completed) Done 1.3 M4VERIFIED
2842Kai KangPOSIX: aio_suspend/9-1 fails in Yocto M4VERIFIED
2886Kai KangPOSIX: mq_open/16-1 fails randomly on routerstation(Patch Merged)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2899Kai KangPOSIX: timer_settime/5-3 fails on sugarbay and huronriver(D7)(Merged)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2973Kai Kangltp_20120104: Missing dependency on libaio1.3 M4VERIFIED
3030Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/Class/ISA/t/00_about_verbose.t 432 and ../lib/Class/ISA/t/01_old_junk.t 433 fail(D5)(Patch Review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3031Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test all/tst_perlModPresent.pl 1 fails(D5)(Patch Merged)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3052Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/ExtUtils/t/basic.t 458 fails1.3 M4VERIFIED
3053Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/ExtUtils/t/PL_FILES.t 472 fails1.3 M4VERIFIED
3054Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/ExtUtils/t/recurs.t 478 fails1.3 M4VERIFIED
3055Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/Unicode/UCD.t 798 fails1.3 M4VERIFIED
3099Kai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/Config.t 435 fails(Patch Merged)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2427Laurentiu Palcu[qemuarm/mips/ppc] xf86-input-synaptics do_configure due to lack of xorg-server development files1.3 M4VERIFIED
2708Laurentiu Palcurunqemu qemux86 --> is not able to open qemu GUI for Sato/sato-sdk images1.3 M4VERIFIED
2957Laurentiu Palcugcc from ADT installer cannot build application(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3009Laurentiu Palcuqemu emulator from the toolchain installed by ADT installer failed to execute binary file1.3 M4VERIFIED
3048Laurentiu PalcuADT doesn't install properly1.3 M4VERIFIED
1592Robert Yang5binary package install class(Patch Review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2305Robert Yang2qemu-nativesdk: can't find libcurl.so.41.3 M4VERIFIED
2328Robert Yang5Some RPM package file format is not correct on Beagleboard platform1.3 M4VERIFIED
2495Robert Yang3Rootfs creation broken when using package_deb as primary PACKAGE_CLASSES1.3 M4VERIFIED
2575Robert Yang4PACKAGE_ARCHS cause wrong packages installed (opkg backend)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2619Robert Yang5do_package_write_rpm fails - fakeroot issue1.3 M4VERIFIED
2640Robert Yang3dpkg-scanpackages: bad interpreter(P2) (QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M4VERIFIED
2661Robert Yang3portmap 6.0: do_compile failed on fedora 17 64bit(P2)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2664Robert Yang2icu 3.6: do_install failed: Segmentation fault (tmpdir length)(QA testing completed) Done1.3 M4VERIFIED
2688Robert Yang3apt-native 0.7.14: file name too long error when run (tmpdir length)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M4VERIFIED
2689Robert Yang3apt-native 0.7.14: Method file has died unexpectedly when run (tmpdir length)(P2) (QA Testing Completed)(Done) 1.3 M4VERIFIED
2723Robert Yang3automatic ldconfig does not always work properly1.3 M4VERIFIED
2852Robert Yangzypper assertion fail1.3 M4VERIFIED
2897Robert Yang5sstate-cache-management.sh doesn't work with new sstate-cache layout(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2906Robert Yang3Incremental RPM image generation doesn't work with 1.3 20120801 build1.3 M4VERIFIED
2920Robert Yang3fetch2/__init__.py: add an "auto" policy for BB_SRCREV_POLICY1.3 M4VERIFIED
2948Robert Yang5ipk: binary package install class(Patch Review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2949Robert Yang5deb: binary package install class(Patch Review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3047Robert Yang3do_rootfs: ERROR: tried running useradd command 10 times1.3 M4VERIFIED
2183anliming5[Hob2]Build failure scenario1.3 M4VERIFIED
2728Mark Hatledependency problems when installing MC on a e-menlow image1.3 M4VERIFIED
2760Mark Hatledo_populate_sdk failed when build meta-toolchain1.3 M4VERIFIED
2839Michael HalsteadEclipse plug-in headless build may randomly fail on AB or people's local machine(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3044Michael Halstead[Autobuilder] Eclipse plugin build fails due to unsupported Override annotations in openjdk-7(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2926Mihai Lindnersysklogd: syslog.conf should not have tabs within the selector field1.3 M4VERIFIED
2993Matthew McClintockpython-curl and python-images fail QA tests(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2038Radu Moisan4[multilib] Add scripts to sanity check for multilib libraries in the build directory1.3 M4VERIFIED
2496Radu MoisanSome recipes will build fail when rebuild with different commits and arches1.3 M4VERIFIED
2632Radu Moisan1kmod-native failed to compile on Centos5.8(final) 32bit1736b1d4cd17626e41b87a110d6e47009d8798861.3 M4VERIFIED
2945Rahul Saxenarpm2cpio fails(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2833Khem Rajglib-2.0-nativesdk build fails on ubuntu 11.10/64bit1.3 M4VERIFIED
2908Khem Rajgcc git repo is huge and takes a long time to fetch1.3 M4VERIFIED
238Richard Purdiesstate code doesn't detect overwriting files(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
1446Richard Purdie30wrong version of libclutter-glx-1.0-0 picked up for core-sato-sdk image after world build1.3 M4VERIFIED
2570Richard PurdieBitbake Fetcher: Provide ability to rename downloaded files1.3 M4VERIFIED
2662Richard PurdieChange of ARM tuning is not fully respected1.3 M4VERIFIED
2846Richard Purdiecleansstate failing - possibly due to nfsPatch out for review1.3 M4VERIFIED
2933Richard PurdieVersion preference logic works differently with BBCLASSEXTENDS1.3 M4VERIFIED
2961Richard Purdiestamps are not cleaned during recipe downgrade/upgrade1.3 M4VERIFIED
2992Richard Purdiegmp failing due to missing libgcc_s.so.1(autobuilder) Patch out for review1.3 M4VERIFIED
3039Richard PurdieCan't add new tasks to sstate without modifying sstate.bbclassPatch out for review1.3 M4VERIFIED
2755LiRongQingwatchdog: ping mode failed1.3 M4VERIFIED
2812LiRongQinginsserv-native: build insserv-native failed.1.3 M4VERIFIED
2853LiRongQingperf: building failed since hardcoded slang dir1.3 M4VERIFIED
1606Ross Burton (Arm)2Investigate New UI(Scheduled)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2379Ross Burton (Arm)Use xorg-xserver and remove xserver-kdrive1.3 M4VERIFIED
2417Ross Burton (Arm)webkit-gtk failed to compile with qemumips(No QA needed)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2816Ross Burton (Arm)webkit-gtk doesn't parallel build1.3 M4VERIFIED
2954Ross Burton (Arm)gail and gtk+ packages provide the same file1.3 M4VERIFIED
2978Ross Burton (Arm)mesa-xlib causes bitbake to crash(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3033Ross Burton (Arm)emenlow fails, conflicting providers for libglu(autobuilder)1.3 M4VERIFIED
1969Scott Garman7Can't launch multiple qemu using nfs1.3 M4VERIFIED
3028Scott Garmanrunqemu aborts if it finds a preconfigured tap device1.3 M4VERIFIED
2479SeebsPseudo does not compile building for mips target1.3 M4VERIFIED
2639Seebs5groupadd: malloc(): memory corruption(P2)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2407Saul WoldBuild fails when mesa and libsdl are missing on the buildhost1.3 M4VERIFIED
2691Saul WoldOprofile-viewer encounter invalid sample file issue1.3 M4VERIFIED
2814Saul Woldexternal-python-tarball: build failed1.3 M4VERIFIED
2885Saul Wold[qemux86] Not able to bring up qemu sato-sdk image1.3 M4VERIFIED
2892Saul Woldrpm fails to generate root file system when /bin/traceroute6 is included1.3 M4VERIFIED
2901Saul Woldcore-image-lsb image fails due to shadow compile issue1.3 M4VERIFIED
2928Saul Woldccache is not used when building packages1.3 M4VERIFIED
2939Saul Wold[crownbay] error when adding a contact in Contacts application1.3 M4VERIFIED
2943Saul Woldeglibc 2.16 compile fails with distro poky-tiny and x86_64 target(Patch Review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
2966Saul Woldcups host contamination with pdftops/gs1.3 M4VERIFIED
2970Saul Woldkvm not enabled with qemu1.3 M4VERIFIED
2974Saul Woldgdb-cross-canadian fetch fail for bitbake meta-toolchain1.3 M4VERIFIED
3005Saul Wold1.3 M3 build-appliance comes with old poky tree and m4-native compile fails1.3 M4VERIFIED
3008Saul WoldAll machines fail to boot through UNFS (nightly build 20120822-1)(Patch Review)1.3 M4VERIFIED
3015Saul Wold[ qemux86 ] file system errors in dmesg & varlogmessages files for sato_sdk image1.3 M4VERIFIED
3018Saul Woldbitbake run failed on opensuse 12.1 64 bit host1.3 M4VERIFIED
3027Saul Woldmesa-demos Included in core-image-minimal1.3 M4VERIFIED
2740Song.Li2sysstat 10.0.3:do_compile sysstat build failed when add lm-sensors to the rootfsP21.3 M4VERIFIED
2796Song.Li2guile 2.0.5:do_install meta directory install-data-hook failedP31.3 M4VERIFIED
2819Song.Li2alsa-tools 1.0.25:do_compile cp:cannot stat `/usr/share//install-sh'P31.3 M4VERIFIED
2864Song.Li2guile 2.0.5:do_compile dynl.c cant find libpath.hP21.3 M4VERIFIED
2877Song.Li2tcl 8.5.11:do_patch should do patch on configure.in instead of configureP31.3 M4VERIFIED
2921Song.Li2telepathy-glib:do_compile failed on SLED-11.2-32bitP21.3 M4VERIFIED
2652Scott Rifenbarkpackage xsltproc does not exist on Fedora 16 / EL620 August 2012 - Resolved/Fixed1.3 M4VERIFIED
2671Scott Rifenbarkcreate-pull-request and send-pull-request don't support the --help option24 Aug 2012: still resolved but extra information added1.3 M4VERIFIED
2929Scott Rifenbark1Add section for the latest Juno setup changes15 August 2012 - Resolved/Fixed1.3 M4VERIFIED
2930Scott RifenbarkAdd section for supporting relocatable ADT/SDK26 Sept 2012 - Fixed/resolved1.3 M4VERIFIED
1551Tom Zanussi5Tracing: Systemtap usability in Yocto1.3 M4VERIFIED
2585Tom Zanussi1[wiki]The wiki using yocto-bsp create qemu BSP should sync with our source code1.3 M4VERIFIED
2587Tom Zanussi1[yocto-bsp]the default branch is not in remote branch1.3 M4VERIFIED
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 501 > 500

Yocto Project SWAT team

Chairperson of the current week: paul.eggleton@intel.com

Please see here for the details of the SWAT team: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Build_Failure_Swat_Team

Yocto Project 1.3 Release Criteria

Milestone 1

Release Criteria Milestone 1 Target Milestone 1 Status
Functional Completion All P1 features are completed. Feature-burndown13-M1.png
See https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Schedule for details.
2396 (P1) is moved from M1 to M2, depends on LTSI release, no risk of completing it in 1.3. All others are completed.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Pass
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Pass
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. High issues have been fixed. [1] - new bugs for 1.3.
HIGH priority bugs - high bugs for 1.3
See trend chart at https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Bug_Trend.

All high bugs targeted for M1 has been completed. Note: we are merging the priorities of bugs with features. One of the impact is the release criteria, which will be changed to that all high bugs "targeted for the current milestone" are fixed.

Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse current version OpenSuse 12.1, Ubuntu 12.04, Fedora17
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Documentation No target n/a
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. 95 minutes, improvement over the past.
Package Update 50% of the target Package reporting system is down. No specific concerns from the community. Pass
Upstream Commits Have upstream status updated on 100% of patches (so that we can have a status update) Same as package update above. Pass
Publication Yocto 1.3, Milestone 1 release is announced TBD

Milestone 2

Release Criteria Milestone 2 Target Milestone 2 Status
Functional Completion All P1 features targeted for M2 are completed. Feature-burndown13-M2.png
See https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Schedule for details. Complete with approval from CCB on P1 features moved to future milestones
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Pass
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Pass. MPC BSP had problem but fixed and retested on the master branch.
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. M2 High issues have been fixed. [2] - new bugs for 1.3.
HIGH priority bugs - high bugs for 1.3
See trend chart at https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Bug_Trend. Pass
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report Pass
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse current version
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report Pass
Documentation N/A Pass
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. 127 mins, Pass
Package Update 70% of the target http://packages.yoctoproject.org/ Pass
Upstream Commits Have upstream status updated on 100% of patches (so that we can have a status update) Pass
Publication Yocto 1.3, Milestone 2 release is announced Complete

Milestone 3

Release Criteria Milestone 3 Target Milestone 3 Status
Functional Completion All high features targeted for M3 are completed. Feature-burndown13-M3.png
See https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Schedule for details.
Some high features are moved to M3 (CCB approved), all the rest are completed.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Complete
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Complete
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. M3 High issues have been fixed. [3] - new bugs for 1.3.
HIGH priority bugs - high bugs for 1.3
See trend chart at https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Bug_Trend.
All highs are fixed. 2 highs are recently reopened. 2775 needs a kernel patch to be pulled in. 2675 is verified to be a setup issue.
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse current version Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 – nightly, OpenSuse 12.1, OpenSuse 12.2 RC2, Fedora 17, CentOs 6.3, Fedora 16
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Documentation TBD n/a
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. retested M2 with the same machine as M3: M2 - 96 min. M3 - 83 min.
Package Update 70% of the target http://packages.yoctoproject.org/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status updated on 100% of patches (so that we can have a status update) Complete
Publication Yocto 1.3, Milestone 3 release is announced Complete

Milestone 4

Release Criteria Milestone 4 Target Milestone 4 Status
Functional Completion All high features targeted for M4 are completed. Feature-burndown13-M4.png
See https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Schedule for details.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Pass
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Pass
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. M4 High issues have been fixed. [4] - new bugs for 1.3.
HIGH priority bugs - high bugs for 1.3
See trend chart at https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Bug_Trend.
No high bugs, pass
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse current version Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 – nightly, OpenSuse 12.1, OpenSuse 12.2 RC2, Fedora 17, CentOs 6.3, Fedora 16
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Documentation TBD Pass
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. 85 minutes, no change from M3
Package Update 70% of the target http://packages.yoctoproject.org/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status updated on 100% of patches (so that we can have a status update) Pass
Publication Yocto 1.3, Milestone 4 release is announced Complete

Milestone 5 (1.3 release)

Release Criteria 1.3 release Target 1.3 release Status
Functional Completion All high features targeted for 1.3 are completed. Yp13feature.png
See https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Schedule for details.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Pass
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Pass
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. 1.3 Release high issues have been fixed. [5] - new bugs for 1.3.
HIGH priority bugs - high bugs for 1.3
See trend chart at https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Bug_Trend.
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse (current versions) Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10, OpenSuse 12.1, OpenSuse 12.2, Fedora 16, Fedora 17, CentOS 6.3
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.3_Milestone_Test_Report
Documentation Updated for the new release (new features, examples, links, etc.) Pass
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. Started with 130 minutes for a build, now it has been improved to about 88 minutes.
Package Update 70% of the target http://packages.yoctoproject.org/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status updated on 100% of patches (so that we can have a status update) Pass
Publication Yocto 1.3, release is announced Complete

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