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Yocto Project 2.4 release Status - Work in progress


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Scheduled Design Design Complete Development Patch Review Testing Done Blocked
9700Aníbal Limón2.4
10683Aníbal Limón2.4
10453brian avery2.4
10536brian avery2.4
10539brian avery2.4
10540brian avery2.4
10542brian avery2.4
10550brian avery2.4
9525California Sullivan2.4
11807California Sullivan2.4
10537Chin Huat Ang2.4
10538Chin Huat Ang2.4
11582Daniela Plascencia2.4
11753Daniela Plascencia2.4
11280Ed Bartosh2.4
8732yeoh ee peng2.4
10726Jair Gonzalez2.4
10752Jair Gonzalez2.4
10050Jair Gonzalez2.4
10147Jair Gonzalez2.4
9133Jair Gonzalez2.4
7823Jose Lamego2.4
7909Jose Lamego2.4
8400Jose Lamego2.4
8650Jose Lamego2.4
8873Jose Lamego2.4
8874Jose Lamego2.4
8943Jose Lamego2.4
6926Jose Perez C2.4
7526Jose Perez C2.4
9787Jose Perez C2.4
9921Jose Perez C2.4
8332Jose Perez C2.4
11806Jose Perez C2.4
11142Jose Perez C2.4
11868Jose Perez C2.4
8502Jose Perez C2.4
11871Jose Perez C2.4
8676Jose Perez C2.4
11422Jose Perez C2.4
11435Jose Perez C2.4
10779Joshua Lock2.4
10790Joshua Lock2.4
7698Joshua Lock2.4
10813Joshua Lock2.4
9821Joshua Lock2.4
9917Joshua Lock2.4
10994Joshua Lock2.4
11789Joshua Lock2.4
11145Joshua Lock2.4
11235Joshua Lock2.4
11257Joshua Lock2.4
11261Joshua Lock2.4
10437Joshua Lock2.4
10476Joshua Lock2.4
4183Joshua Lock2.4
11591Juro Bystricky2.4
11348Juro Bystricky2.4
6278Juro Bystricky2.4
8606Jussi Kukkonen2.4
10266Jussi Kukkonen2.4
6372Christopher Larson2.4
11752Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4
11824Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4
8667Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4
11908Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4
3343Mark Hatle2.4
11458Markus Lehtonen2.4
11546Markus Lehtonen2.4
9782Markus Lehtonen2.4
11053Markus Lehtonen2.4
11397Markus Lehtonen2.4
11398Markus Lehtonen2.4
10622Markus Lehtonen2.4
11082Mikko Ylinen2.4
11314Patrick Ohly2.4
11438Patrick Ohly2.4
6661Paul Eggleton2.4
10699Paul Eggleton2.4
6839Paul Eggleton2.4
7336Paul Eggleton2.4
9753Paul Eggleton2.4
7637Paul Eggleton2.4
8222Paul Eggleton2.4
11207Paul Eggleton2.4
11208Paul Eggleton2.4
10322Paul Eggleton2.4
10417Paul Eggleton2.4
10418Paul Eggleton2.4
824Paul Eggleton2.4
8840Paul Eggleton2.4
8928Paul Eggleton2.4
11406Paul Eggleton2.4
11415Paul Eggleton2.4
9220Paul Eggleton2.4
6660Chen Qi2.4
9738Richard Purdie2.4
9762Richard Purdie2.4
11605Richard Purdie2.4
10865Richard Purdie2.4
7846Richard Purdie2.4
10945Richard Purdie2.4
7960Richard Purdie2.4
10096Richard Purdie2.4
8612Richard Purdie2.4
11892Richard Purdie2.4
8745Richard Purdie2.4
4143Richard Purdie2.4
11346Robin Jordan2.4
11688Ross Burton2.4
9880Ross Burton2.4
10954Ross Burton2.4
8430Ross Burton2.4
10133Ross Burton2.4
11881Ross Burton2.4
11264Ross Burton2.4
3488Ross Burton2.4
5322Ross Burton2.4
6142Ross Burton2.4
9070Ross Burton2.4
9110Ross Burton2.4
11716Stephano Cetola2.4
11887Stephen K Jolley2.4
11888Stephen K Jolley2.4
11532Todor Minchev2.4
10513Amanda Brindle2.4 M3
10234Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
10503Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
11487Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
10564Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
10598Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
5399Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
10672Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
11583Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
7494Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
7557Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
8156Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
11746Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
8735Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
11131Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
9602Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
10544brian avery2.4 M3
10547brian avery2.4 M3
10548brian avery2.4 M3
10549brian avery2.4 M3
10556brian avery2.4 M3
11816California Sullivan2.4 M3
10543Chin Huat Ang2.4 M3
10545Chin Huat Ang2.4 M3
9635Daniela Plascencia2.4 M3
9308Daniela Plascencia2.4 M3
11364David Reyna2.4 M3
11371David Reyna2.4 M3
11548dengke2.4 M3
11195Diana Thayer2.4 M3
11196Diana Thayer2.4 M3
11197Diana Thayer2.4 M3
8548Diana Thayer2.4 M3
11479Ismo Puustinen2.4 M3
11480Ismo Puustinen2.4 M3
9732Jair Gonzalez2.4 M3
11287Jose Lamego2.4 M3
10414Jose Lamego2.4 M3
11805Jose Perez C2.4 M3
10690Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M3
11601Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
11780Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
11394Libertad2.4 M3
9132Libertad2.4 M3
10193Robert Yang2.4 M3
10793Robert Yang2.4 M3
11381Markus Lehtonen2.4 M3
11382Markus Lehtonen2.4 M3
9858Maxin B. John2.4 M3
11350Paul Eggleton2.4 M3
10505Paul Eggleton2.4 M3
11504Paul Eggleton2.4 M3
10600Paul Eggleton2.4 M3
6132Chen Qi2.4 M3
10681Richard Purdie2.4 M3
10748Richard Purdie2.4 M3
10749Ross Burton2.4 M3
11183Ross Burton2.4 M3
11363Saul Wold2.4 M3
9678Sonia Leon2.4 M3
9981Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
10664Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
11775Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
10950Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
11814Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
11531Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11534Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11535Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11538Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11539Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11540Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11543Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11629Todor Minchev2.4 M3
11452Amanda Brindle2.4 M4
11615Aníbal Limón2.4 M4
11735Aníbal Limón2.4 M4
10452brian avery2.4 M4
11432Daniela Plascencia2.4 M4
11517Daniela Plascencia2.4 M4
11518Daniela Plascencia2.4 M4
8715Jose Lamego2.4 M4
11901Rebecca Chang2.4 M4
11533Todor Minchev2.4 M4
11544Todor Minchev2.4 M4
11545Todor Minchev2.4 M4
8133Jose Lamego2.4
9442Juro Bystricky2.4
5574Paul Eggleton2.4
7588Paul Eggleton2.4
8909Paul Eggleton2.4
7710Chen Qi2.4
10531Tim Orling2.4
11510Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M3
11694Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M3
11695Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M3
11130Jair Gonzalez2.4 M3
7684Jose Lamego2.4 M3
8714Jose Lamego2.4 M3
11791Joshua Lock2.4 M3
11804Joshua Lock2.4 M3
11176Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
11177Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
11178Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
5866Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
9848Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
11483Libertad2.4 M3
10693Robert Yang2.4 M3
10073Saul Wold2.4 M3
11723Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
11630Scott Rifenbark2.4 M4
2658Scott Rifenbark2.4 M4
11179Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
11187 2.4
11169Mark Hatle2.4
7800Chen Qi2.4
4420Ross Burton2.4
10801Stanley Phoong2.4
8730Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M3
11429Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
10033Aníbal Limón2.4 M3
8191Bruce Ashfield2.4 M3
11475Christian da Costa2.4 M3
11596Cinly Ooi2.4 M3
9924David Reyna2.4 M3
11278Ed Bartosh2.4 M3
11592yeoh ee peng2.4 M3
10715Jose Lamego2.4 M3
10745Jose Perez C2.4 M3
9377Joshua Lock2.4 M3
10415Juan Manuel Cruz Alcaraz2.4 M3
10646Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
11241Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
11522Robert Yang2.4 M3
11547Robert Yang2.4 M3
11676Mark Horn2.4 M3
11308Maxin B. John2.4 M3
11466Patrick Ohly2.4 M3
11468Patrick Ohly2.4 M3
10230+Stephen K Jolley2.4 M3
7600Robert Yang2.4 M4
11525SJ2.4 M4
9949Jose Perez C2.4
9998Juan Manuel Cruz Alcaraz2.4
10416Juan Manuel Cruz Alcaraz2.4
7670Christopher Larson2.4
11097Saul Wold2.4
11451Stanley Phoong2.4
11897Tracy Graydon2.4
10528brian avery2.4 M3
11938David Reyna2.4 M3
10773Jair Gonzalez2.4 M3
10667Jose Lamego2.4 M3
11680Joshua Lock2.4 M3
11587Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
11184Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M3
11731Kristi2.4 M3
10805Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
10510Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
11488Libertad2.4 M3
6707Maxin B. John2.4 M3
11389Rebecca Chang2.4 M3
9338Ross Burton2.4 M3
10422Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
10987Ng, Wei Tee2.4 M3
11494Choong YinThong2.4 M3
11136Behan Webster2.4
11356yeoh ee peng2.4
11059Francisco Pedraza2.4
9770Jose Perez C2.4
9903Jose Perez C2.4
7958Christopher Larson2.4
7671Christopher Larson2.4
8596Mark Hatle2.4
11441Patrick Ohly2.4
10913Rebecca Chang2.4
11653Richard Purdie2.4
10383Stephano Cetola2.4
11180Alexander Kanavin2.4 M1
11181Alexander Kanavin2.4 M1
11485Amaranth Valluri2.4 M1
9090Aníbal Limón2.4 M1
8962Aníbal Limón2.4 M1
11450Aníbal Limón2.4 M1
11482Aníbal Limón2.4 M1
11282California Sullivan2.4 M1
11465Dmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1
11463Dmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1
11462Dmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1
11067Dmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1
11283Ed Bartosh2.4 M1
11137Ed Bartosh2.4 M1
11215Plauchu Edwin2.4 M1
11478Ismo Puustinen2.4 M1
11477Ismo Puustinen2.4 M1
11476Ismo Puustinen2.4 M1
10641Jose Lamego2.4 M1
11305Jose Lamego2.4 M1
11294Jose Lamego2.4 M1
6618Jose Lamego2.4 M1
10817Jose Perez C2.4 M1
11428Joshua Lock2.4 M1
11086Krisztian Litkey2.4 M1
6319Markus Lehtonen2.4 M1
11355Markus Lehtonen2.4 M1
11413Maxin B. John2.4 M1
11493Mikko Ylinen2.4 M1
11467Patrick Ohly2.4 M1
11182Ross Burton2.4 M1
11031Alexander Kanavin2.4 M2
11490Amaranth Valluri2.4 M2
7040Amaranth Valluri2.4 M2
10828Aníbal Limón2.4 M2
10604+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2
9878California Sullivan2.4 M2
11447California Sullivan2.4 M2
9916David Reyna2.4 M2
10632David Reyna2.4 M2
11251yeoh ee peng2.4 M2
11202yeoh ee peng2.4 M2
11481Ismo Puustinen2.4 M2
11255Jair Gonzalez2.4 M2
10368Jair Gonzalez2.4 M2
11454Joshua Lock2.4 M2
11627Juro Bystricky2.4 M2
11380Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M2
11610Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M2
11469Jussi Laako2.4 M2
10599Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2
10720Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2
11286Robert Yang2.4 M2
7555Paul Eggleton2.4 M2
11383Paul Eggleton2.4 M2
11188Paul Eggleton2.4 M2
11434Rebecca Chang2.4 M2
11417Ross Burton2.4 M2
11091Alexander Kanavin2.4 M3
11316Alexander Kanavin2.4 M3
10803Daniela Plascencia2.4 M3
9636Daniela Plascencia2.4 M3
10804Daniela Plascencia2.4 M3
11794David Reyna2.4 M3
11848Joshua Lock2.4 M3
10937Joshua Lock2.4 M3
11788Joshua Lock2.4 M3
11916Juro Bystricky2.4 M3
10996Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
11847Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
10931Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3
11529Khem Raj2.4 M3
11697Ross Burton2.4 M3
11745Stephano Cetola2.4 M3
11628Yau Wai Gan2.4 M3
9960Daniela Plascencia2.4 M4
11550Juan Ramos2.4 M1
6432Henry Bruce2.4 M2
11609Michael Halstead2.4 M2
10772Ross Burton2.4
11581Bruce Ashfield2.4 M3
11291Ross Burton2.4 M3

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10772Ross Burton4NIR 8/4, 8/11, 8/182.4NEEDINFO
11581Bruce Ashfield32.4 M3NEEDINFO
11291Ross Burton1NIR 08/182.4 M3NEEDINFO


IDAssigneePESummary (168 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
9700Aníbal LimónMedium5Add layer and bitbake information to error reportsGUI design pending2.4NEW
10453brian averyLowadd .inputrc file for the default users so the up arrow history works2.4NEW
10536brian averyMediumUse "new project template" framework to create sample projects2.4NEW
10539brian averyMedium4Use "new project template" framework to create sample GTK project2.4NEW
10540brian averyMedium2Use "new project template" framework to create sample CMake project2.4NEW
10542brian averyMediumuse CDT "new build system" to enable building for the various supported Project types2.4NEW
10550brian averyMedium4Build yocto Eclipse CROPS documentation using Saxon/Jaxon2.4NEW
11807California SullivanMedium3.5kernel tooling should support building in firmware2.4NEW
10537Chin Huat AngMedium2Use "new project template" framework to create sample Make project2.4NEW
10538Chin Huat AngMedium4Use "new project template" framework to create sample Automake project2.4NEW
11582Daniela PlascenciaMedium5oeqa: core add support to run coverage2.4NEW
11753Daniela PlascenciaMedium3patchwork should track the HEAD commit id in stored patches2.4NEW
11280Ed BartoshMedium5wic: set arbitrary artifacts to arbitrary locations on a disk image2.4NEW
8732yeoh ee pengMedium2Branch Support for Buildhistory2.4NEW
7823Jose LamegoMedium1Convert Eclipse projects to Yocto recipes with devtoolGUI design available2.4NEW
7909Jose LamegoMedium5RRS: Track patches and Upstream-Status information2.4NEW
8400Jose LamegoMedium3rrs: add the cause of an unknown recipe version2.4NEW
8873Jose LamegoMedium5Create an appropriate Yocto Project Workspace from an existing Eclipse project2.4NEW
8874Jose LamegoMedium5Create a new Yocto recipe from an existing Eclipse project using devtool2.4NEW
8943Jose LamegoMedium2RRS: Add a function hook that would process upstream and recipe versions2.4NEW
7526Jose Perez CMedium1add test for checking if fontcache is created inside an image2.4NEW
8332Jose Perez CMedium2Add a broken recipe for testing purposes2.4NEW
8676Jose Perez CMedium2devtool: extend oe-selftest testing for devtool upgrade2.4NEW
9787Jose Perez CMedium4create selftest for useradd-staticids2.4NEW
9921Jose Perez CMedium3oe-selftest naming test guidelines2.4NEW
11142Jose Perez CLowUse artificial recipes for oe-selftest where possible to reduce work2.4NEW
11422Jose Perez CMedium4Enhance the archiver (selftest) test case for different ARCHIVER_MODE's2.4NEW
11435Jose Perez CMedium4runtime testing: Use introspection to import targets.2.4NEW
11806Jose Perez CMedium5Create test for yocto-kernel tool2.4NEW
11868Jose Perez CMedium1wic.Wic.test_mkfs_extraopts - Testcase -1 opensuse4222.4NEW
11871Jose Perez CMedium1distrodata.Distrodata.test_checkpkg - Testcase -1: ubuntu16042.4NEW
7698Joshua LockLow5Update to next version of buildbot2.4NEW
9821Joshua LockMedium5create a configuration for a deployable autobuilder cluster2.4NEW
9917Joshua LockMedium1autobuilder: Add ability to get worker information2.4NEW
10437Joshua LockMedium5Improve PublishArtifacts (remove hard-coded paths & assumptions)2.4NEW
10476Joshua LockMedium3Unify exception handling in core/classes2.4NEW
10779Joshua LockMedium3Ensure auto.conf is restored at the end of build steps which modify it2.4NEW
10790Joshua LockMedium5Run SDK tests inside container2.4NEW
10813Joshua LockMedium3Replace build-compare with tools from the reproducible-builds project2.4NEW
10994Joshua LockMedium2Investigate use of rsync to ease NFS load on autobuilder clusters2.4NEW
11145Joshua LockMedium0.5Optionally start shared PRServer with controller2.4NEW
11235Joshua LockMedium2Improve configuration parser - better error reporting and more lenient2.4NEW
11257Joshua LockMedium3Sync autobuilder log output more frequently2.4NEW
11261Joshua LockMedium2Implement log rotation for Wikilog2.4NEW
11789Joshua LockMedium2Image build and sanity test in one bitbake invocation2.4NEW
6278Juro BystrickyMedium3runqemu without /etc/resolv.conf2.4NEW
11348Juro BystrickyMedium5Create demo showing Yocto built FPGA image in action2.4NEW
11591Juro BystrickyMedium2Enable x86: Set dl_platform and dl_hwcap from CPU features2.4NEW
10266Jussi KukkonenMedium2Add ptest for gnutls2.4NEW
6372Christopher LarsonMediumFeature request: recipe hook for source tree preparation2.4NEW
8667Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium3populate_sdk task fails when Debian packaging used in FIDO2.4NEW
11752Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium3selftest test cases should use the test data and/or tinfoil instead of bitbake2.4NEW
11824Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium1Show real host information instead of uninative infomation2.4NEW
11908Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium1include more info when signatures do not match on the SstateTest unit tests2.4NEW
3343Mark HatleLow2perf script: install audit-libs-python to get syscall name for syscall-displaying scripts2.4NEW
9782Markus LehtonenMedium4Add support for parallel gzip to package creation2.4NEW
10622Markus LehtonenMedium3buildstats: use JSON format2.4NEW
11053Markus LehtonenMedium2insane.bbclass: Verify shebang line length valid2.4NEW
11397Markus LehtonenMedium4oe-build-perf-report: show blocking tasks2.4NEW
11398Markus LehtonenMedium3oe-build-perf-report: interactive timeline selection in the html report2.4NEW
11458Markus LehtonenMedium2oe-build-perf-report: improve tooltips of html report2.4NEW
11546Markus LehtonenMedium3oe-build-perf-report: implement thresholds for measurement results2.4NEW
11082Mikko YlinenLowwr-lx-setup distro build assembler study2.4NEW
6661Paul EggletonMedium10devtool: add ability to submit changes for reviewLET2.4NEW
6839Paul EggletonLowHandle dev package with no main package more gracefully2.4NEW
7336Paul EggletonMedium1buildhistory-diff reports recipe-wide changes per-subpackage2.4NEW
7637Paul EggletonMedium5devtool: add: interactive recipe creation2.4NEW
8222Paul EggletonLowElide dependency from -dev package on main package if there are no shared libraries in it2.4NEW
8840Paul EggletonMedium4Failure to build 32 bit eSDK on a 64 bit host2.4NEW
8928Paul EggletonMedium3extensible SDK - add a way to prepare the sdk for offline usage2.4NEW
9220Paul EggletonMedium2buildhistory should track native recipes2.4NEW
10322Paul EggletonMedium2better way to grab layers and get them automatically batched by generating a bash script on the fly to do the tedious parts2.4NEW
10417Paul EggletonMedium3devtool: modify: look at optimising kernel rebuilds2.4NEW
10418Paul EggletonMedium2devtool: look at devshell integration2.4NEW
10699Paul EggletonMedium2Ensure consistency in repository URLs2.4NEW
11207Paul EggletonMedium1Add bbclass search2.4NEW
11208Paul EggletonMedium1Email notification on publication2.4NEW
11406Paul EggletonMedium1Add --dist-clean, --force, or some other flag to 'devtool reset' to clean all recipe cruft2.4NEW
11415Paul EggletonMedium1layerindex: gather available PACKAGECONFIG options2.4NEW
4143Richard PurdieMedium5Support real-time logging when using bitbake interactively2.4NEW
7846Richard PurdieMedium1devshell cannot be kept open across rebuilds2.4NEW
7960Richard PurdieMedium5Feature Request: to enable poky to support building multilib native commands2.4NEW
8612Richard PurdieLow3Add a locked sigs mode allowing locked task to rerun2.4NEW
8745Richard PurdieMedium5Add support for version constraint to DEPENDS2.4NEW
9738Richard PurdieMedium1[PATCH] fetcher: allow git+<protocol>: syntax2.4NEW
9762Richard PurdieMedium3Add support for poisoning of variables2.4NEW
10096Richard PurdieMedium1Allow PREFERRED_VERSION miss to be fatal2.4NEW
10865Richard PurdieMedium1bitbake-prserv needs a --status flag2.4NEW
10945Richard PurdieMedium1data_smart.py: _remove causes extra work2.4NEW
11605Richard PurdieMedium1bitbake documentation: "file-checksums" needs to be documented2.4NEW
11892Richard PurdieMedium1Missing workflow for identifying taskhash errors2.4NEW
9110Ross BurtonMedium2Move some oe-pkgdata-util logic into lib/oe2.4NEW
9880Ross BurtonMedium5Support locale archives2.4NEW
10954Ross BurtonMedium2dynamically detect dependency on libgcc2.4NEW
11264Ross BurtonMedium2Remove chkconfig?2.4NEW
11688Ross BurtonMedium2Implement IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXCLUDE_PATH feature2.4NEW
11881Ross BurtonMediumadd infrastructure to allow BSPs to switch between *set* of configurations2.4NEW
11887Stephen K JolleyMediumpatchwork: series page shows cover letter tab by default even if no cover letter2.4NEW
11888Stephen K JolleyMediumpatchwork: no way to send a link to a patch from a series2.4NEW
11532Todor MinchevMedium2RMC: [EFI] Add log option2.4NEW
10513Amanda BrindleMedium+3Show Yocto Project compatible status in the layer index2.4 M3NEW
5399Aníbal LimónMedium1Analyze Sharing PR server between builders with different metadata2.4 M3NEW
7494Aníbal LimónMedium5AUH: Parallelize running bitbake inside AUH script2.4 M3NEW
8156Aníbal LimónMedium1lib/bb/fetch2/svn.py should support latest_versionstring()2.4 M3NEW
8735Aníbal LimónMedium5AUH: Use tinfoil instead of parse the recipe itself2.4 M3NEW
9602Aníbal LimónMedium2AUH: Run automated tests on alternative C libraries2.4 M3NEW
10234Aníbal LimónMedium+5oeqa: Implement QemuTestRunner2.4 M3NEW
10503Aníbal LimónMedium1Enable the capability to check the details of an image when is already booted2.4 M3NEW
10564Aníbal LimónMedium5Fix PR Sharing PR server between builders with different metadata2.4 M3NEW
10598Aníbal LimónMedium+5AUH: make use of devtool upgrade (or at least share code)2.4 M3NEW
10672Aníbal LimónMedium1AUH log's tarball should have relative path starting at the timestamp2.4 M3NEW
11131Aníbal LimónMedium+5Add more tests to Yocto Project Compatible Layers script2.4 M3NEW
11487Aníbal LimónMedium5RRS: Add support for meta-intel2.4 M3NEW
11583Aníbal LimónMedium+4oeqa: core add support to publish results2.4 M3NEW
11746Aníbal LimónMedium+2oe-selftest: capture self.logger messages in XML output2.4 M3NEW
10544brian averyMedium+2use CDT "new build system" to enable building for CMake project2.4 M3NEW
10547brian averyMediumEclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdb2.4 M3NEW
10548brian averyMedium+4Eclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdb to QEMU2.4 M3NEW
10549brian averyMedium+3Eclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdb to hardware target2.4 M3NEW
10556brian averyMedium+5Docker tooling support to manipulate CROPS containers from the Eclipse CROPS plugin2.4 M3NEW
11816California SullivanMedium+4secure boot implementation using systemd-boot bootloader2.4 M3NEW
11364David ReynaMedium5Provide a wizard-based project creation option2.4 M3NEW
11371David ReynaMedium4support custom layer index servers, file-based layer index2.4 M3NEW
8548Diana ThayerMedium+2Document best practises/style guide for selftest tests and update tests2.4 M3NEW
11195Diana ThayerMedium+5Enable easily changing maintainer email address2.4 M3NEW
11196Diana ThayerMedium+5Opt-in email notifications on parse errors2.4 M3NEW
11197Diana ThayerMedium+5Add ability to trigger asynchronous operations2.4 M3NEW
11479Ismo PuustinenMediumComputer vision video analysis support2.4 M3NEW
11480Ismo PuustinenLowIntegrate YOLO to Refkit2.4 M3NEW
9732Jair GonzalezMedium+5Send email notifications for automated testing result events2.4 M3NEW
10414Jose LamegoMedium4devtool: deploy-target: support deploying kernel2.4 M3NEW
11287Jose LamegoMedium3devtool: upgrade: check for additional license files2.4 M3NEW
11805Jose Perez CMedium5Create yocto-bsp/yocto-kernel tools tests2.4 M3NEW
10690Jussi KukkonenMedium+10Improve wayland support2.4 M3NEW
11601Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium0.5check new patches are indicated in the SRC_URI2.4 M3NEW
10193Robert YangMedium5bitbake: improve --dump-signatures=SIGNATURE_HANDLER2.4 M3NEW
10793Robert YangMedium3Modify runqemu to run ELF images2.4 M3NEW
11381Markus LehtonenMedium+4oe-build-perf-report: show task summary2.4 M3NEW
11382Markus LehtonenMedium+4oe-build-perf-report: display changes in build content2.4 M3NEW
10505Paul EggletonMedium+2Extensible SDK: make it easier to track changes to the metadata2.4 M3NEW
10600Paul EggletonMedium+1Extensible SDK: add a more practical means of adding components at build time2.4 M3NEW
11350Paul EggletonMedium+2eSDK should handle SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"2.4 M3NEW
11504Paul EggletonMedium+3eSDK: allow rolling back to a previous version2.4 M3NEW
10748Richard PurdieMedium+2Means of querying history for a single variable2.4 M3NEW
10749Ross BurtonMedium+3Add a class to update package index automatically2.4 M3NEW
11183Ross BurtonMedium+5Evaluate "native" CVE scanning solution2.4 M3NEW
11363Saul WoldMedium+15Support building and deploying multiple kernels for a single imageLET2.4 M3NEW
9678Sonia LeonMedium+5Include automated test execution and reporting in Autobuilder2.4 M3NEW
10664Stephano CetolaMedium+5Improve BSP creation workflow2.4 M3NEW
10950Stephano CetolaMedium+5Allow binaries to be shared along with some compatibility metadata2.4 M3NEW
11531Todor MinchevMedium5RMC: [EFI] Add register board with data store functionality (non-secure boot)2.4 M3NEW
11534Todor MinchevMedium5RMC: [EFI] Process tasks in TASKS file2.4 M3NEW
11535Todor MinchevMedium5RMC: [EFI] Verify data store integrity (secure boot)2.4 M3NEW
11538Todor MinchevMedium5RMC: Bless data store2.4 M3NEW
11539Todor MinchevMedium5RMC: Verify RMC.efi is properly blessed2.4 M3NEW
11540Todor MinchevMedium3RMC: Print fingerprint file contents2.4 M3NEW
11543Todor MinchevMedium5RMC: Register board with data store2.4 M3NEW
11629Todor MinchevMedium3document in tips and tricks how to bring up a de10-nano altera HPS with Yocto Poky2.4 M3NEW
11452Amanda BrindleHigh5Create a layers.yoctoproject.org site2.4 M4NEW
11615Aníbal LimónMedium1auh: Send summary to maintainers when upgrade fails2.4 M4NEW
11735Aníbal LimónMedium0.5RRS needs "Database updated on YYYY-MM-DD" info2.4 M4NEW
10452brian averyMedium2allow the samba container to host multiple volumes2.4 M4NEW
11432Daniela PlascenciaMedium+1patchtest-oe: detect patches being added without modifying SRC_URI2.4 M4NEW
11517Daniela PlascenciaMedium+1check for real sign-off-by names2.4 M4NEW
11518Daniela PlascenciaMedium+1Upstream-Status Submitted and Inappropriate check for where/reason info2.4 M4NEW
11901Rebecca ChangMedium[meta-openwrt][meta-configuration] integrating juci-lighttpd for Juci2.4 M4NEW
11533Todor MinchevMedium2RMC: [EFI] Add debug option2.4 M4NEW
11545Todor MinchevMedium3RMC: Add log option2.4 M4NEW


IDAssigneePESummary (43 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
10683Aníbal LimónMedium2perl packages should be allarch in many cases2.4ACCEPTED
9525California SullivanMedium4Make install prompt available on all consoles2.4ACCEPTED
9133Jair GonzalezMedium5Eclipse plugin testing integrate into AB2.4ACCEPTED
10050Jair GonzalezMedium3oeqa runner generate wrong test results in log file when running dynamic test cases2.4ACCEPTED
10147Jair GonzalezMedium4Create a tool to compare the automated test list against the Testopia Test list DB2.4ACCEPTED
10726Jair GonzalezMedium2Add a test to verify if oe-pkgdata-util print help when no parameters specified2.4ACCEPTED
10752Jair GonzalezMedium2Add test to verify help option in oe scripts and ensure it's displayed when no required arguments are specified2.4ACCEPTED
8650Jose LamegoMedium3RRS: track ptest-enabled and potentially ptest-enabled statusGUI design available2.4ACCEPTED
6926Jose Perez CMedium5Create yocto-bsp testsuite/testplan2.4ACCEPTED
8502Jose Perez CMedium5Store BSPs Firmware and HW info for BSP test cases2.4ACCEPTED
4183Joshua LockMedium2Reference material for how a user creates a build that meets GPL obligations given a reference BSP, standard rootfs/kernel...etc.19 May 2017: NEEDINFO2.4ACCEPTED
8606Jussi KukkonenLow3Evaluate using connman-ui instead of connman-gnome2.4ACCEPTED
10728LibertadMedium5Create Test Plan to verify functionallity of the combo-layer script2.4ACCEPTED
11314Patrick OhlyMedium2shell parser: support $(( ))2.4ACCEPTED
11438Patrick OhlyMedium3oeqa: QemuRunner improvements2.4ACCEPTED
824Paul EggletonLowUsability: Improve RRECOMMENDS warning messages for -dbg packages2.4ACCEPTED
9753Paul EggletonMedium1Document automatic layer priority calculation2.4ACCEPTED
6660Chen QiMedium4Compare sstate packages within SDK publishing tool2.4ACCEPTED
11346Robin JordanMedium7Create demo that shows Amazon Alexa voice activated personal assistant in action2.4ACCEPTED
3488Ross BurtonMedium2Enable Mesa's llvmpipe?2.4ACCEPTED
5322Ross BurtonMedium3Global DNS fallback mechanism not present in poky distro2.4ACCEPTED
6142Ross BurtonMedium1we need general documentation on Systemd vs SysV related issues2.4ACCEPTED
8430Ross BurtonMedium1inaccurate 'du' usage in Image::_get_rootfs_size2.4ACCEPTED
9070Ross BurtonMedium3Add test that locales are working2.4ACCEPTED
10133Ross BurtonMedium2uninative tarball should contain layer manifest2.4ACCEPTED
11716Stephano CetolaMedium5Add recipe metadata to rpms2.4ACCEPTED
7557Aníbal LimónMedium2distrodata/distro_check should use BPN2.4 M3ACCEPTED
10543Chin Huat AngMedium+2use CDT "new build system" to enable building for Make project2.4 M3ACCEPTED
10545Chin Huat AngMedium+5use CDT "new build system" to enable building for Automake project2.4 M3ACCEPTED
9308Daniela PlascenciaMedium1patchtest: improve signal handling when the process is interrupted2.4 M3ACCEPTED
9635Daniela PlascenciaMedium5buildhistory-diff script should use argparse instead of optparse library2.4 M3ACCEPTED
11548dengkeMedium5Reduce local Pending patches2.4 M3ACCEPTED
11780Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium1Commit message failures should link to commit patch guidelines2.4 M3ACCEPTED
9132LibertadMedium5Toaster automated testing inclusion at the Autobuilder2.4 M3ACCEPTED
11394LibertadMedium+5Add tests to cover devtool handling of various git URL styles2.4 M3ACCEPTED
9858Maxin B. JohnMedium+5Make xattrs in images work [meta]2.4 M3ACCEPTED
6132Chen QiMedium4Have persistent log data (/var/log)06 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.4 M3ACCEPTED
10681Richard PurdieMedium+5Support inter-multi-configuration dependencies2.4 M3ACCEPTED
9981Stephano CetolaMedium2Make Autobuilder workers get hostname dynamically2.4 M3ACCEPTED
11775Stephano CetolaMedium+1oe-init-build-env should check for dash and throw a meaningful error2.4 M3ACCEPTED
11814Stephano CetolaMedium3Add a warning if buildhistory remote push fails2.4 M3ACCEPTED
8715Jose LamegoMedium+2Update patchwork / build status page on patch test build completion2.4 M4ACCEPTED
11544Todor MinchevMedium2RMC: Add debug option2.4 M4ACCEPTED


IDAssigneePESummary (26 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
8133Jose LamegoMedium2RRS should handle upstream repositories without version tagsGUI design available2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
9442Juro BystrickyMedium2Please add virtio console to qemux86-64.conf2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
5574Paul EggletonLowAdd kernel configuration check mechanism2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
7588Paul EggletonMedium5devtool: improve devtool build output2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
8909Paul EggletonMedium2Mention standard fetcher options also in fetcher seaction (not only in SRC_URI in the glossary)11 May 2017: IN PROGRESS DESIGN2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
7710Chen QiMedium5devtool: deploy-target: interact with target packaging where available2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
10531Tim OrlingMedium2Oomph installer script for Developer environment setup2.4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11510Alejandro HernandezMedium6Improve the way we handle python's packaging (autopackaging)LET2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11694Alejandro HernandezMedium7Python JSON manifest should be parsed directly by bitbakeLET2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11695Alejandro HernandezMedium7Add task to create python manifest(s) automaticallyLET2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11130Jair GonzalezMedium+5Automate testing of Build Host Packages in the Quick Start Guide2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
7684Jose LamegoMedium+1patchwork: provide email notifications2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
8714Jose LamegoMedium+5Patchwork: display build test results in series view2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11791Joshua LockMedium+2Reduce the amount and storage space required of image artefacts published from builds2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11804Joshua LockMedium+2Convenience branch dropdown when starting new builds2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
5866Juro BystrickyMedium+5Reproducible builds: identical binaries2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11176Juro BystrickyMedium+3Add optional command to rootfs-postprocess to remove non-determinism from rootfs2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11177Juro BystrickyMedium+2Generate archives with deterministic metadata2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11178Juro BystrickyMedium+2Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
9848Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium3testimage/testexport: support permissions and attributes for package installation2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11483LibertadMedium+5Automate testcases for package management2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
10693Robert YangMedium+5Add a testcase for multilib eSDK on the autobuilder2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
10073Saul WoldMedium+5wic: generic bootloader-agnostic EFI plugin2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11723Stephano CetolaMedium2automatically run yocto-compat-layer on meta-intel meta-intel builds2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
2658Scott RifenbarkMedium5Create Kernel Device Driver SDK (host-side)09 August 2017: IN PROGRESS DESIGN2.4 M4IN PROGRESS DESIGN
11630Scott RifenbarkMedium+30Convert dev-manual into pure task manual (how-to)16 Aug 2017: IN PROGRESS DESIGN2.4 M4IN PROGRESS DESIGN

Design Complete

11179Juro BystrickyMedium+1Ensure TZ is also set to a consistent value2.4 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN COMPLETE


IDAssigneePESummary (31 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
11187 Medium0.1allow username/password encoded in SWUPD_VERSION_URL and SWUPD_CONTENT_URL2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11169Mark HatleMediumprelink recipe checks USER_CLASSES for image-prelink2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
7800Chen QiMedium3systemd.bbclass doesn't check for services in systemd/user/ directory2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
4420Ross BurtonMedium2core-image-sato with systemd only has psplash sysvinit script left - decide what to do with psplash2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10722soumyaMedium2devtool: be able to specify src_uri in upgrade2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10801Stanley PhoongMedium3devtool: upgrade: report diff for changed files referred to by LIC_FILES_CHKSUM2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11345sweeaunMedium7Support both MUSL and x32 as a build option combination2.4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
8730Alejandro HernandezMedium8separate code generating python manifest file from manifest information and improve the manifest generation2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10033Aníbal LimónMedium+10oe-selftest: parallelize runsLET2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11429Aníbal LimónMedium+2oe-selftest should use its own build directory and write the desired configuration2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
8191Bruce AshfieldMedium2apply kernel config fragments to arbitrary kernels2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11475Christian da CostaLowRock-paper-scissors demo based on RefKit computer vision profile2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11596Cinly OoiMedium5bzip2-ptest: improve reproducible build2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
9924David ReynaMedium+2Prevent users from using HEAD as Git revision when importing layers2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11278Ed BartoshMedium+4wic: create an option to use entire disk2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11592yeoh ee pengMedium3Add QA check for uppercase recipe names2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10715Jose LamegoMedium+2Patchwork should change status when patches are pushed into mut (master under test) and again when they goto master2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10745Jose Perez CMedium5Add tests to verify the integrity of the compressed images2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
9377Joshua LockMedium+4Enable automated build performance testing in Autobuilder2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10415Juan Manuel Cruz AlcarazMedium+1devtool: add: override preferred kernel when a new one is added2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10646Juro BystrickyMedium+5Add support for Altera/Nios2 in qemu2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11241Juro BystrickyMedium+2binary reproducibility: .pyc files contain timestamps2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11522Robert YangMedium+2runqemu env var QB_MEM expects to be set to "-m 256" not "256" or "256M"2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11547Robert YangMedium+5Add ptest to testimage2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11676Mark HornMedium+10recipetool: create: add support for ROS modules2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11308Maxin B. JohnMedium+8Consider replacing pkg-config with pkgconf2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11466Patrick OhlyMedium+3TPM 2.0 support (under qemu)2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11468Patrick OhlyMedium+3integrate firmware update into system update2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10230+Stephen K JolleyMedium+oeqa refactor and improvements (master bug)2.4 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
7600Robert YangMedium+5syslinux: port extX support patches to syslinux community2.4 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11525SJMedium3wic: /etc/fstab to mount partitions with UUID instead of kernel name descriptors2.4 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION

Patch Review

IDAssigneePESummary (26 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
9949Jose Perez CMedium4oe-selftest needs to verify bberror etc2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9998Juan Manuel Cruz AlcarazMedium5packaging: src separately from dbg2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10416Juan Manuel Cruz AlcarazMedium5Extensible SDK: provide easy means of reconfiguring the kernel2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
7670Christopher LarsonMediumProposal: make TOPDIR or BUILDDIR available to the devshell2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
8631KristiMedium3Fully document sysroot population13 April 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10063LibertadMedium5testimage: Add tests for apt/dpkg like smart/rpm ones2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11097Saul WoldMedium0.5Create persistent dummy git user2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11451Stanley PhoongMedium+17Bring in Juci from openWRT as an on target network configurator2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11897Tracy GraydonMediumcheckvnc script fails on Centos 7 due to netstat being deprecated2.4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10528brian averyMedium+4Add VNC support for cli containers for QEMU2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11938David ReynaMedium1Add ability to do custom actions when Toaster is started and stopped2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10773Jair GonzalezMedium+3QA Bitbake: extend coverage for event unit test2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10667Jose LamegoMedium2Define packagegroup for python32.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11680Joshua LockMedium+2Enable AB to build WIC images for qemux86 and qemux86-64 machines and publish them2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11587Juro BystrickyMedium+1add "fence flag" to cross toolchain2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11184Jussi KukkonenMedium+3Enable Vulkan support2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11731KristiMedium1Docs: poky and meta-intel branch names in quick start guide represent a moving target29 June 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10510Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+5devtool: add ability to export / import work in progress2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10805Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium3Tinfoil usage in the test-suite2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11488LibertadMedium+5Testimage: Add tests for ipk/opkg like dnf/rpm ones2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
6707Maxin B. JohnMedium+3Add ptest for curl2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11389Rebecca ChangMedium+4devtool: add: automatically set branch for git URLs if not master2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9338Ross BurtonMedium+1Support building optimised Python (with profile-opt make target)2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10422Stephano CetolaMedium+5project chimera: run dnf on target with Fedora public repos2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10987Ng, Wei TeeMedium+5Use initramfs-framework for initialization by default2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11494Choong YinThongMedium5GPLv3 free gateway profile2.4 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW


IDAssigneePESummary (88 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
11136Behan WebsterMediumdevtool: Being able to change a devtool generated recipe from git to a tagged version2.4RESOLVED
11356yeoh ee pengMedium1oe-selftest: add an assertExists() function and change tests to use it2.4RESOLVED
11059Francisco PedrazaMedium5Kernel Development Test Cases Maintenance2.4RESOLVED
9770Jose Perez CMedium2oe-selftest: test import of tests from other layers2.4RESOLVED
9903Jose Perez CMedium2Add more test cases for Systemd-boot2.4RESOLVED
7671Christopher LarsonMediumFeature request: integrate task-level exports support2.4RESOLVED
7958Christopher LarsonMedium2Implement shallow git clone functionality2.4RESOLVED
8596Mark HatleMedium3Document proper way of adding a userspace header for the kernel09 August 2017: RESOLVED2.4RESOLVED
11441Patrick OhlyMedium0.2archiver.bbclass should not cause kernel rebuilds2.4RESOLVED
10913Rebecca ChangMedium2bitbake-layers: check layer dependencies before adding2.4RESOLVED
11653Richard PurdieMedium5Remove uclibc-specific patches/overrides from recipes2.4RESOLVED
10383Stephano CetolaMedium1create test for subprocess calls to identify problems2.4RESOLVED
11180Alexander KanavinMedium+Switch RPM4, dnf and co to Python32.4 M1RESOLVED
11181Alexander KanavinMedium+5Remove Python 2 as a host tool or needing to be built for our core images2.4 M1RESOLVED
11485Amaranth ValluriMediumRefkit: Upgrade nodejs version(v5.11+)2.4 M1RESOLVED
8962Aníbal LimónMedium+5AUH: Add support for meta-intel2.4 M1RESOLVED
9090Aníbal LimónMedium+5extensible sdk test compatibility with sdk2.4 M1RESOLVED
11450Aníbal LimónHigh6oeqa core add support for parallel runs2.4 M1RESOLVED
11482Aníbal LimónMedium+0.5yocto-compat-layer.py: return non-zero exit codes2.4 M1RESOLVED
11282California SullivanMedium+1Write a wic tips and tricks for Minnowboard & Joule2.4 M1RESOLVED
11067Dmitry RozhkovMedium+4Reference Kit Industrial Robotics profile2.4 M1RESOLVED
11462Dmitry RozhkovMedium5ROS-Core support2.4 M1RESOLVED
11463Dmitry RozhkovLow5RefKit: Python version alignment2.4 M1RESOLVED
11465Dmitry RozhkovMedium5Reference Kit Industrial Robotics Profile Detailed Documentation2.4 M1RESOLVED
11137Ed BartoshMedium+1WIC needs to support FAT162.4 M1RESOLVED
11283Ed BartoshMedium+7wic: allow wic to update a kernel or bootloader in a disk image2.4 M1RESOLVED
11215Plauchu EdwinMedium+4Decouple test injection mechanism in DAFT2.4 M1RESOLVED
11476Ismo PuustinenMediumNftables firewall support2.4 M1RESOLVED
11477Ismo PuustinenMediumDetailed computer vision profile documentation2.4 M1RESOLVED
11478Ismo PuustinenMediumMove caffe from meta-refkit-extra to meta-refkit2.4 M1RESOLVED
6618Jose LamegoMedium2Make the layer name searchable and show item page when search returns only one result2.4 M1RESOLVED
10641Jose LamegoMedium+2Python manifest script should also generate native RPROVIDES2.4 M1RESOLVED
11294Jose LamegoMedium0.5create-pull-request: add in-reply-to option to ensure patch/series threads don't break2.4 M1RESOLVED
11305Jose LamegoMedium+0.5patchwork: Improve Series naming when no cover letter is provided2.4 M1RESOLVED
10817Jose Perez CMedium+4oe-selftest: add a test for devtool modify on the kernel2.4 M1RESOLVED
11428Joshua LockMedium+3Support building intel-iot-refkit with yocto-autobuilder2.4 M1RESOLVED
11086Krisztian LitkeyMedium+Flatpak-based 3rd party application support2.4 M1RESOLVED
6319Markus LehtonenMedium+1Automated storage and graphing of build performance metricsTRT2.4 M1RESOLVED
11355Markus LehtonenMedium+2oe-build-perf-report: support viewing buildstats2.4 M1RESOLVED
11413Maxin B. JohnMedium+Remove all the DEBIAN ftp server usage in SRC_URIs2.4 M1RESOLVED
11493Mikko YlinenHigh1Enable building extensible SDK installer for profiles2.4 M1RESOLVED
11467Patrick OhlyHigh14integrate a system update solution2.4 M1RESOLVED
11182Ross BurtonMedium+1Make it easier to add Python to an image2.4 M1RESOLVED
11031Alexander KanavinMedium1Regularly run checkpkg on yocto autobuilder2.4 M2RESOLVED
7040Amaranth ValluriMedium+5Support for /usr merge (à la systemd and Fedora)2.4 M2RESOLVED
11490Amaranth ValluriMediumConfiguration Management Solution Study2.4 M2RESOLVED
10604+Aníbal LimónMedium+5Add an autobuilder worker capable of HW image testing2.4 M2RESOLVED
10828Aníbal LimónMedium+1get_tests_from_module() shouldn't assume oeSelfTest2.4 M2RESOLVED
9878California SullivanHigh5feature request: secure boot layer2.4 M2RESOLVED
11447California SullivanMedium+Configurability to boot from UEFI boot partition or direct boot without bootloader2.4 M2RESOLVED
9916David ReynaMedium4Show git clone progress in most recent builds area2.4 M2RESOLVED
10632David ReynaMedium2Add distro selection support2.4 M2RESOLVED
11202yeoh ee pengMedium+3QA: Validate Flatpak-based 3rd party application support2.4 M2RESOLVED
11251yeoh ee pengMedium5QA: Validate updated components for GPLv3 free Computer Vision profile2.4 M2RESOLVED
11481Ismo PuustinenMediumRefkit image configuration guidelines2.4 M2RESOLVED
10368Jair GonzalezMedium+5QA Bitbake: create setup and basic unit tests for event module2.4 M2RESOLVED
11255Jair GonzalezMedium2QA: Clean up and enablement of single-node Bluetooth test cases on meta-iotqa2.4 M2RESOLVED
11454Joshua LockMedium+2Rationalise autobuilder configuration2.4 M2RESOLVED
11627Juro BystrickyMedium+3update max10 reference board to boot with 4.10 kernel2.4 M2RESOLVED
11380Jussi KukkonenMedium+1Get rid of gnome-common2.4 M2RESOLVED
11610Jussi KukkonenMedium+1gdk-pixbuf: improve reproducibility2.4 M2RESOLVED
11469Jussi LaakoHighGraphics support for IoT Reference Kit2.4 M2RESOLVED
10599Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+5oeqa: migrate selftest's test to use the new framework2.4 M2RESOLVED
10720Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+1patchtest: Create a script for OE-Core to fetch and set up environment for patchtest2.4 M2RESOLVED
11286Robert YangMedium2runqemu should validate the rootfs type it is trying to use and print clear message if unsupported.2.4 M2RESOLVED
7555Paul EggletonHigh3make oe-init-build-env-memres default instead of oe-init-build-env2.4 M2RESOLVED
11188Paul EggletonMedium1devtool: optimise task execution2.4 M2RESOLVED
11383Paul EggletonMedium+2tinfoil: enable running tasks with dependencies2.4 M2RESOLVED
11434Rebecca ChangMedium+3devtool edit-recipe/find-recipe enhancements2.4 M2RESOLVED
11417Ross BurtonMedium+2Avoid checksums invalidation when inherit from ccache2.4 M2RESOLVED
11091Alexander KanavinMedium+10update openssl to 1.1LET2.4 M3RESOLVED
11316Alexander KanavinMedium+5Trim down LSB support2.4 M3RESOLVED
9636Daniela PlascenciaMedium5wic script should use argparse instead of optparse library2.4 M3RESOLVED
10803Daniela PlascenciaMedium+5Patchtest migration from python2 to python32.4 M3RESOLVED
10804Daniela PlascenciaMedium3Patchtest-oe migration from python2 to python32.4 M3RESOLVED
11794David ReynaMedium3Add remote HTTP API to enable status aggregation of multiple Toaster instances2.4 M3RESOLVED
10937Joshua LockMedium+2remove from oe-selftest buildsets the step for building an image prior the test session2.4 M3RESOLVED
11788Joshua LockMedium+0.5Drop package publishing2.4 M3RESOLVED
11848Joshua LockHigh0.5Run checkpkg oe-selftest separately from nightly/nightly-oe-selftest on a weekly basis2.4 M3RESOLVED
11916Juro BystrickyLow0.5e2fsprogs-doc: improve reproducible build2.4 M3RESOLVED
10931Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium5Improve indicators on automated performance reports2.4 M3RESOLVED
10996Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+1test_ccache_tool taking too long on main AB2.4 M3RESOLVED
11847Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+1Add an option to oe-selftest to run all tests except for [...]2.4 M3RESOLVED
11529Khem RajMedium+0.1Add LLVM2.4 M3RESOLVED
11697Ross BurtonMedium+1master builds shouldn't include qt4 anymore2.4 M3RESOLVED
11745Stephano CetolaMedium2nightly-refkit CreateBBLayersConf should be dynamic2.4 M3RESOLVED
11628Yau Wai GanMedium+4implement uboot for nios2 softcore on max10 reference board2.4 M3RESOLVED
9960Daniela PlascenciaMedium+5patchtest-oe: implement 'selftest' validation patches for the test suite2.4 M4RESOLVED


IDAssigneePESummary (3 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
11550Juan RamosMediumpoky-tiny: Add tests for poky-tiny images2.4 M1VERIFIED
6432Henry BruceMedium+2Document an example SDK usage workflow28 June 2017: RESOLVED2.4 M2VERIFIED
11609Michael HalsteadMedium+Add an Ubuntu 17.04 builder to the YP AB cluster2.4 M2VERIFIED

Yocto Project v2.4 Release Criteria

Milestone 1 - Target June 23, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 1 Target Milestone 1 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed. Done
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Done
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Done
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [1] Remaining M1 bugs will be moved to target M2 or closed.
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW25_-_2017-06-22_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.4_M1_rc1
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version Done - CentOS 7.1, Debian 8, Fedora 24, Fedora 25, OpenSuse 13.2, OpenSuse 421, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW25_-_2017-06-22_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.4_M1_rc1
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW25_-_2017-06-22_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.4_M1_rc1#Build_Performance_Test
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated. Done - 78% - http://recipes.yoctoproject.org/rrs/recipes/2.4/M1/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed. Done - 95%
Publication The release is announced Released

Milestone 2 - Target July 28, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 2 Target Milestone 2 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed. Done
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Done
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Done
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [2] Done
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW32_-_2017-08-09_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.4_M2_rc3
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version Done - CentOS 7.1, Debian 8, Fedora 24, Fedora 25, OpenSuse 422, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.04
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW32_-_2017-08-09_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.4_M2_rc3
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW32_-_2017-08-09_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.4_M2_rc3#Performance_Charts
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated. Done - 84% - http://recipes.yoctoproject.org/rrs/recipes/2.4/M2/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed. Done - 100%
Publication The release is announced

Milestone 3 - Target Aug. 21, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 3 Target Milestone 3 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors.
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors.
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [3]
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible.
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated.
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed.
Publication The release is announced

Milestone 4/Final - Target Oct. 20, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 4/Final Target Milestone 4/Final Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors.
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors.
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [4]
Bug Trend Downward trend in bug tracking during the stabilization period.
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Documentation All examples are tested to be functional.
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible.
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated.
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed.
Wiki/Web Site Updated Have reviewed the Wiki and Web site to insure all is current.
Code scan completed Have reviewed the results of a Protex scan of all code being released.
Publication The release is announced

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