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Welcome to the Yocto Project Wiki!

The Yocto Project is an open-source project that delivers a set of tools that create operating system images for embedded Linux systems. The Yocto Project tools are based on the OpenEmbedded (OE) project, which uses the BitBake build tool, to construct complete Linux images. BitBake and OE are combined to form a reference build host known as Poky which includes the following core components. This video will help explain what it's all about.

Where to Start?

If you're new to Yocto take a look at the Glossary so you're familiar with the terms used in this wiki and the project documentation. Then take a look at the Quick Start Guide. You can follow the steps in this document to clone the poky repository, quickly configure your build environment, and then try a build. Corporate firewalls can be problematic so network proxy configurations are detailed on the Working Behind a Network Proxy page. We advise you go straight for the Chameleonsocks option.

Where to Next?

Thanks to the quick start guide, it's pretty easy to get your first Linux image build and running. Here are some places to look for help when improving your Yocto skills.

  • The Linux Foundation have some great training slides. There is also an advanced slide deck for more experienced users.
  • The first tool you'll need to get familiar with is bitbake, so reading through the [manual is recommended. You don't need to understand it all right now, but bookmark this page for reference. Implementation of bitake is covered in the Bitbake Internals Primer
  • Once you start adding packages and configuring your image to create your own distribution, things can go wrong and it can hard to track down the root cause. There is no shortage of Yocto documentation resource, but if you're not exactly sure what you're looking for this Documentation Decoder will help you out. Also take a look at the Cookbook and troubleshooting guide. Also these books are helpful.
  • Some new tools such as Toaster, Extensible SDK and CROPS are making it easier to get the best out of Yocto on Windows and Mac OS X. Take a look at the new workflow in Developer Workflow Improvements.
  • There is also a Tips and Tricks section where more experienced developers contribute to articles that will help those new to Yocto Project.
  • You can also read and participate on the mailing lists - start with the main list first - and the IRC channel. More information about the Yocto Project mailing lists, IRC and Matrix channels can be found here.

Project planning

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Future Directions

Outdated Project planning pages

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Quick guide for newcomers

If you are new to the project and are willing to contribute, please refer to our guide for newcomers.


  • Yocto Project Technical Steering Committee TSC

Wiki reference sitemap

Other resources

  • #yocto - Public discussions on the Yocto Project.
  • #oe - Public discussions on OpenEmbedded Core.