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This page tracks the official technical contributors to the YP core from each of the Yocto Project's member organizations. Note that many organizations provide more resources than just one, particularly in terms of hardware or specific feature support, which is why the Yocto Project is a de facto standard for building Linux for embedded systems.

Platinum Members

  • Amazon: Richard Elberger <>
  • Arm: Ross Burton <>, Jon Mason <>
  • Cisco: Taras Kondratiuk <>
  • Comcast: Raj, Khem <>
  • Facebook: DJ (Dharmesh Jani) <>
  • Intel: apoorv sangal <>
  • Microsoft: Paul Eggleton <>
  • Wind River: Robert Yang <>; Saul Wold <>
  • Xilinx: Mark Hatle <>

Gold Members

  • AGL: Jan-Simon Moeller <>
  • Huawei: Davide Ricci <>, Andrei Gherzan <>
  • Renesas: Mr. Takamitsu Honda <>
  • Siemens: Chris Larson <>
  • Texas Instruments: Praneeth Bajjuri <>

Silver Members

  • AMD: Wade Farnsworth <>
  • Dell: Michael Brown <>
  • Founderiesio: Ricardo Salveti <>
  • LG: Minjae Kim <>
  • Linaro: Nicolas Dechesne <>
  • Lineo Solutions: Masahiro Miyake <>
  • MontaVista: Armin Kuster <>
  • NXP: Lauren Post <>
  • Savoir-faire Linux: Sébastien Le Stum <>
  • Savoir-faire Linux (technical contact backup through December 2021): Jérome Oufella <>
  • ST: Christophe Priouzeau <>

Technical Partners

  • OpenEmbedded: Philip Balister <>

Note: a private mailing list exists with all individuals listed here, mainly to facilitate the communication and the organization of meetings. All technical discussions are encouraged to be made on the existing, open, project mailing lists. If you believe you need to be added to the private list, please reach out to the Yocto Project Community Manager.

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