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Yocto Project Technical Steering Committee

The YP TSC consists of 5 people; 3 nominated from Yocto Project Member Organizations (including the chairperson) and 2 from OpenEmbedded.

The TSC has overall responsibility for all technical aspects of the Yocto Project. This includes repositories hosted on https://git.yoctoproject.org/, the associated mailing lists, bugzilla, the testing processes and infrastructure/QA and the releases of the project.

The TSC does not overlap with the OpenEmbedded TSC which is a similar entity with responsibility for the OpenEmbedded Architecture and the OpenEmbedded hosted repositories and infrastructure.

The YP TSC has a two year term limits. Term Started: May 2019


  • Richard Purdie (Linux Foundation) - TSC Chair
  • Khem Raj (Comcast) - YP Membership Elected
  • Ross Burton (Arm) - YP Membership Elected
  • Armin Kuster - OE Elected
  • Denys Dmytriyenko - OE Elected


The TSC is intended to be an entity of last resort, its expected the community will reach consensus decisions and/or individual maintainers will reach solutions in the best interests of the users and overall project. The TSC will therefore only act if these processes have failed and a decision is needed.

Anyone is free to approach any TSC member with any issue or concern who will refer it to the TSC members for discussion. The TSC members will usually try and continue public discussion as much as is practical, any final TSC discussion for a decision will however be by closed session with the aim of quickly reaching decisions which will then be made public.

The TSC will periodically (at least monthly) discuss the project health and direction, aiming to ensure its future success. The TSC is not an engineering organisation so can only pass on recommendations to the community or governing board in this matter although indvidual TSC members may make contributions to the project with these things in mind.

The TSC will make the final go/nogo decisions on releases, based on the release criteria, testing results and any other information available to them.


LTS / Stable processes

Git hosting application form

AB layer application form


Future Direction

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