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Yocto Project Autobuilder Layer Addition Application Form

Name of layer: [ text ]

Name must not infringe on Member namespaces.

Is this addition being made as a membership benefit?: [ yes / no ]

If so, which member and which membership level: [ member ] [ level ]

Explain why this layer should be added to the autobuilder: [ text ]

Describe what will be built on the autobuilder: [ text ]

Is the layer Yocto Project Compatible? [yes / no] If not, please explain why: [ text ]

Name and email addresses of maintainer(s): [ text ]

Are the maintainers committed to fixing build failures? [ yes / no ]

If build failures are not resolved in a timely manner the layer may be removed from the autobuilder.

How many people have contributed to the layer: [ text ]

How long has the layer been in development: [ text ]

What dependencies does the layer have? [ text ]

Layers should ideally have minimal dependencies.

Does the layer include any automated QA tests to run on the autobuilder? If so, please give details: [ text ]

What is the approximate resource impact of this layer of the autobuilder (relative to other build targets, is there a comparable existing target)? [ text ]

Where can bug reports for the layer be filed (e.g. bugzilla): [ text ]

If defects have not resource assigned, the layer may be removed from the autobuilder.

Where are changes to the layer reviewed (e.g. GitHub): [ text ]

Link to the related yocto-autobuilder-helper and yocto-autobuilder2 patches:

Send form to Yocto TSC <tsc@lists.yoctoproject.org>

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