TSC Election Process

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Election Process

  • the Yocto Project (YP) election is held every 2 years. The current election is in 2023.
  • The YP Leadership Working Group (WG) initiates the election by sending an email to the YP members to share the election plan and process.
  • The YP TSC is comprised of three elected representatives from the Yocto Project Membership and two elected representatives from the OpenEmbedded community. The representatives serve for two years. The election is held every other year.
  • The YP election is for the three representatives from Yocto Project membership. OpenEmbedded (OE) administers their own election for the two representatives to the YP TSC separately. The OE election process is scheduled after the YP election process is completed.
  • The YP TSC nomination period should be between 1 - 2 weeks and nominations must include a short bio and a short statement of what the candidate is hoping to achieve for the project in this role.
  • The nominations with bio/statement are sent to the YP Members list (members@lists.yoctoproject.org) .
  • The Linux Foundation Program Manager will send the slates of respective nominees (for each role respectively) and voting instructions to the Members. The recommendation is to provide a 1 or 2 weeks maximum for a voting period.
  • OpaVote, - https://opavote.com, is the preferred tool at this time, but the YP Leadership Working Group (WG) may make a change if needed, and will inform the membership.
  • The election winners will be announced on the membership email (members@lists.yoctoproject.org) and at the next Members Meeting by the YP Board Chair.
  • The currently serving TSC Chair (the one active before the election commenced) will notify OpenEmbedded that it is time to start their election process to have two representatives to the Yocto Project TSC.