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The goal of the Newcomers Guide is to connect people using the software with resources for learning about and contributing to the project. If you just want to get starting building with Yocto, the Quick Start Guide is for you!

As you have questions, these are the two manuals that can help you understand both Bitbake and Yocto.

Also, feel free to ask questions on our mailing lists or stop by our IRC channel.

Resources for Learning

There is a getting started video that will give you a high level overview of the Yocto Project.

Rudi Streif gave a great talk at the Embedded Linux Conference in 2015.

For more presentations, check out our presentation page for a full lists of talks given about the Yocto Project.

Rudi has also written a book, "Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project".

Otavio Salvador and Daiane Angolini have also written a book, "Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project".

How to Contribute

First, and most important, is to read our community guidelines.

If you have changes that are specific to poky, there is a page discussing contributions to poky on this wiki. Also of note, the OpenEmbedded wiki has a page where you can learn how to submit a patch to oe-core or meta-openembedded. There are various patch guidelines, as well as a styleguide which you should familiarize yourself with before submitting a patch.

The Yocto Project tracks bugs using bugzilla. You may want to review our bug guidelines to help understand this process.

Newcomer Bugs

The Yocto Project has a newcomer bug category which are bugs suited to someone new to the project, in order to learn more about the development process within our community, and become familiar with the project.

The list of such bugs can be found in the table below:

IDSummary (13 tasks) AssigneeStatusMilestoneSeverityPWhiteboard
6803Sanity check for non-largefile useUnassignedNEW3.99enhancementMediumnewcomer
8455QA: Add tests to empty imageNew Comer BugsNEWFutureminorMediumNEWCOMER
9451Document a cookbook procedure on how to change kernel versionNew Comer BugsACCEPTEDFuturenormalLowNEWCOMER
10699Ensure consistency in repository URLsNew Comer BugsNEWFutureenhancementMediumNEWCOMER
10726Add a test to verify if oe-pkgdata-util print help when no parameters specifiedNew Comer BugsACCEPTED3.99enhancementMediumNEWCOMER
11053insane.bbclass: Verify shebang line length validNew Comer BugsNEWFutureenhancementMediumNEWCOMER
11977bitbake -g -u taskexp <target> raises an import exceptionNew Comer BugsNEW3.99minorMediumNEWCOMER
12018Help output should be groupedNew Comer BugsNEW3.99enhancementMediumNEWCOMER
12503runqemu: use qemuboot.json to replace qemuboot.confNew Comer BugsIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION3.99enhancementMediumNEWCOMER
12904Port panel from apm/acpi to sysfsNew Comer BugsNEWFutureenhancementMediumnewcomer
13320Update license files to match current SPDX names and license contentsNew Comer BugsNEW3.2 M3enhancementMedium+NEWCOMER
13529Add SPDX license headers to all source files for prelink-crossNew Comer BugsNEW3.2 M3normalMedium+NEWCOMER
13807Add support for elfutils debuginfodNew Comer BugsNEW3.2 M3enhancementMedium+newcomer

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