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Summary (Current and Next)

This page is intended to fill the gap between the very high level list of features (theme) of a forthcoming Yocto Project release and the Bugzilla entries that represent the work to be done. The table refers to a set of Core Components and via links on the table itself.

Component v2.2 v2.3 (subject to change)
  • Switch to Python 3.x
  • Add multiple configurations to allow multiple builds which allows for multiple machines
  • Better integration of patchwork, swupd, and error reporting system for a better process.
  • Better integration and user adoption of Toaster, eSDK, and CROPS.
Core Tools
  • Move from python 2 to 3 (newer features, performance, be current/relevant)
  • Better reporting of task progress to users
  • Multi-configuration builds (request from WRS)
  • devtool: Support node.js projects (i.e. not in NPM registry)
  • devtool: Add 'finish' command to publish recipe updates
  • Distributed build
  • devtool: Add ability to import packages from existing Linux distros e.g. Debian, Fedora
  • Select next Kernel: 4.8
  • Update to Tiny Configuration to support hardware rather than qemu
  • Refresh graphical interface, ported to a modern toolkit on X11.
  • Drop uclibc, support musl as “lighter” option for micro Linux deployments.
Toaster & UX
  • Major focus is bug fixing
  • Allow project deletion
  • Remove git dependency
  • Enable layer configuration via Django fixture
  • Simplify extensible SDK build
  • Enable layer configuration via U/I
Extensible SDK
  • Faster installation with improved user feedback
  • Eclipse plug-in support.
  • Promote over traditional SDK
  • Resurrect Eclipse plug-in and add support for Mars and Neon
  • Container work file access for foreign OSes via samba
  • Extensible SDK container (CLI only)
  • Poky and Ostro containers (CLI only)
  • Toaster container
  • Eclipse plug-in to use extensible SDK container
  • Extend test coverage
  • Improve open QA tools: Test report tool, Autobuilder calls tests, device automation

Previous Releases

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