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URL Decoder

Many different Yocto Project documentation pages are returned by Google searches and it can be hard to know what's what. You should be sure that an URL returned by a search engine represents the actual version of the manual in which you are interested. Searches many times return very old versions of a manual.

URLs use the following format: With this format, the "release" string specifies the Yocto Project release associated with the manual. The "name" string represents the manual's folder name. You can find the list of the current folder strings in the next section.

Here is an example for the "Yocto Project Reference Manual" for release 3.3:

You can use the string current rather than a specific release number (e.g. 3.3) to go to the latest released version of a manual. For example, to access the latest Yocto Project Development Tasks Manual, use the URL.

List of Manual Pages

Here is a list of documentation page names and brief descriptions of their purposes. This list represents the latest Yocto Project release:

brief-yoctoprojectqs. A very brief quick start to get you going.
overview-manual. Presents Yocto Project overview and conceptual information.
dev-manual. A development tasks manual. Provides procedures for common and not-so-common development tasks.
sdk-manual. Describes how to build and use Yocto Project SDKs for application development.
bsp-guide. Describes how to use or create a Board Support Package (BSP)layer for your hardware platform.
kernel-dev. The kernel development manual, which is often used in conjunction with BSP guide.
profile-manual Presents information on profiling and tracing.
toaster-manual. Describes how to use "Toaster". which is a web interface to the Yocto Project's OpenEmbedded build system.
ref-manual. Gathers together Yocto Project reference material, which consists of variable descriptions, class descriptions, and so forth.
mega-manual. All of the above rolled into one "mega manual". You can use this manual to quickly search for terms and stings throughout the Yocto Project manual set.