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URL Decoder

Many different Yocto Project documentation pages are returned by Google searches and it can be hard to know what's what.

URLs have the following format:
Here is an example for the "Yocto Project Reference Manual" for release 2.1.1:

Note that current can be used in place of the current release number.

List of Manual Pages

Here is a list of documentation page names and brief descriptions of their purposes:

yocto-project-qs. Quick start guide to get you going.
dev-manual. Conceptual and procedural information that covers common development tasks.
sdk-manual. Describes how to use Yocto built SDKs for application development.
bsp-guide. Describes how to use or create a board support package layer for your hardware platform.
kernel-dev. Kernel development manual. Often used in conjunction with BSP guide.
toaster-manual. Toaster is a web interface to the Yocto Project's OpenEmbedded build system.
ref-manual. Material suited for reference rather than procedures. Come here for the details.
mega-manual. All of the above rolled into one mega manual.
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