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Yocto Project Weekly Status March, 19, 2019

Current Dev Position: YP 2.7 M3
Next Deadline: YP 2.7 M3 Cutoff was Feb. 25, 2019

SWAT Team Rotation:

Key Status/Updates:

  • M3 has not built yet however most major pieces are in place, including now, agreement on the new QA process. The delay is partly due to RP travel with others able to cover being unavailable for other reasons, combined with infrastructure issues.
  • The remaining questions for M3 are:
    • Public documentation of the new QA process
    • Upgrade for uninative for glibc 2.29
    • Mesa upgrade? (unlikely given failures in testing)
  • The Yocto Project has updated to its new governance model which includes establishing a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) for Yocto Project. This is designed to complement and work alongside the OpenEmbedded TSC. Three members of the YP TSC are selected by the Yocto Project governing board and those people are Ross Burton, Khem Raj and Richard Purdie. The remaining two seats will be elected by OpenEmbedded. It is intended the TSC will take over the release process, SWAT team, bug triage and feature planning/development for 2.8.
  • YP 2.5.3 continues to be blocked on autobuilder-helper changes for the stable branches and the resulttool changes in master to move to the new QA process.
  • There is discussion on the openembedded-architecture list about changes to the stable branch patch criteria to bring us more into line with current industry best practices and thinking.

Planned Releases for YP 2.7:

  • YP 2.7 M3 Cutoff was Feb. 25, 2019
  • YP 2.7 M3 Release Target was Mar. 8, 2019
  • YP 2.7 M4 Cutoff is Apr. 1, 2019
  • YP 2.7 M4 Release Target is Apr. 26, 2019

Planned upcoming dot releases:

  • YP 2.5.3 (Sumo) will be targeted after YP 2.7 M3 is done.
  • YP 2.5.4 (Sumo) will be targeted after YP 2.7 M4 is done.
  • YP 2.6.2 (Thud) will be targeted after YP 2.5.4 is done.

Tracking Metrics:

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