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Yocto Project Weekly Status June 18, 2019

Current Dev Position: YP 2.8 M2
Next Deadline: YP 2.8 Milestone 2 Cutoff July 14th, 2019

SWAT Team Rotation:

Next Team Meetings:

Key Status/Updates:

  • 2.8 M1 has been through QA and is waiting on responses from YP TSC members on release readiness. It had more issues that would be ideal but most were relatively minor and are being worked upon, several with known causes now with fixes in master. As such its likely to be released.
  • Stephen is recovering from the accident and will now respond to emails. We’re pleased to have him back and wish him a continued speedy recovery!
  • Mailing lists are proving to be a tricky subject. Some people are having trouble with emails not making it to the lists which we recognise is a serious issue. Equally, our groups.io plan isn’t proving workable without major user visible change due to the current domain structure we have. *It is being worked on as a priority to find a way forward.
  • We have a new “newcomer” bug category which are bugs suited to someone new to the project. These can be seen here: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Bug_Triage#Newcomer_Bugs
  • We’re grateful to Sandy, WindRiver and Michael for helping get patchtest back into operation. Its tests are looking like they could do with a little improvement but it is catching some issues and great to see progress with it again.
  • During M2 Richard plans to look into our options for changing runqueue to better support more advanced sstate usage. This may have an impact on how quickly patches merge as the work there is involved and needs focus.
  • We’d like to remind people that where test suites exist, we’d appreciate it if people would run them before they send patches, e.g. “oe-selftest -r devtool” or “oe-selftest -r wic”.

Planned Releases for YP 2.8:

  • M1 is built and out of QA
  • M2 Cutoff 14th July
  • M2 Release 26th July
  • M3 Cutoff (Feature Freeze) 25th Aug
  • M3 Release 6th Sept
  • M4 Cutoff 30th Sept
  • 2.8 (M4) Final Release 25th Oct

Planned upcoming dot releases:

  • YP 2.7.1 (Warrior) is planned for build imminently now that 2.8 M1 is done
  • YP 2.6.3 (Thud) is intended for build after 2.7.1 is complete and before 2.8 M2

Tracking Metrics:

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