Working Behind a Network Proxy

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This page lists some configuration tips for working behind a proxy.



Set the following environment variables in your ~/.bashrc file. This example uses the same proxy server and port number for all three protocols.

export http_proxy=''
export https_proxy=''
export ftp_proxy=''
export no_proxy=''

Git Setup

Ensure you have socat installed, copy scripts/oe-git-proxy to a directory included in your PATH and set the following in your configuration:

GIT_PROXY_COMMAND ?= "oe-git-proxy"
# Two possible examples - delete the one that doesn't apply:
ALL_PROXY ?= "socks://"

If you wish to use certain hosts without the proxy, specify them in NO_PROXY. See the script for details on syntax.

Subversion Setup

You'll need to have the following in your ~/.subversion/servers file:

http-proxy-exceptions = *,
http-proxy-host =
http-proxy-port = 1080

You can also set http-proxy-username and http-proxy-password if your proxy requires authentication.

CVS Setup (this seems useless since we don't have any recipe requiring cvs now)

For CVS checkouts to work correctly, you need to add some options in your Poky local.conf file.

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