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This page gathers ideas to properly document a production workflow for developers...

Initial ideas from Robert Berger, summarized and expanded by this mind mapping attachement:

A developer workflow for production should be mentioned:

  • SDK for developer/bitbake for production build and Yocto/OE person
  • devtool for developer/devtool for Yocto/OE person


Build efficiency

  • local source mirrors
  • strategies for handling the git cloned repos (use local branches and rebase vs bbappend )

Software update solutions

SW update solutions (System Update) should be mentioned for production, since people are reinventing all the time what's already there.

Tracking image contents

License compliance

  • Something like the oss-review toolkit ( could be used to help with license compliance. I am not sure yet whether this should be outside of the YP or integrated with it.

Hardening the production image


Thanks to:

  • Robert Berger
  • Randy MacLeod
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