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Here is a list of basic terms users new to the Yocto Project might find helpful. For a more complete list of terms, see the "Yocto Project Terms" section in the Yocto Project Development Manual.

Yocto Project: A Linux Foundation project that acts as an umbrella for various efforts to improve Embedded Linux.
OpenEmbedded: The build system architecture promoted by the Yocto Project.
BitBake: A tool that reads metadata and runs tasks.
OpenEmbedded-Core: The common base set of metadata that BitBake uses. This metadata is shared between OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project.
Poky: A reference distribution used for test and release purposes by the Yocto Project.
Recipe: Meta data defining how bitbake is to configure, build and package a software project.
Layer: A collection of recipes and/or configuration used by bitbake. Typically each layer is organised around a specific theme, e.g. adding recipes for building web browser software.

Major Yocto Project versions release on a six-month cycle in spring and fall/autumn. Releases tend to known by their name rather than release number. The release names appear to references to the computer game Total Annihilation.

Codename Version Release Date
Pyro 2.3 May 2017
Morty 2.2 Oct 2016
Krogoth 2.1 May 2016
Jethro 2.0 Nov 2015
Fido 1.8 Apr 2015
Dizzy 1.7 Oct 2014
Daisy 1.6 Apr 2014


BSP Board Support Package
CCB Change Control Board
PMP Program Management Plan
POR Plan of Record
PRD Product Requirements Document
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