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Yocto Project 2.4 Feature Planning

Yocto Project 2.4 release planning has been underway since April, 2017. Most all new features and ideas about 2.4 release are tracked as enhancements in Bugzilla. Yocto Project 2.4 is targeted to release in Oct. 20, 2017. Detailed schedule is at this link: Yocto 2.4 Schedule

Yocto Project 2.4 Themes

  • Process/Tooling/Workflow Improvements - Patchwork, Patchtest, SWAT, Error reporting
  • Improving Testing/QA Automation/Coverage Efficiency - oeselftest, Test automation, CI/AB - modernization and moving more into YP
  • Creating Leading edge Build Technology - Layer setup tool, Delivering prebuilt binaries to customers, Improve Binary/Build Reproducibility
  • Enhancing IoT Application Development - CROPS (eclipse support, dev containers), eSDK (team workflow), devtool (team workflow, extend heuristics), juci from openWRT support

Process for Entering New Feature Requests

We have been using the same Bugzilla where we manage bugs to manage all features. Features in Bugzilla should have their severity set to 'enhancement'. If you have a feature request or even an idea about something for 2.4 or future releases, please feel free to file an 'enhancement' feature in Bugzilla:

  • Set the severity of bug to be 'enhancement'. Please put as much detail as possible in the 'description' field and give it a concise and meaningful 'summary'. You can always add/edit as you have more thoughts and information about the feature. Others can also use the feature entry to ask questions or provide feedback.
  • If you know which functional category the feature belongs to, please put the bug # in appropriate category such as usability, performance, kernel, core build system, etc.
  • Set the priority you would like this to be or indicate this in the description field. We may adjust the priority when we have a better view of the whole release later on.
  • Preview your Entry to make sure it looks ok and then save it


High = Must have for the target release
Medium+ = Very important, needs special attention compared with other medium features
Medium = Important
Low = Nice to have, no defined plan

Unsorted Features (by priority)


IDAssigneeSummary (8 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
11452Amanda BrindleAdd a YP Compatible (V2) flag/column for layers on layers.openembedded.org52.4 M4brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
11450Aníbal Limónoeqa core add support for parallel runs62.4 M1Aníbal LimónRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
7555Paul Eggletonmake oe-init-build-env-memres default instead of oe-init-build-env32.4 M2Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
9878California Sullivanfeature request: secure boot layer52.4 M2Mei Yeen NgRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
11848Joshua LockRun checkpkg oe-selftest separately from nightly/nightly-oe-selftest on a weekly basis0.52.4 M3Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
11469Jussi LaakoGraphics support for IoT Reference Kit2.4 M2Jussi LaakoRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
11493Mikko YlinenEnable building extensible SDK installer for profiles12.4 M1Mikko YlinenRESOLVEDenhancementHigh
11467Patrick Ohlyintegrate a system update solution142.4 M1Patrick OhlyRESOLVEDenhancementHigh


IDAssigneeSummary (74 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
11180Alexander KanavinSwitch RPM4, dnf and co to Python32.4 M1Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11181Alexander KanavinRemove Python 2 as a host tool or needing to be built for our core images52.4 M1Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11091Alexander Kanavinupdate openssl to 1.1102.4 M3Alexander KanavinRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+LET
11316Alexander KanavinTrim down LSB support52.4 M3Alexander KanavinRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10513Amanda BrindleShow Yocto Project compatible status in the layer index32.4 M4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
7040Amaranth ValluriSupport for /usr merge (à la systemd and Fedora)52.4 M2Peter KjellerstedtRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
8962Aníbal LimónAUH: Add support for meta-intel52.4 M1Aníbal LimónRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
9090Aníbal Limónextensible sdk test compatibility with sdk52.4 M1Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
11482Aníbal Limónyocto-compat-layer.py: return non-zero exit codes0.52.4 M1Patrick OhlyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10604+Aníbal LimónAdd an autobuilder worker capable of HW image testing52.4 M2Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10828Aníbal Limónget_tests_from_module() shouldn't assume oeSelfTest12.4 M2Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
8938Aníbal Limónoe-selftest: refactor command line arguments so usage is simpler32.4 M3Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11214Aníbal Limónperl and systemd-boot failing on configure steps with poky-tiny policy12.4 M4Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11383Paul Eggletontinfoil: enable running tasks with dependencies22.4 M2Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11947Paul Eggletondevtool upgrade needs to have some git configs set to get correct results2.4 M4brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11282California SullivanWrite a wic tips and tricks for Minnowboard & Joule12.4 M1Stephano CetolaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11447California SullivanConfigurability to boot from UEFI boot partition or direct boot without bootloader2.4 M2Chin Kooi KHORRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10803Daniela PlascenciaPatchtest migration from python2 to python352.4 M3Daniela PlascenciaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
9960Daniela Plascenciapatchtest-oe: implement 'selftest' validation patches for the test suite52.4 M4Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
9924David ReynaPrevent users from using HEAD as Git revision when importing layers22.4 M4Belen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11067Dmitry RozhkovReference Kit Industrial Robotics profile42.4 M1Dmitry RozhkovRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11137Ed BartoshWIC needs to support FAT1612.4 M1zumeng.chen@windriver.comRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11283Ed Bartoshwic: allow wic to update a kernel or bootloader in a disk image72.4 M1Stephano CetolaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11278Ed Bartoshwic: create an option to use entire disk42.4 M3Stephano CetolaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11215Plauchu EdwinDecouple test injection mechanism in DAFT42.4 M1Plauchu EdwinRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11218Plauchu EdwinMerged devauto library with DAFT52.4 M1Plauchu EdwinRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11219Plauchu EdwinNewer test specification format needed for DAFT52.4 M1Plauchu EdwinRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11202yeoh ee pengQA: Validate Flatpak-based 3rd party application support32.4 M2Jair GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
6432Henry BruceDocument an example SDK usage workflow22.4 M2Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+28 June 2017: RESOLVED
10368Jair GonzalezQA Bitbake: create setup and basic unit tests for event module52.4 M2Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
11228Jussi KukkonenMake decision on default Xorg driver for intel12.4 M2Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11380Jussi KukkonenGet rid of gnome-common12.4 M2Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11610Jussi Kukkonengdk-pixbuf: improve reproducibility12.4 M2Juro BystrickyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
8673Jose Lamegodistutils3 packages installed via an egg file cannot be imported by the python3 interpreter22.4 M1Alejandro HernandezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10641Jose LamegoPython manifest script should also generate native RPROVIDES22.4 M1Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11305Jose Lamegopatchwork: Improve Series naming when no cover letter is provided0.52.4 M1Jose LamegoRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
8716Jose LamegoBuild summary page for incoming patch testing42.4 M2Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+GUI design pending
10506Jose LamegoPatchwork: Improve Bundle view to include build results32.4 M2Jose LamegoRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
8717Jose Lamegopatchwork: keep build page up-to-date with important patch status changes22.4 M3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10817Jose Perez Coe-selftest: add a test for devtool modify on the kernel42.4 M1Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11428Joshua LockSupport building intel-iot-refkit with yocto-autobuilder32.4 M1Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11454Joshua LockRationalise autobuilder configuration22.4 M2Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10937Joshua Lockremove from oe-selftest buildsets the step for building an image prior the test session22.4 M3Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11680Joshua LockEnable AB to build WIC images for qemux86 and qemux86-64 machines and publish them22.4 M3Jose Perez CVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
11788Joshua LockDrop package publishing0.52.4 M3Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11804Joshua LockConvenience branch dropdown when starting new builds22.4 M4Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11627Juro Bystrickyupdate max10 reference board to boot with 4.10 kernel32.4 M2brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11241Juro Bystrickybinary reproducibility: .pyc files contain timestamps22.4 M3Juro BystrickyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11587Juro Bystrickyadd "fence flag" to cross toolchain12.4 M3brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11086Krisztian LitkeyFlatpak-based 3rd party application support2.4 M1Krisztian LitkeyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11233Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezImprove test_archiver_allows_to_filter_on_recipe_name runtime12.4 M1Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11234Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezimprove test_bmap_long runtime12.4 M1Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11238Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezimprove test_postinst_roofs_and_boot performance12.4 M1Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10599Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezoeqa: migrate selftest's test to use the new framework52.4 M2Mariano LopezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10720Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezpatchtest: Create a script for OE-Core to fetch and set up environment for patchtest12.4 M2Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10510Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezdevtool: add ability to export / import work in progress52.4 M3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10996Leonardo Sandoval Gonzaleztest_ccache_tool taking too long on main AB12.4 M3Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11847Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezAdd an option to oe-selftest to run all tests except for [...]12.4 M3Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11547Robert YangAdd regression check for ptest52.4 M3Robert YangRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
10317Mariano Lopezoeqa tests are incompatible with python's unittest runner22.4 M3Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11676Mark Hornrecipetool: create: add support for ROS modules102.4 M3Henry BruceRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
6319Markus LehtonenAutomated storage and graphing of build performance metrics12.4 M1Richard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+TRT
11355Markus Lehtonenoe-build-perf-report: support viewing buildstats22.4 M1Markus LehtonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11413Maxin B. JohnRemove all the DEBIAN ftp server usage in SRC_URIs2.4 M1Maxin B. JohnRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11609Michael HalsteadAdd an Ubuntu 17.04 builder to the YP AB cluster2.4 M2Joshua LockVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
11529Khem RajAdd LLVM0.12.4 M3Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11434Rebecca Changdevtool edit-recipe/find-recipe enhancements32.4 M2brian averyVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
11389Rebecca Changdevtool: add: automatically set branch for git URLs if not master42.4 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
11182Ross Burton (Arm)Make it easier to add Python to an image12.4 M1Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11290Ross Burton (Arm)fetcher: donestamps for git repos are zero sized - missing Pickle data32.4 M1TomasRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11417Ross Burton (Arm)Avoid checksums invalidation when inherit from ccache22.4 M2Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11697Ross Burton (Arm)master builds shouldn't include qt4 anymore12.4 M3Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11451Stanley PhoongBring in Juci from openWRT as an on target network configurator172.4brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
11628Yau Wai Ganimplement uboot for nios2 softcore on max10 reference board42.4 M3brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+


IDAssigneeSummary (76 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
11031Alexander KanavinRegularly run checkpkg on yocto autobuilder12.4 M2Joshua LockRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11485Amaranth ValluriRefkit: Upgrade nodejs version(v5.11+)2.4 M1Amaranth ValluriRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11490Amaranth ValluriConfiguration Management Solution Study2.4 M2Krisztian LitkeyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9708Aníbal Limónoe-selftest --list-tests with options to control fields shown2.4 M3Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11136Behan Websterdevtool: Being able to change a devtool generated recipe from git to a tagged version2.4Behan WebsterRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11188Paul Eggletondevtool: optimise task execution12.4 M2Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10550brian averyBuild yocto Eclipse CROPS documentation using Saxon/Jaxon42.4brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11581Bruce AshfieldPerformance enhancement for kernel recipe kernel_configcheck32.4 M4 RESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9636Daniela Plascenciawic script should use argparse instead of optparse library52.4 M3Humberto IbarraRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10804Daniela PlascenciaPatchtest-oe migration from python2 to python332.4 M3Daniela PlascenciaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9635Daniela Plascenciabuildhistory-diff script should use argparse instead of optparse library52.4 M4Humberto IbarraRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9916David ReynaShow git clone progress in most recent builds area42.4 M2Elliot SmithRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10632David ReynaAdd distro selection support22.4 M2David ReynaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11794David ReynaAdd remote HTTP API to enable status aggregation of multiple Toaster instances32.4 M3Konrad SchererRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11938David ReynaAdd ability to do custom actions when Toaster is started and stopped12.4 M3David ReynaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11957David Reynasupport custom Layer Index URL and fixture override12.4 M3David ReynaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11371David Reynasupport custom layer index servers, file-based layer index42.4 M4David ReynaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11462Dmitry RozhkovROS-Core support52.4 M1Dmitry RozhkovRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11465Dmitry RozhkovReference Kit Industrial Robotics Profile Detailed Documentation52.4 M1Dmitry RozhkovRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10512Plauchu EdwinCreate an automation module for a 2 to 1 USB Multiplexer32.4Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10579Plauchu Edwincreate the devauto command line interface22.4Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11356yeoh ee pengoe-selftest: add an assertExists() function and change tests to use it12.4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11251yeoh ee pengQA: Validate updated components for GPLv3 free Computer Vision profile52.4 M2Jair GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11592yeoh ee pengAdd QA check for uppercase recipe names32.4 M3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
8504Francisco PedrazaIdentify and add if needed BSP test cases specific to meta-intel52.4Alexandru GeorgescuRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11059Francisco PedrazaKernel Development Test Cases Maintenance52.4Francisco PedrazaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11476Ismo PuustinenNftables firewall support2.4 M1Ismo PuustinenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11477Ismo PuustinenDetailed computer vision profile documentation2.4 M1Ismo PuustinenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11478Ismo PuustinenMove caffe from meta-refkit-extra to meta-refkit2.4 M1Ismo PuustinenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11481Ismo PuustinenRefkit image configuration guidelines2.4 M2Ismo PuustinenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11244Jair GonzalezQA: Validate Reference kit has BT audio support on gateway profile22.4 M1Jair GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11246Jair GonzalezQA: Validate Reference kit supports image installer52.4 M1Jair GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11255Jair GonzalezQA: Clean up and enablement of single-node Bluetooth test cases on meta-iotqa22.4 M2Jair GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11192Jaska UimonenGenerate development image suitable for all RefKit profiles2.4 M2Ulf HofemeierRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9350Jussi KukkonenAs a developer, I want a global variable exist for choosing the default SSL/TLS provider.42.4Ming LiuRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11888Jose Lamegopatchwork: no way to send a link to a patch from a series12.4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6618Jose LamegoMake the layer name searchable and show item page when search returns only one result22.4 M1Belen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11294Jose Lamegocreate-pull-request: add in-reply-to option to ensure patch/series threads don't break0.52.4 M1Jose LamegoRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10667Jose LamegoDefine packagegroup for python322.4 M3 RESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11887Jose Lamegopatchwork: series page shows cover letter tab by default even if no cover letter12.4 M4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9770Jose Perez Coe-selftest: test import of tests from other layers22.4Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9903Jose Perez CAdd more test cases for Systemd-boot22.4Jose Perez CRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11868Jose Perez Cwic.Wic.test_mkfs_extraopts - Testcase -1 opensuse42212.4 M4oscar lopez arandasRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11871Jose Perez Cdistrodata.Distrodata.test_checkpkg - Testcase -1: ubuntu160412.4 M4oscar lopez arandasRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11550Juan Ramospoky-tiny: Add tests for poky-tiny images2.4 M1Jose Perez CVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
9998Juan Manuel Cruz Alcarazpackaging: src separately from dbg52.4Patrick OhlyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11591Juro BystrickyEnable x86: Set dl_platform and dl_hwcap from CPU features22.4 M4Victor RodriguezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7671Christopher LarsonFeature request: integrate task-level exports support2.4Christopher LarsonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7958Christopher LarsonImplement shallow git clone functionality22.4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
8631KristiFully document sysroot population32.4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium27 September 2017: RESOLVED
11752Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezselftest test cases should use the test data and/or tinfoil instead of bitbake32.4Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11824Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezShow real host information instead of uninative infomation12.4Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10931Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezImprove indicators on automated performance reports52.4 M3Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
9132LibertadToaster automated testing inclusion at the Autobuilder52.4 M3Aníbal LimónRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11286Robert Yangrunqemu should validate the rootfs type it is trying to use and print clear message if unsupported.22.4 M2brian averyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
8596Mark HatleDocument proper way of adding a userspace header for the kernel32.4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium09 August 2017: RESOLVED
11169Mark Hatleprelink recipe checks USER_CLASSES for image-prelink2.4Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11441Patrick Ohlyarchiver.bbclass should not cause kernel rebuilds0.22.4Patrick OhlyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6132Chen QiHave persistent log data (/var/log)42.4 M3Mark HatleRESOLVEDenhancementMedium06 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10913Rebecca Changbitbake-layers: check layer dependencies before adding22.4Patrick OhlyVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
11901Rebecca Chang[meta-openwrt][meta-configuration] integrating juci-lighttpd for Juci32.4 M4Stanley PhoongRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11653Richard PurdieRemove uclibc-specific patches/overrides from recipes52.4Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11731Saul WoldDocs: poky and meta-intel branch names in quick start guide represent a moving target12.4 M4Henry BruceRESOLVEDenhancementMedium07 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
2658Scott RifenbarkCreate Kernel Device Driver SDK (host-side)52.4 M4Khem RajRESOLVEDenhancementMedium26 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
10383Stephano Cetolacreate test for subprocess calls to identify problems12.4Stephano CetolaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11745Stephano Cetolanightly-refkit CreateBBLayersConf should be dynamic22.4 M3Stephano CetolaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11345sweeaunSupport both MUSL and x32 as a build option combination72.4Saul WoldRESOLVEDenhancementMediumLET
11446sweeaunFlexibility and configurability to boot from any partition72.4Chin Kooi KHORRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10126Todor MinchevRMC: Bring supported RMC functions to grub-efi bootloader52.4Jianxun ZhangRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
10638Todor MinchevRMC: Refactoring database generation in rmc.bbclass52.4Jianxun ZhangRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11133Todor MinchevRMC: Multiple fingerprints per Board52.4Mikko YlinenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11320Todor MinchevRMC: Extend grub-efi to process RMC database file from ESP32.4 M1Todor MinchevRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11321Todor MinchevRMC: grub-efi - append KBOOTPARAM to linux boot entry's cmdline32.4 M2Todor MinchevRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11338Todor MinchevRMC: records cannot be added to and removed from an existing RMC database52.4 M3Todor MinchevRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11897Tracy Graydoncheckvnc script fails on Centos 7 due to netstat being deprecated2.4Tracy GraydonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
11530Ng, Wei TeeRMC:[EFI] modify shim to launch an EFI binary when not running in secure boot mode52.4 M2Todor MinchevRESOLVEDenhancementMedium


IDAssigneeSummary (5 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
11475Christian da CostaRock-paper-scissors demo based on RefKit computer vision profile2.4 M4Ismo PuustinenRESOLVEDenhancementLow
11463Dmitry RozhkovRefKit: Python version alignment52.4 M1Dmitry RozhkovRESOLVEDenhancementLow
11480Ismo PuustinenIntegrate YOLO to Refkit2.4 M4Ismo PuustinenRESOLVEDenhancementLow
11916Juro Bystrickye2fsprogs-doc: improve reproducible build0.52.4 M3Juro BystrickyRESOLVEDenhancementLow
10087Ng, Wei TeeRMC: RMC Project - reduce memory copying2.4Jianxun ZhangRESOLVEDenhancementLow


10355Daniela Plascenciapatchtest-oe: test method for wrong formatted patches2.4Daniela PlascenciaRESOLVEDenhancementUndecided

2.5, Future

IDAssigneeSummary (254 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
9917Aaron Chanautobuilder: Add ability to get worker information1FutureAníbal LimónIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
10034Aaron Chanoe-selftest: Field to select a subset of tests in the autobuildersFutureMariano LopezNEWenhancementMedium
10699AkhilaEnsure consistency in repository URLs2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumNEWCOMER
6707akusterAdd ptest for curl3FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
8682akusterImplement a way to check for vulnerable software on running targetFutureMariano LopezNEWenhancementMedium
12716akusterReplace unfs3 with nfs-ganesha?FutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementMedium
5421AlejandroSupport multiple MACHINE installs per SDK10FutureMartin DonnellyACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
9070ApoorvAdd test that locales are working3FutureRoss Burton (Arm)ACCEPTEDenhancementMedium+
5574Paul EggletonAdd kernel configuration check mechanismFuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementLow
5883Paul EggletonAdd ability to specify locale base directoryFuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementLow
6478Paul EggletonTweaks to remove cruft from non-rootfs images1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
6661Paul Eggletondevtool: add ability to submit changes for review10FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumLET
6839Paul EggletonHandle dev package with no main package more gracefullyFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
7588Paul Eggletondevtool: improve devtool build output5FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
7637Paul Eggletondevtool: add: interactive recipe creation5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8222Paul EggletonElide dependency from -dev package on main package if there are no shared libraries in itFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
9760Paul EggletonMake it easier to set up your own derivative layer index10FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
11196Paul EggletonOpt-in email notifications on parse errors5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
11670Paul EggletonImprove terminology around BBCLASSEXTENDFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
2267Bruce AshfieldIntegrate DISTRO_FEATURES with KERNEL_FEATURES25FutureDarren HartIN PROGRESS DESIGN COMPLETEenhancementMedium
2348Bruce AshfieldCleanup package.bbclass - runstrip and split_and_strip_files checksFutureMark HatleACCEPTEDenhancementLow
3999Bruce Ashfieldprovide description and compatibility data with kern-features.rc2FutureTom ZanussiIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
5305Bruce AshfieldMake sanitized kernel headers available3FuturePeter KjellerstedtIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
6022Bruce Ashfieldkernel-dev: How do I know which features are available for KERNEL_FEATURES ?2FutureDarren HartIN PROGRESS DESIGN COMPLETEenhancementMedium
9480Bruce Ashfieldlinux-yocto: make it work with arm big endian7FutureRobert YangACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
13931Bruce Ashfieldevaluate simplification of headers_install requirements3FutureBruce AshfieldACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8769Chee YangIntegrating wic into ToasterFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
3362David ReynaImprove dependency analysis tools5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
4402David ReynaCustomise the summary of all the information available for one build + image recipe combination10FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
6095David ReynaRetrieve full build information independently of task execution4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
6778David ReynaAdd "import layer" to layer suggestions drop downFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowproject configuration page
6794David ReynaAdd last commit information to Toaster4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design available, layer details page
6978David ReynaFor the local release in Toaster, show local path to layer directory instead of Git URLFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowproject configuration page
7457David ReynaSplit "Previous Build" tasksFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
9895David ReynaProvide UI to allow local layers to be published to layerindex.Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
9918David ReynaUse bitbakes fetcher code to grab layers, do checkouts, etc.Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
10526David ReynaToaster: Add support for feed publishingFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
10633David ReynaAdd optional layers selection toolFutureDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium
13245David ReynaToaster visualization proposalsFutureDavid ReynaNEWenhancementUndecided
8729Dimitris Tassopoulosgrub: create a script to boot between rootfs and a maintenance partition3FutureMariano LopezIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
11053Dorindainsane.bbclass: Verify shebang line length valid2FutureJuro BystrickyNEWenhancementMediumNEWCOMER
5426Gregor ZatkoDetect and fail if inherit is used in conf fileFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLowNEWCOMER
7610Kai Kang[Multilib] Can't install 64bit packages to 32bit rootfs10FutureWenzong.FanNEWenhancementMedium
8592Kai KangDNF: make it can understand MLPREFIX10FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementMedium
6372Christopher LarsonFeature request: recipe hook for source tree preparationFutureChristopher LarsonNEWenhancementMedium
2549Kevin Hao[USE CASE] Support live images on emulated targets (hddimg for kvm)3FutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementLow
1598Mark HatleAdd remote layer support5FutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementLow
10725Mingde (Matthew) ZengAdd test for BBPOSTCONF and BBPRECONF on bitbake3FutureJose Perez CNEWenhancementMediumNEWCOMER
7080Michael HalsteadAllow bugs to target multiple milestonesFutureMichael HalsteadIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
7087Michael HalsteadAdd another chart to the WikiFutureStephen K JolleyACCEPTEDenhancementLow
7327Michael HalsteadAdd git hook to update bug status4FutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementMedium
9677Michael HalsteadUpdate bugzilla instance to 5.X or greater2.5FutureLeonardo Sandoval GonzalezIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
9817Michael Halsteadadd a robot that tracks when patches are sent to mailing list for review and merged into master branches2.5FutureAlexander KanavinACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
12904New Comer BugsPort panel from apm/acpi to sysfsFutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementMediumnewcomer
12212Ola NilssonPath for modprobe.d and modconf.d should be set through variables.FutureOla NilssonNEWenhancementMedium
6434Oleksandr KravchukAdd option to package .py/.pyc/both in Python packagesFutureVolkerNEWenhancementMedium
4183Randy MacLeodReference material for how a user creates a build that meets GPL obligations given a reference BSP, standard rootfs/kernel...etc.2FutureMark MortonACCEPTEDenhancementMedium05 June 2019: NEEDINFO
14062Randy MacLeodShould we support native builds and ptest for all/most packagesFutureRandy MacLeodNEWenhancementLow
1139Richard PurdieSearch all layers when directory/wildcard specified instead of stopping at first matchFutureMichael LippautzNEWenhancementMedium
2872Richard PurdieImplement gitpkgv functionality in fetcherFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
3433Richard PurdieCreate Interactive bitbake commandline mode15FutureSaul WoldNEWenhancementMedium
3443Richard Purdiegit fetcher: support a more appendable syntax for supporting multiple branches in the SRC_URIFutureTom ZanussiNEWenhancementLow
4143Richard PurdieSupport real-time logging when using bitbake interactively5FutureJason WesselNEWenhancementMedium
4836Richard PurdieMake update-alternatives mechanism in OE/Yocto more robust10FutureChen QiNEWenhancementMedium
5709Richard PurdieAdd possibility to control event handlers orderFutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
5729Richard PurdieShow a warning when nativesdk/native classes are not inherited lastFutureLaurentiu PalcuNEWenhancementMedium
5799Richard Purdieadd standardized MAINTAINERS infrastructureFutureTrevor WoernerNEWenhancementLow
5839Richard PurdieAdd automated tests for hard dependencies and setscene tasks.FutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
6059Richard PurdieAdd mechanism to define how class should be used1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
6370Richard PurdieQA/oe-selftest: add test suite for recipe testingFutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
7802Richard PurdieInsufficient info provided when a recipe fails.FutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementMedium
7985Richard PurdieVariable typing support within BitBake15FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9643Richard PurdieAdd a means of showing which variables triggered confighash changeFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9825Richard Purdieallow alternates with full protocol specs for improving bitbake git functionalityFutureAlexander StohrNEWenhancementMedium
10203Richard Purdieprefer specialized image creation methods over chainingFuturePatrick OhlyNEWenhancementLow
10748Richard PurdieMeans of querying history for a single variable2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium+
12179Richard Purdieper-recipe hosttoolsFuturePatrick OhlyNEWenhancementMedium
12634Richard PurdieImplement new bitbake shell functionalityFutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementMedium
12971Richard Purdieexpose poky package metadataFutureRobert BergerNEWenhancementLow
4063Seebspseudo's logging and diagnostics are not very clearFutureSeebsIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
9005Sujith HProvide build cancellation functionality for command line buildsFutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
7794Tiago RamosDesign Toaster First UseFutureTiago RamosNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7037Tim OrlingSupport for perl in "recipetool create"4FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
7636Tim Orlingrecipetool: basic spec file conversion5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
10422Tim Orlingdevtool: reusing sources/patches from Fedora public repos requires changes to rpm & lua5FutureStephano CetolaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementLow
5255Toaster default assigneeProvide access to tasks executable output in Toaster5FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
5648Toaster default assigneeAdd a field license_files to package information3FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
5811Toaster default assigneethe variable history should collect and display the variable value for each modification sequence5FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementLowGUI design available; needs data completion test
6712Toaster default assigneeModify the default Bootstrap behaviour of tooltips and popovers triggered on hover4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
6910Toaster default assigneeUse sticky headers for long tables4FutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementMedium
7240Toaster default assigneeAdd declaration of image output file globs for Toaster1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
7596Toaster default assigneevariable type support in project configuration pages4FutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMedium
7747Toaster default assigneeImprove messaging when Toaster is launched with no releases set4FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8095Toaster default assigneeTable results should be sorted in alphabetical order and other secondary criterias.4FutureTiago RamosNEWenhancementLowGUI design available
8218Toaster default assigneeProvide a way to update layer information from the Toaster GUI5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8366Toaster default assigneeBuild the specific recipe versionFutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementMedium
8424Toaster default assigneeToaster: Compatible recipes tab should display the machine compatible recipes3FutureAlexandru RomanNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8425Toaster default assigneeToaster: A warning should be displayed when you delete a layer dependency4FutureAlexandru RomanNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
8434Toaster default assigneeToaster: package classes (rpm, ipk or deb) should be display in the build configuration page4FutureAlexandru RomanNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
8488Toaster default assigneeCollect variable information for the image scopeFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8705Toaster default assigneeStore valid values for variables in the Toaster databaseFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
8857Toaster default assigneeDisplay number of search / filter results consistently across tables3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8858Toaster default assigneeWe should keep sorting state in our tables3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8859Toaster default assigneeProvide a way of specifying the default sort direction in ToasterTable4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8866Toaster default assigneeHome-brew JSON encoding is ad hoc and incompleteFutureElliot SmithNEWenhancementMedium
8896Toaster default assigneeEnable sorting by number of dependenciesFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8955Toaster default assigneeRecipe explorerFutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementMedium
8959Toaster default assigneeAllow Toaster to run images on simulator, even a custom oneFutureMirela RabuleaNEWenhancementMedium
9297Toaster default assigneeToaster: Simplify building extensible SDK5FutureHenry BruceNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
9518Toaster default assigneeRationalise the directory structure generated by Toaster3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
9519Toaster default assigneeConsolidate used API into it's own view10FutureBelen Barros PenaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
9583Toaster default assigneeRefactor Toaster database schemaFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
9856Toaster default assigneeMigrate remaining tables to ToasterTableFutureElliot SmithNEWenhancementLow
9914Toaster default assigneeFor imported layers, remember the value of the last directory and the last Git repositoryFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
405UnassignedAdd a mechanism to do pre-build sanity based on specific configurations20FutureMark HatleACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
1467UnassignedSync class header comments with reference manual1FutureScott GarmanNEWenhancementLow
1525Unassigned[multilib] Triggering building a 64 bit kernel with a 32 bit userspace10FutureMatthew McClintockIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
1658Unassigneddepexp like features without XFutureJoshua Lock - DisabledNEWenhancementLow
1795UnassignedSimplify core-image-minimal-initramfs and reduce dependencies3FutureDarren HartACCEPTEDenhancementLow
1893UnassignedIncremental deb image generation10FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementLow
1953UnassignedLicense Compliance: Create License Responsibility File2FutureBeth FlanaganACCEPTEDenhancementLow(Development)
1974UnassignedBitBake Contributor documentation1FutureJoshua Lock - DisabledACCEPTEDenhancementLow
2025Unassignedrunqemu scripts should attempt sane defaults for unknown machines3FutureDarren HartNEWenhancementLow
2951UnassignedReview and remove unnecessary uses of _prepend/_appendFutureChristopher LarsonNEWenhancementLow
3059Unassignedpsplash doesn't blend if image contains alpha channelFutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementMedium
3252UnassignedBinary level package selection and configuration tool.20Futurevenkata ramana gIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementLow
3253Unassignedadding home automation layer to yoctoFutureAndrei DinuNEWenhancementLow
3463UnassignedDefine PREEMPT_RT validation suite3FutureDarren HartNEWenhancementMedium
3498UnassignedRDEPENDS of packages created by PACKAGES_DYNAMIC not built before image rootfsFutureMartin JansaACCEPTEDenhancementLow
3887UnassignedMerge buildstats into build history and have one data collection mechanismFutureLaurentiu SerbanNEWenhancementMedium
4011UnassignedMerge machine specific config recipes into one recipe to rule them allFutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementLow
4053UnassignedContribute the contrib/vim files to vim0.2FutureOlof JohanssonACCEPTEDenhancementLow
4085UnassignedNot all WARNINGS are stored in qa.logFutureMartin JansaACCEPTEDenhancementLow
4091UnassignedAdd support to bitbake fetcher to fetch files from bare repos for PREMIRRORSFutureJeff PolkNEWenhancementMedium
4120Unassignedrootfs_deb doesn't support BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS10FutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementMedium
4331UnassignedVisualising single package size5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4516UnassignedSPDX License Manifests for Images3FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMedium
4517UnassignedSPDX swabber.10FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMedium
4530Unassignedgconv data needs virtual providers2FutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementLow
4976UnassignedAdd flag for package to signal reboot is required after installationFutureBryan EvensonNEWenhancementLow
5033UnassignedWay to audit all optional dependencies10FutureHongxu JiaNEWenhancementLow
5399UnassignedAnalyze Sharing PR server between builders with different metadata1FutureMartin JansaNEWenhancementMedium
5429UnassignedAdd ability for SDK-from-image to pick up additional host/target tools automaticallyFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
5605UnassignedAdd ptest for ffmpegFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
5675UnassignedAdd a ROOT_PASSWD feature for imagesFutureLaszlo PappNEWenhancementLow
5785UnassignedMake it possible to sync a defconfig from WORKDIR back to the metadataFutureLaszlo PappNEWenhancementLow
5854UnassignedInvestigate sstate package compression improvementsFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
5955UnassignedEnhance PATCHTOOL = "git" to be able to pop off patch seriesFutureJonathan LiuNEWenhancementMedium
6043UnassignedDeploy images collide across kernel recipesFutureDarren HartACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
6234UnassignedImplement model for project owner / user2FutureDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium
6259UnassignedInvestigate OSTree integrationFutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementMedium
6451Unassignedsave which recipe fetches which source5FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementLow
6469UnassignedHost system profiler tool.10FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMedium
6603UnassignedExport / Import Toaster projectsFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6604UnassignedClone a Toaster projectFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
6649UnassignedAbility to report locked sigs delta5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
6670Unassignedall compatible recipes page should link to layer source recipe with the layer nameFutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementLow
6764UnassignedEnforce a specific allowed list of Licenses3FutureJonathan LiuNEWenhancementMedium
6840UnassignedSeeing builds delta in ToasterFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6855UnassignedAdd comprehensive regression tests for shared state functionality5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
6897UnassignedCustomise the Django admin interfaceFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
6898UnassignedDesign Toaster configuration interfaceFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6915UnassignedToaster should handle ASSUME_PROVIDEDFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6916UnassignedToaster should turn QA check names in warnings / errors into linksFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6953UnassignedBranding SupportFutureJohnNEWenhancementMedium
7038UnassignedFor cached tasks, indicate in which URL the sstate object was foundFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7110UnassignedBuilds of "world" are pretty ugly in toaster UIFutureBill MillsNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7219UnassignedShow the file size of the license manifest when available for download in the build dashboardFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowbuild dashboard page
7234Unassignedwarn the user if the project configuration settings aren't reflected in the build10FutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7235Unassignedwarn the user about unexpected configuration changes in variable historyFutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7294UnassignedFor QA Issues errors and warnings, toaster should recognize the error and provide suggestions to the user on how the error can be repairedFutureIonut ChisanoviciNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
7314UnassignedAudit all recipes for proper CONFFILES assignment5FutureRandy MacLeodNEWenhancementMedium
7328UnassignedPackage feed publishing tool5FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
7476UnassignedImprove license manifest description2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
7527UnassignedIntegrate Toaster with Jenkins10FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7727Unassignedtoaster: show bbappend information for recipes4FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7742UnassignedToaster: Remove constraints when setting the layers checkout directoryFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7748UnassignedProvide a way to do a Toaster cleanup and start again if you get the initial set up wrongFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7827UnassignedHandle if bitbake server code changes when memory residentFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
8008UnassignedExpose branch mapping through the layer index UIFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8036UnassignedRequest to allow people to set pagination to all4.5Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementLow
8105Unassignedoe-selftest: allow breaking out without interrupting the current testFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
8156Unassignedlib/bb/fetch2/svn.py should support latest_versionstring()1FutureAlexander KanavinNEWenhancementLow
8394Unassignedpatchwork: ensure that patches received during a PW server outage are processed3FutureJose LamegoNEWenhancementMedium
8426UnassignedImprove how we display layer dependencies6FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8506UnassignedAdd WiFi testing suite5FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
8507UnassignedAdd NFC testing suite5FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
8531Unassignedrunexported.py parameter support for: -f <manifest>FutureCathy ShenIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
8534Unassignedneed export manifest files to SDK package under /conf/test/ folders of every layer15FutureCathy ShenNEWenhancementMedium
8577UnassignedAdd a global UI widget to show progress of buildsFutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
8677UnassignedLayer index: allow searching the metadataFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
8714UnassignedPatchwork: display notification in series view when a build is started using the series5FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
8715UnassignedUpdate patchwork / build status page on patch test build completion2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8755UnassignedRemote signing of RPM packagesFutureMarkus LehtonenIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementLow
8760UnassignedAutobuilder additional task log availability2FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
8789Unassignedextensible SDK: allow disabling devtool subcommands based on capabilities2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8928Unassignedextensible SDK - add a way to prepare the sdk for offline usage3FutureRandy WittNEWenhancementMedium
9080UnassignedAutobuilder/oe-selftest: Have a way to specify a which oe-self tests get run on a forced AB job2FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
9153UnassignedEnhance build performance data4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
9173UnassignedCreate a way that sstate will automatically be removed after setscene1FutureRandy WittNEWenhancementLow
9203UnassignedAutomatically paginate bitbake -e output1FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementLow
9387UnassignedExtensible SDK: add image customisation functionality5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9391Unassignedrefactor syslinux.bbclass, grub-efi.bbclass and gummiboot.bbclass5FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementMedium
9463UnassignedAn easier way to debug package install (do_rootfs, do_populate_sdk)10FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementMedium
9588UnassignedCreate a method for describing builds and desired output. aka a build descriptor5FutureRandy WittNEWenhancementMedium
9589UnassignedCreate a script for consuming a "build descriptor"5FutureRandy WittNEWenhancementMedium
9651UnassignedError report web: Optimize searching times3FutureAníbal LimónNEWenhancementMedium
9762UnassignedAdd support for poisoning of variables3FutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementLow
9779Unassignedremote profilingFutureJussi KukkonenNEWenhancementMedium
9821Unassignedcreate a configuration for a deployable autobuilder cluster5FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
9891Unassignednasm should be a cross recipeFutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementLow
9980Unassignedcreate src packages that can be deployed to image targetsFuturebrian averyNEWenhancementLow
10253UnassignedBetter user display/access of PACKAGECONFIG options for recipesFutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementMedium
10452Unassignedallow the samba container to host multiple volumes2Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
10453Unassignedadd .inputrc file for the default users so the up arrow history works0.5Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementLow
10476UnassignedUnify exception handling in core/classes3FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
10505UnassignedExtensible SDK: make it easier to track changes to the metadata2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
10559Unassignedrecipetool: generate install function for debian packagesFutureStephano CetolaACCEPTEDenhancementLow
10600UnassignedExtensible SDK: add a more practical means of adding components at build time1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
10622Unassignedbuildstats: use JSON format3FutureMarkus LehtonenNEWenhancementMedium
10728UnassignedCreate Test Plan to verify functionallity of the combo-layer script5FutureJose Perez CACCEPTEDenhancementLow
10790UnassignedRun SDK tests inside container5FutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementLow
10827UnassignedRun oe-selftest -r wic for every patch coming to openembedded-core, poky and bidbake-devel lists7FutureEd BartoshIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMediumLET
10829Unassignedrunqemu: Add python module15FutureMariano LopezNEWenhancementMedium
10847Unassignedtestimage: add the ability to test dynamic IP addr targetsFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
10950UnassignedAllow binaries to be shared along with some compatibility metadata5FutureStephano CetolaNEWenhancementMedium
11145UnassignedOptionally start shared PRServer with controller0.5FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
11261UnassignedImplement log rotation for Wikilog2FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
11281Unassignedwic: should be able to run with or without bitbake/native tools7FutureStephano CetolaNEWenhancementLow
11314Unassignedshell parser: support $(( ))2FuturePatrick OhlyACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
11350UnassignedeSDK should handle SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
11397Unassignedoe-build-perf-report: show blocking tasks4FutureMarkus LehtonenNEWenhancementMedium
11398Unassignedoe-build-perf-report: interactive timeline selection in the html report3FutureMarkus LehtonenNEWenhancementMedium
11424Unassignedpoky-tiny + Link Time Optimization20FutureAlejandro HernandezACCEPTEDenhancementLowLET REVIEW
11458Unassignedoe-build-perf-report: improve tooltips of html report2FutureMarkus LehtonenNEWenhancementMedium
11466UnassignedTPM 2.0 support (under qemu)3FuturePatrick OhlyIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
11504UnassignedeSDK: allow rolling back to a previous version3FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
11505UnassignedeSDK: move SDK subcommands out to a separate command3FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
11517Unassignedcheck for real signed-off-by names1FutureLeonardo Sandoval GonzalezNEWenhancementMedium
11546Unassignedoe-build-perf-report: implement thresholds for measurement results3FutureMarkus LehtonenNEWenhancementMedium
11677UnassignedeSDK: add layer management functionality6FutureHenry BruceNEWenhancementMedium
11946UnassignedBuilds should include a manifest of hashes for various revs of tools and sources used1FutureTracy GraydonNEWenhancementMedium
11975UnassignedScript to validate tap devices3FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
11979UnassignedCreate EPUB version of docs20FutureAdam HuntNEWenhancementMedium
12046UnassignedAllow shared-mime-info to just install the cache2FutureRoss Burton (Arm)NEWenhancementMedium
12165Unassignedpatchtest: properly fix "too many open files" error2FutureDaniela PlascenciaNEWenhancementMedium
12166UnassignedProvide adequate solution for setting correct LOCALE in guest machine1FutureDaniela PlascenciaNEWenhancementLow
12296Unassignedstandalone wic in "classic" SDKFutureRobert BergerNEWenhancementMedium
12413UnassignedAdd a more helpful error message if the workdir is owned by uid/gid 0FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
12593UnassignedMonitor resource limits?FutureJuro BystrickyNEWenhancementMedium
12912UnassignedRe-architect fit-image.bbclass rather than continue with wrong kernel-fitimage.bbclass approachFutureLeon WoestenbergNEWenhancementMedium
13303Unassignedgit fetcher should verify tags for releasesFutureAdrian BunkNEWenhancementMedium
13900UnassignedFor git sources, support specifying additional patches to backport via their commit sha ID's in the SRC_URIFutureJacob KroonNEWenhancementMedium
14072Unassignedmodification to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST from within recipe should trigger a warningFutureYann DirsonNEWenhancementMedium
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