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Yocto Project 2.3 release Status - Work in progress


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Scheduled Design Design Complete Development Patch Review Testing Done Blocked
5520Alejandro Hernandez2.3
9700Aníbal Limón2.3
10683Aníbal Limón2.3
7819brian avery2.3
10414Plauchu Edwin2.3
10416Plauchu Edwin2.3
6420Hongxu Jia2.3
7149Hongxu Jia2.3
8446Hongxu Jia2.3
6278Juro Bystricky2.3
8606Jussi Kukkonen2.3
9350Jussi Kukkonen2.3
10266Jussi Kukkonen2.3
6077Jussi Kukkonen2.3
9782Markus Lehtonen2.3
10622Markus Lehtonen2.3
11053Markus Lehtonen2.3
8840Paul Eggleton2.3
8909Paul Eggleton2.3
9753Paul Eggleton2.3
10322Paul Eggleton2.3
10417Paul Eggleton2.3
10515Paul Eggleton2.3
10516Paul Eggleton2.3
7336Paul Eggleton2.3
10699Paul Eggleton2.3
8325Paul Eggleton2.3
9417Khem Raj2.3
10453Randy Witt2.3
8612Richard Purdie2.3
9762Richard Purdie2.3
10096Richard Purdie2.3
4143Richard Purdie2.3
10682Richard Purdie2.3
7846Richard Purdie2.3
7960Richard Purdie2.3
10865Richard Purdie2.3
7982Richard Purdie2.3
10945Richard Purdie2.3
9110Ross Burton2.3
10133Ross Burton2.3
3488Ross Burton2.3
5322Ross Burton2.3
6142Ross Burton2.3
10954Ross Burton2.3
8430Ross Burton2.3
8732Rudolf J Streif2.3
4183Tracy Graydon2.3
7494Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
8156Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
8735Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
9602Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
10503Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
10564Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
5399Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
10579Benjamin Esquivel2.3 M3
10452brian avery2.3 M3
10547brian avery2.3 M3
9630David Reyna2.3 M3
9924David Reyna2.3 M3
10632David Reyna2.3 M3
7909Plauchu Edwin2.3 M3
8650Plauchu Edwin2.3 M3
8676Plauchu Edwin2.3 M3
9732Plauchu Edwin2.3 M3
10681Juro Bystricky2.3 M3
10636Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M3
9294Mariano Lopez2.3 M3
10772Mariano Lopez2.3 M3
6707Maxin B. John2.3 M3
9858Maxin B. John2.3 M3
9821Michael Halstead2.3 M3
7557Aníbal Limón2.3 M4
10557brian avery2.3 M4
9915David Reyna2.3 M4
8943Plauchu Edwin2.3 M4
8400Plauchu Edwin2.3 M4
11083Ismo Puustinen2.3 M4
11085Ismo Puustinen2.3 M4
11027Jose Lamego2.3 M4
10477Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4
9132Libertad2.3 M4
10193Robert Yang2.3 M4
10249Robert Yang2.3 M4
10793Robert Yang2.3 M4
11066Mikko Ylinen2.3 M4
11082Mikko Ylinen2.3 M4
6432Paul Eggleton2.3 M4
6437Paul Eggleton2.3 M4
6660Chen Qi2.3 M4
6700Chen Qi2.3 M4
9037Richard Purdie2.3 M4
9070Ross Burton2.3 M4
9442Juro Bystricky2.3
7040Jussi Kukkonen2.3
9527Patrick Ohly2.3
7588Paul Eggleton2.3
10580Plauchu Edwin2.3 M3
5866Juro Bystricky2.3 M3
9848Mariano Lopez2.3 M3
10693Robert Yang2.3 M4
8962Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
10604+Plauchu Edwin2.3 M3
10646Juro Bystricky2.3 M3
10535Tim Orling2.3 M3
9597Tim Orling2.3 M3
11080Amaranth Valluri2.3 M4
11067Dmitry Rozhkov2.3 M4
11068Dmitry Rozhkov2.3 M4
10618Ed Bartosh2.3 M4
11081Jaska Uimonen2.3 M4
11129Jussi Laako2.3 M4
7600Robert Yang2.3 M4
11070Patrick Ohly2.3 M4
11071Patrick Ohly2.3 M4
11072Patrick Ohly2.3 M4
7800Chen Qi2.3 M4
9338Markus Lehtonen2.3 M3
10528brian avery2.3 M4
9090Francisco Pedraza2.3 M4
9962Diana Thayer2.3 M4
11021Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4
3420Bruce Ashfield2.3
10637Ed Bartosh2.3
10125Jianxun Zhang2.3
7202Jose Perez C2.3
11056Joshua Lock2.3
10743Markus Lehtonen2.3
5654Patrick Ohly2.3
10584Patrick Ohly2.3
9879Paul Eggleton2.3
9078Ross Burton2.3
9591Todor Minchev2.3
10750Todor Minchev2.3
10404Zubair Lutfullah Kakakhel2.3
10327brian avery2.3 M1
10064Daniela Plascencia2.3 M1
9852Ed Bartosh2.3 M1
9088Francisco Pedraza2.3 M1
10394Jair Gonzalez2.3 M1
10086Jianxun Zhang2.3 M1
10625Jose Lamego2.3 M1
9390Jose Lamego2.3 M1
8433Jose Perez C2.3 M1
7376Jose Perez C2.3 M1
10679Joshua Lock2.3 M1
10466Joshua Lock2.3 M1
10655Juro Bystricky2.3 M1
5546Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M1
10195Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M1
10469Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1
10078Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1
10059Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1
10112Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1
9954Mariano Lopez2.3 M1
9418Michael Wood2.3 M1
10511Michael Halstead2.3 M1
10509Michael Halstead2.3 M1
9189Patrick Ohly2.3 M1
10702Patrick Ohly2.3 M1
10583Patrick Ohly2.3 M1
10701Patrick Ohly2.3 M1
10413Paul Eggleton2.3 M1
8880Chen Qi2.3 M1
10359Richard Purdie2.3 M1
8584Scott Rifenbark2.3 M1
10421Stephano Cetola2.3 M1
9342Stephano Cetola2.3 M1
10532Tim Orling2.3 M1
10533Tim Orling2.3 M1
9570Todor Minchev2.3 M1
10527Todor Minchev2.3 M1
9689+Benjamin Esquivel2.3 M2
6607brian avery2.3 M2
7096California Sullivan2.3 M2
10621Ed Bartosh2.3 M2
8719Ed Bartosh2.3 M2
10691Ed Bartosh2.3 M2
10751Ed Bartosh2.3 M2
4527Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2
10704Ismo Puustinen2.3 M2
10352Jianxun Zhang2.3 M2
10762Jose Lamego2.3 M2
10627Jose Lamego2.3 M2
10489Jose Perez C2.3 M2
10593Jose Perez C2.3 M2
10200Jose Perez C2.3 M2
10724Jose Perez C2.3 M2
10778Joshua Lock2.3 M2
10467Joshua Lock2.3 M2
3276Juan Ramos2.3 M2
10659Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
10658Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
10657Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
10662Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
10656Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
10660Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
7887Robert Yang2.3 M2
10235Mariano Lopez2.3 M2
9468Mariano Lopez2.3 M2
10233Mariano Lopez2.3 M2
10353Mariano Lopez2.3 M2
10236Mariano Lopez2.3 M2
9481Mark Hatle2.3 M2
10590Markus Lehtonen2.3 M2
9377Monserrat2.3 M2
9449Patrick Ohly2.3 M2
6132Chen Qi2.3 M2
10530Randy Witt2.3 M2
1560Richard Purdie2.3 M2
7546Scott Rifenbark2.3 M2
9166Scott Rifenbark2.3 M2
10927Tim Orling2.3 M2
8724Todor Minchev2.3 M2
10747Yi Zhao2.3 M2
10325Aníbal Limón2.3 M3
10789Daniela Plascencia2.3 M3
10619Ed Bartosh2.3 M3
6359Francisco Pedraza2.3 M3
10754Francisco Pedraza2.3 M3
10727Humberto Ibarra2.3 M3
10872Humberto Ibarra2.3 M3
11065Ismo Puustinen2.3 M3
10823Jose Lamego2.3 M3
10822Jose Lamego2.3 M3
10624Jose Lamego2.3 M3
10819Jose Lamego2.3 M3
11088Joshua Lock2.3 M3
9460Joshua Lock2.3 M3
9596Joshua Lock2.3 M3
10678Joshua Lock2.3 M3
10661Juro Bystricky2.3 M3
11049Juro Bystricky2.3 M3
11075Jussi Laako2.3 M3
11074Jussi Laako2.3 M3
10626Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3
10688Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3
11037Mariano Lopez2.3 M3
10703Mariano Lopez2.3 M3
10924Mikko Ylinen2.3 M3
9502Randy Witt2.3 M3
10596Richard Purdie2.3 M3
10215Ross Burton2.3 M3
8200Ross Burton2.3 M3
10905Scott Rifenbark2.3 M3
10092Todor Minchev2.3 M3
11084Ismo Puustinen2.3 M4
11076Jussi Laako2.3 M4
10878Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4
9423Robert Yang2.3 M4
8314Chen Qi2.3 M4
10692Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4
11079Tim Orling2.3 M4
10396Benjamin Esquivel2.3 M1
10395Plauchu Edwin2.3 M1
9727Joshua Lock2.3 M1
10351Scott Rifenbark2.3 M1
10472Stephano Cetola2.3 M1
10232Aníbal Limón2.3 M2
10231Aníbal Limón2.3 M2
10263Aníbal Limón2.3 M2
10917Juro Bystricky2.3 M2
10810Juro Bystricky2.3 M3
6287Beth 'pidge' Flanagan2.3
8631Richard Purdie2.3 M3
11086Krisztian Litkey2.3 M4
8596Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4
9675Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4

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6287Beth 'pidge' Flanagan5NIR 03/12, 3/172.3NEEDINFO
8631Richard Purdie3NIR 03/12, 3/17 - 31 Jan 2017: NEEDINFO2.3 M3NEEDINFO
11086Krisztian Litkey2.3 M4WaitForUpstream
8596Scott Rifenbark314 Mar 2017: ACCEPTED2.3 M4NEEDINFO
9675Scott Rifenbark3018 Mar 2017: REOPENED for doc purposes2.3 M4NEEDINFO


IDAssigneePESummary (68 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
9700Aníbal LimónMedium5Add layer and bitbake information to error reportsGUI design pending2.3NEW
7819brian averyMedium5Support multi-image debugging2.3NEW
10414Plauchu EdwinMedium4devtool: deploy-target: support deploying kernel2.3NEW
10416Plauchu EdwinMedium5Extensible SDK: provide easy means of reconfiguring the kernel2.3NEW
6420Hongxu JiaMedium5Detect and error when required packages are not produced2.3NEW
7149Hongxu JiaMedium5rpm: print which pkgname for warning2.3NEW
8446Hongxu JiaMedium5fix .pyc/.pyo buildpaths issue2.3NEW
6278Juro BystrickyMedium3runqemu without /etc/resolv.conf2.3NEW
9350Jussi KukkonenMedium4As a developer, I want a global variable exist for choosing the default SSL/TLS provider.2.3NEW
10266Jussi KukkonenMedium2Add ptest for gnutls2.3NEW
9782Markus LehtonenMedium4Add support for parallel gzip to package creation2.3NEW
10622Markus LehtonenMedium3buildstats: use JSON format2.3NEW
11053Markus LehtonenMedium2insane.bbclass: Verify shebang line length valid2.3NEW
7336Paul EggletonMedium1buildhistory-diff reports recipe-wide changes per-subpackage2.3NEW
8325Paul EggletonMedium3devtool modify could handle patch failure more usefully2.3NEW
8840Paul EggletonMedium4Failure to build 32 bit eSDK on a 64 bit host2.3NEW
8909Paul EggletonMedium2Mention standard fetcher options also in fetcher seaction (not only in SRC_URI in the glossary)2.3NEW
10322Paul EggletonMedium2better way to grab layers and get them automatically batched by generating a bash script on the fly to do the tedious parts2.3NEW
10417Paul EggletonMedium3devtool: modify: look at optimising kernel rebuilds2.3NEW
10515Paul EggletonMedium2devtool: if npm module version not specified, use latest2.3NEW
10516Paul EggletonMedium2devtool: display progress during npm add2.3NEW
10699Paul EggletonMedium2Ensure consistency in repository URLs2.3NEW
10453Randy WittLowadd .inputrc file for the default users so the up arrow history works2.3NEW
4143Richard PurdieMedium5Support real-time logging when using bitbake interactively2.3NEW
7846Richard PurdieMedium1devshell cannot be kept open across rebuilds2.3NEW
7960Richard PurdieMedium5Feature Request: to enable poky to support building multilib native commands2.3NEW
7982Richard PurdieLow1Have an option to exclude some packages from the SDK generation2.3NEW
8612Richard PurdieLow3Add a locked sigs mode allowing locked task to rerun2.3NEW
9762Richard PurdieMedium3Add support for poisoning of variables2.3NEW
10096Richard PurdieMedium1Allow PREFERRED_VERSION miss to be fatal2.3NEW
10682Richard PurdieMedium5multiconfig sstate optimisations2.3NEW
10865Richard PurdieMedium1bitbake-prserv needs a --status flag2.3NEW
10945Richard PurdieMedium1data_smart.py: _remove causes extra work2.3NEW
9110Ross BurtonMedium2Move some oe-pkgdata-util logic into lib/oe2.3NEW
10954Ross BurtonMedium2dynamically detect dependency on libgcc2.3NEW
8732Rudolf J StreifMedium2Branch Support for Buildhistory2.3NEW
4183Tracy GraydonMedium2Reference material for how a user creates a build that meets GPL obligations given a reference BSP, standard rootfs/kernel...etc.2.3NEW
5399Aníbal LimónMedium1Analyze Sharing PR server between builders with different metadata2.3 M3NEW
7494Aníbal LimónMedium5AUH: Parallelize running bitbake inside AUH script2.3 M3NEW
8156Aníbal LimónMedium1lib/bb/fetch2/svn.py should support latest_versionstring()2.3 M3NEW
8735Aníbal LimónMedium5AUH: Use tinfoil instead of parse the recipe itself2.3 M3NEW
9602Aníbal LimónMedium2AUH: Run automated tests on alternative C libraries2.3 M3NEW
10503Aníbal LimónMedium1Enable the capability to check the details of an image when is already booted2.3 M3NEW
10564Aníbal LimónMedium5Fix PR Sharing PR server between builders with different metadata2.3 M3NEW
10452brian averyMedium2allow the samba container to host multiple volumes2.3 M3NEW
10547brian averyMediumEclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdb2.3 M3NEW
9924David ReynaMedium+2Prevent users from using HEAD as Git revision when importing layers2.3 M3NEW
10632David ReynaMedium2Add distro selection support2.3 M3NEW
7909Plauchu EdwinMedium5RRS: Track patches and Upstream-Status information2.3 M3NEW
9732Plauchu EdwinMedium+5Send email notifications for automated testing result events2.3 M3NEW
10636Jussi KukkonenMedium+3Improved image testing2.3 M3NEW
10772Mariano LopezMedium4Automatic generation of CVE-reports2.3 M3NEW
9821Michael HalsteadMedium5create a configuration for a deployable autobuilder cluster2.3 M3NEW
7557Aníbal LimónMedium2distrodata/distro_check should use BPN2.3 M4NEW
10557brian averyMediumReplace Eclipse Poky plugin with Eclipse CROPS plugin2.3 M4NEW
9915David ReynaMedium2Show all layer revisions supported by Toaster, not just the ones compatible with the projectGUI design pending2.3 M4NEW
8400Plauchu EdwinMedium3rrs: add the cause of an unknown recipe version2.3 M4NEW
8943Plauchu EdwinMedium2RRS: Add a function hook that would process upstream and recipe versions2.3 M4NEW
11083Ismo PuustinenMediumGPLv3 free computer vision profile2.3 M4NEW
11085Ismo PuustinenLowComputer vision demo/testing setup2.3 M4NEW
11027Jose LamegoMedium0.5patchwork: Notify if status-change-through-email was attempted without required privileges2.3 M4NEW
10477Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+2yocto-bsp: tool should output a conf file to be consume by the qemu runner2.3 M4NEW
10193Robert YangMedium5bitbake: improve --dump-signatures=SIGNATURE_HANDLER2.3 M4NEW
10249Robert YangMedium+5runqemu: add test cases2.3 M4NEW
10793Robert YangMedium3Modify runqemu to run ELF images2.3 M4NEW
11066Mikko YlinenMediumReference Kit Secure Boot2.3 M4NEW
11082Mikko YlinenLowwr-lx-setup distro build assembler study2.3 M4NEW
9037Richard PurdieMedium+1Consider alternate methods for maintain Yocto releases after 1yr2.3 M4NEW


IDAssigneePESummary (26 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
5520Alejandro HernandezMedium40poky-tiny enhancementsOn Track for Initial Impl2.3ACCEPTED
10683Aníbal LimónMedium2perl packages should be allarch in many cases2.3ACCEPTED
6077Jussi KukkonenMedium2piglit depends on libx112.3ACCEPTED
8606Jussi KukkonenLow3Evaluate using connman-ui instead of connman-gnome2.3ACCEPTED
9753Paul EggletonMedium1Document automatic layer priority calculation2.3ACCEPTED
9417Khem RajMediumBring clang/llvm compiler infrastructure to OE-Core2.3ACCEPTED
3488Ross BurtonMedium2Enable Mesa's llvmpipe?2.3ACCEPTED
5322Ross BurtonMedium3Global DNS fallback mechanism not present in poky distro2.3ACCEPTED
6142Ross BurtonMedium1we need general documentation on Systemd vs SysV related issues2.3ACCEPTED
8430Ross BurtonMedium1inaccurate 'du' usage in Image::_get_rootfs_size2.3ACCEPTED
10133Ross BurtonMedium2uninative tarball should contain layer manifest2.3ACCEPTED
10722soumyaMedium2devtool: be able to specify src_uri in upgrade2.3ACCEPTED
10579Benjamin EsquivelMedium2create the devauto command line interface2.3 M3ACCEPTED
9630David ReynaMedium5Show tasks currently running as part of progress bar updateGUI design pending2.3 M3ACCEPTED
8650Plauchu EdwinMedium3RRS: track ptest-enabled and potentially ptest-enabled statusGUI design available2.3 M3ACCEPTED
8676Plauchu EdwinMedium2devtool: extend oe-selftest testing for devtool upgrade2.3 M3ACCEPTED
10681Juro BystrickyMedium+5Support inter-multi-configuration dependencies2.3 M3ACCEPTED
9294Mariano LopezMedium3Error Reporting Tool: Add a 'solutions' relationship to the error entriesGUI design pending2.3 M3ACCEPTED
6707Maxin B. JohnMedium+3Add ptest for curl2.3 M3ACCEPTED
9858Maxin B. JohnMedium5Make xattrs in images work [meta]2.3 M3ACCEPTED
9132LibertadMedium5Toaster automated testing inclusion at the Autobuilder2.3 M4ACCEPTED
6432Paul EggletonMedium+2Document an example SDK usage workflow10 Oct 2016: Some thoughts about the solution2.3 M4ACCEPTED
6437Paul EggletonMedium+2Document how to set up the Yocto Project for production work2.3 M4ACCEPTED
6660Chen QiMedium4Compare sstate packages within SDK publishing tool2.3 M4ACCEPTED
6700Chen QiMedium2systemd's resolved conflicts with connman2.3 M4ACCEPTED
9070Ross BurtonMedium3Add test that locales are working2.3 M4ACCEPTED


IDAssigneePESummary (8 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
9442Juro BystrickyMedium2Please add virtio console to qemux86-64.conf2.3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
7040Jussi KukkonenMedium5Support for /usr merge (à la systemd and Fedora)2.3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
9527Patrick OhlyMedium5Design support for a stateless OS2.3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
7588Paul EggletonMedium5devtool: improve devtool build output2.3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
10580Plauchu EdwinMedium4attach an html results page at the Autobulider's testing jobs2.3 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
5866Juro BystrickyMedium+5Reproducible builds: identical binaries2.3 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
9848Mariano LopezMedium3testimage/testexport: support permissions and attributes for package installation2.3 M3IN PROGRESS DESIGN
10693Robert YangMedium+5Add a testcase for multilib eSDK on the autobuilder2.3 M4IN PROGRESS DESIGN

Design Complete



IDAssigneePESummary (16 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
8962Aníbal LimónMedium+5AUH: Add support for meta-intel2.3 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10604+Plauchu EdwinMedium+5Add an autobuilder worker capable of HW image testing2.3 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10646Juro BystrickyMedium+5Support for Altera/Nios22.3 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
9597Tim OrlingMedium2RCPTT initial implementation so that we can automate testing of the plugin2.3 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10535Tim OrlingMedium2Build container for Maven/Tycho build for Eclipse CROPS Plugin2.3 M3IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11080Amaranth ValluriMediumEnabling testing TPM(v1.2) Support on QEMU2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11067Dmitry RozhkovMedium4Reference Kit Industrial Robotics profile2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11068Dmitry RozhkovMedium2QEMU as a supported platform2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
10618Ed BartoshMedium+3Increase oe-selftest coverage of wic codebase2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11081Jaska UimonenMediumBT Audio Support2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11129Jussi LaakoMediumthermald should be included in images without explicit pull-in2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
7600Robert YangMedium+5syslinux: port extX support patches to syslinux community2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11070Patrick OhlyMedium2whole-disk encryption2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11071Patrick OhlyMedium2installer image2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
11072Patrick OhlyMedium2integrity protection2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
7800Chen QiMedium3systemd.bbclass doesn't check for services in systemd/user/ directory2.3 M4IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION

Patch Review

IDAssigneePESummary (5 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
9338Markus LehtonenMedium+1Support building optimised Python (with profile-opt make target)2.3 M3IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10528brian averyHigh4Add VNC support for cli containers for QEMU2.3 M4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9090Francisco PedrazaMedium+5extensible sdk test compatibility with sdk2.3 M4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9962Diana ThayerMedium1Suggested additions to the --help output re. -v and -D2.3 M4IN PROGRESS REVIEW
11021Scott RifenbarkMedium2Section on source archiving needs to discuss filtering options13 Feb 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.3 M4IN PROGRESS REVIEW


IDAssigneePESummary (131 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
3420Bruce AshfieldMedium6Audit *-standard.scc and move non-hardware items up into standard.scc2.3RESOLVED
10637Ed BartoshMedium1WIC image dependencies are not included in the build2.3RESOLVED
10125Jianxun ZhangMediumRMC: RMC Project - Provide test suites to run on host and targets2.3RESOLVED
7202Jose Perez CMedium1Test for linux-dummy2.3RESOLVED
11056Joshua LockMediumyocto-autobuilder-setup fails on openSUSE clean install2.3RESOLVED
10743Markus LehtonenMediumbuild-perf-test: Add test to verify if parsing time is improved with a hot codeparser cache2.3RESOLVED
5654Patrick OhlyMedium5Add EFI to qemux86 and qemux86-642.3RESOLVED
10584Patrick OhlyMedium3rm_work.bbclass: reduce maximum amount of disk space required for a build2.3RESOLVED
9879Paul EggletonMedium1Enable search for recipes that inherit a specific class2.3RESOLVED
9078Ross BurtonLowWhen changing SDKIMAGE_FEATURES to "dev-pkgs", some -dbg packages are still installed2.3RESOLVED
9591Todor MinchevMedium0.5Zephyr project configuration should allow kernel and app to be in different folder hierachies2.3RESOLVED
10750Todor MinchevMediumadd some useful host tools to crops/poky2.3RESOLVED
10404Zubair Lutfullah KakakhelMedium1MIPS: Use MACHINEOVERRIDES and reduce duplication in various recipes due to mips variants2.3RESOLVED
10327brian averyMediumsstate mirror does not serve up the (contents of ) the uninative tarball2.3 M1RESOLVED
10064Daniela PlascenciaMedium+1patchtest: Series Details must contain the revision2.3 M1RESOLVED
9852Ed BartoshMedium3Use the eventreplay mechanism for testing2.3 M1RESOLVED
9088Francisco PedrazaMedium+3Extensible SDK add tests for devtool2.3 M1RESOLVED
10394Jair GonzalezHigh2Creation of component to emulate keyboard with USB-KM2322.3 M1RESOLVED
10086Jianxun ZhangMedium+3RMC: RMC Project - single library, single API2.3 M1RESOLVED
9390Jose LamegoMedium10oeqa: don't write anything to local.conf or bblayers.conf2.3 M1RESOLVED
10625Jose LamegoMedium+2Don't show "Series without cover letter" for series without cover letter2.3 M1RESOLVED
7376Jose Perez CMedium+3oe-selftest doesn't run lib/oe/tests/*2.3 M1RESOLVED
8433Jose Perez CMedium+4Add test for package postinsts2.3 M1RESOLVED
10466Joshua LockMedium+3Update BuildLog with build progress2.3 M1RESOLVED
10679Joshua LockMedium+0.5Drop unneeded expansion parameter to getVar and getVarFlag2.3 M1RESOLVED
10655Juro BystrickyHigh3Add support for Zephyr2.3 M1RESOLVED
5546Jussi KukkonenHigh2Optimise away meta-oe X init mechanism2.3 M1RESOLVED
10195Jussi KukkonenMedium+1Move to libinput as default x input driver2.3 M1RESOLVED
10059Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+2patchtest-oe: check bitbake datastore variables on classes or includes2.3 M1RESOLVED
10078Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium1patchtest-oe: check patch author2.3 M1RESOLVED
10112Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+5Patchtest-oe: tests summary must provide patch name2.3 M1RESOLVED
10469Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+2Install package dependencies for patchtest image (poky) development2.3 M1RESOLVED
9954Mariano LopezHigh4report tool: a communication mechanism for sending results2.3 M1RESOLVED
9418Michael WoodMediumSupport using existing OE setups2.3 M1RESOLVED
10509Michael HalsteadHighInclude patchwork repository into git.yp.org2.3 M1RESOLVED
10511Michael HalsteadHighPatchwork production instance code base must point to git.yp.org repo2.3 M1RESOLVED
9189Patrick OhlyMedium1[meta-swupd] Creates a lot of duplicate files2.3 M1RESOLVED
10583Patrick OhlyMedium+3buildstats.bbclass + pybootchart: record and render system utilization statistics2.3 M1RESOLVED
10701Patrick OhlyMedium+0.5create overview of update mechanisms2.3 M1RESOLVED
10702Patrick OhlyMedium1add meta-swupd to update mechanism overview2.3 M1RESOLVED
10413Paul EggletonMedium0.25recipetool: use & to split licenses in LICENSE value2.3 M1RESOLVED
8880Chen QiMedium+5Need better allarch multilib sanity or automated QA tests2.3 M1RESOLVED
10359Richard PurdieMedium+Improve taskhash mismatch diagnostics2.3 M1RESOLVED
8584Scott RifenbarkMedium+3Enable building API documentation21 Nov 2016: RESOLVED2.3 M1RESOLVED
9342Stephano CetolaMedium+2Vet subprocess calls2.3 M1RESOLVED
10421Stephano CetolaMedium+1recipetool: add pre/post install/rm to the recipe after importing .deb packages2.3 M1RESOLVED
10532Tim OrlingHigh2Create Target file definition for Eclipse CROPS Plugin2.3 M1RESOLVED
10533Tim OrlingMedium+1Enable Maven/Tycho Command line build for Eclipse CROPS plugin2.3 M1RESOLVED
9570Todor MinchevMedium2Zephyr Container for Windows/Mac/Linux2.3 M1RESOLVED
10527Todor MinchevMedium2Travis test for the build of an out of kernel app for Zephyr container2.3 M1RESOLVED
9689+Benjamin EsquivelMedium+Create a python library for automatic device manipulation2.3 M2RESOLVED
6607brian averyLowAuto-detect client locale and use for date formatting2.3 M2RESOLVED
7096California SullivanMedium2Document how to use initramfs features25 Jan 2017: RESOLVED2.3 M2RESOLVED
8719Ed BartoshMedium10Ensure bootable images can be supported by wic for all reference BSPsLET2.3 M2RESOLVED
10621Ed BartoshMedium+5make bmaptool a recommended tool for flashing images05 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.3 M2RESOLVED
10691Ed BartoshMedium+2buildhistory-diff should detect directory renames2.3 M2RESOLVED
10751Ed BartoshMedium3Add help on all oe scripts exported to the path and display it when no required arguments are specified2.3 M2RESOLVED
4527Humberto IbarraMedium+3create a Runtime performance test layer to enable runtime performance tests2.3 M2RESOLVED
10704Ismo PuustinenMediumadd OSTree to update mechanism overview2.3 M2RESOLVED
10352Jianxun ZhangHigh15Performance of bitbake -S is horrible2.3 M2RESOLVED
10627Jose LamegoMedium+3Way to navigate through patches in a series2.3 M2RESOLVED
10762Jose LamegoMedium+1patchwork: Enable automatic status update when patches are merged for all projects2.3 M2RESOLVED
10200Jose Perez CMedium+10Create Test Plan for Tinfoil verification2.3 M2RESOLVED
10489Jose Perez CMedium1"test_1_logrotate_setup" fails on second run of test image due existing files2.3 M2RESOLVED
10593Jose Perez CMedium+1Add support for testing wic images on all reference hardware2.3 M2RESOLVED
10724Jose Perez CMedium+3extend bitbake testing for YP-2.32.3 M2RESOLVED
10467Joshua LockMedium+2Link to BuildLog entries from autobuilder UI2.3 M2RESOLVED
10778Joshua LockMedium2Adopt skipStep() throughout the codebase2.3 M2RESOLVED
3276Juan RamosMedium3PulseAudio isn't tested2.3 M2RESOLVED
10656Juro BystrickyMedium+1.5Support for out-of-tree development of Zephyr images2.3 M2RESOLVED
10657Juro BystrickyMedium+1.5Provide support for menuconfig2.3 M2RESOLVED
10658Juro BystrickyMedium+1Support for IAMCU baremetal toolchain for Zephyr images2.3 M2RESOLVED
10659Juro BystrickyMedium+1.5Support for ARC baremetal toolchain for Zephyr images2.3 M2RESOLVED
10660Juro BystrickyMedium+2Support for Nios2 baremetal toolchain for Zephyr images2.3 M2RESOLVED
10662Juro BystrickyMedium+3Provide "newlib" for Zephyr images2.3 M2RESOLVED
7887Robert YangHigh3Add support for user networking to runqemu2.3 M2RESOLVED
9468Mariano LopezMedium3Export Tests execution (Runexport.py) execution log needs improvements2.3 M2RESOLVED
10233Mariano LopezMedium+2oeqa: Runner add the ability to output XML test results2.3 M2RESOLVED
10235Mariano LopezMedium+2oeqa: Implement OETiemout decorator2.3 M2RESOLVED
10236Mariano LopezMedium+2oeqa: Implement OETag decorator.2.3 M2RESOLVED
10353Mariano LopezMedium+3oeqa allow to filter tests based on different criteria2.3 M2RESOLVED
9481Mark HatleMedium+2Add example to "5.23. Debugging With the GNU Project Debugger (GDB) Remotely"18 Jan 2017: RESOLVED2.3 M2RESOLVED
10590Markus LehtonenMedium+3build-perf-test: suitable test report format2.3 M2RESOLVED
9377MonserratMedium+4Enable automated build performance testing in Autobuilder2.3 M2RESOLVED
9449Patrick OhlyMedium+5[meta-swupd] Reduce runtime of do_swupd_update2.3 M2RESOLVED
6132Chen QiMedium4Have persistent log data (/var/log)06 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.3 M2RESOLVED
10530Randy WittMediumadd dumbinit as entry point for crops containers2.3 M2RESOLVED
1560Richard PurdieHigh5Enable recipe specific sysroots2.3 M2RESOLVED
7546Scott RifenbarkMedium5Streamline application development manual08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED2.3 M2RESOLVED
9166Scott RifenbarkMedium1Need to document the do_devpyshell task that is in the devshell.bbclass08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED2.3 M2RESOLVED
10927Tim OrlingMedium1[eclipse-poky][neon] Update to Eclipse Neon.2 (4.6.2) release2.3 M2RESOLVED
8724Todor MinchevMedium+3Automate information collection for runtime errors42.3 M2RESOLVED
10747Yi ZhaoMedium+Add support for testing wic images on non x86 platforms2.3 M2RESOLVED
10325Aníbal LimónMedium1.5license.bbclass should only copy licenses for packages actually installed2.3 M3RESOLVED
10789Daniela PlascenciaMedium+5patchtest-oe: Include a test case that fails in case pylint issues are found on new patch changes2.3 M3RESOLVED
10619Ed BartoshMedium10Refactor wic codebaseLET2.3 M3RESOLVED
6359Francisco PedrazaMedium+5Include QA tests for kernel-dev manual tasks2.3 M3RESOLVED
10754Francisco PedrazaMedium+5QA Kernel-dev test cases for changing configuration2.3 M3RESOLVED
10727Humberto IbarraMedium+4selftest: create unit test for buildhistory_analysis.py2.3 M3RESOLVED
10872Humberto IbarraMedium+3Test for PACKAGE_FEED_URIS needed2.3 M3RESOLVED
11065Ismo PuustinenHighReference Kit RealSense Support2.3 M3RESOLVED
10624Jose LamegoMedium+1Ability to set patch metadata from a mail2.3 M3RESOLVED
10819Jose LamegoMedium+0.5Support range select in patch list2.3 M3RESOLVED
10822Jose LamegoMedium+3Multiple select/change state controls in series view2.3 M3RESOLVED
10823Jose LamegoMedium+0.5A V2 series wasn't detected as such2.3 M3RESOLVED
9460Joshua LockMedium+1Provide a way to automate testing of meta-mingw2.3 M3RESOLVED
9596Joshua LockMedium+0.5Build "minimal" extensible SDK installers instead of "full" ones2.3 M3RESOLVED
10678Joshua LockMedium+0.5Drop usage/support of bb.data.expand() and replace with d.expand()2.3 M3RESOLVED
11088Joshua LockMedium+1wikilog must handle non-Latin characters in wiki page content2.3 M3RESOLVED
10661Juro BystrickyMedium+2Provide support to run Zephyr images in QEMU2.3 M3RESOLVED
11049Juro BystrickyMedium+Add recipe for python3-pip-native2.3 M3RESOLVED
11074Jussi LaakoHighReference Kit must support MinnowBoard Turbot platform2.3 M3RESOLVED
11075Jussi LaakoMedium+Reference Kit must support 570x platform2.3 M3RESOLVED
10626Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+3git-pw needs bundle support2.3 M3RESOLVED
10688Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+2Add a test looking for common paths that indicate patch is for the wrong layer2.3 M3RESOLVED
10703Mariano LopezMediumadd mender.io to update mechanism overview2.3 M3RESOLVED
11037Mariano LopezMedium+5selftest: Optimize use of get_bb_var2.3 M3RESOLVED
10924Mikko YlinenMedium+5RMC: Bring supported RMC functions to systemd-boot efi stub2.3 M3RESOLVED
9502Randy WittHigh5Add a way to build container images using oe-core2.3 M3RESOLVED
10596Richard PurdieHigh5Enable tests of layers for compatibility (YP Compatible v2)14 Mar 2017: Does the documentation part of this bug still apply?2.3 M3RESOLVED
8200Ross BurtonMedium1Add acl to default DISTRO_FEATURES?2.3 M3RESOLVED
10215Ross BurtonMedium+4Add a class which allows buiding git upstream versions of code using BBCLASSEXTEND2.3 M3RESOLVED
10905Scott RifenbarkMedium+2Difficult to find status of patch18 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.3 M3RESOLVED
10092Todor MinchevMedium+5RMC: RMC Project - Provide dumpers for fingerprint and database file2.3 M3RESOLVED
11084Ismo PuustinenHighReference kit OpenCL support2.3 M4RESOLVED
11076Jussi LaakoMediumSupported hardware definition2.3 M4RESOLVED
10878Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezMedium+1source code lines should not exceed more than 80 characters2.3 M4RESOLVED
9423Robert YangMedium5devshell: export CONFIGUREOPTS to env2.3 M4RESOLVED
8314Chen QiMedium5warn when ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY are the same2.3 M4RESOLVED
10692Scott RifenbarkMedium1Add references to SYSROOT_DIRS18 Nov 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW2.3 M4RESOLVED
11079Tim OrlingMedium0.5devtool deploy.py should allow for changing the port for ssh/scp2.3 M4RESOLVED


IDAssigneePESummary (10 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
10396Benjamin EsquivelHigh7Creation of component to control USB multiplexer (Cleware1x8)2.3 M1VERIFIED
10395Plauchu EdwinHigh7Creation of component to control remote power switch (NP-0801DT)2.3 M1VERIFIED
9727Joshua LockHigh3Add autobuilder support to publish sstate objects for releases2.3 M1VERIFIED
10351Scott RifenbarkMedium+1Add documentation regarding RPM postinstall failures on the host29 Nov 2016: RESOLVED2.3 M1VERIFIED
10472Stephano CetolaMedium+1devshell: list options when showing "no available terminal" error2.3 M1VERIFIED
10231Aníbal LimónMedium+4oeqa: Refactor code to avoid dependencies on bitbake datastore2.3 M2VERIFIED
10232Aníbal LimónMedium+4oeqa.utils: Audit/merge modules to avoid code duplicity and dependencies on bitbake2.3 M2VERIFIED
10263Aníbal LimónMedium+4oeqa: Refactor oetest module2.3 M2VERIFIED
10917Juro BystrickyMedium+BBMULTICONFIG: print error when entry has no corresponding config file2.3 M2VERIFIED
10810Juro BystrickyMedium+1.5sanity checks also need to run for multiconfigs2.3 M3VERIFIED

Yocto Project v2.3 Release Criteria

Milestone 1 - Target Dec. 23, 2016

Release Criteria Milestone 1 Target Milestone 1 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed. Done
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Done
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Done
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [1] Done
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW52_-_2016-12-19_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.3_M1_rc1
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version Done Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14 04, OpenSuse 421, Opensuse 13.2, Debian 8, Centos 7, Fedora 23, Fedora 24
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW52_-_2016-12-19_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.3_M1_rc1
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. Mostly flat to no improvement. - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/charts/perf_milestone_GDC/performance_test.html
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated. Done at 79% - http://recipes.yoctoproject.org/rrs/recipes/2.3/M1/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed. Done at 94%
Publication The release is announced Released

Milestone 2 - Target Feb. 3, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 2 Target Milestone 2 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed. Done
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Done
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Done
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. Done - [2]
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW06_-_2017-02-03_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.3_M2_rc3
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version Done - Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14 04, OpenSuse 421, Opensuse 13.2, Debian 8, Centos 7, Fedora 23, Fedora 24
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW06_-_2017-02-03_-_Full_Test_Cycle_2.3_M2_rc3
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. Worse due to Recipe specific sysroots (RSS) - https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/charts/perf_milestone_GDC/performance_test.html
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated. Done 82% - http://recipes.yoctoproject.org/rrs/recipes/2.3/M2/
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed. Done 94%
Publication The release is announced

Milestone 3 - Target March 10, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 3 Target Milestone 3 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors.
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors.
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [3]
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible.
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated.
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed.
Publication The release is announced

Milestone 4/Final - Target May 5, 2017

Release Criteria Milestone 4/Final Target Milestone 4/Final Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed.
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors.
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors.
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [4]
Bug Trend Downward trend in bug tracking during the stabilization period.
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla.
Documentation All examples are tested to be functional.
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible.
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated.
Upstream Commits Have upstream status reviewed on 100% of patches. Greater than 90% upstreamed.
Wiki/Web Site Updated Have reviewed the Wiki and Web site to insure all is current.
Code scan completed Have reviewed the results of a Protex scan of all code being released.
Publication The release is announced

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