WW06 - 2017-02-03 - Full Test Cycle 2.3 M2 rc3

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Testing data

 Test type:  Partia Test Cycle
 Branch: master
 Build name: 2.3 M2 rc3
 poky commit: 226a508da955439b881b2f0a544a3aee76e59919
 Autobuilder images repository:  http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/pub/releases/yocto-2.3_M2.rc3
 Distributions tested: 
 -Ubuntu 16.04
 -Ubuntu 14 04 
 -OpenSuse 421
 -Opensuse 13.2  
 -Debian 8
 -Centos 7
 -Fedora 23
 -Fedora 24 

Test Run Summary Report

NOTE: There were missing Test Runs due the lack of resources for the execution.

Testing Summary Report
Test RunTest PlanEnvironmentPassedOther issuesFailedFailing bugsBlockedBlocking bugsComplete
6749 6750 ADT: master branchFedora 25 i686100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6747 6748 ADT: master branchUbuntu 16.04 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6715 Eclipse-Plugin: master branchNeon on Debian 4.3 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6729 Meta-yocto: master branchuser-preference (any supported environment)81.8%none18.2%10473 0.0%none100.0%
6759 Build-Appliance: master branchVMWare Player on Ubuntu0.0%none25.0%11022 75.0%11022 100.0%
6718 OE-Core: master branchCentOS 7.1 x86_6499.5%none0.5%11025 0.0%none100.0%
6719 OE-Core: master branchDebian 8 x86_6499.5%none0.5%11025 0.0%none100.0%
6720 OE-Core: master branchFedora 23 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6721 OE-Core: master branchFedora 24 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6722 OE-Core: master branchOpenSuse 13.2 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6723 OE-Core: master branchOpenSuse421 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6724 OE-Core: master branchubuntu 14.04 GDC99.5%none0.5%11025 0.0%none100.0%
6725 OE-Core: master branchUbuntu 16.04 x86_64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6726 OE-Core: master branchUbuntu 16.10 x86-64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6741 6742 BSP/QEMU: master branchBeaglebone Black100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6743 6744 BSP/QEMU: master branchEdgeRouter100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6751 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86 - on MMAX32bit98.2%none0.0%none1.8%10455 100.0%
6758 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-64 on MMAX6498.2%none1.8%10455 0.0%none100.0%
6728 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-64 on NUC98.2%none1.8%10455 0.0%none100.0%
6756 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-64-lsb on MMAX64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6755 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-64-lsb on NUC100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6753 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-64-WIC on MMAX64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6752 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-64-WIC on NUC100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6757 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-lsb on MMAX32bit100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6754 BSP/QEMU: master branchgenericx86-WIC on MMAX32100.0%9271 0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6745 6746 BSP/QEMU: master branchMPC8315e-rdb100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6727 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemu-x8698.2%none1.8%11013 0.0%none100.0%
6731 6732 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemuarm100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6733 6734 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemuarm64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6735 6736 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemumips100.0%10025 0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6737 6738 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemumips6498.4%none1.6%10456 0.0%none100.0%
6739 6740 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemuppc100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6760 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemux86-64100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6730 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemux86-lsb100.0%none0.0%none0.0%none100.0%
6762 BSP/QEMU: master branchqemux86_64-lsb98.2%none1.8%10844 0.0%none100.0%
Total: 35

Bug Status

Test Case Status Report
Total: 3171

Bugs Found during QA Test

As complement of this section please also refer to the bugs opened for 2.3 M3 rc1

New issues Found during QA Test & Community

IDSummary (3 tasks) PAssigneeQAMilestoneStatusResolutioncf_regression_typeCreated
11013parselogs: Is failing on Xorg with error " FBDEV(0): mode "640x480" test failed "Medium+Jose Perez Coscar lopez arandas2.3 M3VERIFIEDINVALID---2017-02-03
11025selftest/devtool: Build mdadm failing on Centos7 and Ubuntu 1404Medium+Paul EggletonJuan Ramos2.3 M3VERIFIEDFIXED---2017-02-07
11022Fail to build BA for 2.3 M2 rc3Medium+Juro BystrickyYi Zhao2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDRegression (Used to work)2017-02-07

High and M+ issues Found during QA Test (NOT NEW)

IDSummary (2 tasks) PAssigneeQAMilestoneStatusResolutioncf_regression_typeCreated
10456X can not launch on qemumips64Medium+Armin KusterYi Zhao2.2.2VERIFIEDFIXEDRegression (Used to work)2016-10-19
10473Fail to launch custom qemu image with runqemuMedium+Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezYi Zhao2.5 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETERegression (Used to work)2016-10-21

Other Bugs found during QA Test (NOT NEW)

IDSummary (3 tasks) PAssigneeQAMilestoneStatusResolutioncf_regression_typeCreated
10455[morty][Test Case 1059] Parselogs is failing on genericx86 (32 and 64 bits) giving error: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev loop0MediumCalifornia Sullivanyeoh ee peng2.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED---2016-10-18
10844parselogs: qemux86 and x86-64 failing with message "qemux86-64 getty[728]"MediumChoong Yin Thongoscar lopez arandas2.4VERIFIEDFIXED---2016-12-22
Regression (Used to work)
10025Missing 'Connection Manager' icon for qemumips and qemumips64MediumJussi KukkonenYi Zhao2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMERegression (Used to work)2016-07-26

Current community Open Bugs - Medium+/High

Overview of the open bugs opened against current milestone or release which are Medium+ or High and are not targeted for the next milestones


Bug Trend

An overview of this week's Yocto Bug Trend charts can be accessed on the following page

Build Performance Test

Detailed description on how performance test are run can be found on Performance Test wiki. The below charts are displaying the build performance trend for 2.1 M4 to 2.3 M1. Performance execution has 2 stages, one executed form 1.6 to 2.1 in RO and another one started on 2.1 from GDC, there are difference between HW used in both location hence the numbers are different.

Below chars are showing the latest performance results taken from current milestone

Performance Charts

NOTE: During the 2.3 M2 QA cycle period, Fedora machine was under debugging activities to investigate more on bug 10884 hence only results for Ubuntu machine are showing valid data for 2.3 M2 rcX.

Performance Charts

For Bitbake core-image-sato with rm_work

Ww06-2k17 - rmwork.png

Building the Virtual kernel

Ww06-2k17 - kernel.png

Building the rootfs

Ww06-2k17 - rootfs.png

Building core-image-sato

Ww06-2k17 - sato.png

eSDK Deploy time

Ww06-2k17 - esdk.png

pTest for genericx86-64 on NUC

pTest was not part of this cycle, most recent results are found on 2.3 M2 rc1 report

Detailed Report

Distro Testing

Core Build System







Test Case Status Report


Bug Status Report


Test Run Agenda


genericx86: core-image-sato-sdk


Test Case Status Report


Bug Status Report


Test Run Agenda