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The project will be managed as a series of 6-8-week milestones. The milestones will be broken out as follows:

  • 1 week – planning and development week
  • 2-4 weeks – development
  • 1-4 week – stabilization
  • 1 week – release

(The above time adds up to more than 5-8 weeks due to the planning week overlapping the release week).

The final project milestone is up to 4 weeks of stabilization and then release.

At the end of each milestone there is a milestone release that:

  • has been stabilized, with bugs tracked and showstoppers fixed
  • has had some amount of QA applied beyond the nightly sanity test
  • can demonstrate some feature or features

Each developer is expected to focus on 1-2 features/tasks at a time, which can help the team focus and also prevent from sending all pull requests at the end of a milestone. Project developers must respect this rule. It gives the maintainers a break.

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