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Potential Yocto Project 1.3 Features

Yocto Project 1.3 - Target release = Oct. 2012

Yocto Project 1.3 Themes

The Yocto Project 1.3 Themes include:

  1. Continuity / Refresh:
    1. The usual keeping up to date with various upstream project, continue to work on the quality of the metadata and keeping up to date with bug fixing.
  2. Stabilization & Adoption:
    1. We've introduced a lot of changes. I think now may be a good time to catch our breath so to speak and ensure everything is complete, functional, well tested and has the right level of polish.
    2. We also need to encourage adoption of the project by OSV and Silicon Vendors and look at ways we can advance and integrate Shoeleather-type board labs (from semis and OSVs).
  3. Usability:
    1. Introduce WebHob? (We have been actively working on WebHOB in 1.3, but this one will have to wait until some later release.)
    2. Continue improving error messages
    3. Reserve time to jump on usability issues as they come up

Areas to improve for 1.3 release

  1. SState improvements (file urls, overwriting files checks)
  2. Init system overhaul (optional systemd support?)
  3. Performance improvements (postinstall handling, rootfs generation speedups)
  4. Multilib bug fixes
  5. Complete multilib recipe enablement and automated sanity tests
  6. Bitbake test suite
  7. Build history web UI
  8. Autobuilder Improvements
  9. Package Reporting System
  10. More automated QA
  11. Smoother/Improved Hob experience (fully bugfixed)
  12. PR increments handled automatically

Process for Entering New Feature Requests

  • Open a bug in the Yocto bugzilla setting the type of bug to be an "enhancement" request. The detail about the request should be included in the bugzilla report.
  • Create a new entry in the appropriate feature table below (Poky, SDK, Hardware)
    • Suggestion: start by copying an existing request as a template
  • Give the feature a short, descriptive name
  • Set the priority as appropriate (see the legend below)
  • Set the Status to "Review"
  • In the Source field, enter your name along with the origination of the request (e.g. OSV, OEM, Community) if applicable; provide as much detail here as you can
  • In the Comments / Bugzilla field, provide any additional information for the request includind a link to a bugzilla entry
  • Preview your Entry to make sure it looks ok and then save it


Priority: 1 = Must have, 2 = Nice to have but wouldn't block a release, 3 = Lower priority, desired, defined plan, 4 = Worthwhile ideas, no defined plan

Status: Accept = Engineering agreement to include in release, New = Under Review for Inclusion in this release, Reject = Will not be included in this release

All P1 features/bugs

IDSeveritySummary (56 tasks) AssigneeMilestoneEWhiteboard
2044enhancementsstate needs a mechanism to detect changes to local filesPaul Eggleton1.310(P1) Implemented
2615enhancementAdd a new flag to bitbake -C to clear a stamp and run the default targetPaul Eggleton1.3 M2(p1)(fixed)
2614enhancementUsing EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "doc-pkgs" in local.conf does not install man pagesPaul Eggleton1.3 M3(p1)
1581enhancement[HOB] Enable customisation of image drop downDongxiao Xu1.3 M22(P1)(Patch In the master)
1614enhancementTarget module buildDarren Hart1.3 M25(P1)(patch review) (Jun 28)
2034enhancementTail first failing log in yocto-build email summariesBeth Flanagan1.3 M21(P1)(Done)
2390enhancementAdopt Eclipse Juno changes, esp. for LinuxToolsJessica1.3 M212(P1)(done)
2401enhancementExisting ADT based auto-tool project migration plan between Indigo and Juno releasesJessica1.3 M26(P1)(done)
2389enhancementAdopt latest TCF refactor for 1.0Lianhao Lu1.3 M210(P1)(Covered by current QA Test Plan)
2604enhancementSupport Eclipse remote target interaction over SSH as another option besides TCFLianhao Lu1.3 M2(p1)
2605enhancementmake tcf-agent, openssh can be easily enabled or disabled through image features for sato-sdk imageLianhao Lu1.3 M2(p1)(Done)
2326enhancement[Hob2] All 'Image details' screens must contain a primary actionanliming1.3 M12(P1)(QA Testing Completed)
1991enhancementDefine the flow after user finish a build, still able to retrieve the build loganliming1.3 M35(P1)(QA Test Plan Ready)(development) 80% done
2540enhancementMove sugarbay BSP to the 3.4 kernelNitin Kamble1.3 M24(P1)(Done)
2544enhancementMove emenlow BSP to the 3.4 kernelNitin Kamble1.3 M3(P1) Nitin: Please size and target.
2606enhancementupgrade automake to the latest versionNitin Kamble1.3 M3(P1)(patch review)
2409enhancementbitbake svn fetcher support for subversion-1.7Richard Purdie1.3(P1) Patches out for review
2463enhancementUsability: autotools: Provide config.log in the bitbake log for do_configure() failuresRichard Purdie1.3 M2(P1)(patch review) Patch out for review
1179enhancementSpecify paths searched when failing to find a SRC_URIRichard Purdie1.3 M3(P1)(Scheduled) Two patches out for review on bitbake-devel
1938enhancementDetect Host system changes when using sstateRichard Purdie1.3 M3(P1)(Scheduled) Patches out for review
2009enhancement2.[Helper API] Implement configuration APIs in helper side based on bitbake server runCommand() method via synchronous wayxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M22(P1)(Scheduled)
2014enhancement[Helper API] Finish configurations infos API via asynchronous way to generate events, such as machine, package formats, distro listsxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M22(P1)(Scheduled)
2016enhancement[Helper API]Finish these APIs of parsing recipexiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M23(P1)(Scheduled)
2017enhancement[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build packages for helperxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M24(P1)(Scheduled)
2018enhancement[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build images for helperxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M24(P1)(Scheduled)
2019enhancement[Helper API]Finish these APIs to control bitbake states for helper, such as initialize, reset, shutdown and so on.xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M21(P1)(Scheduled)
2011enhancement[WEB HOB ] finish webhob front and back end UI html , JS and some python codesxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M35(P1)
2523majorpoky-tiny build fails due to perl build failureBogdan Marinescu1.3 M2(P1)(scheduled)
1919majorAccommodate EFI via the live image "install" labelDarren Hart1.3 M35(P1)(done)
2310minor[Hob2] Line length for base image descriptions changes between imagesanliming1.3 M12(P1)(Scheduled)
2256normalkernel menuconfig confusion with sstatePaul Eggleton1.3 M2(P1) (fixed) - 25 June 2012
2420normal[Performance] RPM Rootfs generation is inefficientPaul Eggleton1.3 M3(P1)
2600normalbitbake -p does not save cache properlyPaul Eggleton1.3 M3(p1)(fixed)
2047normalMake linux-yocto branches reflect strictly source changesBruce Ashfield1.31(P1) Done.
2429normalconnman do_compile failed on ppcCristian Iorga1.3 M33(P1)
1850normalAdd new nightly-misc target to test other combinationsBeth Flanagan1.3 M10.25(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled) Fixed in contrib. Once AB lockdown is complete will be implemented in production.
2028normalAdd a poky-tiny DISTRO targetBeth Flanagan1.3 M10.2(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled)Status: Pending commit to repo
2419normal[Performance] Rootfs generation is inefficient (license checks)Beth Flanagan1.3 M12(P1)(Covered by current QA test plan)(Merged)
2191normal[autobuilder] i686-x86_64 toolchain is copied to the incorrect sharing directoryBeth Flanagan1.3 M20.1(P1)(No QA needed)(Done)
61normal[Performance] Generate fontconfig cache when building imageLaurentiu Palcu1.3 M33(P1)(Scheduled)
2238normal[Hob2] My Images selectionanliming1.3 M23(P1)(scheduled)
2289normalPackages providing "ALTERNATIVES" do not have provides specifiedMark Hatle1.310(P1)
2321normalTUNECONFLICT is neither documented nor used consistentlyMark Hatle1.31(P1)
2426normallive image installer does not preserve BSP specified console= kernel parameterRadu Moisan1.3 M31(P1)(scheduled)
2418normalBitbake fetcher: Fix handling of local file mirrors of git repositories in PREMIRRORSRichard Purdie1.3(p1) Patches out for review on the bitbake mailing list
2450normalquilt-native siginfo file name matches despite cache file being unused/unusable ?Richard Purdie1.3 M1(P1)(Scheduled)
2319normalgthumb: do_install hangs on highly parallel buildsRoss Burton (Arm)1.3 M33(P1)(Patch Review)
1488normal[Multilib] settings need a sanity checkSeebs1.3 M32(P1)
2369normalUpdate site/arm-common to allow building recent version of glib-2.0Saul Wold1.31(P1)
2247normal[Hob2] Proxy SettingShane Wang1.3 M23(P1) Patch In the master
2626normal1.[Web Hob]Implemented a general helper based on the webservice technology in the bitbake server.xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M2(P1) Completed
2627normal2.[Web Hob]Implement a common encapsulation class file for python webservice client to call bitbake server webservice UI functions.xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M2(P1) Completed
2628normal3.[Web Hob]Refer to hob hobeventhandler.py class to write a common class file and build workflow in django framework.xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M2(P1) Completed
2629normal4.[Web Hob]Implement recipe and packages dependency relationship based on database.xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M2(P1) Completed
2630normal5.[Web Hob]Refer to hob client program, to implement a similar webhob single-user client.xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.3 M3(P1) Completed
2331normalsugarbay: problem with getcwd in terminalYang Shi1.3(P1)



IDRequesterSummary (24 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1446Jiajun Xuwrong version of libclutter-glx-1.0-0 picked up for core-sato-sdk image after world build301.3 M4Richard PurdieVERIFIEDnormalHigh
1606Song LiuInvestigate New UI21.3 M4Ross Burton (Arm)VERIFIEDenhancementHigh(Scheduled)
1625Song LiuSupport use of alternative init systems101.4 M2Radu MoisanVERIFIEDenhancementHighin development
1570Gary ThomasICU fails if target endian != build host endian1FutureRoss Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDnormalLowTested on qemuppc, ask for Gary to have a try. May24, 2012
2614Jason WesselUsing EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "doc-pkgs" in local.conf does not install man pages1.3 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementLow(p1)
1331Kumar GalaPrelink: doesn't work on ppc64FutureMark HatleNEWnormalMedium
1462Saul WoldRunning postinstalls under qemu user mode emulation (such as pango)14FutureMark HatleRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
1465Martin Jansabitbake cannot fetch local files from SRC_URI when -b is used1.2.1Laurentiu PalcuRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1) Patches sent for some issues, adding a sanity test remains.
2044Paul Eggletonsstate needs a mechanism to detect changes to local files101.3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium(P1) Implemented
2289Mark HatlePackages providing "ALTERNATIVES" do not have provides specified101.3Mark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1)
2311Gary ThomasSRC checksums are not being checked1.2.1Richard PurdieRESOLVEDmajorMedium(P1)
2369tfUpdate site/arm-common to allow building recent version of glib-2.011.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1)
2418Richard PurdieBitbake fetcher: Fix handling of local file mirrors of git repositories in PREMIRRORS1.3Richard PurdieRESOLVEDnormalMedium(p1) Patches out for review on the bitbake mailing list
1938Richard PurdieDetect Host system changes when using sstate1.3 M3Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(Scheduled) Patches out for review
1963Joshua Lock - DisabledConsider adopting systemd interfaces in Poky core OS distro configuration51.4Radu MoisanVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2256Richard Purdiekernel menuconfig confusion with sstate1.3 M2Paul EggletonVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1) (fixed) - 25 June 2012
2319Darren Hartgthumb: do_install hangs on highly parallel builds31.3 M3Ross Burton (Arm)VERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(Patch Review)
2360Jiajun XuPACKAGE_ARCHS cause wrong packages installed into image51.2.1Robert YangVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1) Patch Review 20%
2382Reinette Chatredropbear does not work with poky-tiny31.3 M3Darren HartVERIFIEDcriticalMedium(P2)(done)
2600Paul Eggletonbitbake -p does not save cache properly1.3 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDnormalMedium(p1)(fixed)
2615Jason WesselAdd a new flag to bitbake -C to clear a stamp and run the default target1.3 M2Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(p1)(fixed)
238Richard Purdiesstate code doesn't detect overwriting files1.3 M4Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+(Scheduled)
1192niqingliang2003mpc8315's tune file: "tune-ppc603e.inc"1.3 M4Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
2379Khem RajUse xorg-xserver and remove xserver-kdrive1.3 M4Ross Burton (Arm)VERIFIEDenhancementMedium+


IDRequesterSummary (53 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1953Beth FlanaganLicense Compliance: Create License Responsibility File2FutureUnassignedACCEPTEDenhancementLow(Development)
139Joshua Lock - DisabledSet default gcc instruction generation to TARGET_ARCH on target5FutureKhem RajRESOLVEDenhancementLow
580Scott Garmanpoky-qemu does not make proper use of CROSSPATH (breaking distcc)51.4Scott GarmanRESOLVEDnormalLow
760Qing He[script] no options to use kernel nfs server as nfsroot7FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementLow
806Joshua Lock - DisabledConsider using PatchELF rather than chrpath for modifying the RPATH41.4Joshua Lock - DisabledRESOLVEDenhancementLow
922Dexuan Cui"rpm -qa" can not run for non-root user: Permission denied4FutureAlexander KanavinRESOLVEDnormalLow
1018Scott Garmanrunqemu script has bugs with the audio option32.2 M3Robert YangRESOLVEDnormalLow
1238Mark HatleMan pages (and other documentation) are not compressed71.7 M3Hongxu JiaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1402Nitin Kamblex32: valgrind fails to compileFuturesweeaunRESOLVEDminorLow
1768Joshua Lock - Disabledqt-mobility-x11-1.2.0-r0: task do_compile: Failed1.3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDnormalLow
1800Frans Meulenbroeksu-boot env missing1.2Frans MeulenbroeksRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1913Dexuan Cuineed to abstract building msdos images into an msdosfs.bbclass to share the code11.5Darren HartRESOLVEDminorLow
1952Beth FlanaganLicense Compliance: Add GPL-2.0 written offer.1FutureBeth 'pidge' FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementLow(Development)
2275Bill MillsLicense compliance: failure to detect new license files31.5Beth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2312Paul EggletonExamine changes after repeated perl do_compile51.3Nitin KambleRESOLVEDenhancementLow(P2)
821Mark HatleZypper: Package dependency resolution does not know about hinting301.4Mark HatleVERIFIEDenhancementLow
256Richard PurdieSync up RPM version policy with rest of system (including support '~' in version strings)10FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementMediumMoved from Laurentiu to Unassigned
937Richard PurdieAdding -feliminate-dwarf2-dups to compiler flags for libnfsidmap causes prelink to segfault21.3Mark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium
970Robert Bergeryocto 1.0 sato-sdk 336 errors from zypper verify141.4Mark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1443Lianhao Lusegfault of lttng-ust applications in qemuarm: caused by prelink: on x86-64 Ubuntu host71.3Mark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1452Lianhao Lu32bit kernel generated oprofile data file can not be read by remote 64bit opreport71.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1690Paul EggletonBuilding an image for qemu* machines always builds X111.3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1763Damien Lespiau[USE CASE] More universally bootable live images101.5Darren HartRESOLVEDenhancementMedium(Waiting on EFI/SYSLINUX/HYBRID Patches)
1778Beth FlanaganLicense wrangling, stage 321.5Beth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementMedium(1.3)
1870Dexuan Cui[DEB] meta-toolchain-gmae: do_populate_sdk failed with package_deb51.4Saul WoldRESOLVEDmajorMedium
1881Joshua Lock - Disabled[DEB] Fix Debian package feeds31.5Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1929Koen Kooizypper hangs in a futex early on1.3Mark HatleRESOLVEDmajorMedium
1971Scott GarmanEnhance BA to run in VirtualBox51.9 M1Juro BystrickyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium02 April 2014: Some web page adjustments made.
2045Dave StewartBegin to regularly retire variablesFutureAlexandru GeorgescuRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2056Christopher LarsonPKGV_<package> change doesn't change the package_write checksum1.3Richard PurdieRESOLVEDnormalMediumPatch on mailing list for review
2063Dexuan Cuimatchbox-desktop exits abnormally when we press Alt+F412.1Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2068Hongna XuClutter run failed in qemux86/x86-64 using toolchain.41.3Constantin MuscaRESOLVEDnormalMedium(Test Case Completed)
2092Nitin Kamblerpm fails to create rootfs for x3251.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2241tfgnomebase.bbclass fetcher url needs to be fixed41.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMediumpatch pending
2245Saul Woldgthumb fails to install configration files correctly51.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P2)
2246Ross Burton (Arm)Doesn't build genext2fs when making core-image-minimal11.1.2Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalMediumpatch submitted (May 4)
2297Richard Purdiefotowall parallel make race1.2.1Andrei GherzanRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2314Martin Jansaeglibc-2.15 failing with shlib.lds:127: syntax error51.3Martin JansaRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2318Jim AWeb is really quite bad41.5Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDnormalMedium21 March 2014: Reset documentation flag to "No"
2329Paul EggletonForwarding only sometimes works from qemu connman-based images31.2.1Scott GarmanRESOLVEDnormalMediumUnder patch review on oe-core ML
2349Scott GarmanFix rpm-based image generation to enforce sensible package install ordering1.4Mark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2358Saul Woldeglibc-nativesdk (2.15) has packaging issues31.3Xiaofeng YanRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P2)
2374Saul Wold[eglibc] mtrace should be packaged on it's own11.2.1Bogdan MarinescuRESOLVEDnormalMediumneed to refix previous commit
1159Scott GarmanNeed to change numeric user/groupids to names in device_table-minimal.txt41.5 M5Chen QiVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
1969Hongna XuCan't launch multiple qemu using nfs71.3 M4Scott GarmanVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2261tfdbus-launch should be included in main dbus package31.3 M3Radu MoisanVERIFIEDnormalMediumhttp://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?id=f8d40ab395ffb8ed12731e318354fb3d30447e84
2298Richard Purdiencurses failure non-gplv3 build (race issue)31.2.1Xiaofeng YanVERIFIEDnormalMedium(QA testing completed) Done
2328Dongxiao XuSome RPM package file format is not correct on Beagleboard platform51.3 M4Robert YangVERIFIEDnormalMedium
2357tfconnman has hard build time dependency on ofono11.3 M3Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P2)
2367Adrien Bustanylibpcap recipe does package pcap-config in libpcap instead of libpcap-dev1.3 M2Saul WoldVERIFIEDnormalMedium(M1)(merged)
2370Jiajun Xu[Build Appliance] no xdg-open for "View Files"31.5 M3Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2373Ross Burton (Arm)No virtual/egl provider on Mesa11.3 M4Edwin ZhaiVERIFIEDnormalMediumpatch ready for test, May2, 2012
1804Joshua Lock - DisabledBKM for DESCRIPTION fields and 100% coverage in meta/ and meta-yocto/51.6Saul WoldVERIFIEDnormalMedium+31 March 2014: Resetting documentation flag to "No."


IDRequesterSummary (16 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
270Jeff Polknative packages should use siteinfo filesFutureJeff PolkRESOLVEDenhancementLow
701Wolfgang Denkxserver: keyboard input not working1.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDnormalLowPending info from reporter... (11-Aug-2011) Needs Owner.
822Joshua Lock - DisabledEnable swabber to be run for only specific recipes2FutureSaul WoldRESOLVEDenhancementLowDesign
842Saul Woldautomake does not handle the --warnings=cross option31.3Constantin MuscaRESOLVEDnormalLow3668a2de732b61f916464e921e6b31f2552edad8
917Darren Hartmediatomb fails to start, can't find libjs.so11.5Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDnormalLowDemo layer, needs owner (30-Jun-2011)
1618Song LiuMeeGo / Tizen GPLv2 Sync41.4Saul WoldRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1719Shane Wang[NAS] NFS 4.0 doesn't work but NFS 3.0 does in meta-baryon.1.3Kevin StrasserRESOLVEDminorLow(P3)
1780Frans Meulenbroeksmulti partition images (split images)15FutureJessicaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2273Paul EggletonEvaluate current image space settings42.5Ed BartoshRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2287Saul WoldCreate target that will download all versions required for all target builds21.3Saul WoldRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2075Robert Yangbitbake: replace older functions with the subprocess module101.3 M1Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P2)(No QA needed)(Patch Review) 20%
1609Song Liuselinux patch integration201.4Xin OuyangRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1713Shane Wang[NAS] Oprofile will cause kernel hang when profiling.1.3Lianhao LuRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P3)
1965Paul EggletonReplace ffmpeg in meta-baryonFuturePaul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
2213Jiajun Xu[baryon] samba needs python 2.6 to pass do_configure21.3Kevin StrasserRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1813Mei Leimerge fetch like functionality from distrodata into fetch2101.8 M1Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+



IDRequesterSummary (2 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
2321SeebsTUNECONFLICT is neither documented nor used consistently11.3Mark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1)
1179Darren HartSpecify paths searched when failing to find a SRC_URI1.3 M3Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(Scheduled) Two patches out for review on bitbake-devel


IDRequesterSummary (16 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1562Richard Purdiekernel oops style error collection server41.6Andreea Brandusa ProcaVERIFIEDenhancementHigh28 March 2014: Setting documentation flag to "Done."
824Mark HatleUsability: Improve RRECOMMENDS warning messages for -dbg packages3.99UnassignedNEWenhancementLow
1474Mark HatleQEMU won't run on a system that does not support tunctl121.5Andrei DinuRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1715Shane Wang[NAS] poky needs user-friendly error messages41.3 M4Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementLow
2404Robert Yangprint which pkgs would be built101.3 M2Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)
405Mark HatleAdd a mechanism to do pre-build sanity based on specific configurations20FutureUnassignedACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
1139Michael LippautzSearch all layers when directory/wildcard specified instead of stopping at first matchFutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementMedium
1511Koen KooiSupport versioned scm snapshots for mirroring1.6Richard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
1882Joshua Lock - DisabledVerify and document package feed creation for each package management backend52.2 M2Joshua LockRESOLVEDnormalMedium16 June 2016: Set doc flag to done.
1985Paul Eggletonmatchbox-panel doesn't build battery status applet52.2Jussi KukkonenRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
2519Mark Hatlemklibs: Does not work with compiler from sstate cacheFutureMark HatleRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2520Mark Hatlemklibs: Can't handle multilib paths1.3Constantin MuscaRESOLVEDnormalMediumd6ef548c48968d16f7e24dec7452ddb455c26d46
1659Mark Hatle[Usability] Way to determine what is about to happen (similar to a dry-run)71.4 M5Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
1676Paul Eggletonpackage.bbclass does not handle files with wildcards in their names well1.6 M1Paul EggletonVERIFIEDnormalMedium
2370Jiajun Xu[Build Appliance] no xdg-open for "View Files"31.5 M3Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2599Paul EggletonAvoid extraneous dependencies when adding -dbg packages21.3 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDnormalMedium(p2)


IDRequesterSummary (8 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1598Richard PurdieAdd remote layer support5FutureMark HatleNEWenhancementLow
2025Darren Hartrunqemu scripts should attempt sane defaults for unknown machines3FutureUnassignedNEWenhancementLow
1632Song LiuEval Patch management tools31.4Saul WoldRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1654Mark HatleLayer tooling: Tool to combine layers1FuturePaul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementLow(Test Case Ready) Implemented feature, still one more issue to address
2088Darren HartWrite a friendly IRC bot for the #yocto channelQ3Michael HalsteadRESOLVEDjanitorsLow
1592Richard Purdiebinary package install class51.3 M4Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementLow(Patch Review)
1789Joshua Lock - Disabled[Autobuilder] Optionally generate a HTML log2FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
2022Beth FlanaganAdd one time download module for EULA required downloads.Q2Michael HalsteadRESOLVEDminorMedium



IDRequesterSummary (4 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1621Song Liu[Performance] Running post installs at rootfs gen time51.4 M2Laurentiu PalcuVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
2420Richard Purdie[Performance] RPM Rootfs generation is inefficient1.3 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDnormalHigh(P1)
61Ross Burton - Disabled[Performance] Generate fontconfig cache when building image31.3 M3Laurentiu PalcuVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(Scheduled)
2419Richard Purdie[Performance] Rootfs generation is inefficient (license checks)21.3 M1Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(Covered by current QA test plan)(Merged)


IDRequesterSummary (4 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1677Paul Eggleton[Performance] Improve speed of packaging for all-arch recipesFuturePaul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1718Shane Wang[Performance] can the task to find dependency be multi-threading?FutureRichard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1928Koen KooiRPM unusably slow on target1.3Mark HatleRESOLVEDminorLow
2421Richard Purdie[Performance] Further improvements for turning off doc generation for -native (and similar) packagesFutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementLow



IDRequesterSummary (4 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
2356Jiajun Xu[multilib] fonts corrupted with ipk build for 32bit connman against qemux86-6411.2.1Edwin ZhaiRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1) patch in master, May9, 2012
1488Mark Hatle[Multilib] settings need a sanity check21.3 M3SeebsVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)
1622Song Liu[DOC] Document multilib setup and usage101.4 M5Scott RifenbarkVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+1 March 2013: Resolved/Fixed
2038Shane Wang[multilib] Add scripts to sanity check for multilib libraries in the build directory41.3 M4Radu MoisanVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+


IDRequesterSummary (9 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1525Matthew McClintock[multilib] Triggering building a 64 bit kernel with a 32 bit userspace10FutureUnassignedIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
1508Richard Purdie[Multilib] Drop PKGSUFFIX and have nativesdk use multilib technology1.3Richard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
1538Dongxiao Xu[multilib]: X window doesn't startup in multilib image randomly41.2.1Edwin ZhaiRESOLVEDnormalMediumworks for me. May 10, 2012
2355Jiajun Xu[multilib] lib64 core-sato-sdk build against qemux86 fails at qt4-x11-free31.2.1Dongxiao XuVERIFIEDnormalMedium
1731Dongxiao Xu[multilib] Finish rest recipes in world multilib enabling201.3 M4Bogdan MarinescuRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+(Scheduled)
1369Ke Yu[Multilib] On-target gcc enhancement10FutureMichael HalsteadVERIFIEDcriticalMedium+703b70c98a86771a891b46382f3ee20c4ef93f39
1563Richard Purdie[Multilib] Complete recipe enablement1.3 M4Bogdan MarinescuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+(scheduled)
1729Dongxiao Xu[multilib] Finish core-image-sato-sdk multilib enabling101.3 M4Bogdan MarinescuVERIFIEDnormalMedium+(scheduled) Depends on Jiajun's full test
1730Dongxiao Xu[multilib] Finish core-image-lsb multilib enabling101.3 M4Constantin MuscaVERIFIEDnormalMedium+(Already covered by QA)(scheduled)


1502Jiajun Xu[multilib] No support for multilibs and deb package backend10FutureAníbal LimónRESOLVEDenhancementLow(Test Plan Ready)



IDRequesterSummary (6 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1766Beth FlanaganSanity test fail after reboot.0.5FutureBeth FlanaganRESOLVEDnormalLow(P1) Status: Planned
2034Darren HartTail first failing log in yocto-build email summaries11.3 M2Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Done)
1850Richard PurdieAdd new nightly-misc target to test other combinations0.251.3 M1Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled) Fixed in contrib. Once AB lockdown is complete will be implemented in production.
2028Darren HartAdd a poky-tiny DISTRO target0.21.3 M1Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled)Status: Pending commit to repo
2191Yi Zhao[autobuilder] i686-x86_64 toolchain is copied to the incorrect sharing directory0.11.3 M2Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(No QA needed)(Done)
2010Hongna XuSome unnecessary packages installed cause AutoBuilder built failed0.51.4Michael HalsteadRESOLVEDnormalMedium+(Development) Status: Tested. Estimate: 4 hours


IDRequesterSummary (9 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1596Richard PurdieAutomate BSP Testing101.6Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementHighCo-Assign with Michael
874Yongkang You[AutoBuilder/FEAT] Set Bug to Fixed automatically when building in AutoBuilder11.4Beth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1612Song LiuBuild statistics reporting11.5Beth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1629Song LiuBuildstats memory measurements2FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementLow(1.3)
1673Beth FlanaganMore work to meta-target (lsb images)1FutureBeth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1628Song LiuAutobuilder layer support51.4 M4Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(No QA Needed)
1877Lianhao Lupopulate ipks/qemu images/eclipse plugin for QA test11.3 M4Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(1.3) Status: Patch Pending
1958Jim Amissing package at source and not in Yocto mirror0.51.3 M4Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(1.3) Status: Design Phase. Needs to be in bb
2029Darren HartAdd a core-image-rt DISTRO target0.51.3 M1Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium(No QA needed)(Design) Estimate: 4 hours.


IDRequesterSummary (7 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1584Richard PurdieSecurity Tools - consider fedora/gentoo runtime security tools51.5 M2Andrei DinuVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
1975Joshua Lock - DisabledBitBake test suite1.3Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementLow
2123Richard PurdieAdd in tests for re-execution of tasks31.3 M1Jiajun XuVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P2)(No QA needed)(patch checked in)
2082Mark HatleAdditional test case: shared sstate-cache between users23.99UnassignedNEWenhancementMedium
1569Richard Purdie[QA/Test] Add recipe for rt tests and automate test (ptest)61.8Maxin B. John (inactive)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium
1890Paul EggletonBuild history analysis web interface51.3 M4Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2081Richard Purdie[QA/Test] We need to add scripts to stress test sstate package relocatability1.6Stoicescu CornelVERIFIEDenhancementMedium



IDRequesterSummary (4 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
2389JessicaAdopt latest TCF refactor for 1.0101.3 M2Lianhao LuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(Covered by current QA Test Plan)
2390JessicaAdopt Eclipse Juno changes, esp. for LinuxTools121.3 M2JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(done)
2400JessicaUpdate lttng-ust to 2.051.3 M3JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2401JessicaExisting ADT based auto-tool project migration plan between Indigo and Juno releases61.3 M2JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(done)


IDRequesterSummary (8 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1617Song Liu'perf scripts' integration5FutureJessicaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2079Lianhao Luvalidate required field in new recipe wizard21.3 M1JessicaVERIFIEDminorLow(Covered by current QA Test Plan)
2116Hongna XuSetting Kernel Module as a required field for SystemTap11.3 M1JessicaVERIFIEDminorLow(QA Testing Completed)
2383Khem RajRelocatable SDK1.3 M3Laurentiu PalcuVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P2)(Scheduled)
1915Hongna XuCan't change C/C++ Yocto Project settings21.3 M3Lianhao LuVERIFIEDnormalMedium(Covered by current QA Test Plan)
2288Jessicaunable to create new Bitbake Commander project due to too many files under project root directory61.3 M2Lianhao LuVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P2)
2342Reinette ChatreToolchain archive contains DISTRO_VERSION instead of SDK_VERSION31.5JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2372Hongna Xu[eclipse]Can't import or create Bitbake Commander Project if sanity network check fail21.2.1JessicaVERIFIEDnormalMedium


IDRequesterSummary (4 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
166Lianhao Luwrong include directories listed in Yocto SDK project template3FutureJessicaRESOLVEDminorLow
191JessicaProvide interface for user the install Yocto SDK through IDE5FutureJessicaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1193liping KeGNU autotools project build function disabled by Yocto Project1.3JessicaRESOLVEDminorLow
1489Jessicatcf-agent segmentaion fault cause the re-running remote debug fail in Eclipse1.3 M2Lianhao LuVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P3)need to test the latest tcf 1.0 upstream whether the problem still exists

Sato issues


IDRequesterSummary (2 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
110Joshua Lock - DisabledReview GTK+ on VGAFutureJussi KukkonenRESOLVEDnormalLow
149Jiajun Xu[All] There is no way to exit matchbox-keyboard in X4FutureRoss Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDnormalLow



IDRequesterSummary (14 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1138Jiajun Xu[LTP] Some growfiles cases failed with Yocto 1.1 M1 build1.4Darren HartRESOLVEDnormalLowsuggestion is post 1.1. test cases still fail with eglibc 4.5.1(June 16)
2087Darren HartFix or otherwise address existing failing LTP and POSIX compliance tests32.5 M2Yi ZhaoRESOLVEDminorLow
172Jiajun Xu[POSIX] POSIX default test suite cannot fully pass101.3 M5Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalLow
927Jiajun Xu[POSIX] case pthread_cond_broadcast does not kill itself after finished1.3Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalLow
1924Yi Zhao[LTP] 'vma01' case failed on non-x86 platforms with Yocto 1.2 M2 rc1FutureBruce AshfieldACCEPTEDnormalMedium
1115Xiaofeng YanLSB 4.1 error from wide character31.5 M3Hongxu JiaRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1959Xiaofeng Yan(YOCTO 1.2)LSB 4.1: /gobject-t2c/tests/gobject_value_arrays/gobject_value_arrays 243FutureHongxu JiaRESOLVEDnormalMedium
1116Xiaofeng YanLSB 4.1: GHashTable error1.3Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalMedium
1121Xiaofeng YanLSB 4.1: error from "abs" of math function31.4 M4Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalMedium
1122Xiaofeng YanLSB 4.1: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'1.3Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalMedium
1124Xiaofeng YanLSB 4.1: kllclnt error1.3Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalMedium
2133niqingliang2003can't find the daemon/failure/warning... functions needed by lsb.71.3 M2Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalMedium(QA testing completed) Done
2284Xiaofeng Yan(YOCTO 1.2)LSB 4.1: LSB Test Suite complain that there is no library "libgdk_pixbuf_xlib-2.0.so.0" in lsb image21.3 M1Xiaofeng YanVERIFIEDnormalMedium(p2) (Covered by current QA Test Plan) test
2332Song LiuPOSIX support: Fixes bugs for every milestone - 1.351.3 M5Kai KangVERIFIEDenhancementMedium

Hob v2

IDRequesterSummary (44 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
2162Giulia[Hob2] Implement 'Settings' dialogue as designed51.3 M4Bogdan MarinescuVERIFIEDmajorHighMerged (db7d98569117b7a75262eb555e1c7ae9a421bdf8)
2165Giulia[Hob2] Change actions in the 'Recipes' screen to: 'Build image' (primary action) and 'Build packages' (secondary action).151.3 M4JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
1303JessicaAllow customize the dev packages when building a toolchain51.3Dongxiao XuRESOLVEDenhancementLow(P3)
1574Matthew McClintockadd additional dialogs/config for u-boot/kernel15FutureBelen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1575Matthew McClintockconfigure runtime services from gui10FutureBelen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1577Matthew McClintockconfigure users and default passwords from hob gui5FutureBelen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1688Matthew McClintock[HOB] add multilib support to hob10FutureBelen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1701T OCallaghan[HOB] Hob does not work well in high contrast desktops.2FutureCristian IorgaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1788Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Build pseudo-native within Hob15FutureRichard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1955Koen Kooikiosk mode for hob10FutureJessicaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2173Shane Wang[Hob2] Hob needs documentation for the release. WangRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2345Belen Barros Pena[HOB] Review the UI mechanism used for selecting base images7FutureBelen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2371Hongna Xu[Hob]Handle out of memory exception in HOB1.2.1Dongxiao XuRESOLVEDnormalLow
1581Joshua Lock - Disabled[HOB] Enable customisation of image drop down21.3 M2Dongxiao XuVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Patch In the master)
1588Richard PurdieHob v2 - Interface updates?51.4JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementLowUmbrella Bug For Tracking Only
1991JessicaDefine the flow after user finish a build, still able to retrieve the build log51.3 M3anlimingVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(QA Test Plan Ready)(development) 80% done
2142anlimingbitbake not be stoped when force exit hob in early parising recipes after selected a new arch51.2.1Kai KangVERIFIEDnormalLow(QA testing completed) Done
2168Eric BénardHOB should check for available disk space71.3 M3Kai KangVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)
2170Joshua Lock - Disabled[HOB2]Switch to flexible gtk layout51.4JessicaVERIFIEDenhancementLow
2310Belen Barros Pena[Hob2] Line length for base image descriptions changes between images21.3 M1anlimingVERIFIEDminorLow(P1)(Scheduled)
2338Dave Stewart[Hob2] Hob should report that it's running sanity checks when it is51.3Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDenhancementLow
1578Matthew McClintockSSTATE_MIRROR needs a trailing '/' character to work1.2Richard PurdieRESOLVEDnormalMediumFinal patch out for review on bitbake-devel
1691Matthew McClintock[HOB] make IMAGES_TYPE a per recipe setting51.7Cristiana VoicuRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
1972Joshua Lock - Disabled[HOB] Enhance hob to guide users through creating custom images which boot into a specific app10FutureBelen Barros PenaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
2335Dave Stewart[Hob2] The "working" animated gif appears to have mis-ordered images31.2.1anlimingRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1)
2336Dave StewartProxy sanity check message is getting burried1.2.1Paul EggletonRESOLVEDnormalMediumFix now in master and denzil branch
2340Dave Stewart[Hob2] Top screen (i) doesn't work on Hob in the Build Appliance21.2.1anlimingRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P1)
2341Dave Stewart[Hob2] weird 18 second delay when parsing recipes31.2.1Shane WangRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P2) Patch in
1245Joshua Lock - DisabledBitBake proceeds unhindered when unrecognised commands are called21.3Constantin MuscaVERIFIEDnormalMedium8202e49c5fa03822adf3a4d75bc87d33b23a7f65;8d019a77d7c6ded1cff66094bfb9effa38c75c98
2149Joshua Lock - DisabledUnify progress bar implementations11.3 M2Kai KangVERIFIEDminorMedium(QA testing completed) Done
2155Giulia[Hob2] In the 'Image details' screen, it should not be necessary to select images whenever the build process outputs more than one file31.3 M2anlimingVERIFIEDnormalMedium(testing)
2175Shane Wang[Hob2] Implement "-- select a machine --" and "-- select a base image --" on the GUI.51.3 M2anlimingVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P2)
2180Shane Wang[HOB] Eliminate the by recipe grouping in the packages table51.4 M4Cristiana VoicuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2183Giulia[Hob2]Build failure scenario51.3 M4anlimingVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2195Giulia[Hob2] 'Recipes' and 'Packages' tables design51.3 M5Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDnormalMedium4a3b0d7287ba7ce223021d33895bf5c953f1e4dc
2238Giulia[Hob2] My Images selection31.3 M2anlimingVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1)(scheduled)
2247Giulia[Hob2] Proxy Setting31.3 M2Shane WangVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P1) Patch In the master
2248Giulia[HOB] Replace persistent tooltips with property windows and information alerts101.4Andrei DinuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
2276Joshua Lock - DisabledReplace custom HobNoteBook with gtk.Notebook41.3Joshua Lock - DisabledVERIFIEDnormalMedium
2322Joshua Lock - DisabledIn 'Recipes' and 'Packages' the tooltips for 'All recipes', 'Tasks', 'All packages' are missing.31.3Cristiana VoicuVERIFIEDnormalMedium
2323Joshua Lock - DisabledIncluded recipes/packages information is included within a button that opens the 'Included' tab51.3 M3Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P3)
2326Belen Barros Pena[Hob2] All 'Image details' screens must contain a primary action21.3 M1anlimingVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(QA Testing Completed)
2334Dave Stewart[Hob2] BB_NUMBER_THREADS not getting set in Hob?21.2.1Dexuan CuiVERIFIEDnormalMedium
2346Belen Barros Pena[HOB] Review and refine sorting mechanisms in Hob71.4Cristiana VoicuVERIFIEDnormalMedium


IDRequesterSummary (23 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1992lvchunhua[Web Hob] configure web development environment21.3 M2lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
1993lvchunhua[Web Hob] design web database table31.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
1994lvchunhua[Web Hob] Initialization data to database11.3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
1995lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to listen bitbake server status31.3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
1996lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get users build configuration31.3 M2lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)(Scheduled)
1997lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get layer and machine information31.3 M2lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)(Scheduled)
1998lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get recipe build progress and logs31.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
1999lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get base image list and store data into DB31.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2000lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get recipe and package user selected and send to bitbakeserver21.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2001lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get package build progress and logs31.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2002lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to store package successful build information into DB21.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2003lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to get image build progress and logs31.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2004lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to store image url into DB21.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2005lvchunhua[Web Hob] add feature to check bitbake server status frequently.11.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2006lvchunhua[Web Hob] amended some fatal error in the system31.3 M3lvchunhuaVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2008xiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.[Helper API] Understand bitbake server build mechanism to implement bitbake server helper (rest API) for web UI31.3xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)
2009xiaotongx.lv@intel.com2.[Helper API] Implement configuration APIs in helper side based on bitbake server runCommand() method via synchronous way21.3 M2xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)
2011xiaotongx.lv@intel.com[WEB HOB ] finish webhob front and back end UI html , JS and some python codes51.3 M3xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)
2014xiaotongx.lv@intel.com[Helper API] Finish configurations infos API via asynchronous way to generate events, such as machine, package formats, distro lists21.3 M2xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)
2016xiaotongx.lv@intel.com[Helper API]Finish these APIs of parsing recipe31.3 M2xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)
2017xiaotongx.lv@intel.com[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build packages for helper41.3 M2xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)
2018xiaotongx.lv@intel.com[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build images for helper41.3 M2xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)
2019xiaotongx.lv@intel.com[Helper API]Finish these APIs to control bitbake states for helper, such as initialize, reset, shutdown and so on.11.3 M2xiaotongx.lv@intel.comVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)

Kernel / BSP

Detailed Kernel Team bug queries are available on the Kernel page.

IDRequesterSummary (44 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1649Song LiuDefine Kernel policy51.3 M3Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDenhancementHigh(scheduled)
1919Darren HartAccommodate EFI via the live image "install" label51.3 M3Darren HartVERIFIEDmajorHigh(P1)(done)
2308Song LiuA small common BSP with graphics for as many platforms as possible (x86)101.5 M4Ross Burton (Arm)VERIFIEDenhancementHigh
1795Darren HartSimplify core-image-minimal-initramfs and reduce dependencies3FutureUnassignedACCEPTEDenhancementLow
418Kevin Tianuvesafb is required to be a module on qemux86/qemux86-64 target23.99Anuj MittalNEWnormalLow
1094Darren Hartmodule.bbclass is well out of sync with the version in openembedded21.4 M4Darren HartRESOLVEDnormalLow
1258Jiajun Xu[crownbay] Xorg eats lots of CPU time after standby3FutureSaul WoldRESOLVEDnormalLow
1487Bruce Ashfieldqemu: when booting from live CD, X cannot be started needs unionfs1.5 M3Chen QiRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1639Song LiuTracing: tuna, oscilloscope recipes5FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDminorLow(Scheduled)
1646Song LiuFast boot time documentation3FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementLowDocs remaining
1826Jiajun Xu[HuronRiver] only 3/4 screen is used when psplash loading11.7 M2Nitin KambleRESOLVEDminorLow
1830Darren HartAdd bluetooth config fragment and add to yocto/standard or appropriate BSPs1FutureMax EliaserRESOLVEDminorLow
1914Liming Wangmodify the tune files of ppc targets1.5Khem RajRESOLVEDnormalLow
2064Dexuan Cui[BSP] mount shows "/dev/sda4 on /media/sda4" but /media/sda4 doesn't exist41.5 M2Hongxu JiaRESOLVEDminorLow
2365Tom Zanussicrownbay|fri2: __ioremap_caller WARNING with BLDK2 boot21.2Bruce AshfieldRESOLVEDminorLow
2375Darren Hart[yocto-kernel,yocto-bsp] Use python logging module for errors, debug, info, etc1FutureBruce AshfieldRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2377Khem RajAdd mips64 supportFutureKhem RajRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2381Khem RajAdd ARM hard float support51.3Khem RajRESOLVEDenhancementLow
2386yilong, sun[Crownbay]The system can resume from S3 standby mode automatically31.3Tom ZanussiRESOLVEDminorLow(P3)(No QA needed)
843Bruce Ashfieldkernel: support standalone kernel builds31.3 M3Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P3)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)
1260Darren Hartcolor ghosting on BeagleBoard xM rev C31.4Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDminorLowwaiting for hardware (Mar 9, 2012)
1552Richard PurdieTracing: create separate recipe for perf51.3 M2Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDenhancementLow(P2)(Scheduled)
1553Richard PurdieTracing: perf trace scripting support51.3 M3Tom ZanussiVERIFIEDenhancementLow
2268Darren HartSpecify emgd feature in recipe-space51.4 M3Nitin KambleVERIFIEDminorLow
2267Darren HartIntegrate DISTRO_FEATURES with KERNEL_FEATURES25FutureBruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN COMPLETEenhancementMedium
684Liang WangOn qemuarm, the command 'poweroff/shutdown' can't close the qemu completely and exit to host console with Laverne build 20110121101.7Chen QiRESOLVEDnormalMedium(Scheduled)
1633Song LiuAMT driver integration41.5 M2Nitin KambleRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
1823Yi Zhao[Bealgeboard C4] keyboard could not work with 20111207 build21.4.1Paul EggletonRESOLVEDnormalMediumNeeds to be reproduced
1950Darren HartEFI only live images are not bootable21.5 M4Darren HartRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2015Hongna Xu[emenlow]X is black when resume from S3 standby mode.31.3Tom ZanussiRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P2)
2037yilong, sun[fri2] system cannot enter S3 standby mode31.2Darren HartRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2073Nitin Kamblen450 machine need to be of arch x86_64 instead of i58631.3Darren HartRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P2)
2330Tom ZanussiYocto BSP Tools: add doc and error message for meta-intel BSPs1.2.1Tom ZanussiRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2343Tom Zanussisugarbay/huronriver/crownbay: abnormal filesystem-related messages in dmesg1.3Yang ShiRESOLVEDnormalMedium(P2)
2364Tom Zanussicrownbay: bad_page_state with BLDK2 boot31.6Tom ZanussiRESOLVEDnormalMedium
2378Khem RajUse kmod51.3Khem RajRESOLVEDenhancementMedium(P2)
943Darren HartNeed a functional u-boot for mpc8315e-rdb (using factory now)1.3Paul GortmakerVERIFIEDnormalMedium(P4) O2 solves build, PRC hardware bricked (12-May-2011)
1551Richard PurdieTracing: Systemtap usability in Yocto51.3 M4Tom ZanussiVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
1614Song LiuTarget module build51.3 M2Darren HartVERIFIEDenhancementMedium(P1)(patch review) (Jun 28)
2046Darren HartMake KBRANCH default to a valid branch (not KMACHINE)1.3 M1Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDnormalMedium(Development)Mostly done, needs to be verified and closed.
2219Jiajun Xu[yocto-kernel] fail to find bblayers if TOPDIR is not "build"1.2.1Tom ZanussiVERIFIEDnormalMedium
1989Paul EggletonDefault module selections need attention42.2 M4Bruce AshfieldRESOLVEDminorMedium+
1635Song LiuAdd gummiboot as a grub-efi alternative (was Drop Grub for Syslinux/Gummiboot)51.6 M4Darren HartVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+(Test Case Completed) Development
1640Song Liu[DOC] Tracing/profiling HOWTOs151.4Tom ZanussiVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+(10D+5D)


IDRequesterSummary (24 tasks) EMilestoneAssigneeStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
1974Joshua Lock - DisabledBitBake Contributor documentation1FutureUnassignedACCEPTEDenhancementLow
1467Scott GarmanSync class header comments with reference manual1FutureUnassignedNEWenhancementLow
1088Gary ThomasMore fully document packaging systems1.5 M5Paul EggletonRESOLVEDnormalLow
1619Song LiuPackage Documentation Audit: All recipes buildFutureRoss Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementLowTime estimate not possible - this is an ongoing task
1631Song LiuBugzilla to WikiQ2Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1646Song LiuFast boot time documentation3FutureUnassignedRESOLVEDenhancementLowDocs remaining
1650Mark HatleNeed documentation on contributing patches and code1.4Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementLow17-Nov-2011: Resolved Fixed with 3.8 of dev manual.
1829Richard PurdieDeveloper Patch Submission Template Improvements1.6Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementLow
1943Scott RifenbarkNeed information on how to optimally set up a development workstationFutureScott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementLow04 June 2014: RESOLVED
1949Scott RifenbarkNeed information on the various "clean" tasks and when to use themFutureScott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementLow5 Sept 2014: RESOLVED
2085Darren HartDocument undocumented variables according to bbvars.pyFutureScott RifenbarkRESOLVEDminorLow29 May 2015: RESOLVED
1548Richard PurdieDocument handling multiple/parallel library versions1.4Scott RifenbarkVERIFIEDenhancementLow22 March 2013 - Resolved
1941Scott RifenbarkUpdate BSP example appendix to use a more recent BSP suited for cheaper available hw1.4Scott RifenbarkVERIFIEDenhancementLow11 Feb 2013: resolved/obsolete
545Joshua Lock - DisabledImprove SDK sysroot extensibility and workflow31.7Chen QiRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
557Dave StewartYocto website should include a glossaryQ4Jeff Osier-MixonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium26-aug-2011: enhancement
558Dave StewartYocto project website should include a simplified walk-throughQ4Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
641Kevin Tian[DOC] need a doc for qemu usage1.7Trevor WoernerRESOLVEDenhancementMedium31 July: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
1706Frans Meulenbroeksdisabling package management is not described1.5Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDnormalMedium8 May 2013
1939Lauri HintsalaFully document SRC_URI and its various parameters1.3Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDnormalMedium19 Sept 2012: Fixed/Resolved
1973Joshua Lock - DisabledEnhance BitBake manual1.6Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementMedium10 April 2014: RESOLVED
2112Tom RiniThe 'build appliance' installable should contain / have access to sstate caches for all targets21.7 M3Scott RifenbarkRESOLVEDenhancementMedium08 August 2014 - RESOLVED
636Kevin Tianno doc about sanity test process and case developmentFutureScott RifenbarkVERIFIEDnormalMedium16 June 2014: RESOLVED
2150Scott Garman[DOC] Develop a video screencast sequel to "Getting Started with the Yocto Project"15FutureStephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
1945Dave StewartDeveloper's Guide needs to give guidance about making source available1.6Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDnormalMedium+21 March 2013 - NEEDINFO
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