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Yocto Project 1.3 release milestone structure


Yocto Project 1.3 release schedule (release date: Oct. 26, 2012)

The detailed milestone map for the 1.3 release of Yocto Project is as below.

To view the Yocto schedule-at-a-glance, go to YoctoCalendar.

Please note that the estimation for each feature is done based on 'perfect day'. The purpose of the estimation is to estimate the relative size of features, NOT to predict when a single feature could be done.

M1 (May 14 to June 29, 2012 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release week 7)

M1 Feature/Tasks Development (May 14 to June 10, 2012)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (7 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2441Frans MeulenbroeksBeth Flanagan1feature request: add package version to license.manifestenhancementMedium(P2)(No QA needed)(Merged)VERIFIED
2123Richard PurdieJiajun Xu3Add in tests for re-execution of tasksenhancementLow(P2)(No QA needed)(patch checked in)VERIFIED
2388Darren HartKai Kang5[Hob] Separate the hob image writer into a separate applicationenhancementLow(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2075Robert YangRobert Yang10bitbake: replace older functions with the subprocess moduleenhancementLow(P2)(No QA needed)(Patch Review) 20%VERIFIED
2454Robert YangRobert Yang5oe-core: replace older functions with the subprocess moduleenhancementLow(P2)(Development 30%) (No QA needed)VERIFIED
2326Belen Barros Penaanliming2[Hob2] All 'Image details' screens must contain a primary actionenhancementMedium(P1)(QA Testing Completed)VERIFIED
2472Christopher LarsonXiaofeng Yan2archiver.bbclass: improve usabilityenhancementMedium(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED

M1 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (33 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2500Belen Barros PenaBelen Barros Pena[Hob2] Editing the recipes of a selected base image changes 'Select a base image' combo box value to 'self-hosted-image'normalMediumPatch out under reviewVERIFIED
2451Paul EggletonPaul Eggletonbuildhistory can't handle + in version when generating depgraphsnormalMedium(No QA needed)FixedVERIFIED
2573Shane WangBruce Ashfield[linux-yocto] No recipes available for linux-yocto_3.2.bbappendcriticalHighPatches on list (Jun 8, 2012)VERIFIED
2046Darren HartBruce AshfieldMake KBRANCH default to a valid branch (not KMACHINE)normalMedium(Development)Mostly done, needs to be verified and closed.VERIFIED
2487Nitin KambleBruce Ashfieldlinux-korg recipes do not work with tar.gz sourcesmajorMediumVERIFIED
2518Nitin KambleBruce Ashfieldlinux-korg recipe does not work with v3.4 kernelmajorUndecidedVERIFIED
1850Richard PurdieBeth Flanagan0.25Add new nightly-misc target to test other combinationsnormalMedium(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled) Fixed in contrib. Once AB lockdown is complete will be implemented in production.VERIFIED
2028Darren HartBeth Flanagan0.2Add a poky-tiny DISTRO targetnormalMedium(P1)(No QA needed)(Scheduled)Status: Pending commit to repoVERIFIED
2029Darren HartBeth Flanagan0.5Add a core-image-rt DISTRO targetnormalMedium(No QA needed)(Design) Estimate: 4 hours.VERIFIED
2419Richard PurdieBeth Flanagan2[Performance] Rootfs generation is inefficient (license checks)normalMedium(P1)(Covered by current QA test plan)(Merged)VERIFIED
2079Lianhao LuJessica2validate required field in new recipe wizardminorLow(Covered by current QA Test Plan)VERIFIED
2115Hongna XuJessicaAdd prompt for Perf/LatencyTop when eclipse connect to targetminorLow(QA Testing Completed)VERIFIED
2116Hongna XuJessica1Setting Kernel Module as a required field for SystemTapminorLow(QA Testing Completed)VERIFIED
2118Hongna XuJessica1No response from SystemTap after connection timed outminorLow(p2) (QA Testing Completed)VERIFIED
2467tfLaurentiu Palcuxserver-nodm-init init script broken for rootles XmajorHigh(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2440Yi ZhaoRobert Yang5Incremental RPM image generation doesn't worknormalMedium(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2489Robert YangRobert Yang2remove some oe_functions and oe/process.pynormalMedium(P3)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2511Belen Barros PenaRobert Yang2[Hob2] The 'Build configuration' tab in the building screen is emptynormalMediumVERIFIED
2310Belen Barros Penaanliming2[Hob2] Line length for base image descriptions changes between imagesminorLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2439Beth FlanaganKhem RajMultiple providers for runtime module-init-tools cause build failuresnormalMedium(No QA needed)VERIFIED
2558Gary ThomasRichard PurdieFetcher code incorrectly forces fetch of files which are in the download directory or mirrorcriticalHighIssue debugged and patch under discussion/testingVERIFIED
2513David NyströmRichard Purdiebitbake -c menuconfig silently fails if ncurses is not installedminorLowPatch out for review on the mailing list (May 31, 2012)VERIFIED
2449wuhanckRichard Purdierunqemu break under bash4normalMediumVERIFIED
2450Joshua Lock - DisabledRichard Purdiequilt-native siginfo file name matches despite cache file being unused/unusable ?normalMedium(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2460Gary ThomasRichard PurdieX server fails on PowerPC when built with GCC 4.7.xnormalMediumVERIFIED
2462Saul WoldRoss Burton (Arm)4telepathy-glib has potential parallel make issuenormalMedium(No QA needed)(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2556JessicaRoss Burton (Arm)meta-intel layer build errorsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2545Jiajun XuSaul Woldgcc-4.7 build fails on systemtap-sdt-devel installed hostnormalHighpatch pending in mutVERIFIED
2593Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldgcc 4.7 - beecrypt causes core-image-minimal failure - do_compile failnormalMediumfixedVERIFIED
2492Belen Barros PenaShane Wang[Hob2] Blank error message after updating to latest master branchnormalMediumPatch out under reviewVERIFIED
2608Mihai LindnerTom Zanussi[emenlow] X server segmentation faultmajorHighVERIFIED
2469Joshua Lock - DisabledTom ZanussiThe switch from WARNS -> ERRORS introduces failures in meta-intel BSP'snormalMediumVERIFIED
2284Xiaofeng YanXiaofeng Yan2(YOCTO 1.2)LSB 4.1: LSB Test Suite complain that there is no library "libgdk_pixbuf_xlib-2.0.so.0" in lsb imagenormalMedium(p2) (Covered by current QA Test Plan) testVERIFIED

M1 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule

  • RC1: 6/13/12
  • RC2: 6/21/12
  • M1 Release readiness meeting: 6/28/12
  • M1 release: 6/29/2012

M2 (June 11, 2012 to July 27, 2012 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release: week 7)

M2 Feature/tasks Development (June 11, 2012 to July 8, 2012)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (27 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2615Jason WesselPaul EggletonAdd a new flag to bitbake -C to clear a stamp and run the default targetenhancementMedium(p1)(fixed)VERIFIED
1552Richard PurdieBruce Ashfield5Tracing: create separate recipe for perfenhancementLow(P2)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
1992lvchunhualvchunhua2[Web Hob] configure web development environmentenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
1996lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get users build configurationenhancementLow(P3)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
1997lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get layer and machine informationenhancementLow(P3)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
1581Joshua Lock - DisabledDongxiao Xu2[HOB] Enable customisation of image drop downenhancementLow(P1)(Patch In the master)VERIFIED
1614Song LiuDarren Hart5Target module buildenhancementMedium(P1)(patch review) (Jun 28)VERIFIED
2034Darren HartBeth Flanagan1Tail first failing log in yocto-build email summariesenhancementLow(P1)(Done)VERIFIED
2390JessicaJessica12Adopt Eclipse Juno changes, esp. for LinuxToolsenhancementMedium(P1)(done)VERIFIED
2401JessicaJessica6Existing ADT based auto-tool project migration plan between Indigo and Juno releasesenhancementMedium(P1)(done)VERIFIED
2665Kai KangKai KangPOSIX: case aio_return 2-1 3-2 4-1 return UNRESOLVED on all archesenhancementUndecidedVERIFIED
2389JessicaLianhao Lu10Adopt latest TCF refactor for 1.0enhancementMedium(P1)(Covered by current QA Test Plan)VERIFIED
2604JessicaLianhao LuSupport Eclipse remote target interaction over SSH as another option besides TCFenhancementMedium(p1)VERIFIED
2605JessicaLianhao Lumake tcf-agent, openssh can be easily enabled or disabled through image features for sato-sdk imageenhancementMedium(p1)(Done)VERIFIED
2403Robert YangRobert Yang5Make the build profiling in picturesenhancementLow(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2404Robert YangRobert Yang10print which pkgs would be builtenhancementLow(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)VERIFIED
2540Tom ZanussiNitin Kamble4Move sugarbay BSP to the 3.4 kernelenhancementLow(P1)(Done)VERIFIED
2541Tom ZanussiNitin Kamble4Move fishriver BSP to the 3.4 kernelenhancementMedium(P2) (development)VERIFIED
2463Darren HartRichard PurdieUsability: autotools: Provide config.log in the bitbake log for do_configure() failuresenhancementMedium(P1)(patch review) Patch out for reviewVERIFIED
2609Laurentiu SerbanTom Zanussi[SugarBay] X server fails to startenhancementHighVERIFIED
2473Christopher LarsonXiaofeng Yan3Create or modify class for license filtered source archival using archiver.bbclassenhancementLow(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2009xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com22.[Helper API] Implement configuration APIs in helper side based on bitbake server runCommand() method via synchronous wayenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2014xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com2[Helper API] Finish configurations infos API via asynchronous way to generate events, such as machine, package formats, distro listsenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2016xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com3[Helper API]Finish these APIs of parsing recipeenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2017xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com4[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build packages for helperenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2018xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com4[Helper API]Finish these APIs to build images for helperenhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2019xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1[Helper API]Finish these APIs to control bitbake states for helper, such as initialize, reset, shutdown and so on.enhancementLow(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED

M2 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (62 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2493Andrei GherzanAndrei Gherzanbootlogd init script depends on devpptsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2638Andrei GherzanAndrei Gherzanerrors while running license_create_manifest - searching for files in ${TMPDIR}/pkgdata/*/runtimenormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2256Richard PurdiePaul Eggletonkernel menuconfig confusion with sstatenormalMedium(P1) (fixed) - 25 June 2012VERIFIED
2523Paul EggletonBogdan Marinescupoky-tiny build fails due to perl build failuremajorHigh(P1)(scheduled)VERIFIED
2478Saul WoldBogdan Marinescuguile fails to build on mipsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2572Jiajun XuBogdan Marinescu[multilib] failed dependency for util-linux with multilib buildmajorMediumVERIFIED
2654veeraBogdan Marinescugcc , g++ compilation with sdk is failing on the target [nightly build - 20120621-3]normalMediumVERIFIED
2397Darren HartBruce Ashfield1Move the linux-yocto-custom to oe-corenormalMedium(P2)(patch review): In MUTVERIFIED
2491Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaConnman 1.0 does not include a default wired connectionnormalHighVERIFIED
2490Cristian IorgaCristian Iorga2iproute2 links against a library which might not available at boot timenormalMediumVERIFIED
2521Robert YangDongxiao Xu[Hob2] The require of Gtk+, PyGtk and PyGobject is obscurenormalMediumVERIFIED
2613Hongna XuDongxiao Xu[Hob2] Delete layer failednormalMediumVERIFIED
2656Belen Barros PenaDongxiao XuAll references to 'self-hosted-image' should be expunged from documentationnormalMedium26 june 2012: ResolvedVERIFIED
2191Yi ZhaoBeth Flanagan0.1[autobuilder] i686-x86_64 toolchain is copied to the incorrect sharing directorynormalMedium(P1)(No QA needed)(Done)VERIFIED
2647Laurentiu SerbanBeth Flanagangcc-4_7-branch_gcc.gnu.org_.svn.gcc.branches_188658_.tar.gz not foundnormalMediumVERIFIED
2497Hongna XuJessica[Eclipse]Yocto-bsp tool doesn't read the value of reedited "output location"minorMediumVERIFIED
2592Hongna XuJessica[Eclipse]Yocto-bsp tool fail to create Yocto BSP with the same build&output locationnormalMediumVERIFIED
2622Hongna XuJessica[Juno]Multiple entry of Yocto Project Templates in new project wizardnormalMediumVERIFIED
2133niqingliang2003Kai Kang7can't find the daemon/failure/warning... functions needed by lsb.normalMedium(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2149Joshua Lock - DisabledKai Kang1Unify progress bar implementationsminorMedium(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2579Dave StewartKai KangI can't seem to build a working poky-tiny with hobnormalMedium(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2580Yi ZhaoLaurentiu PalcuBuild gtk-directfb image failednormalMediumQA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
1489JessicaLianhao Lutcf-agent segmentaion fault cause the re-running remote debug fail in EclipsenormalMedium(P3)need to test the latest tcf 1.0 upstream whether the problem still existsVERIFIED
2288JessicaLianhao Lu6unable to create new Bitbake Commander project due to too many files under project root directorynormalMedium(P2)VERIFIED
2634Alexandru GeorgescuLianhao Lucannot build successfuly eclipse plugin in Ubuntu 12.04 x86-64normalMediumVERIFIED
2667Hongna XuLianhao Lu[Eclipse]Init org.yocto.bc.ui.Activator failed if BC project in the workspacenormalUndecidedVERIFIED
2488Robert YangRobert Yang3apt-native 0.7.14: do_compile failed on FC17 64bitmajorHigh(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2434Robert YangRobert Yang3sanity.bbclass: check TMPDIR is not too longnormalMediumPatch Review 30%VERIFIED
2506Robert YangRobert Yang3core-image-sato: failed with deb rootfsmajorMedium(P2)VERIFIED
2571Jiajun XuRobert Yang1.5[multilib] no provider for lib32/lib64-lsbinitscriptsmajorMedium[P2](Merged)VERIFIED
2591Robert YangRobert Yang3gcc-cross: argument list too long when do_installnormalMedium(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2526Shane Wanganliming[Hob2] error happens when I choose directflb package in the package view.normalHighPatch out under reviewVERIFIED
2679Alexandru Palalauanliming[Hob]Deploy image failurenormalHighVERIFIED
2155Giuliaanliming3[Hob2] In the 'Image details' screen, it should not be necessary to select images whenever the build process outputs more than one filenormalMedium(testing)VERIFIED
2175Shane Wanganliming5[Hob2] Implement "-- select a machine --" and "-- select a base image --" on the GUI.normalMedium(P2)VERIFIED
2238Giuliaanliming3[Hob2] My Images selectionnormalMedium(P1)(scheduled)VERIFIED
2576Jiajun Xuanliming[Hob2] wrong image profile selected after template loadnormalMediumVERIFIED
2581Jiajun Xuanliming[Hob2] 'HobNotebook' no attribute 'tabbar' when build failurenormalMediumVERIFIED
2557Gary ThomasMark Hatlebusybox sets incorrect link on /etc/syslog-startup.confmajorHighVERIFIED
2697Yi ZhaoKhem Rajpuzzles-r9561.tar.gz checksum mismatchednormalMediumVERIFIED
2696Alasdair CampbellRichard Purdie'bitbake -c clean' should purge ccache for packageminorLowPatch on mailing list for reviewVERIFIED
2485Mark HatleRichard PurdieFailure in autoconf copying or using an m4 filenormalMediumPatch our for review on mailing listVERIFIED
2582Joe SteeveRoss Burton (Arm)'show-title' tag is not honored by default themenormalMediumVERIFIED
2611Scott GarmanScott Garman1runqemu consistency fixesminorLowVERIFIED
2069Hongna XuSaul Wold5Clutter run failed in qemux86/qemux86_64 on ubuntu/Opensuse/Fedora.normalMediumVERIFIED
2367Adrien BustanySaul Woldlibpcap recipe does package pcap-config in libpcap instead of libpcap-devnormalMedium(M1)(merged)VERIFIED
2494Ross Burton (Arm)Saul Woldbusybox should build rfkillnormalMediumVERIFIED
2535yilong, sunSaul Woldsyslog is not started by default in background on bsps(Crownbay,N450 etc)normalMedium(p2)VERIFIED
2607Alexandru GeorgescuSaul Woldcannot compile iptables-1.4.11.tar.bz2normalMediumVERIFIED
2631yilong, sunSaul Woldbeecrypt-native failed to compile on Fedora17(final) 64bitnormalMediumVERIFIED
2676Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldnon GPLv3 build fails on 1.2.1 - do_patch fails for util-linux-nativenormalMediumVERIFIED
2721JessicaSaul Woldgnupg-2.0.19 do_compile failed for nightly-x86-64 on autobuilder against masternormalMediumVERIFIED
2725JessicaSaul Woldzypper do_install failure for nightly x86_64 on AB against masternormalMediumVERIFIED
2247GiuliaShane Wang3[Hob2] Proxy SettingnormalMedium(P1) Patch In the masterVERIFIED
2637Alexandru PalalauShane Wang[HOB]perl-5.14.2-r7 do_copile failednormalMediumVERIFIED
2507MaNingTom Zanussi[emenlow] X server can not successful start up successful to the DesktopmajorMedium(P2)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2548Mihai LindnerTom ZanussiERROR drm/i915 can't work without intel_agp modulenormalMediumVERIFIED
2559Hongna XuTom Zanussi[yocto-bsp]X can't start in sato image built by yocto-bsp toolnormalMediumpatch submitted (June 18 2012)VERIFIED
2626xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com1.[Web Hob]Implemented a general helper based on the webservice technology in the bitbake server.normalMedium(P1) CompletedVERIFIED
2627xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com2.[Web Hob]Implement a common encapsulation class file for python webservice client to call bitbake server webservice UI functions.normalMedium(P1) CompletedVERIFIED
2628xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com3.[Web Hob]Refer to hob hobeventhandler.py class to write a common class file and build workflow in django framework.normalMedium(P1) CompletedVERIFIED
2629xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com4.[Web Hob]Implement recipe and packages dependency relationship based on database.normalMedium(P1) CompletedVERIFIED

M2 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 7/11/12
  • RC2: 7/19/12
  • M2 Release readiness meeting:7/26/12
  • M2 release: 7/27/12

M3 (July 9 to Aug. 24, 2012 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release: week 7)

M3 Feature/tasks Development (July 9 to Aug. 5, 2012)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (30 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2614Jason WesselPaul EggletonUsing EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "doc-pkgs" in local.conf does not install man pagesenhancementLow(p1)VERIFIED
1649Song LiuBruce Ashfield5Define Kernel policyenhancementHigh(scheduled)VERIFIED
843Bruce AshfieldBruce Ashfield3kernel: support standalone kernel buildsenhancementLow(P3)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)VERIFIED
1993lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] design web database tableenhancementLow(P3) VERIFIED
1998lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get recipe build progress and logsenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
1999lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get base image list and store data into DBenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2000lvchunhualvchunhua2[Web Hob] add feature to get recipe and package user selected and send to bitbakeserverenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2001lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get package build progress and logsenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2002lvchunhualvchunhua2[Web Hob] add feature to store package successful build information into DBenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2003lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] add feature to get image build progress and logsenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2004lvchunhualvchunhua2[Web Hob] add feature to store image url into DBenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2005lvchunhualvchunhua1[Web Hob] add feature to check bitbake server status frequently.enhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2006lvchunhualvchunhua3[Web Hob] amended some fatal error in the systemenhancementLow(P3)VERIFIED
2510Jiajun XuBeth Flanagan0.1enable deb build on autobuilderenhancementLowVERIFIED
2400JessicaJessica5Update lttng-ust to 2.0enhancementMediumVERIFIED
2168Eric BénardKai Kang7HOB should check for available disk spaceenhancementLow(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2659Kai KangKai Kang2POSIX: case aio_cancel/4-1.c fails on routerstation randomlyenhancementLow(P2)(D2)(Merged) VERIFIED
2383Khem RajLaurentiu PalcuRelocatable SDKenhancementLow(P2)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2838JessicaLaurentiu PalcuMake toolchain installed through adt_installer relocatableenhancementMediumVERIFIED
2741Robert YangRobert Yang10PN -> PACKAGES mappings for each available recipeenhancementMedium(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
1991Jessicaanliming5Define the flow after user finish a build, still able to retrieve the build logenhancementLow(P1)(QA Test Plan Ready)(development) 80% doneVERIFIED
2544Tom ZanussiNitin KambleMove emenlow BSP to the 3.4 kernelenhancementHigh(P1) Nitin: Please size and target.VERIFIED
2542Tom ZanussiNitin Kamble5Upgrade EMGDenhancementMedium(P2)(review)VERIFIED
2543Tom ZanussiNitin Kamble5Move crownbay BSP to the 3.4 kernelenhancementMedium(P2) (review)VERIFIED
2606Nitin KambleNitin Kambleupgrade automake to the latest versionenhancementMedium(P1)(patch review)VERIFIED
1179Darren HartRichard PurdieSpecify paths searched when failing to find a SRC_URIenhancementMedium(P1)(Scheduled) Two patches out for review on bitbake-develVERIFIED
1938Richard PurdieRichard PurdieDetect Host system changes when using sstateenhancementMedium(P1)(Scheduled) Patches out for reviewVERIFIED
1553Richard PurdieTom Zanussi5Tracing: perf trace scripting supportenhancementLowVERIFIED
2402Robert YangWenzong.Fan5Add remake-native and remakeenhancementLow(P3)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2011xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com5[WEB HOB ] finish webhob front and back end UI html , JS and some python codesenhancementLow(P1)VERIFIED

M3 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (95 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2420Richard PurdiePaul Eggleton[Performance] RPM Rootfs generation is inefficientnormalHigh(P1)VERIFIED
2531Robert MuellerPaul EggletonADT/Poky apps build fails with -static link optionmajorHighVERIFIED
2936Saul WoldPaul Eggleton3rpm-native: db3New: Assertion `dbOpts != ((void *)0) && *dbOpts != '\0 failed.criticalHighVERIFIED
2505Felipe Ferreri TonelloPaul Eggletonqt4x11.bbclass forces to add qt4-x11-free dependencynormalMediumVERIFIED
2595Lianhao LuPaul Eggletonxxx-dev packages missing in the core-image-sato-sdk image using ipknormalMediumVERIFIED
2598Ross Burton (Arm)Paul Eggletondev-pkgs and dgb-pkgs not workingnormalMediumVERIFIED
2599Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton2Avoid extraneous dependencies when adding -dbg packagesnormalMedium(p2)VERIFIED
2600Paul EggletonPaul Eggletonbitbake -p does not save cache properlynormalMedium(p1)(fixed)VERIFIED
2809Marc FerlandPaul Eggletonqt4.inc defines packages for fonts that are only useful for qt4-embeddednormalMediumVERIFIED
2828Nitin KamblePaul EggletonMUT: rpmresolve-native-1.0-r0: task do_compile: FailednormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2729Khem RajBogdan Marinescuguile-2.0 fails to build on armnormalMediumVERIFIED
2825Nitin KambleBogdan Marinescutelepathy-glib-0.19.2-r0: task do_compile: FailednormalMediumautobuilderVERIFIED
2910Laurentiu SerbanBogdan Marinescutoolchain installation error message on Ubuntu 11.10normalMediumVERIFIED
2687Laurentiu SerbanBruce Ashfieldbtrfs format image build failsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2780Laurentiu SerbanBruce Ashfieldbtrfs format image build fails due to kernel do_patch failurenormalMediumVERIFIED
2323Joshua Lock - DisabledCristian Iorga5Included recipes/packages information is included within a button that opens the 'Included' tabnormalMedium(P3)VERIFIED
2357tfCristian Iorga1connman has hard build time dependency on ofononormalMedium(P2)VERIFIED
2429Yi ZhaoCristian Iorga3connman do_compile failed on ppcnormalMedium(P1)VERIFIED
2802Alexandru PalalauCristian Iorga[Hob]Deploy image button not availablenormalMediumVERIFIED
2408Ross Burton (Arm)Dexuan Cuiatom-pc images should work on Fedora virt-manager out of the boxnormalMedium(P2)VERIFIED
1919Darren HartDarren Hart5Accommodate EFI via the live image "install" labelmajorHigh(P1)(done)VERIFIED
2382Reinette ChatreDarren Hart3dropbear does not work with poky-tinycriticalMedium(P2)(done)VERIFIED
2735Tom ZanussiDarren Hartscripts/send-pull-request cc:ing everyone mentioned in a resubmitted patchnormalMediumVERIFIED
2803Tom ZanussiDarren Hartmeta-intel: BSPs built with linux-yocto-rt hang at 'waiting for removable media...' on USB hddimg bootsnormalMedium(Done)VERIFIED
2769Yi ZhaoBeth Flanagan[Autobuilder] No dtb file for mpc8315e-rdb in directory with 1.3 M2 RC1normalMediumVERIFIED
2781Ross Burton (Arm)Beth FlanaganCorrupt psb-video-cdv or pvr-bin-cdv downloads?normalMediumVERIFIED
2806Ross Burton (Arm)Beth Flanagan"Grabbing git archive failed" across the boardnormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2942Yi ZhaoBeth Flanagan[autobuilder]No qemu images in public directory for 1.3 M3normalMediumVERIFIED
2913Laurentiu SerbanIoana Grigoropolyocto-bsp tool is unusable in ADTnormalMediumVERIFIED
2914Laurentiu SerbanIoana GrigoropolYocto project bitbake commander cannot be creatednormalMediumVERIFIED
2749Jackie HuangJackie Huang5python: _bsdb module is broken in python.normalMediumVERIFIED
2905Jackie HuangJackie Huang1gdk-pixbuf: postinst script failed on bootnormalMediumVERIFIED
2891Jackie HuangJackie Huangtcl 8.5.11: STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS/tclConfig.sh is not in sysroot stage.normalUndecidedVERIFIED
2770Laurentiu SerbanJessica[Hob] build failure for any image type - "Key error: elf"normalHighVERIFIED
2761liang liJessicaqemu target can not startup with "bitbake meta-ide-support"normalMediumVERIFIED
2709Shane WangKai Kang[Hob2] elf image type causes Hob errornormalHighVERIFIED
2481Xiaofeng YanKai Kang20YOCTO 1.3(M3): LSB fix bugsnormalMedium(P2)VERIFIED
61Ross Burton - DisabledLaurentiu Palcu3[Performance] Generate fontconfig cache when building imagenormalMedium(P1)(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2522Paul EggletonLaurentiu Palcumdadm needs binutils added to DEPENDSnormalMediumVERIFIED
1915Hongna XuLianhao Lu2Can't change C/C++ Yocto Project settingsnormalMedium(Covered by current QA Test Plan)VERIFIED
2554Robert YangRobert Yang3autogen-native 5.12: do_compile failed on FC 17 64bitmajorHigh(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2753Paul EggletonRobert Yang2createrepo failing with assertion in do_package_indexnormalHigh(Scheduled) (autobuilder)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2498Robert YangRobert Yang2opkg 0.1.8: do_fetch failed since no checksum specifiednormalMedium(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2617Yi ZhaoRobert Yang3Incremental RPM image generation doesn't work with 1.3 M1 RC1normalMedium(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2727Robert YangRobert Yang4subversion: do_install failed (parallel issue)majorMedium(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2822Ross Burton (Arm)Robert Yang2rpm-createsolvedb.py fails to import osnormalMedium(autobuilder)(P2)(QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2476Belen Barros Penaanliming[Hob2] How to handle kernel file selection when running qemu imagesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2706JessicaMark Hatlemultilib build failuremajorHighVERIFIED
3691chnariusMark Hatlesmart: meta-toolchain fail on do_populate_sdknormalMedium+VERIFIED
2642Alexandru GeorgescuNitin Kambledmesg errors on emenlow sato sdk imagenormalMediumVERIFIED
2736Paul EggletonNitin Kambletar QA issuenormalMediumfix pushed in contribVERIFIED
2756Saul WoldNitin KambleAutomake 1.12.1 needs to be tested agains non-gplv3normalMediumVERIFIED
2757Saul WoldNitin KambleAutomake 1.12.1 needs to be tested against commercially licensed recipesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2775Yi ZhaoPaul Gortmaker[mpc8315e-rdb] kernel crashes when booting with 1.3 M2 RC1 20120712 buildcriticalHighVERIFIED
2261tfRadu Moisan3dbus-launch should be included in main dbus packagenormalMediumhttp://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/commit/?id=f8d40ab395ffb8ed12731e318354fb3d30447e84VERIFIED
2426Darren HartRadu Moisan1live image installer does not preserve BSP specified console= kernel parameternormalMedium(P1)(scheduled)VERIFIED
2527Paul EggletonRadu Moisan1grub-efi-native fails due to help2man scriptmajorMedium(patch review v2)VERIFIED
2772Hongna XuRadu Moisan1[multilib] no provider for lib64-ossp-uuid/sato-imagenormalMediumVERIFIED
2765Khem RajKhem Rajmkelfimage fails to build first timenormalMediumVERIFIED
2824Nitin KambleKhem RajMUT: do_rootfs failed due to failed dependency on eglibc-localenormalMediumautobuilderVERIFIED
2530Mark HatleRichard Purdiebitbake fails to parse with "method already seen" errornormalMediumVERIFIED
2672Paul EggletonRichard PurdieMultiple overrides do not seem to be workingnormalMediumPatch out for reviewVERIFIED
2778Georg ScherzerRichard Purdiebitbake package-index failes because of error in opkg.py - Module opkg-utils_git.bbnormalMediumVERIFIED
2799Khem RajRichard Purdiefetchall does not work as expectednormalMediumVERIFIED
2813Ross Burton (Arm)Richard Purdiegtk-doc-stub doesn't package all filesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2849Laurentiu SerbanRichard Purdiex86-64 bitbake core-image-sato fails due to libxcb not compilingnormalMediumVERIFIED
2726LiRongQingLiRongQingslang: sort.sl test case failed on arm architecturenormalMediumVERIFIED
2788LiRongQingLiRongQingbusybox:udhcpc: root_is_nfs() in /etc/udhcpc.d/50default always return flasenormalMediumVERIFIED
2826LiRongQingLiRongQingfindutils: running updatedb failed if sort is installed on /bin on hostnormalMediumVERIFIED
2844LiRongQingLiRongQingsocat: build socat failednormalMediumVERIFIED
2319Darren HartRoss Burton (Arm)3gthumb: do_install hangs on highly parallel buildsnormalMedium(P1)(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2594Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)Icon theme needs to inherit gnomenormalMediumVERIFIED
2602Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)Tasks doesn't startnormalMediumVERIFIED
2764Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)Use gtk-doc-stubnormalMediumVERIFIED
2798Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)Add gsettings.bbclassnormalMediumVERIFIED
2612Darren HartScott Garmanrunqemu can't launch a poky-tiny imagenormalMedium2012-08-10: Patch out for review on MLVERIFIED
1488Mark HatleSeebs2[Multilib] settings need a sanity checknormalMedium(P1)VERIFIED
2777Jesse ZhangJesse Zhanggrub-mkconfig references wrong location of grub-mkconfig_libnormalMediumVERIFIED
2840Jesse ZhangJesse Zhangbusybox: udhcpc misbehavior when "ip=dhcp"normalMediumVERIFIED
2707JessicaSaul Woldnongplv3 build failure on autobuildermajorHighVERIFIED
2700Alexandru GeorgescuSaul Woldcannot reconnect to x11vncnormalMediumVERIFIED
2733Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldeglibc-2.15 compiling fails in poky-tiny core-image-minimalnormalMediumVERIFIED
2739Khem RajSaul WoldRemove proto in favor of protocol keyword in SRC_URInormalMediumVERIFIED
2767yilong, sunSaul WoldNothing PROVIDES when compile 'self-hosted-image'normalMediumVERIFIED
2835Nitin KambleSaul Woldguile failed in do_configurenormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2745Song.LiSong.Li2augeas 0.10.0:do_configure configure fails if libxml2 is not presentnormalMediumP2VERIFIED
2857Song.LiSong.Li2cairo 1.12.2:build failed without get_feature in gccnormalMediumP2VERIFIED
2705JessicaTom Zanussiperf issue in world buildmajorHighVERIFIED
2589Hongna XuTom Zanussi[yocto-kernel] fail to build core-image-sato when add patch into the kernelnormalMediumVERIFIED
2823Nitin KambleTom Zanussiperf failed on beagleboard & atom-pcnormalMediumautobuilderVERIFIED
2731Khem Rajvalentinwebkit-gtk fails to build for mipsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2734Wenzong.FanWenzong.Fan0.5bitbake: A build should be abort while runtime dependency conflictnormalUndecidedP3VERIFIED
2883Wenzong.FanWenzong.Fangdk-pixbuf: do_install failed in a parallel buildnormalUndecidedVERIFIED
2630xiaotongx.lv@intel.comxiaotongx.lv@intel.com5.[Web Hob]Refer to hob client program, to implement a similar webhob single-user client.normalMedium(P1) CompletedVERIFIED
2762Yao ZhaoYao Zhaodbus-glib 0.98: do_compile: failed to compile if enable-tests with dbus-glibnormalMediumVERIFIED

M3 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 8/8/12
  • RC2: 8/16/12
  • M3 Release readiness meeting: 8/23/12
  • M3 release: 8/24/12

M4 (Aug. 6 to Sep. 21, 2012 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release week 7)

M4 Feature/tasks Development (Aug. 6 to Sep. 2, 2012)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (21 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
1715Shane WangPaul Eggleton4[NAS] poky needs user-friendly error messagesenhancementLowVERIFIED
2787Martin JansaPaul Eggletonbuildhistory.bbclass should track runtime package name changesenhancementLowVERIFIED
1890Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton5Build history analysis web interfaceenhancementMediumVERIFIED
2422Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton2Rework core task recipesenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
1563Richard PurdieBogdan Marinescu[Multilib] Complete recipe enablementenhancementMedium+(scheduled)VERIFIED
1731Dongxiao XuBogdan Marinescu20[multilib] Finish rest recipes in world multilib enablingenhancementMedium+(Scheduled)RESOLVED
1192niqingliang2003Bruce Ashfieldmpc8315's tune file: "tune-ppc603e.inc"enhancementMedium+VERIFIED
2165GiuliaJessica15[Hob2] Change actions in the 'Recipes' screen to: 'Build image' (primary action) and 'Build packages' (secondary action).enhancementHighVERIFIED
2674Kai KangKai KangPOSIX: case pthread_cond_signal/1-1 fails on routerstationenhancementMedium(D5)(Patch Merged)VERIFIED
1592Richard PurdieRobert Yang5binary package install classenhancementLow(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2920Robert YangRobert Yang3fetch2/__init__.py: add an "auto" policy for BB_SRCREV_POLICYenhancementMediumVERIFIED
2948Robert YangRobert Yang5ipk: binary package install classenhancementMedium(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2949Robert YangRobert Yang5deb: binary package install classenhancementMedium(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2183Giuliaanliming5[Hob2]Build failure scenarioenhancementMediumVERIFIED
2038Shane WangRadu Moisan4[multilib] Add scripts to sanity check for multilib libraries in the build directoryenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
2570Nitin KambleRichard PurdieBitbake Fetcher: Provide ability to rename downloaded filesenhancementLowVERIFIED
238Richard PurdieRichard Purdiesstate code doesn't detect overwriting filesenhancementMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
1606Song LiuRoss Burton (Arm)2Investigate New UIenhancementHigh(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2379Khem RajRoss Burton (Arm)Use xorg-xserver and remove xserver-kdriveenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
1969Hongna XuScott Garman7Can't launch multiple qemu using nfsenhancementMediumVERIFIED
1551Richard PurdieTom Zanussi5Tracing: Systemtap usability in YoctoenhancementMediumVERIFIED

M4 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (165 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2534Hongna XuAlexandru Damian[Regression]Glxgears failed on qemuarm/mips/ppc on Ubuntu 11.10 64bitnormalMediumVERIFIED
2752Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damianpython error creating rpm packagesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2794Laurentiu SerbanAndrei Dinu2[HOB] STOPTASK value for BB_DISKMON_DIRS attribute is unknown for HOBnormalMediumVERIFIED
2797Ross Burton (Arm)Andrei DinuRemove gypsynormalMediumpatch reviewVERIFIED
2965Andy RossAndy Rosscross linker picks up host libraries via -rpath argumentmajorMediumVERIFIED
2995Khem RajAndy Rosspango fails to build for x86_64normalMediumVERIFIED
2649Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton[Hob2] Hob reorders layers internallynormalMedium(patch review)VERIFIED
2976Martin JansaPaul EggletonAttributeError: 'CoreRecipeInfo' object has no attribute 'task_deps'normalMediumVERIFIED
2162GiuliaBogdan Marinescu5[Hob2] Implement 'Settings' dialogue as designedmajorHighMerged (db7d98569117b7a75262eb555e1c7ae9a421bdf8)VERIFIED
2620Laurentiu SerbanBogdan MarinescuMultilib sato image fails - virtual/lib32-gettext dependency not metnormalMediumVERIFIED
2695Alexandru PalalauBogdan Marinescu[HOB]toolchain arch in settings is not savednormalMediumVERIFIED
2720Laurentiu SerbanBogdan Marinescux32 build fails on 1.3 - gcc 4.6 recipe missingnormalMediumVERIFIED
2751Laurentiu SerbanBogdan Marinescux32 - eglibc_2.15.bb, do_install_locale) failed with exit code '1'normalMediumVERIFIED
2763Fredrik MarkströmBogdan Marinescuqemu-native fails to build when both 32 and 64 bit libraries are installed.normalMediumVERIFIED
2836Jack MitchellBogdan Marinescubison-native 'gets' failurenormalMediumVERIFIED
2888Laurentiu SerbanBogdan Marinescux32 build fails at gcc cross-initial do_compilenormalMediumVERIFIED
2912Laurentiu SerbanBogdan Marinescuoprofile installation fails due to gcc compiler issuenormalMediumVERIFIED
2931Paul EggletonBogdan Marinescumultilib clutter compile failednormalMediumVERIFIED
1729Dongxiao XuBogdan Marinescu10[multilib] Finish core-image-sato-sdk multilib enablingnormalMedium+(scheduled) Depends on Jiajun's full testVERIFIED
2616James LimbourisConstantin Musca2ppp uses host files to determine whether to link against libpcapminorMediumdd429885189761c264f8d626524c6a02bf148801VERIFIED
2750Richard PurdieConstantin Muscagrub has host contamination issuesnormalMediuma6d808f8c8aabb6fdc9ca6dc1ab27074fa159605VERIFIED
2805Martin JansaConstantin Muscagnome-keyring-2.32.1-r7: has unpackaged files with PAM enablednormalMediumdcd607ecc1d512f8cc704916e9c6737fe5dd0bb5VERIFIED
2925Laurentiu SerbanConstantin Muscabitbake build-appliance-image fails due to iptables issuenormalMediumVERIFIED
1730Dongxiao XuConstantin Musca10[multilib] Finish core-image-lsb multilib enablingnormalMedium+(Already covered by QA)(scheduled)VERIFIED
2636Belen Barros PenaCristian Iorga1[Hob2] We are missing proper descriptions for qt4e-demo-image and self-hosted-imagenormalLow20 June 2012: Suggested descriptionsVERIFIED
2464Darren HartCristian Iorga2gst-ffmpeg do_configure fails with "C compiler test failed"normalMediumVERIFIED
2590MaNingCristian Iorga4[multilib]do_rootfs failed for lib32-connman-gnome with ipknormalMediumVERIFIED
2678Alexandru PalalauCristian Iorga[Hob]deb packaging build failurenormalMediumVERIFIED
2771Laurentiu SerbanCristian Iorga2lib32 connman-gnome is not built for qemux86-64normalMediumVERIFIED
2789Laurentiu SerbanCristian Iorga2Running image fails - after image is readynormalMediumVERIFIED
2834Nitin KambleCristian Iorgalibsamplerate0-0.1.8-r0: task do_compile: FailednormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2550Ross Burton (Arm)Cristian Iorga5Add "kvm" machine for running virtualisednormalMedium+a69b5e1eae58618bb92f3f03c8727ae7462d2d26, 79947f1eb9f695c374ba63672f94deaa1de75561, a69b5e1eae58618bb92f3f03c8727ae7462d2d26, ebe1f9f7cf1fa63683bcd2bf21e809588780b1d9VERIFIED
2515Dongxiao XuCristiana Voicu[Hob] "Build new image" button (in image details page) doesn't work correctlynormalLowVERIFIED
2596Paul EggletonCristiana Voicu[Hob2] traceback when DISPLAY is not setnormalMediumVERIFIED
2893Khem RajCristiana Voicu[Hob] SSTATE_MIRROR box not populatednormalMediumpatch reviewVERIFIED
2900Laurentiu SerbanCristiana VoicuHob displays a small window without messagenormalMediumVERIFIED
2984Cristian IorgaCristiana VoicuImage details reports that "Your image is ready" even if changes to the included packages have been mademajorMediumVERIFIED
3010Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe image configuration screen should have only one primary actionmajorMediumVERIFIED
3012Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuSecondary action in 'Edit recipes' and 'Edit packages' screen should be 'Cancel', not backmajorMediumVERIFIED
2884ManiacbugDenys DmytriyenkoPandaboard fails to bootnormalMediumVERIFIED
2924Luke A. GuestDenys Dmytriyenko[meta-ti][meta-gumstix] file://defconfig fails to download - doesn't existcriticalMediumVERIFIED
2860Nitin KambleDarren Hartn450 : trace-cmd recipe fails to compilenormalMedium(autobuilder)(Development complete)VERIFIED
2889Darren HartDarren Hartlinux-yocto-custom QA warning for mismatched architecture for tools/relocs in kernel-dev packagenormalMediumVERIFIED
3700Julien CieslaDarren HartWhen inherit boot-directdisk class, the first build fail with error "disk full"normalMediumRESOLVED
3004Alexandru PalalauDarren Hart[FRI2]X server fails to startnormalMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2373Ross Burton (Arm)Edwin Zhai1No virtual/egl provider on MesanormalMediumpatch ready for test, May2, 2012VERIFIED
1877Lianhao LuBeth Flanagan1populate ipks/qemu images/eclipse plugin for QA testnormalMedium(1.3) Status: Patch PendingVERIFIED
1958Jim ABeth Flanagan0.5missing package at source and not in Yocto mirrornormalMedium(1.3) Status: Design Phase. Needs to be in bbVERIFIED
2732Beth FlanaganBeth FlanaganBetter build failure email.normalMediumVERIFIED
2818Saul WoldBeth FlanaganAdd Build Appliance Target to AutobuildernormalMediumVERIFIED
2986Ross Burton (Arm)Beth FlanaganPrepping for package-index creation by copying ipks back to main builddir failednormalMedium(Scheduled)(autobuilder)VERIFIED
3016Stoicescu CornelBeth Flanagan[Autobuilder] x86_64 list of images is incomplete for 2012.08.22 buildnormalMediumVERIFIED
3064liang liBeth FlanaganADT-installer failed to install with 1.3 betanormalMedium+VERIFIED
3058Alexandru GeorgescuIoana GrigoropolCannot build eclipse plugin for 1.3_betamajorHighVERIFIED
2922Ioana GrigoropolIoana Grigoropolyocto-bsp wizard fails on properties page with empty error pop-upnormalMediumVERIFIED
2927Alexandru GeorgescuIoana Grigoropolthe new Cross-Toolchain does not work with eclipse (Juno)normalMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2953liang liIoana GrigoropolADT-installer failed to install with nightly build (20120814-1)normalMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2956Laurentiu SerbanIoana Grigoropoltoolchain installation error -inconsistent behaviornormalMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2980Laurentiu SerbanIoana Grigoropoltoolchain issue - segmentation fault while configuring packagesnormalMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
3011Belen Barros PenaIoana GrigoropolButton style in the image details screen should be taken from the host thememajorMedium+Patch merged VERIFIED
2779Jackie HuangJackie Huang3groupadd/useradd error: "tried running groupadd command 10 times without success"majorMediumVERIFIED
2811Jackie HuangJackie Huang1quota 4.00: do_install failed: msgfmt: command not foundmajorMediumVERIFIED
2947Jackie HuangJackie Huang2apr-util 1.4.1: do_compile failed with the error gawk: fatal: can't open source file `.../make_exports.awk' for reading (No such file or directory)normalMediumVERIFIED
2959Jackie HuangJackie Huangcoreutils: built without ACL supportnormalMediumVERIFIED
3081Jackie HuangJackie Huanglibgnome-keyring: do_configure failed with "intltoolize: command not found"normalMediumVERIFIED
2975Aditya GandhiJessicaCannot install Qt toolchain for crownbay platform on x86_64 hostnormalMediumVERIFIED
2985Andreea Brandusa ProcaJessicaHob can not create image due to permissions error while creating cooker log.normalUndecidedVERIFIED
2842Kai KangKai KangPOSIX: aio_suspend/9-1 fails in Yocto 1.2.1minorLowVERIFIED
3052Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/ExtUtils/t/basic.t 458 failsnormalLowVERIFIED
3053Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/ExtUtils/t/PL_FILES.t 472 failsnormalLowVERIFIED
3054Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/ExtUtils/t/recurs.t 478 failsnormalLowVERIFIED
3055Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/Unicode/UCD.t 798 failsnormalLowVERIFIED
2482Xiaofeng YanKai Kang10YOCTO 1.3(M4): LSB fix bugsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2795Kai KangKai Kanghob2: remove the hardcoded map between image types and real image extend namenormalMedium(QA testing completed) Done VERIFIED
2886Kai KangKai KangPOSIX: mq_open/16-1 fails randomly on routerstationnormalMedium(Patch Merged)VERIFIED
2899Kai KangKai KangPOSIX: timer_settime/5-3 fails on sugarbay and huronrivernormalMedium(D7)(Merged)VERIFIED
2973Marc FerlandKai Kangltp_20120104: Missing dependency on libaionormalMediumVERIFIED
3030Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/Class/ISA/t/00_about_verbose.t 432 and ../lib/Class/ISA/t/01_old_junk.t 433 failnormalMedium(D5)(Patch Review)VERIFIED
3031Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test all/tst_perlModPresent.pl 1 failsnormalMedium(D5)(Patch Merged)VERIFIED
3099Kai KangKai KangLSB 4.1: perl test ../lib/Config.t 435 failsnormalMedium(Patch Merged)VERIFIED
2427Jiajun XuLaurentiu Palcu[qemuarm/mips/ppc] xf86-input-synaptics do_configure due to lack of xorg-server development filesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2708veeraLaurentiu Palcurunqemu qemux86 --> is not able to open qemu GUI for Sato/sato-sdk imagesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2957Laurentiu SerbanLaurentiu Palcugcc from ADT installer cannot build applicationnormalMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
3009liang liLaurentiu Palcuqemu emulator from the toolchain installed by ADT installer failed to execute binary filenormalMedium+VERIFIED
3048Alexandru GeorgescuLaurentiu PalcuADT doesn't install properlymajorMedium+VERIFIED
2852veeraRobert Yangzypper assertion failnormalHighVERIFIED
2305Robert YangRobert Yang2qemu-nativesdk: can't find libcurl.so.4normalMediumVERIFIED
2328Dongxiao XuRobert Yang5Some RPM package file format is not correct on Beagleboard platformnormalMediumVERIFIED
2495Joshua Lock - DisabledRobert Yang3Rootfs creation broken when using package_deb as primary PACKAGE_CLASSESnormalMediumVERIFIED
2575Robert YangRobert Yang4PACKAGE_ARCHS cause wrong packages installed (opkg backend)normalMediumVERIFIED
2619Laurentiu SerbanRobert Yang5do_package_write_rpm fails - fakeroot issuenormalMediumVERIFIED
2640Robert YangRobert Yang3dpkg-scanpackages: bad interpretermajorMedium(P2) (QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2661Robert YangRobert Yang3portmap 6.0: do_compile failed on fedora 17 64bitmajorMedium(P2)VERIFIED
2664Robert YangRobert Yang2icu 3.6: do_install failed: Segmentation fault (tmpdir length)majorMedium(QA testing completed) DoneVERIFIED
2688Robert YangRobert Yang3apt-native 0.7.14: file name too long error when run (tmpdir length)normalMedium(QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2689Robert YangRobert Yang3apt-native 0.7.14: Method file has died unexpectedly when run (tmpdir length)normalMedium(P2) (QA Testing Completed)(Done) VERIFIED
2723Mark HatleRobert Yang3automatic ldconfig does not always work properlynormalMediumVERIFIED
2906Yi ZhaoRobert Yang3Incremental RPM image generation doesn't work with 1.3 20120801 buildnormalMediumVERIFIED
3047liang liRobert Yang3do_rootfs: ERROR: tried running useradd command 10 timesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2897Martin JansaRobert Yang5sstate-cache-management.sh doesn't work with new sstate-cache layoutmajorMedium+(Scheduled)VERIFIED
2728Alexandru GeorgescuMark Hatledependency problems when installing MC on a e-menlow imagenormalMediumVERIFIED
2760liang liMark Hatledo_populate_sdk failed when build meta-toolchainnormalMediumVERIFIED
2839JessicaMichael HalsteadEclipse plug-in headless build may randomly fail on AB or people's local machinenormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
3044Ioana GrigoropolMichael Halstead[Autobuilder] Eclipse plugin build fails due to unsupported Override annotations in openjdk-7normalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2926Mihai LindnerMihai Lindnersysklogd: syslog.conf should not have tabs within the selector fieldnormalMediumVERIFIED
2993Ross Burton (Arm)Matthew McClintockpython-curl and python-images fail QA testsnormalMedium+(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2496Hongna XuRadu MoisanSome recipes will build fail when rebuild with different commits and archesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2632yilong, sunRadu Moisan1kmod-native failed to compile on Centos5.8(final) 32bitnormalMedium1736b1d4cd17626e41b87a110d6e47009d879886VERIFIED
2945Nitin KambleRahul Saxenarpm2cpio failsnormalMedium+(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2833Khem RajKhem Rajglib-2.0-nativesdk build fails on ubuntu 11.10/64bitnormalMediumVERIFIED
2908Paul EggletonKhem Rajgcc git repo is huge and takes a long time to fetchnormalMediumVERIFIED
1446Jiajun XuRichard Purdie30wrong version of libclutter-glx-1.0-0 picked up for core-sato-sdk image after world buildnormalHighVERIFIED
2662Marcin JuszkiewiczRichard PurdieChange of ARM tuning is not fully respectednormalMediumVERIFIED
2846Jack MitchellRichard Purdiecleansstate failing - possibly due to nfsnormalMediumPatch out for reviewVERIFIED
2933Paul EggletonRichard PurdieVersion preference logic works differently with BBCLASSEXTENDSnormalMediumVERIFIED
2961Martin JansaRichard Purdiestamps are not cleaned during recipe downgrade/upgradenormalMediumVERIFIED
3039Jerrod PeachRichard PurdieCan't add new tasks to sstate without modifying sstate.bbclassnormalMediumPatch out for reviewVERIFIED
2992Ross Burton (Arm)Richard Purdiegmp failing due to missing libgcc_s.so.1normalMedium+(autobuilder) Patch out for reviewVERIFIED
2755LiRongQingLiRongQingwatchdog: ping mode failednormalMediumVERIFIED
2812LiRongQingLiRongQinginsserv-native: build insserv-native failed.normalMediumVERIFIED
2853LiRongQingLiRongQingperf: building failed since hardcoded slang dirnormalMediumVERIFIED
2417yilong, sunRoss Burton (Arm)webkit-gtk failed to compile with qemumipsnormalMedium(No QA needed)VERIFIED
2816Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)webkit-gtk doesn't parallel buildnormalMediumVERIFIED
2954Martin JansaRoss Burton (Arm)gail and gtk+ packages provide the same filenormalMediumVERIFIED
2978Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)mesa-xlib causes bitbake to crashnormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
3033Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)emenlow fails, conflicting providers for libglunormalMedium(autobuilder)VERIFIED
3028Tom ZanussiScott Garmanrunqemu aborts if it finds a preconfigured tap devicenormalMediumVERIFIED
2479Saul WoldSeebsPseudo does not compile building for mips targetnormalMediumVERIFIED
2639Robert YangSeebs5groupadd: malloc(): memory corruptionmajorMedium(P2)VERIFIED
3008liang liSaul WoldAll machines fail to boot through UNFS (nightly build 20120822-1)normalHigh(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2407Koen KooiSaul WoldBuild fails when mesa and libsdl are missing on the buildhostnormalMediumVERIFIED
2691Hongna XuSaul WoldOprofile-viewer encounter invalid sample file issuenormalMediumVERIFIED
2814LiRongQingSaul Woldexternal-python-tarball: build failednormalMediumVERIFIED
2885veeraSaul Wold[qemux86] Not able to bring up qemu sato-sdk imagenormalMediumVERIFIED
2901Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldcore-image-lsb image fails due to shadow compile issuenormalMediumVERIFIED
2928Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldccache is not used when building packagesnormalMediumVERIFIED
2939Alexandru GeorgescuSaul Wold[crownbay] error when adding a contact in Contacts applicationnormalMediumVERIFIED
2943Stefan StanacarSaul Woldeglibc 2.16 compile fails with distro poky-tiny and x86_64 targetnormalMedium(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2966Paul EggletonSaul Woldcups host contamination with pdftops/gsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2970Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldkvm not enabled with qemunormalMediumVERIFIED
2974Laurentiu SerbanSaul Woldgdb-cross-canadian fetch fail for bitbake meta-toolchainnormalMediumVERIFIED
3005Stefan StanacarSaul Wold1.3 M3 build-appliance comes with old poky tree and m4-native compile failsnormalMediumVERIFIED
3015veeraSaul Wold[ qemux86 ] file system errors in dmesg & varlogmessages files for sato_sdk imagenormalMediumVERIFIED
3018liang liSaul Woldbitbake run failed on opensuse 12.1 64 bit hostnormalMediumVERIFIED
3027Aditya GandhiSaul Woldmesa-demos Included in core-image-minimalnormalMediumVERIFIED
2892Khem RajSaul Woldrpm fails to generate root file system when /bin/traceroute6 is includednormalMedium+VERIFIED
2740Song.LiSong.Li2sysstat 10.0.3:do_compile sysstat build failed when add lm-sensors to the rootfsmajorMediumP2VERIFIED
2796Song.LiSong.Li2guile 2.0.5:do_install meta directory install-data-hook failednormalMediumP3VERIFIED
2819Song.LiSong.Li2alsa-tools 1.0.25:do_compile cp:cannot stat `/usr/share//install-sh'normalMediumP3VERIFIED
2864Song.LiSong.Li2guile 2.0.5:do_compile dynl.c cant find libpath.hnormalMediumP2VERIFIED
2877Song.LiSong.Li2tcl 8.5.11:do_patch should do patch on configure.in instead of configurenormalMediumP3VERIFIED
2921Song.LiSong.Li2telepathy-glib:do_compile failed on SLED-11.2-32bitnormalMediumP2VERIFIED
2652Cristian CiupituScott Rifenbarkpackage xsltproc does not exist on Fedora 16 / EL6minorLow20 August 2012 - Resolved/FixedVERIFIED
2671Cristian CiupituScott Rifenbarkcreate-pull-request and send-pull-request don't support the --help optionminorLow24 Aug 2012: still resolved but extra information addedVERIFIED
2929JessicaScott Rifenbark1Add section for the latest Juno setup changesnormalMedium15 August 2012 - Resolved/FixedVERIFIED
2930JessicaScott RifenbarkAdd section for supporting relocatable ADT/SDKnormalMedium26 Sept 2012 - Fixed/resolvedVERIFIED
2585Hongna XuTom Zanussi1[wiki]The wiki using yocto-bsp create qemu BSP should sync with our source codeminorLowVERIFIED
2587Hongna XuTom Zanussi1[yocto-bsp]the default branch is not in remote branchnormalMediumVERIFIED
2693Laurentiu SerbanTom Zanussi1Yocto BSP create via JSON file failsnormalMediumVERIFIED
2967OpensourceTom Zanussi'yocto-bsp create' gives invalid kernel branchmajorMediumVERIFIED
2991Laurentiu SerbanTom Zanussithe image created with yocto-bsp tool fails to start - "unsupported machine type"normalMediumVERIFIED
2996Laurentiu SerbanTom Zanussiia32-base.inc file missing from the meta layer build using yocto-bspnormalMedium+VERIFIED
2919Wenzong.FanWenzong.Fanat: potential issue: do_compile fails with error: lex.yy.c: No such file or directorynormalMediumVERIFIED
2987Ross Burton (Arm)Wenzong.Fangettext has RPATH QA errornormalMedium+(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2916Xin OuyangXin Ouyanggrub 1.99: do_configure: flex is too old on Redhat/CentOS 5.8normalMediumVERIFIED

M4 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 9/5/12
  • RC2: 9/13/12
  • M3 Release readiness meeting: 9/20/12
  • M3 release: 9/21/12

M5 Stabilization Milestone (9/19/2012 - 10/26/2012)

M5 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (85 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
2940Alexandru GeorgescuAlexandru Damianconnman forgets default gateway when the cable is unpluggednormalMedium+VERIFIED
2895Laurentiu SerbanAndreea Brandusa ProcaBuilding a package stops at 99 percentnormalMedium+VERIFIED
2577Hongna XuAndrei DinuSegmentation fault on qemuarm from /usr/lib/libust.so.0normalMediumwait for upstreamVERIFIED
3138Andrei GherzanAndrei Gherzanecho -e in dash will print "-e"normalMediumVERIFIED
3162Dave StewartPaul EggletonBeta - Hob has a badly formed error message when loading the meta-dlna layermajorHigh(patch review)VERIFIED
2651scanliPaul EggletonHob stopped when use the external CSL toolchain--Sourcery CodeBench LiteminorMediumRESOLVED
3151Belen Barros PenaPaul EggletonFetch errors while building get you into an endless alert loopnormalMediumVERIFIED
3133Martin JansaPaul Eggletonrunqueue.py, line 471: IndexError: list index out of rangenormalMedium+VERIFIED
3146Paul EggletonPaul EggletonBPN includes multilib prefix leading to missing file warningsnormalMedium+VERIFIED
3163Dave StewartPaul EggletonBeta - bitbake error message doesn't tell me what's wrong with my layermajorMedium+VERIFIED
3025Dave StewartBogdan MarinescuBad fix for Hob network testscriticalHighMerged (7d95141c5abecbd19fa1f3dccabfbe46aad01192)VERIFIED
3117Belen Barros PenaBogdan MarinescuSettings dialog does not come upmajorMediumVERIFIED
3111Saul WoldBruce Ashfieldmpc8315 kernel fails to link due to uprobe changsecriticalHighPatch submitted to linux-yocto mailing listVERIFIED
3088Chen QiBruce Ashfield"INIT: Id "1" Respawning too fast: disable for 5 minutes" messge continues to appear on routerstationpronormalMedium+VERIFIED
3186Chen QiBruce AshfieldBeagleBoard: rpm query package failed due to glibc realloc() errornormalMedium+VERIFIED
3045Belen Barros PenaConstantin MuscaChange log button label to 'Open log' in packages and image details screensnormalMedium8c82b12d1ccf7e7a79e5ee91dd362619694c4520VERIFIED
3046Belen Barros PenaConstantin MuscaAdd tooltips to the build failed notificationnormalMedium293764e43502448d56b7c2fdd547ef844094ef26VERIFIED
2597Ross Burton (Arm)Constantin Muscaintltool is missing intltool.m4normalMedium+621fec0277e5c53fe35bc0f1dc4d6892f01c51b1VERIFIED
2958Laurentiu SerbanConstantin Muscasudoku-savant configuration failure using ppc toolchainnormalMedium+VERIFIED
2982Belen Barros PenaConstantin MuscaThe title of the packages screen should change depending on the screen you arrive frommajorMedium+d875d62f8ef606e188bf1e6561208e6b80b68d24VERIFIED
3082Belen Barros PenaConstantin MuscaHob should update bblayers.conf when required, instead of showing an error messagenormalMedium+cbddb898c2dc6fe78780dfc337f9d3aad9205bc7, 6d3d4baeebc850492d523419683348cffa2d63b0VERIFIED
3108Belen Barros PenaConstantin MuscaPackages are shown as brought in by 'User selected' when I've made no changes to the recipes in the base imagenormalMedium+a2783d2f644b6e7704439380df0884c5351bc190VERIFIED
3152Belen Barros PenaConstantin MuscaWhen you stop a build, Hob should tell you stopping is happeningnormalMedium+f40bfd2e5f91a3c699833f19cec435a9b897f4b5VERIFIED
3170Alexandru DamianConstantin MuscaHOB hangs with all buttons graynormalMedium+87a1f631ad4d86313784efe83679f45ca66daa39VERIFIED
2960Jan LübbeCristian IorgaError box without text when parsing recipesnormalHigh9628271a455492970e2d9ad439ab0a430f619a39VERIFIED
2983Belen Barros PenaCristian Iorga3Hob does not report errorsnormalHigh9628271a455492970e2d9ad439ab0a430f619a39, 696ccb4f5aec1bd776a8825f1b50391630df9da5VERIFIED
2195GiuliaCristian Iorga5[Hob2] 'Recipes' and 'Packages' tables designnormalMedium4a3b0d7287ba7ce223021d33895bf5c953f1e4dcVERIFIED
3184Laurentiu SerbanCristian Iorgarunning an image with kvm enabled fails if the runqemu command is usednormalMedium+4b5d9da07c2b4946cf2321ce537047bd61366a6eVERIFIED
2537Dave StewartCristiana VoicuWhen you STOP a build, it's not obvious what to do nextnormalMediummergedVERIFIED
2998Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuIn the image details screens, it should say 'Files created' instead of 'FileCreated'normalMediumVERIFIED
2999Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe 'run image' and 'deploy image' dialogs text and alignment need some correctionsnormalMediumVERIFIED
3104Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuWhen a build fails, there should not be a back button on the screennormalMediummergedVERIFIED
3105Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe 'Cancel' button in the 'Edit packages' screen should bring you to the "edit configuration" screen, not the 'Edit recipes' screennormalMediummergedVERIFIED
3188Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe "Shared state" tab needs some alignment and spacing fixesnormalMediummergedVERIFIED
3189Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuChange the 'Delete' button behaviour in the shared state settings tabnormalMediummergedVERIFIED
2831Paul EggletonCristiana Voicu[Hob2] Added layer does not seem to be being processednormalMedium+VERIFIED
3107Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuIn the 'Edit recipes' screen, recipes are shown as brought in by themselvesnormalMedium+patch reviewVERIFIED
3114Dave StewartCristiana VoicuBeta - Hob complains of a "fatal error" when you do a build, but it doesn't seem to be so fatalnormalMedium+mergedVERIFIED
3147Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuUnable to load a template whenever sanity checks generate an alertnormalMedium+VERIFIED
3160Cristiana VoicuCristiana Voicuchange tooltips & remove a dialog from "Build stopped" messagenormalMedium+mergedVERIFIED
2633Laurentiu SerbanBeth Flanaganyocto.tar.bz2 archive is empty since 01/06/2012normalLowVERIFIED
3118Paul EggletonBeth FlanaganConfusion between LICENSE_DIR and LICENSE_PATHnormalMediumVERIFIED
3134Khem RajBeth FlanaganWARNING: ossp-uuid-native: No generic license file exists for: ossp_uuid in any providernormalMedium(Patch Review)VERIFIED
2994Beth FlanaganBeth FlanaganFix eclipse plugin release process within releaseme.shnormalMedium+RESOLVED
3002Belen Barros PenaIoana GrigoropolThe kernel information is missing from the image details screen when opening an existing image using the 'Images' buttonnormalMediumPatch mergedVERIFIED
3097Alexandru GeorgescuIoana Grigoropolcannot choose kernel_choice value in yocto-bsp properties pagenormalMediumVERIFIED
3076Alexandru GeorgescuIoana Grigoropolyocto-bsp wizard does not enable kernel Architecture combo box after setting Meta_data locationnormalMedium+VERIFIED
3019Björn ArnelidJessicaNullPointerException when setting sysroot in Window->PreferencesminorMediumVERIFIED
3096Alexandru GeorgescuJessicaautogen.sh causes an error in EclipsenormalMediumVERIFIED
3141JessicaJessicayocto-bsp plug-in kernel branch list is wrongmajorMedium+VERIFIED
172Jiajun XuKai Kang10[POSIX] POSIX default test suite cannot fully passnormalLowVERIFIED
3125liang liKai Kangiptable 1.4.15 compile failed on qemux86,qemuarm i686 gmae-toolchainnormalMediumVERIFIED
2768liang liKai Kang3[toolchain] iptables 1.4.15 configure failed on 32bit hostnormalMedium+VERIFIED
3090Alexandru GeorgescuLaurentiu PalcuToolchain Assembler is not loaded properly on some hostsmajorHighmergedVERIFIED
3156Jack MitchellLaurentiu Palculd problems with relocated toolchainnormalHighVERIFIED
3164JessicaLaurentiu Palcuadt-installer traceback failuremajorHighPatch mergedVERIFIED
3083Yi ZhaoLaurentiu Palcuqemu-arm can not execute after relocatednormalMediumVERIFIED
3102Khem RajLaurentiu PalcuRelocatable SDK can not be installed into symlinked dirsnormalMediummergedVERIFIED
3109Alexandru GeorgescuLaurentiu PalcuADT fails to install in a different path than the originalnormalMedium+mergedVERIFIED
3135Khem RajLaurentiu Palcuself-extracting relocatable sdk problem installing from a different directory than the installernormalMedium+mergedVERIFIED
3143liang liLaurentiu Palcuqemu-mips segfault on mips x86_64 gmae-toolchainnormalMedium+(merged)VERIFIED
3161Alexandru GeorgescuLaurentiu Palcucannot build Hello World Ansi C project using standalone Toolchain for PowerPCnormalMedium+(merged)VERIFIED
3123Robert YangRobert Yang1rpm 5.4.9: DEPENDS on bison-nativenormalMediumVERIFIED
3128Stefan StanacarRobert YangIncremental RPM generation doesn't work with 1.3 M4 branchnormalMediumVERIFIED
3136Robert YangRobert Yangopkg 0.1.8: remove it since it doesn't worknormalMediumVERIFIED
3137Ross Burton (Arm)Robert Yangrpm unpacking errornormalMedium+VERIFIED
3159Chen QiRobert YangBeagleBoard: rpm install package failednormalMedium+VERIFIED
3157Saul WoldMark Hatleadding dev/dbg pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES causes rootfs to fail for multilib images using RPMmajorMedium+VERIFIED
3072Richard PurdieMatthew McClintockNeed to add powerpc altivec tune featurenormalMediumVERIFIED
3206Nitin KambleNitin Kambleall BSP images are failing to bootcriticalHighUnderstand the issue now, working on fixVERIFIED
3121Mihai LindnerRahul Saxenameta-intel: cdv-pvr-driver do_unpack failedmajorMedium+(autobuilder)VERIFIED
2964Martin JansaRichard PurdieDEFAULT_PREFERENCE doesn't work between layersnormalMediumVERIFIED
3149Alexandru DamianRoss Burton (Arm)1X server fails to start on e-menlowcriticalHigh(Patch Review)VERIFIED
3202Alexandru PalalauRoss Burton (Arm)[FRI2]No WiFi section available in connmannormalHighVERIFIED
3056liang liRoss Burton (Arm)telepathy-idle parallel compile failurenormalMedium+VERIFIED
3101liang liScott Garmanqemu target shutdown by Error messages with "bitbake meta-ide-support"normalMediumVERIFIED
3112Scott GarmanScott Garmanrunqemu fails with misleading error message when bitbake -e fails with an errornormalMediumVERIFIED
3067Nitin KambleSaul Woldlibnfsidmap_0.25.bb do_fetch failsnormalMediumVERIFIED
3126Marc FerlandSaul WoldNothing PROVIDES 'squashfs-lzma-tools-native'normalMediumVERIFIED
3080Laurentiu SerbanSaul Wold[meta-x32] x32 image fails to build due to no recipes available for eglib_2.15normalMedium+Fixed for DannyVERIFIED
3089Chen QiSaul WoldX cannot start with qemumips and qemuppcnormalMedium+VERIFIED
3103Song.LiSong.Li2python-pygtk do_compile failed when parallel buildingnormalMediumP3VERIFIED
2904Laurentiu SerbanScott RifenbarkADT installer failure due to opkg issue on Fedora 17normalMedium1 Nov 2012 - resolvedVERIFIED
3095T OCallaghanScott RifenbarkPRINC is an undocumented feature.majorMedium+26 Sept 2012VERIFIED
3091Andreea Brandusa ProcaTom ZanussiX does not start on E-Menlow bspmajorMedium+VERIFIED

M5 Schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 9/19/12
  • RC2: 9/26/12
  • RC3: 10/3/12
  • RC4: 10/10/12
  • RC5: 10/17/12
  • M4 Release readiness meeting: 10/25/12
  • Yocto Project 1.3 release: 10/26/12

Yocto Project 1.3 release unscheduled features/tasks list

These features/tasks are planned for 1.3, but have not been scheduled to any specific milestone. As we move forward, more of these will be scheduled into each milestone, especially during milestone planning for each milestone above.

no bugzilla tickets were found
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