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Yocto Project 1.5 release milestone structure


Yocto Project 1.5 release schedule (release date: Oct. 18, 2013)

The detailed milestone map for the 1.5 release of Yocto Project is as below.

To view the Yocto schedule-at-a-glance, go to YoctoCalendar.

Please note that the estimation for each feature is done based on 'perfect day'. The purpose of the estimation is to estimate the relative size of features, NOT to predict when a single feature could be done.

M1 (May 6 to June 21, 2013 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release week 7)

M1 Feature/Tasks Development (May 6 to June 2, 2013)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (21 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4559Alexandru GeorgescuAlexandru GeorgescuCreate Yocto 1.5 Testing PlanenhancementHighVERIFIED
3575JessicaAlexandru DamianImprove hob client communication with bitbake backend via xmlrpcenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4276Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian5Distinguish between executed, existing, sstate and covered tasksenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4316Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damian10webhob skeleton codeenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4317Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damian5create webhob system launcherenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4319Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damian10create bitbake event loggerenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4320Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damian5create users / project / builds data modelsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4407Paul EggletonPaul EggletonCheck if /dev/shm exists to avoid cryptic errorenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4288Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton0.5Add warning if ${PN} is in OVERRIDESenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4428Alexandru GeorgescuStoicescu CornelCreate a wiki page populated dynamically with the TC's from TestopiaenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4342Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu5Apply a fade out animation when selecting / deselecting from tables when sorted by the "Included" columnenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4332Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu2"Brought in by" sorting should take into account the (+#) informationenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4333Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu2Clicking the "cancel" button should reset the table sorting to the defaultsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4178Randy MacLeodHongxu Jia14Add FUSE: File system in UserspaceenhancementLowRESOLVED
4341Laurentiu PalcuLaurentiu Palcu3udev-hwdb postinstall does not run on hostenhancementMediumRelease Note 1.4RESOLVED
4416Ross Burton (Arm)Laurentiu Palcu3Bring touchscreen calibration back using xinput-calibratorenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4391Robert YangRobert Yang3Remove the obsolote imagesenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4372Robert YangRobert Yang3[Performance] make hardlinks for files in DEPLOY_DIR when possibleenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4262Paul EggletonChen Qi7Rework implementation of postinst loggingenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4292Björn StenbergJesse Zhang5Package perl-tests should be converted to perl-ptestenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4464Stefan StanacarStefan StanacarAdd systemd enabled images to Autobuilder nightly targetenhancementUndecidedVERIFIED

M1 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (24 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4354Belen Barros PenaAndrei DinuUpdate the "Additional free space" informationminorMediumVERIFIED
4355Belen Barros PenaAndrei DinuUpdate the "Image basic size" informationminorMediumVERIFIED
3423Darren HartBruce Ashfield2Define KFEATURE_COMPATIBILITYnormalMediumRESOLVED
4045Stoicescu CornelStoicescu Cornelsstate-cache-management.sh test case needs updatenormalMediumVERIFIED
2786Yi ZhaoCristian Iorga[LTP]/opt/ltp/Version file doesn't show the correct version of ltpnormalMediumRESOLVED
4502Cristian IorgaCristian Iorgapython-pygobject-native fails during buildnormalUndecidedVERIFIED
4111Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuSearch results in recipes and packages tables should be sorted alphabeticallynormalMediumVERIFIED
4453Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuTable sorting criteria should not change after deselecting recipes / packagesminorMediumVERIFIED
4016Kai KangHongxu Jia5LSB 4.1 Library Check: symbols are not found in libqt-mt.so.3normalMediumRESOLVED
4419Martin DonnellyHongxu Jia5cracklib : default dictionary should be generated for target endiannessnormalMediumVERIFIED
4454Ioana GrigoropolIoana Grigoropol2Refactor remote tools plug-in to prepare using common remote communication plug-innormalMediumRESOLVED
4426Robert YangRobert Yang1ghostscript: do_fetch failed due to checksums mismatchnormalMediumRESOLVED
4427Robert YangRobert Yang2python-native: the assert doesn't worknormalMediumVERIFIED
4461Robert YangRobert Yang1bb.fatal() clean upnormalMediumVERIFIED
4398Robert YangRobert Yang"all succeeded" does not look like a reason to fail a buildnormalUndecidedRESOLVED
4489Robert YangRobert Yang1cachedpath.py: global name 'error' is not definednormalUndecidedVERIFIED
4375Stoicescu CornelNitin Kamble3[sugarbay] Unable to play .mpg filesnormalMediumVERIFIED
3404Marc FerlandChen Qi5udev mount.sh writes to /tmp before it is symlinked to /var/tmpnormalMediumBlocked, need some further discussionRESOLVED
4458Mark HatleRichard Purdieglobal methodpool checks don't work with multithreaded parsingnormalMediumRESOLVED
4459Mark HatleRichard Purdiemethodpool does not account for two identically named files (different paths) that provide the different methodsnormalMediumRESOLVED
4460Mark HatleRichard PurdieWhen an error about already declared functions occurs, the build does not stopnormalMediumRESOLVED
4581Bogdan MarinescuRoss Burton (Arm)[Autobuilder] build failures because of unrecognized '--buildroot' optionnormalMedium+(autobuilder)VERIFIED
4424Robert YangJesse Zhangglib-2.0-native: do_compile failed on opensuse 12.2 64bitnormalMediumRESOLVED
4440Tom ZanussiTom Zanussi3update kernel labsnormalMediumRESOLVED

M1 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule

  • RC1: 6/5/13
  • RC2: 6/12/13
  • M1 release: 6/21/13

M2 (June 3, 2013 to July 19, 2013 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release: week 7)

M2 Feature/tasks Development (June 3, 2013 to June 30, 2013)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (32 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4677Alexandru GeorgescuAlexandru Georgescu[QA] - verify - Improve bitbake commander plugin for supporting remote projects for system developmentenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
3988JessicaAlexandru Damian10make bitbake support multiple clients modelenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4465Alexandru DamianAlexandru DamianHOB cannot run on a remote machineenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4466Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damianknotty must be able to run as a remote clientenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4648Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - verify - Improve hob client communication with bitbake backend via xmlrpcenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4649Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - Verify - make hardlinks for files in DEPLOY_DIR when possibleenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4656Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - verify - "Brought in by" sorting should take into account the (+#) informationenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4657Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - verify - Clicking the "cancel" button should reset the table sorting to the defaultsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4807Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - Verify HOB cannot run on a remote machineenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
1584Richard PurdieAndrei Dinu5Security Tools - consider fedora/gentoo runtime security toolsenhancementHighVERIFIED
4415Ross Burton (Arm)Cristian Iorga5Integrate GStreamer 1.0enhancementMediumVERIFIED
4193Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu10Save and retrieve customised image recipes (was Templates)enhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4303Ioana GrigoropolIoana Grigoropol3Improve bitbake commander plugin for supporting remote projects for system developmentenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4167Nitin KambleLaurentiu Palcu5Incorporate Intel Graphics Stack Release 2013q1enhancementMediumVERIFIED
4348Robert YangRobert Yang3The DESCRIPTION doesn't support "\n"enhancementLowVERIFIED
4371Robert YangRobert Yang10[Performance] sstate.bbclass: avoid mirror some files from the sstate cacheenhancementLowVERIFIED
4392Robert YangRobert Yang[Performance] sstate.bbclass: turn off some cache files' generationenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4491Robert YangRobert Yang2improve the definition of bb.fatal()enhancementMediumVERIFIED
3190Richard PurdieRobert Yang5Refactor packaging sanity tests from package.bbclass to insane.bbclassenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4643Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner1[QA] - Verify - make hardlinks for files in DEPLOY_DIR when possibleenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4644Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner1[QA] - verify - Add warning if ${PN} is in OVERRIDESenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4647Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner0.5[QA] - verify - Refactor packaging sanity tests from package.bbclass to insane.bbclassenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4651Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner0.5[QA] - verify - Package perl-tests should be converted to perl-ptestenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4663Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner1[QA] - verify - Switch to using busybox instead of tinyloginenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
1633Song LiuNitin Kamble4AMT driver integrationenhancementMediumRESOLVED
4761Chen QiChen Qireplace unionfs with aufs in live imageenhancementMediumRESOLVED
4207Saul WoldChen Qi7Switch to using busybox instead of tinyloginenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4418Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)5Wayland support in toolkitsenhancementMediumRESOLVED
4753Richard PurdieScott RifenbarkNeed to document usage of buildtools-tarballenhancementHigh19 July 2013 - RESOLVEDVERIFIED
4462Stefan StanacarStefan StanacarAdd support to qemuimagetest to boot and test more IMAGE_FSTYPESenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4463Stefan StanacarStefan StanacarAdd multilib builds to AB with opkg package managerenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4770Ross Burton (Arm)Tom ZanussiEnable USB touchscreensenhancementMediumVERIFIED

M2 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (48 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4752Paul EggletonPaul EggletonSome QA errors no longer enabledmajorHighVERIFIED
4773Cristiana VoicuPaul Eggletonpatch for ghostscript does not applynormalMediumRESOLVED
4592Nobuhiro IwamatsuBruce AshfieldPlease update ltsi branchnormalMediumRESOLVED
4549Ke ZouBruce Ashfieldqemuarm could not startup with 20130521-1 image (gcc 4.8)majorMedium+VERIFIED
4237Alexandru GeorgescuCristian Iorga[crownbay] offline mode does not work using connman-propertiesnormalMediumVERIFIED
4388Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu3After building an image, Hob reports the estimated image size in the "Edit Packages" screennormalMediumVERIFIED
4571Andreea Brandusa ProcaCristiana VoicuRedirection fails when stop parsing recipes.normalMedium+VERIFIED
4618Yi ZhaoBeth Flanagan[Autobuilder] Some toolchains are built twice with 20130604-5 buildnormalMediumVERIFIED
4480Richard PurdieBeth FlanaganAutobuilder emails are unreadable and pretty uselessnormalMedium+RESOLVED
2064Dexuan CuiHongxu Jia4[BSP] mount shows "/dev/sda4 on /media/sda4" but /media/sda4 doesn't existminorLowRESOLVED
3705Maksym ZhelieznyiHongxu JiaExisting filesystems aren't cleanly unmounted after booting from USB-drivemajorLowRESOLVED
4550Yi ZhaoHongxu Jia3ADT: iptables autoreconf run fails on CentOSnormalMediumRESOLVED
4617Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2ddimage: incompatibility with dashnormalMediumRESOLVED
4745Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia5automount failed occasionally at system coldplug timenormalMediumRESOLVED
4758Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2adt_installer: perl lib version doesn't match perl script on Ubuntu-13.04normalMediumRESOLVED
4760Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2adt-installer: installation failed when permission deny on the installation directorynormalMediumRESOLVED
4775Cristiana VoicuHongxu Jia5qt4-embedded failed to compile with build on autobuildernormalMedium+VERIFIED
4746Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2invoke "/etc/init.d/systemd-udevd restart" failednormalUndecidedRESOLVED
4749Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2wget:do_configure failednormalUndecidedRESOLVED
4831Alexandru GeorgescuIoana Grigoropolerror when running systemtap within eclipsenormalMediumVERIFIED
4556JessicaIoana GrigoropolFix issue for changed RSA keynormalMedium+RESOLVED
4830Alexandru GeorgescuJessicacannot use powertop within eclipsenormalMediumVERIFIED
4488Denys DmytriyenkoLaurentiu PalcuSDK installer doesn't handle spaces in pathnormalMediumRESOLVED
4736Jack MitchellLaurentiu Palcupopulate_sdk compile failures; when run after target buildnormalMedium+RESOLVED
4737Stefan StanacarLaurentiu PalcuX server fails to start on qemux86-64normalMedium+VERIFIED
4811Alexandru GeorgescuLaurentiu Palcucross toolchain not compatible with sh in ubuntu 13.04majorMedium+VERIFIED
4396Robert YangRobert Yang10Some bb.error should be bb.warnnormalMediumVERIFIED
4787Robert YangRobert Yangbitbake -e: Failure expanding variable SRCPVnormalUndecidedRESOLVED
349Qing HeJonathan Liu[QT] fotowall warns iconv failure in QIconvCodecminorLowRESOLVED
4438Jonathan LiuJonathan LiuUpdate syslinux to 4.06 (or 5.01)normalMediumRESOLVED
4558Ning ZhangNing Zhangscript "yocto-kernel config add" could add one component more than one timesnormalLowRESOLVED
4615Cristian IorgaNitin Kamblemeta-intel BSPs all fail with lsb: emgd-driver no package provider build crash (including meta-minnow)normalMedium+RESOLVED
4850John WeberOtavio SalvadorError building libglunormalMedium+RESOLVED
4385Stoicescu CornelPetter3bitbake remake-native fails at do_configurenormalMediumVERIFIED
4774Chen QiChen Qi/media diretory cleanupnormalLowRESOLVED
4784Chen QiChen QiAllow user to choose boot action in live imagesnormalLowRESOLVED
4738Chen QiChen Qi2udev-cache doesn't work well on OE/Yocto based systemsnormalMediumRESOLVED
4802Chen QiChen Qi2Busybox on target upgrade fails if upgrading from 'one-binary' version to 'two-binary' versionnormalUndecidedRESOLVED
3908Stefan StanacarRichard Purdie5Kernel panic on qemux86-64 when using runqemu kvm and cpu hostnormalMedium+release note for 1.4VERIFIED
4626Saurav Kumar GuptaSaul WoldCreaterepo is not workingnormalMediumRESOLVED
4632Alex OlsonSaul Woldudev 182 init script should mount devtmpfs instead tmpfsmajorMediumRESOLVED
4759Scott RifenbarkSaul WoldWarnings generated during buildnormalMediumVERIFIED
4586Paul BeamSaul WoldAppliance doesn't build. Missing ssp_nonsharednormalMedium+VERIFIED
4566Ke ZouSimarpreet Singhrouterstation pro cannot bootup with NFS in yocto 1.5 20130521-1 buildnormalMedium+RESOLVED
3329Andreea Brandusa ProcavalentinCan not close hob from command line if an additional window is opened ("Settings" or "Advanced Configuration")normalMediumVERIFIED
4786Alexandru GeorgescuvalentinYocto Project Tools menu does not showmajorMedium+VERIFIED
4406Xufeng ZhangXufeng ZhangYocto-linux-rt: BUG() warning is triggered in rt kernel when run 'perf top' command on ARM/PowerPCnormalMediumRESOLVED
4595Yi ZhaoYi ZhaoInvalid symbolic link file modules-arch.tgz in tmp/deploy/images directorynormalMediumRESOLVED

M2 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 7/3/13
  • RC2: 7/10/13
  • M2 release: 7/19/13

M3 (July 1 to Aug. 16, 2013 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release: week 7)

M3 Feature/tasks Development (July 1 to July 28, 2013)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (20 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4713Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - verify - Save and retrieve customised image recipes (was Templates)enhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4806Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - verify knotty must be able to run as a remote clientenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4809Alexandru GeorgescuAndreea Brandusa Proca[QA] - verify make bitbake support multiple clients modelenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
3916Ross Burton (Arm)Paul Eggletonrootfs_rpm doesn't support BAD_RECOMMENDATIONSenhancementMediumIMAGEGENVERIFIED
4692Alexandru GeorgescuStoicescu Cornel[QA] - verify - Security Tools - consider fedora/gentoo runtime security toolsenhancementHighVERIFIED
3017Stefan StanacarCristian Iorga10X fails to start in VirtualBox in 1.3 M3 build applianceenhancementLowVERIFIED
2370Jiajun XuCristian Iorga3[Build Appliance] no xdg-open for "View Files"enhancementMediumVERIFIED
4127Randy MacLeodCristian Iorga2Add tcpdump version 4.3.0 or laterenhancementMediumVERIFIED
3808Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu5Add an option to include the ADT tarball into your target imageenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4096Kai KangHongna XuLSB Library Check requres nssenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4363JessicaJessica7Port YP Plug-in to Kepler releaseenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4352Robert YangRobert Yang5prune pn-depends.dot, packages-depends.dot and task-depends.dotenhancementLowRESOLVED
4377Robert YangRobert Yang[Performance] The switch to turn off the generation of .sigdata fileenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4631Nitin KambleNitin Kamble5update emgd recipe to 1.18 versionenhancementMediumVERIFIED
1487Bruce AshfieldChen Qiqemu: when booting from live CD, X cannot be started needs unionfsenhancementLowRESOLVED
4366Robert YangChen Qi5Several variables' assignments are hard to understandenhancementLowVERIFIED
4074Mark HatleChen Qi20During filesystem construction add a method to add/modify users and groups settingsenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4123Khem RajKhem Raj10Upgrade gcc to 4.8 for 1.5enhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4367Robert YangJesse Zhang5Cleanup the assignments (=)enhancementMediumVERIFIED
4838Stefan StanacarStefan StanacarUse the new testimage class for the sanity testsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED

M3 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (36 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4873Calin DragomirAlexandru Damianwebhob cannot find bitbake.lock on startmajorHighVERIFIED
4894JessicaAlexandru Damianstop webhob issuesmajorHighVERIFIED
4875Calin DragomirAlexandru Damianwebhob needs Django 1.4 to runmajorMedium+VERIFIED
4305Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton1Smart reports "no package provides" when a conflict occursnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4816Ning ZhangBruce Ashfieldbeagleboard could not startup with 20130703-3 imagemajorHighVERIFIED
4829Yi ZhaoCristian Iorga[Test Case 340] Build core-image-minimal with build-appliance-imagenormalMedium+VERIFIED
4847Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaBuild Appliance is unable to restart in vmWare PlayernormalMedium+VERIFIED
4857Frank Fighting71Cristiana Voicu[Hob] After setting SSTATE_MIRRORS, Settings button at image configuration not availablecriticalHighVERIFIED
4861Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicucore-image-weston should not be in the base image combo box when poky-tiny is selectednormalMediumVERIFIED
4511jojoDaianeerror for using oprofile.ko to profilingnormalLowRESOLVED
4970Nitin KambleDarren HartERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure for URL: 'file://parallel-make-archives.patch'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.criticalHighVERIFIED
4756Holger FreytherDarren HartKernel upgrade on x86 is difficult/impossiblenormalMediumRESOLVED
4983JessicaBeth Flanagan[Autobuilder] eclipse plug-in build failures for both Kepler and Juno due to can't find build scriptsmajorMedium+(autobuilder)RESOLVED
1115Xiaofeng YanHongxu Jia3LSB 4.1 error from wide characternormalMediumRESOLVED
4004Alexandru GeorgescuHongxu Jia5cannot write to usb using File Manager on Atom-pcnormalMediumVERIFIED
4926Hongxu JiaHongxu Jiasu conflicts between attempted installs of util-linux and shadownormalMediumVERIFIED
4732Saul WoldHongxu JiaWrong path to terminfo files in buildtools-tarball causes python version check to failnormalMedium+RESOLVED
4835Wenzong.FanHongxu Jiaxterm-256color causes python version check to failnormalMedium+RESOLVED
4455Ioana GrigoropolIoana Grigoropol7Create new remote communication utilities plug-in supporting remote tools & bitbake commander plugins functionalitiesnormalMediumRESOLVED
4813Alexandru GeorgescuJessicacannot compile autotools project using i586 toolchainnormalLowVERIFIED
4955Ioana GrigoropolLaurentiu Palcu[adt_installer] Allow relative paths for specifying sysroot locationnormalMediumRESOLVED
4798Yi ZhaoRobert Yang2bitbake -g can't detect certain nonexistent packagenormalMediumVERIFIED
4379Robert YangRobert Yang[Performance] The switch to turn off the generation of temp/run.* filenormalUndecidedRESOLVED
4859Cristian IorgaJonathan LiuBuild Appliance does not boot in vmWare PlayermajorHighVERIFIED
4789Jonathan LiuJonathan Liucan't build gcc recipe - /usr/lib/libstdc++.so: could not read symbols: File in wrong formatnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4741Sebastian SchreiberNitin Kamble2Netfilter NAT not configured properly/different for Kernel 3.8.4normalMediumRESOLVED
4946DiegoOtavio Salvador[Regression] X crash on Yocto with i.MX6Q BSP 3.5.7-1.0.0 softfloatnormalMediumRESOLVED
4886Chen QiChen Qi/etc/rc5.d/S20irattach: /etc/sysconfig/irda: Read-only file systemnormalMediumRESOLVED
4814Stoicescu CornelChen Qirpm is broken on 1.5 M2 RC1 lsb imagesnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4815Stoicescu CornelChen Qireboot/shutdown compromises installation for lsb-sdk imagesnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4918Nitin KambleRoss Burton (Arm)d-bus daemon fails to startcriticalHighRESOLVED
4903Laszlo PappRoss Burton (Arm)No proper error message for layer version mismatchnormalMediumRESOLVED
4917Cristian IorgaRoss Burton (Arm)X server crashes under Build Appliance while switching between pcmanfm and terminals applicationsnormalMedium+RESOLVED
4904Ning ZhangStefan StanacarAutobuilder built beagleboard 20130724-2 image failednormalMediumRESOLVED
4853Nick GStefan StanacarCan't install prebuilt SDKcriticalMedium+RESOLVED
4386Belen Barros PenavalentinAdd image types to HobnormalMediumVERIFIED

M3 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 7/31/13
  • RC2: 8/7/12
  • M3 release: 8/16/12

M4 (July 29 to Sep. 13, 2013 -- 7 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release week 7)

M4 Feature/tasks Development (July 29 to Aug.25, 2013)

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (21 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4678Alexandru GeorgescuAlexandru Georgescu[QA] - verify - Port YP Plug-in to Kepler releaseenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
5015Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damianapi: create final definition of webhob APIsenhancementHighVERIFIED
5016Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damianapi: implement APIs corresponding to definitionenhancementHighVERIFIED
4281Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian5View log filesenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4072Mark HatleBruce Ashfield10Avoid circular dependencies when building initramfs that includes kernel modulesenhancementHigh11 March 2014: resetting doc flag to "Done"VERIFIED
4689Alexandru GeorgescuStoicescu Cornel[QA] - verify - Avoid cache reload for incremental development using a backgrounded bitbake serverenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4717Alexandru GeorgescuStoicescu Cornel[QA] - verify - Bitbake event handlers recieve all eventsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
3812Richard PurdieCristiana Voicu10Bitbake event handlers recieve all eventsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4368Robert YangHongxu Jia5Way to list all the PACKAGECONFIG's flagsenhancementMediumVERIFIED
3848Darren HartRobert Yang80Create ext* filesystems using libext2fs and debugfsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4079Mark HatleMark HatleAbility to ignore a package (don't install a package)enhancementHigh10 Sept 2013: RESOLVED (with doc change)RESOLVED
4718Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner0.5[QA] - verify - Add gcc security flagsenhancementHighVERIFIED
4640Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner1[QA] - Verify - Create ext* filesystems using libext2fs and debugfsenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4695Alexandru GeorgescuMihai Lindner1[QA] - verify - Upgrade gcc to 4.8 for 1.5enhancementMedium+VERIFIED
3506Cristian IorgaMihai Prica3[Build Appliance] Build Appliance does not include an web browserenhancementMediumVERIFIED
3867Scott Garmanmulhern10Add Bastille Linux Support to YoctoenhancementHighVERIFIED
4103Jason WesselChen QiStop using linux live and replace with read-only rootfsenhancementMediumRESOLVED
4837Holger FreytherChen Qibusybox syslog has two different configuration files depending on the init systemenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4142Jason WesselRichard PurdieAvoid cache reload for incremental development using a backgrounded bitbake serverenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
2308Song LiuRoss Burton (Arm)10A small common BSP with graphics for as many platforms as possible (x86)enhancementHighVERIFIED
3868Dave StewartSaul Wold20Add gcc security flagsenhancementHigh08 April 2014: Setting documentation flag to "Done."RESOLVED

M4 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (39 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
5022Andreea Brandusa ProcaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master]Wrong values for some bitbake variables.minorMediumVERIFIED
4963Belen Barros PenaAlexandru DamianNot possible to launch Hob when Web Hob is runningnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5058JessicaAlexandru Damiancan't kill webhobnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5064Peter A. BigotBruce AshfieldCONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE overridden for arm targetsnormalMediumRESOLVED
4876Calin DragomirCalin Dragomirbuild directory needs to be cleaned if webhob fails to startnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4494Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaSetting static IP addresses via connman ethernet provisioning mechanism does not allow manual IP adress changenormalMediumRESOLVED
5029Cristian IorgaCristian Iorgalibasound-module-bluez should have a version for BlueZ 5normalMediumRESOLVED
5030Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaMultiple providers are available for runtime libasound-module-bluez (bluez4, bluez5) warningnormalMediumRESOLVED
4977Yi ZhaoCristian Iorga[Build Appliance] An error message when launch hobnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4321Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe height of an information window must not exceed the screen heightminorMediumVERIFIED
1950Darren HartDarren Hart2EFI only live images are not bootablenormalMediumRESOLVED
4991Yi ZhaoDarren HartInvalid symbolic link kernel image in qemu rootfsnormalMediumRESOLVED
4852David AndersDarren Hartsystem boot stops after installing efi memorymajorMedium+VERIFIED
4879Chen QiHongxu Jianss postinst cannot be configured offlinenormalMediumRESOLVED
4889Hongxu JiaHongxu Jiapython-native: remove unused and duplicated sitecustomize.pynormalMediumRESOLVED
4896Yi ZhaoHongxu Jia[lsb image] pidof: invalid options on command linenormalMediumRESOLVED
4973Stefan StanacarKai Kangrunqemu: Could not initialize SDL(No available video device) for core-image-sato on Fedora 19majorHighVERIFIED
5009Stefan StanacarKai Kangdpkg-native compile fails on F19normalUndecidedVERIFIED
4993Yang ShiMark HatleKernel module package namingnormalMediumRESOLVED
4992Paul EggletonNitin KambleMouse unusable on NUCnormalMedium+VERIFIED
4881Chen QiChen QiCannot move the mount of /media/xxx over to $ROOT_DIR/media/xxx in live imagenormalMediumRESOLVED
4882Chen QiChen Qiudev has an implicit dependency on initscripts, which is not appropriatenormalMediumRESOLVED
4883Chen QiChen QiNo directory error for populate-volatile.sh at rootfs timenormalMediumRESOLVED
4885Chen QiChen Qilighttpd: /www directory should be writable in read-only rootfsnormalMediumRESOLVED
4887Chen QiChen Qiopenssh not working well with read-only rootfsnormalMediumRESOLVED
4937Chen QiChen Qi1Error at rootfs time: "tar: .: file changed as we read it"normalMediumRESOLVED
4939Chen QiChen Qi2Cannot start qemu image in environment created by buildtools-tarball.normalMediumRESOLVED
4997Chen QiChen Qigrub 0.97 doesn't work wellnormalMediumRESOLVED
4860Stefan StanacarChen Qisyslog in systemd image ignores it's config filenormalMedium+VERIFIED
4884Chen QiChen QiX cannot start in qemu live imagesnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5018Chen QiChen Qi5Improve the minimal installer in OE and fix bugs in itnormalUndecidedRESOLVED
5096Ross Burton (Arm)Ross Burton (Arm)xf86-video-intel fails when opengl isn't a DISTRO_FEATUREnormalMedium+RESOLVED
5062Stefan StanacarSaul Woldssh doesn't work in sato (dropbear) imagesmajorHighVERIFIED
4984Joerg BogeSaul Woldsftp conection close core-image-basenormalMediumRESOLVED
4990Nitin KambleSaul Woldgrub-efi-native_2.00.bb, do_compile is failingnormalMediumRESOLVED
4927Laszlo PappScott RifenbarkMake Archlinux a supported or document the unwillingness of rolling-releasenormalLow31 October 2013: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
4911Laszlo PappScott RifenbarkWiki: Distribution Support outdatednormalMedium18 September 2013: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
4599venkata ramana gvenkata ramana gConnection Properties shows the network disabled, for UNFS qemuarm targetnormalMediumRESOLVED
4962Chunrong GuoZhenhua Luorandom: segmentation faultnormalMedium+VERIFIED

M4 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 8/28/13
  • RC2: 9/4/13
  • M4 release: 9/13/13

M5 (Aug. 26 to Oct. 18, 2013 -- Stabilization miletsone (8 weeks)

M5 Feature/tasks Development

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (8 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
4660Alexandru GeorgescuStoicescu Cornel[QA] - verify - Add Bastille Linux Support to YoctoenhancementHighVERIFIED
4693Alexandru GeorgescuStoicescu Cornel[QA] - verify - A small common BSP with graphics for as many platforms as possible (x86)enhancementHighVERIFIED
4999Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuLabeling changes need in the "Select from my image recipes" dialogenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4128Randy MacLeodHongxu Jia10common perl packages should be added to oe-core.enhancementMediumVERIFIED
1159Scott GarmanChen Qi4Need to change numeric user/groupids to names in device_table-minimal.txtenhancementMediumVERIFIED
4730Belen Barros PenaScott RifenbarkProduce documentation for Web HobenhancementMedium17 September 2013 - RESOLVEDVERIFIED
4151Stefan StanacarStefan StanacarImprovments for the performance tests scriptenhancementMedium+VERIFIED
4726Alexandru GeorgescuStefan Stanacar[QA] - verify - Improvments for the performance tests scriptenhancementMedium+VERIFIED

M5 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (140 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
5075Andreea Brandusa ProcaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master]Wrong script type.normalMediumbitbake, toasteruiVERIFIED
5186Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] "Started on" and "Completed on" times are incorrectnormalMediumtoasteruiVERIFIED
5191Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] The "image?" column in the builds table is blanknormalMediumVERIFIED
5193Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] Incorrect DESCRIPTION value for recipesnormalMediumVERIFIED
5195Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] In the simple interface, the "Recipe dependency" column is blanknormalMediumVERIFIED
5196Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] Package dependency information cannot be readnormalMediumVERIFIED
5197Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] the "Packages for <target>" table is emptynormalMediumVERIFIED
5242Belen Barros PenaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] Builds fail at linux-libc-headers.do_packagenormalMediumVERIFIED
5258Alexandru DamianAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master] missing sstate_checksumnormalMediumVERIFIED
5071Belen Barros PenaAlexandru DamianCannot build anything after interrupting a buildnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5074Belen Barros PenaAlexandru DamianIn the All Builds table, clicking on a cell in the Target column returns 404normalMedium+VERIFIED
5115Andreea Brandusa ProcaAlexandru Damian[webhob-poky/master]No value for some fields.normalMedium+VERIFIED
5209Anders DaranderAnders Darander[u-boot][Regression] u-boot fw_printenv no longer built and packagedmajorMedium+VERIFIED
1088Gary ThomasPaul EggletonMore fully document packaging systemsnormalLowRESOLVED
4818Alexandru GeorgescuPaul Eggletonno version displayed in /etc/versionnormalMediumVERIFIED
5088Alexandru PalalauPaul Eggleton[OE-Core]Buildhistory fails to report error if PR of some recipes go backwardsnormalMediumVERIFIED
5116Peter A. BigotPaul Eggletonmissing qt4-x11-free dependency on gtknormalMediumRESOLVED
5250Mihai LindnerPaul Eggletonpsplash: inconsistent basehash for do_compile tasknormalMediumVERIFIED
5045Stefan StanacarPaul Eggletonsmart fails with Cannot allocate memorynormalMedium+VERIFIED
5205Stoicescu CornelPaul Eggletonmeta-intel: some images fail to build -sdk imagenormalMedium+VERIFIED
5095Yi ZhaoBruce AshfieldKeyboard doesn't work on qemumipsnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5100Ning ZhangBruce AshfieldUse "yocto-kernel patch add" added a patch, then core-image-sato build hangs.normalMedium+VERIFIED
4727Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaOpening build logs does not work in HOB under Build AppliancenormalMediumVERIFIED
4832ChandrakCristian Iorga[Test Case 225] ethernet static ip set in connmannormalMediumVERIFIED
5056Saul WoldCristian Iorgapossible parallel make issue with telepathy-mission-controlnormalMediumRESOLVED
5061Cristiana VoicuCristian Iorga[Build-appliance] Can not choose non-x86 qemu to buildnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5003Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe 'Description' field in the 'Save image recipe' dialog does not enforce the character limitminorLowVERIFIED
5000Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuHob forgets the image recipe I had selectednormalMediumVERIFIED
5001Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuMy image recipes should not be listed permanently in the combo boxnormalMediumVERIFIED
5004Belen Barros PenaCristiana VoicuThe "Save image recipe" dialog should be populated when I am saving changes to a custom image recipenormalMediumVERIFIED
5052Yi ZhaoCristiana Voicu[HOB] Can not choose non-x86 qemu to buildnormalMediumVERIFIED
5101Andreea Brandusa ProcaCristiana VoicuWrong number of recipes.normalMediumVERIFIED
5188Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu[webhob-poky/master] "Output" column in Builds table is blanknormalMediumVERIFIED
5198Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu[webhob-poky/master] no variable descriptions shown for prefixed / suffixed variablesnormalMediumVERIFIED
5217Belen Barros PenaCristiana Voicu[webhob-poky/master] incorrect warnings_no value in the builds tablenormalMediumVERIFIED
4867Holger FreytherDarren Hartpkg_postinst_kernel-image calls depmod but there is no RDEPENDS on module-init-tools-depmodnormalMediumRESOLVED
5112YunguoDarren Hartiwconfig doesn't workmajorMediumRESOLVED
5233Mihai LindnerDarren Hartudevd failed to execute /etc/udev/scripts/mount.shnormalMediumVERIFIED
5237Mihai LindnerDarren Hartkernel panic - missing "root=" boot optionnormalMediumRESOLVED
5104Mihai LindnerDarren Hartcommon-pc missing CONFIGs of atom-pcnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5109YunguoDarren HartUSB 3.0 is not supported in genericX86-64majorMedium+VERIFIED
5110YunguoDarren HartMissing iwlwifi-7260 firmwaremajorMedium+RESOLVED
4481Ross Burton (Arm)Beth FlanaganHuman-readable build namesnormalMedium+RESOLVED
4485Richard PurdieBeth FlanaganAutobuilder should resolve commit IDs immediatelynormalMedium+RESOLVED
5345Alexandru GeorgescuBeth FlanaganAB not populated with QEMU images in dora finalmajorMedium+VERIFIED
5353Yi ZhaoBeth Flanagan[ADT] adt-installer failed to install on 32bit hostmajorMedium+RESOLVED
5060Hongxu JiaHongxu Jialist-packageconfig-flags.py: search bitbake lib dir failednormalMediumRESOLVED
5151Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB Desktop Tests: desktop-xml failednormalMediumRESOLVED
5152Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB Command Check: install_initd and remove_initd not foundnormalMediumRESOLVED
5153Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB 4.1 Library Check: Unable to find library libqt-mt.so.3normalMediumRESOLVED
5154Jackie HuangHongxu JiaLSB python tests: 3 tests failed: test_codecs test_re test_unicodenormalMediumRESOLVED
5167LiRongQingHongxu JiaLSB tcl tests: 21 failures for 'Tcl Tests' on qemux86-64normalMediumRESOLVED
5175Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB Command Check: su not foundnormalMediumRESOLVED
5212Jackie HuangJackie Huangfindutils_4.2.31: do_install failed by doc build failurenormalMediumRESOLVED
5160Kai KangJoe Slaterwebkit-gtk build failed randomly with "Memory exhausted"normalMediumRESOLVED
5176Yi ZhaoJukka RissanenAll qemu and BSPs fail to boot via nfs with 1.5 M5 rc1 buildmajorMedium+VERIFIED
5141Kai KangKai KangFail to build midorinormalMediumRESOLVED
4783Yi ZhaoLaurentiu Palcu[adt-installer] ARM: target arch change from armv5te to armv7a-vfp-neon in environment setting script.normalMedium+VERIFIED
4866Paul EggletonLaurentiu PalcuSDK installer fails on hosts with Python 3.xnormalMedium+24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "Done".RESOLVED
5078NavaniLaurentiu PalcuPopulate_sdk does not build correct cross toolchain for arm.majorMedium+RESOLVED
5133ChandrakLaurentiu Palcu[Test Case 207] sudoku-savant project compile in sdk imagenormalMedium+VERIFIED
5181Yi ZhaoLaurentiu Palcu[adt-installer] Fail to install adtnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5241Olivier GuiterLaurentiu Palcupackage_deb fails in do_rootfsmajorMedium+VERIFIED
5259Alexandru GeorgescuLaurentiu Palcuadt-installer uses wrong permissions when extracting the sysrootmajorMedium+VERIFIED
2766Yi ZhaoRobert Yang3coreutils build error with long TMPDIR: Argument list too longnormalMediumRESOLVED
5067Robert YangRobert Yang1bitbake make-3.81 prints stack trace of python callsnormalMedium24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "No".RESOLVED
5094Robert YangRobert Yang1Check whether multiple versions of the same PN are due to be builtnormalMediumVERIFIED
5138Robert YangRobert Yang2nativesdk-linux-libc-headers: do_install: Argument list too longnormalMediumRESOLVED
5168Robert YangRobert Yang1perf: no source after do_unpacknormalMediumRESOLVED
5171Robert YangRobert Yang1icu-native: do_install: Segmentation faultnormalMediumRESOLVED
5184Robert YangRobert Yang2telepathy-mission-control: do_compile failednormalMediumRESOLVED
5201Robert YangRobert Yang2do_rootfs: File name too long (deep tmpdir)normalMediumRESOLVED
5099Robert YangRobert Yang3glib-2.0: host contamination issuenormalUndecidedRESOLVED
5077Ning ZhangLiming Wangbeagleboard can not boot up with 1.5_M4.rc2 imagemajorHighVERIFIED
5156Kai KangMarius Avramdpkg fails to do_configure for qemumips64normalMediumWRRESOLVED
4360Ross Burton (Arm)Mihai Pricabluez5 QA warnings in multilibnormalMediumRESOLVED
5028Cristian IorgaMihai PricaBlueZ 5 packs tests in a -tests packagenormalMediumRESOLVED
5034Cristian IorgaMihai Prica"File a bug" button does not work under Build AppliancenormalMediumVERIFIED
3938Yi ZhaoMihai Pricarouterstation/mpc8315e: connman startup unused ethernet port when using nfsnormalMedium+RESOLVED
5084Paul Eggletonmulhernlibcap-ng has seemingly erroneous DEPENDS on libcapminorLowRESOLVED
5081Paul EggletonmulhernCleanup of perl recipes in meta-securitynormalMediumRESOLVED
5102Alexandru GeorgescuNitin Kamblecannot liveboot or install crownbay-noemgd 1.5_M4normalMediumVERIFIED
5117Stoicescu CornelNitin Kamblegeneric-x86-64 image does not recover display after standbynormalMediumVERIFIED
5130Stoicescu CornelNitin Kambleaudio is not working on genericx86 imagesnormalMediumVERIFIED
5166Nitin KambleNitin Kamblenuc: mouse is getting disabled after few seconds of inactivitynormalMediumRESOLVED
5279Ada SolcanNitin Kambleusb mouse and keyboard don't work at liveboot on emenlownormalMedium+VERIFIED
5221Saul WoldOtavio Salvador[autobuilder] perf build failures on meta-fsl-ppccriticalHighRESOLVED
5223Saul WoldOtavio Salvador[autobuilder] u-boot-fw-utils does not build correctlymajorHighRESOLVED
5119DiegoOtavio SalvadorPanda3D segfaults if running with OpenGL instead of OpenGL ES backend.normalMediumRESOLVED
4487Stefan StanacarChen QiISO images don't boot under qemu - hang at waiting for removable medianormalMediumVERIFIED
4880Chen QiChen QiUse a uniform way to determine whether rootfs is read-onlynormalMediumRESOLVED
4888Chen QiChen QiTake into consideration that possibility of /var/lib on a separate writable media in case of a read-only rootfsnormalMediumRESOLVED
5047Mihai PricaChen Qi[ruqemu] iptables rule does not get cleanednormalMediumRESOLVED
5048Mihai PricaChen Qi[runqemu] failure when already in use tap interfacenormalMediumRESOLVED
5128Chen QiChen Qido_install_ptest_base doesn't behave as expected if the host is ubuntu (dash)normalMediumRESOLVED
5129Chen QiChen Qido_install_ptest_base should have cleandirs flagnormalMediumRESOLVED
5136Robert YangChen Qi2buildhistory.bbclass: doesn't work when PV changednormalMediumRESOLVED
5137Robert YangChen Qi2e2fsprogs: blkid should be in ALTERNATIVE_LINK_NAMEnormalMediumRESOLVED
5169Jackie HuangChen Qicore-image-minimal: do_rootfs failed when NO_RECOMMENDATIONS set to 1normalMediumRESOLVED
5263Chen QiChen Qi1buildhistory should always record PKG, PKGE, PKGV and PKGRnormalMediumRESOLVED
5164Chen QiChen Qi2Live image's initramfs should distinguish between iso and hddimgnormalMedium+RESOLVED
5161Jon NettletonKhem RajEglibc 2.18 binaries will not boot on non-NEON hardwarenormalMediumRESOLVED
5051Jonathan LiuRichard PurdieERROR: Can NOT get PRAUTO, exception timed outcriticalHighVERIFIED
5222Saul WoldRichard Purdie[autobuilder] universe target is failing with multiple provider ERRORs instead of warningsmajorHighRESOLVED
5340Alexandru GeorgescuRichard Purdie[ADT] cannot configure CVS project using adt with mips and ppcmajorHighVERIFIED
5063Stoicescu CornelRichard Purdierunning bitbake from a location inside build/ gives python trace callnormalMedium01 October 2013 - Completed Doc requirementVERIFIED
5174Martin JansaRichard Purdielibtool with bashisms enabled in script can be shared through sstate-cache with host where /bin/sh is dash and cause build issuesnormalMediumRESOLVED
5091Larry BakerRichard PurdieFix for libtool-cross do_qa_configure error when building cross gfortrancriticalMedium+RESOLVED
5122LiRongQingRichard Purdieaclocal hardlinks causing problems when creating sstate tarballsnormalMedium+RESOLVED
5172Ross Burton (Arm)Richard PurdieCache failing when _remove usednormalMedium+RESOLVED
5246Paul EggletonRichard PurdieVariable dependency parsing does not handle braces within functions wellnormalMedium+RESOLVED
5277Yi ZhaoRichard Purdie[adt-installer] arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: command not foundnormalMedium+20 March 2014: Doc flag reset to "No"RESOLVED
5123LiRongQingLiRongQingbtrfs-tools_git failed (d0_compile) when enable parallel buildingnormalMediumRESOLVED
5125LiRongQingLiRongQingptest-runner should check both of /use/lib and /use/lib64normalMediumRESOLVED
5126LiRongQingLiRongQingptest-runner can not deal with soft link under /usr/lib or /usr/lib64, such as perl5 --> perlnormalMediumRESOLVED
5103Alexandru GeorgescuRoss Burton (Arm)owl-video can not play ogv video file properly on crownbaynormalMediumVERIFIED
5144LiRongQingRoss Burton (Arm)when use systemd, "systemctl --user" can not print out expected infonormalMediumRESOLVED
4863Alexandru PalalauRoss Burton (Arm)systemd failed proc-sys-fs-binfmt_misc.mount servicenormalMedium+VERIFIED
5131Beth FlanaganRoss Burton (Arm)Slow/hung boot failure for qemumips/qemuppc image testnormalMedium+RESOLVED
5162Mark HatleRoss Burton (Arm)Unable to build core-image-sato due to dependenciesnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5111Mihai PricaSaul WoldError for ptest when default shell is dashnormalMediumRESOLVED
5121Chen QiSaul WoldStarting apmd failed at system startupnormalMediumRESOLVED
5127Jackie HuangSaul Woldbase.bbclass: do_unpack failed for *.xz files if xz is not installed on hostnormalMediumVERIFIED
5145Stefan StanacarSaul Wolddo_package_write_rpm failed for libproxynormalMediumVERIFIED
5165Paul EggletonSaul Woldbluez5 fails at do_package_write_*normalMediumRESOLVED
5173Björn ArnelidSaul WoldWARNING: addon feature "features/nfsd/nfsd-enable" was not foundnormalMediumVERIFIED
5230Paul EggletonSaul Woldcore-image-minimal now contains shadownormalMedium+VERIFIED
5248Hongxu JiaSaul Woldcore-image-lsb: FPU doesn't work correctly on qemux86-64normalMedium+VERIFIED
5288Ionut ChisanoviciSaul WoldIncremental RPM image generation failsnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5093Peter A. BigotScott Rifenbarkadd pointer to kernel architecture manualsnormalLow07 October 2013: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
5065Elvis DowsonScott RifenbarkDocument the fact that the SRCREV_meta needs to be updated after modifying the linux-yocto metadata meta branchmajorMedium13 September 2013: IN PROGRESS REVIEWRESOLVED
5303Stoicescu CornelScott Rifenbarkreference manual entry for buildhistory is incorrectnormalMedium+03 October 2013: RESOLVEDVERIFIED
5207Paul EggletonStefan StanacarSSH test fails with nightly-qa-systemdnormalMedium+VERIFIED
5106Jonathan LiuTom Zanussiyocto-bsp: fails to create bsp with ${TOPDIR} in BBLAYERSnormalMediumVERIFIED
5262Alexandru PalalauTom Zanussi[yocto-bsp] Failed building image for BSP(qemuarm) created with yocto-bspnormalMediumVERIFIED
5107Jonathan LiuTom Zanussiyocto-bsp: kernel should be 3.10 by defaultmajorMedium+VERIFIED
5124Chen QiTudor Floreabuilding kmod with 'ptest' in DISTRO_FEATRUES failednormalMediumRESOLVED
5070Cristiana Voicuvalentin[HOB] MACHINE should be saved in conf files usign ?=normalMediumRESOLVED
5239Saul WoldZhenhua Luo[autobuilder] u-boot does not build correctlynormalMedium+RESOLVED
5249Richard PurdieZhenhua Luometa-fsl-ppc should not be overriding linux-libc-headersnormalMedium+RESOLVED

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 9/11/13
  • RC2: 9/18/13
  • RC3: 9/25/13
  • RC4: 10/2/13
  • RC5: 10/9/13
  • Yocto Project 1.5 release: 10/18/13

Yocto Project 1.5 release unscheduled features/tasks list

These features/tasks are planned for 1.5, but have not been scheduled to any specific milestone. As we move forward, more of these will be scheduled into each milestone, especially during milestone planning for each milestone above.

no bugzilla tickets were found
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