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Yocto Project 1.9 Feature Planning

Yocto Project 1.9 release planning has been underway since March, 2015. Most all new features and ideas about 1.9 release are tracked as enhancements in Bugzilla. Yocto Project 1.9 is targeted to release in October, 2015. Detailed schedule is at this link: Yocto 1.9 Schedule

Yocto Project 1.9 will be released as Yocto Project 2.0

Yocto Project 1.9 / 2.0 Themes

Major focus areas for YP 1.9 / 2.0 include overall UX improvements, support for distro and binary package deployment and early customization. Key features will include an IOT-driven developer flow, cross-development support using Windows/Mac, Toaster and Eclipse plug-in enhancements, and error reporting systems improvements.

Specific target areas are:

  • Developer Workflow/Overall UX Improvements
  • Development support using other OS’s (Windows/MAC) with Yocto
  • Error reporting system improvements
  • Distro Recipe Upgrades
  • Toaster enhancements
  • Eclipse plug-in enhancements
  • Deployment Improvements
  • Autobuilder Enhancements
  • Meta-intel Improvements

Process for Entering New Feature Requests

We have been using the same Bugzilla where we manage bugs to manage all features. Features in Bugzilla should have their severity set to 'enhancement'. If you have a feature request or even an idea about something for 1.9 or future releases, please feel free to file an 'enhancement' feature in Bugzilla:

  • Set the severity of bug to be 'enhancement'. Please put as much detail as possible in the 'description' field and give it a concise and meaningful 'summary'. You can always add/edit as you have more thoughts and information about the feature. Others can also use the feature entry to ask questions or provide feedback.
  • If you know which functional category the feature belongs to, please put the bug # in appropriate category such as usability, performance, kernel, core build system, etc.
  • Set the priority you would like this to be or indicate this in the description field. We may adjust the priority when we have a better view of the whole release later on.
  • Preview your Entry to make sure it looks ok and then save it


High = Must have for the target release
Medium+ = Very important, needs special attention compared with other medium features
Medium = Important
Low = Nice to have, no defined plan

Unsorted Features (by priority)


IDAssigneeSummary (13 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
8136Brendan Le FollExtensible SDK: ability to generate target packages in SDK1.9 M3Alexander KanevskiyVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
8135Ed BartoshExtensible SDK: ability to generate images out of binary package feeds102.0Alexander KanevskiyVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7836Beth FlanaganDISTRO_VERSION check on release builds11.9 M2Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7642Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezdevtool: add recipe upgrade functionality101.9 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
8134Markus LehtonenSigning packages in the package feeds1.9 M3Alexander KanevskiyVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7697Naomi DickersonNeed something to translate y-ab config files to jenkins config142.0Tracy GraydonVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7587Paul Eggletondevtool: add ability to turn changes into a bbappend41.9 M1Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7994Paul EggletonUse QemuRunner in image feature tests1.9 M2Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
8150Paul EggletonImplement whitelisting for packages from imported layers1.9 M3Alexander KanevskiyVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
8137Paul EggletonExtensible SDK: ability to install needed development libraries and headers from published package feeds.2.0Alexander KanevskiyVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
8182Ross BurtonAdd optional signing to sstate archives and signature verification1.9 M3Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7517Tanu KaskinenProper PulseAudio integration into core-image-sato71.9 M1Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDenhancementHigh
7703Tracy Graydonmeta-intel-iot-devkit buildsets41.9 M3Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementHigh


IDAssigneeSummary (38 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
6294Alexander KanavinMove GStreamer 0.10 to meta-multimedia71.9 M1Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
6835Alexandru DamianSave failed builds cooker / task logs1.9Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7725Alexandru Damianmanage.py buildlist doesn't list failed builds21.9 M2Randy WittVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7796Aníbal LimónSState: wget improvements51.9 M2Benjamin EsquivelVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7175Aníbal LimónAUH needs buildhistory support102.0Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7488Aníbal LimónAUH: Use new upstream version detection82.0Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
6942Bruce Ashfieldkernel-dev: iterative development51.9 M3Bruce AshfieldVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7834CostinSupport TCs under sub-folders of /lib/oeqa/11.9 M1Cathy ShenVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7848CostinSupport external TC manifest as the input of TEST_SUITES1.9 M1Cathy ShenVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7833Costintc.filesdir can't handle ./files/ folder under other layers21.9 M2Cathy ShenVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7133CostinDocument environment file usage11.9 M3Mark HatleVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+15 June 2015: Checking documentation changes
7849CostinFilter proper test cases from the test case manifest file and run the filtered ones1.9 M3Cathy ShenVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7451Cristian Iorgameta-yocto BSPs don't enable NFC51.9 M1Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
8075Ed Bartoshimplement writing out custom recipe and layer files52.0Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7679Beth FlanaganNeed a standard for release build names on AB11.9 M2Alexandru GeorgescuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
8084Beth FlanaganWe should run testsdk after populate_sdk1.9 M3Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7692Beth FlanaganLarge scale AB documentation32.0Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7652Jose Lamegopatchwork: ensure that merged patches get properly marked as such101.9 M2Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
7657Jose Lamegopatchwork: some patches sent to the mailing list don't show up51.9 M2Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
4172Juro BystrickyVirtualized development environment for Bitbake Commander (Build Appliance Mini)41.9Cristian IorgaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
6206Juro BystrickyCreate development environment for SDK on Windows51.9 M3Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
8096Juro BystrickyBuild Appliance: use ext4 instead of ext311.9 M3Juro BystrickyVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7560Jussi KukkonenRemove xf86-video-modesettings driver51.9 M2Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7599Robert Yangbootimg.bbclass: get rid of fat filesystem for hddimg51.9 M1Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
8118Mariano LopezAdd support for retrieve target system status when test fails101.9 M3Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
8049Michael WoodMake changes to orm to enable image customisation52.0Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
6662Paul EggletonDeveloper experience improvements1.9Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7723Paul EggletonNeeded a way to identify layer name in bbclass to be able to filter out packages in specific layer.0.51.9 M1Alexander KanevskiyVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7590Paul EggletonAvoid running do_rootfs within extensible SDK installation12.0Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
6559Chen QiConstruct the SDK using sstate archives61.9 M3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
6560Chen QiAdd script to update installed SDK based on sstate manifests51.9 M3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
6659Chen QiAdd new SDK publishing tool62.0Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
7581Khem RajAdd gcc 5.x as an option for 1.91.9 M2Khem RajVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7582Khem RajUpdate to glibc 2.221.9 M3Khem RajVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7886Randy Witttcf-agent: need uprev for eclipse mars compatibility1.9 M2Dave LernerVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
6006Richard PurdieAdd new sstate test11.9 M2Richard PurdieVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7916Todor MinchevAdd Eclipse Mars support2.51.9 M3Todor MinchevVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+
7702Tracy GraydonMultibranch-git poller22.0Tracy GraydonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium+


IDAssigneeSummary (157 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
7669Alex FrancoProposal: automatically fix g+s on TMPDIR when creating TMPDIR12.0Christopher LarsonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7762Alejandro HernandezAdd support for Python3 pip1.9 M1Alejandro HernandezVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7763Alejandro HernandezAdd support for setuptools on Python321.9 M1Alejandro HernandezVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7329Alexandru RomanNavigation in the projects content61.9 M2Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design available
7271Alexandru Damianbitbake should be able to run the toasterui in daemon mode1.9Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium29 May 2015: Marking doc flag "done"
7705Alexandru Damiancreate tests to validate refactoring and detect regressions21.9 M2Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7489Aníbal LimónAUH: Improve installation/usage31.9 M1Aníbal LimónRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7493Aníbal LimónAUH: Documentation changes for 1.9 work0.32.0Benjamin EsquivelRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6879Belen Barros PenaDesign image recipe customisation81.9 M2Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7154Belen Barros PenaIn target and machine suggestions, the layer name should be searchable51.9 M3Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMediumproject configuration page
7740Belen Barros PenaExplain better what Toaster does in the layer checkout directory11.9 M3Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7743Belen Barros PenaImprove the Toaster image shown in the Toaster landing page11.9 M3Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6744Brendan Le Follextensible SDK: handle path restrictions imposed by build system11.9Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7441Bruce Ashfielddo_kernel_configme fails when patches create directories1.9Jeff MelvilleRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6202Bruce AshfieldLinux-yocto.bb suggests running bitbake -c devshell on do_patch failure11.9 M2Brian LloydRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6667Bruce AshfieldEnable DRM_CIRRUS_QEMU11.9 M3Ross BurtonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7282Bruce Ashfieldlinux-yocto: accidentally skips patches21.9 M3Patrick OhlyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7348Bruce AshfieldWe should use the ext4 driver for ext2/311.9 M3Richard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7591California SullivanMore reliable external kernel module selection32.0Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7479Cristian IorgaBlueZ 5.xx should be the default stack for Bluetooth support31.9 M1Cristian IorgaRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
5990Darren Hartkernel.bbclass: Revamp packaging and dependencies1.9Darren HartVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6068Ed BartoshCreate wic test suite101.9Tom ZanussiVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7118Ed Bartoshwic: Add mechanism to automatically incorporate plugin help21.9Tom ZanussiVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7593Ed Bartoshwic: add a way to compact directdisk images21.9João HenriqueVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7716Ed Bartoshwic should support UUIDs101.9Igor StoppaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7912Ed BartoshImprovement request for Wic error message0.21.9Igor StoppaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7938Ed Bartoshwic help is inconsistent0.11.9Igor StoppaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7571Ed Bartoshidentify and store extra-data about image-generating recipes41.9 M2Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design available
8001Ed Bartoshwic: Add bootloader options for multi-rootfs1.9 M3Mariano LopezVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
5524Beth FlanaganBuild overview should show duration for running tasks1.9Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7340Beth FlanaganPerformance issue in do_rootfs (license_create_manifest)1.9Richard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7978Beth FlanaganAdd a "don't publish" button1.9Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7485Beth FlanaganAdd SRC_URI and SRCREV selection to kernel builders21.9 M1Beth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7508Beth Flanaganpackage_deb: Run AB in Debian and non-debian based hosts11.9 M1Aníbal LimónRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7685Beth FlanaganKMETA/KBRANCH split for kernel override buildsets11.9 M1Beth FlanaganRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7688Beth FlanaganKernel props need to build SRC_URI automatically21.9 M1Tracy GraydonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6355Beth FlanaganSync public AB builds start with RO QA team AB machines automatically31.9 M2Ionut ChisanoviciVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6285Beth FlanaganBuildset that lets you select auto.conf vars52.0Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6286Beth FlanaganAutobuilder developers manual22.0Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
5790Lucian MusatAutomate test results logging in Testopia using XMLRPC interface101.9 M1Stoicescu COrnelVERIFIEDenhancementMedium17 June 2015: Set the documentation flag to "No"
7835Lucian MusatError handling during testing -- set timeout for test case0.51.9 M1Cathy ShenVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7672Igor StoppaAllow automating running wic from the build system41.9Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
4146Jason WesselAllow a layer to include another layer51.9 M3Jason WesselRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7944Jose LamegoAdd aarch64 and mips64 support for ADT51.9 M3Yi ZhaoVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7653Jose Lamegopatchwork: make update git hook run asynchronously102.0Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7374Juro BystrickyAdd support for VirtualBox VDI images31.9Juro BystrickyVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
1971Juro BystrickyEnhance BA to run in VirtualBox51.9 M1Scott GarmanRESOLVEDenhancementMedium02 April 2014: Some web page adjustments made.
7625Christopher LarsonAdd support for devtool/recipetool plugins in additional layers21.9Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
5870Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezbuildhistory: provide files-in-package.txt report51.9 M2Martin JansaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7589Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezdevtool: add ability to disable parallelism when building21.9 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7567Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalezdistrodata/distro_check don't take into account proxies22.0Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6988Robert YangAdd a populate_sdk_test task51.9Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7942Robert Yangarm64 images need to be built by the autobuilder.1.9Randy MacLeodVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7086Robert Yangpackagegroup-core-full-cmdline should not contain lighttpd0.51.9 M1Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7481Robert YangUniq the -dev package51.9 M2Robert YangVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7720Robert Yangmake the world build work without x11 in DISTRO_FEATURES101.9 M3Robert YangRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6505Robert YangMultilib Support for meta-toolchain (missing rpm support, ipk fixed)2.0ATULRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
8389Robert Yangsmart: make it faster52.0Robert YangRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
5584Mariano LopezUpdater: Evaluate adding Stefano's update software51.9 M1Dave StewartVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7585Mariano LopezRRS: Improve database queries61.9 M1Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7678Mariano LopezUpdater: Investigate OSTree updater to add in the developer workflow51.9 M1Mariano LopezVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6929Mariano LopezEnhance archiver to allow filter on recipe name31.9 M2Matthias BilgerVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7496Mariano LopezRRS: Upstream statistics bar improvements51.9 M2Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7864Mariano LopezUpdater: Investigate Tizen updater61.9 M2Mariano LopezVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7890Mariano LopezShould show how long a recipe has been "not updated"21.9 M2Jussi KukkonenVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7922Mariano LopezSanity test that files can be created in TMPDIR21.9 M2Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
8020Mariano LopezDisplay both % of work completed over planned and % of work completed over total recipes to be updated11.9 M3Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design available
7495Mariano LopezRRS: Add totals in Maintainer statistics page21.9 M1Aníbal LimónVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7907Markus Lehtonendevtool: update-recipe: only update SRCREV in auto mode when changes already pushed1.9Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7602Markus Lehtonendevtool: improve handling for recipes that point to local source next to recipe52.0Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
5777Michael WoodPackage detail views in should specify pagination for tables that list files per package1.9Dave LernerVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design available
6874Michael WoodMechanism to manage size of errors database41.9Michael WoodVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7465Michael WoodAdd support to error-report-web application URL41.9João HenriqueVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7871Michael WoodWe need the ability to include additional actions in the Toaster table controls area1.9Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7449Michael WoodSplit GUI applications for build and analysis modes1.9 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7706Michael Woodrename django application from orm to bitbakecollector41.9 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7709Michael Wooddelete bldviewer application11.9 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7741Michael WoodImprove how we handle the no toasterconf.json files found situation31.9 M1Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7790Michael WoodProgress/activity indicator needed for slow ajax calls11.9 M1Michael WoodVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7798Michael WoodIntelligent matching of new error report to existing reports21.9 M1Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6984Michael WoodRefactoring general41.9 M2Michael WoodVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
8039Michael WoodBreak down the recipes table into image recipes and software recipes2.0Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMediumGUI design available
6721Michael Kotsonyocto-bsp cannot create a valleyisland branch1.9Michael KotsonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6447Paul EggletonAdd ability to find a target file and create a bbappend to replace it31.9Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7028Paul EggletonUpgrade CMake to version MooreVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7475Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers show-recipes filtered by classes inherited?0.51.9Ross BurtonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7644Paul Eggletondevtool: add should support downloading a URL1.9 M1Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
5275Paul Eggletonbbnote etc just use echo11.9 M2Ross BurtonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6655Paul Eggletondevtool: add ability to rebuild an image with recipe changes22.0Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6657Paul Eggletondevtool: add runqemu wrapper22.0Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
4421Chen Qisystemd performance improvements51.9Ross BurtonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
5105Chen QiInvestigate using genericx86 for qemu1.9 M2Saul WoldVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6331Chen QiSingle method to specify deployment baud rate11.9 M2Mark HatleVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
5970Richard Purdiesstate signature generator issues51.9Martin JansaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6646Richard PurdieImplement rm_old_work11.9Laszlo PappRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
6791Richard PurdieIntegrate the fetcher with a gitexternalsrc class for large team development1.9Jason WesselRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7667Richard PurdieFeature request: include expanded_data in the ConfigParsed event11.9Christopher LarsonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7668Richard PurdieFeature request: inject 'd' as well as 'e' into event handlers11.9 M1Christopher LarsonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7356Ross BurtonAdd a waf class1.9Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7980Ross BurtonQA test for SRC_URIs using github's dynamically generated archive URLs1.9Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
8169Ross Burtonbinconfig-disabled class should make config scripts print a human-readable error1.9 M3Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
8168Ross BurtonBe clearer about using pkg-config instead of *-config scripts12.0Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium15 Oct 2015: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
8066Scott RifenbarkAdd EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS to variable reference1.9Vladimir SmelovVERIFIEDenhancementMedium22 Sept 2015 - RESOLVED/FIXED
8067Scott RifenbarkAdd SKIP_FILEDEPS to variable reference1.9Vladimir SmelovVERIFIEDenhancementMedium17 Sept 2015 - RESOLVED/FIXED
7745Scott RifenbarkProvide a sample URL for the Django admin interface in the Toaster manual11.9 M1Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementMedium19 May 2015: RESOLVED
7803Scott RifenbarkDeleting a Task section should note dependency handling1.9 M1Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium01 June 2015: RESOLOVED
7380Mihail StanciuUI Automation: Add IDs to toaster buttons21.9Mihail StanciuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7377Mihail StanciuUI Automation: Assign classes to table columns1.9 M1Mihail StanciuVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7778Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Autobuilder Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7779Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Overall Enhacements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7780Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Toaster Enhancments1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7781Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 OS Tooling1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7782Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Meta-Intel Enhancement1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7783Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7784Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Bitbake Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7785Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Documentation Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7786Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Testing Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7808Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Error reporting system improvements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7815Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Package updates required enhacements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7816Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Recipe Upgrades, AUH, & RRS Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7817Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Optimizations and Misc. Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7826Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Eclipse plug-in enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7838Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Deployment Improvements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7841Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools (patchwork) Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7860Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Autobuilder Enhancements (part 2)1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7861Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools (devtool:) Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7862Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools (SDK) Enhancements1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7863Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Optimizations and Misc. Enhancements (part 2)1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7867Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Toaster Enhancements (Part 2)1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7881Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Testing Enhancements (part 2)1.9Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7842Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M1 Overall Enhancements1.9 M1Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7859Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M1 Overall Enhancements (part 2)1.9 M1Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7843Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M2 Overall Enhancements1.9 M2Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7858Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M2 Overall Enhancement (part 2)1.9 M2Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7844Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M3 Overall Enhancements1.9 M3Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7857Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M3 Overall Enhancements (part 2)1.9 M3Stephen K JolleyRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7305Todor MinchevThe Eclipse plug-in should support remote projects in a VM1.9Todor MinchevVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7822Todor MinchevRemove local bitbake build functionality and improve recipe editor51.9 M2Todor MinchevVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
6385Tracy Graydonmeta-intel world21.9Beth FlanaganVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7261Tracy GraydonDo world builds for poky-lsb1.9Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7707Unassignedseparate project data from build archival data31.9 M2Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7708Unassignedseparate project layers/recipes/packages from build archival data51.9 M2Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7712Unassignedimplement build/configuration conditionals in pages21.9 M2Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7061Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'evlog' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7062Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'ifenslave' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7063Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'mipv6-daemon-umip' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7064Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'openl2tp' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7065Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'crash' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7066Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'drbd' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7068Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'logcheck' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7069Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'makedumpfile' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
7070Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'numactl' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7071Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'ocfs2-tools' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7072Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'pam_passwdqc' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7073Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'samhain' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7074Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'ftrace' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium
7075Vaduva AlexandruIntegrate 'ltt-userspace' package inside meta-cgl21.9Vaduva AlexandruVERIFIEDenhancementMedium


IDAssigneeSummary (8 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
5226Alexandru Damianin 'variables' API, the 'changed' field seems to return always 'FALSE'1.9Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementLowMoved from Cristiana to Unassigned
7895Aníbal LimónTidy up recipe maintenance include files21.9 M3Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementLow
7726brian averyAllow "manage.py builddelete" to accept multiple buildids0.52.0Randy WittVERIFIEDenhancementLow
2817Juro BystrickyBuild Appliance: Add vmware guest modules151.9Saul WoldVERIFIEDenhancementLow
7839Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: remove-layer: accept just layer directory1.9Paul EggletonRESOLVEDenhancementLow
7964Paul Eggletonrecipetool: add sub-command to just create a bbappend1.9Christopher LarsonRESOLVEDenhancementLow
7966Paul Eggletonbuildhistory should write git SHAs1.9Ross BurtonVERIFIEDenhancementLow
7755Scott RifenbarkDocument UNKNOWN_CONFIGURE_WHITELIST1.9 M1Paul EggletonVERIFIEDenhancementLow25 May 2015: IN PROGRESS REVIEW


IDAssigneeSummary (6 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
7970Jose Lamegopatchwork: patches sent to the meta OE list are auto-archived after a few hours/days51.9 M2Jose LamegoRESOLVEDenhancementUndecided
8110Robert Yanginsane.bbclass: check the /etc/<files> are set by CONFFILES51.9 M3Robert YangRESOLVEDenhancementUndecided
8404Robert Yangtoolchain-shar-relocate.sh: make it faster22.0Robert YangRESOLVEDenhancementUndecided
7872Michael WoodAdd filters to all layers, all recipes and all machines tables1.9Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDenhancementUndecidedGUI design pending
8255Khem RajUse gcc 5.x as default for YP 1.91.9CostinVERIFIEDenhancementUndecided
7630Scott RifenbarkProvide some hint for the "textrel" QA issue11.9 M1Laszlo PappRESOLVEDenhancementUndecided27 April 2015: RESOLVED

2.1, Future

IDAssigneeSummary (340 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
9778Armin Kusterppc64 isn't supported by qemu-nativeFutureRoss BurtonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
3253Alejandro Hernandezadding home automation layer to yoctoFutureAndrei DinuNEWenhancementLow
5660Alejandro HernandezWeston doesn't work properly on qemu7FuturevalentinACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
1593Aníbal LimónImplement factory resetFutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementLow
3437Aníbal Limónx32: Verify world build and fix issues3FutureSaul WoldACCEPTEDenhancementLow
7044Aníbal LimónIntegrate the layer index with the recipe reporting system somehow5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
7492Aníbal LimónAUH: Add support for persist statistics5FutureAníbal LimónNEWenhancementMedium
7869Aníbal LimónRRS: Modularize update script in order to merge into Layer index5FutureAníbal LimónACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8794Aníbal LimónRRS: Add support for user interaction (umbrella bug)FutureAníbal LimónNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
9651Aníbal LimónError report web: Optimize searching times3FutureAníbal LimónNEWenhancementMedium
9769Aníbal Limón[Autobuilider] Ability to select the worker for a forced build5FutureJose Perez CNEWenhancementMedium
1600brian averyEnhance the deploy in remote debug5FutureJessicaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
7556brian averyCreate cross-compilation project with existing code10FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
7821brian averyAdd OpenOCD JTAG support7FutureTodor MinchevNEWenhancementMedium
8220brian averyWe need to enable an exclusion list in toasterconf.json to drop layers from layers.openembedded.org2Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
8330brian averysupport prserver instance4Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
8331brian averyDropdown menus should populate from cfg file so they can be more easily extended,5Futurebrian averyACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8392brian averyExplicit matrix build axes for machine, imageFutureNaomi DickersonNEWenhancementMedium
10529brian averyKconfig support in Eclipse CROPS4Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
10535brian averyBuild container for Maven/Tycho build for Eclipse CROPS Plugin2Futurebrian averyIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
1525Bruce Ashfield[multilib] Triggering building a 64 bit kernel with a 32 bit userspace10FutureMatthew McClintockIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementLow(Scheduled)
5305Bruce AshfieldMake sanitized kernel headers available3FuturePeter KjellerstedtIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
9480Bruce Ashfieldlinux-yocto: make it work with arm big endian7FutureRobert YangACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8773California Sullivanrefactor yocto-kernel-cache common-pc / intel-common scc/cfg file to reduce delta & overlap11FutureSaul WoldACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8534Cathy Shenneed export manifest files to SDK package under /conf/test/ folders of every layer15FutureCathy ShenNEWenhancementMedium
9979Daniela Plascenciapatchtest: provide a command line argument to list the discovered test cases3FutureLeonardo Sandoval GonzalezNEWenhancementMedium
5069David ReynaEclipse TCF can support arm cpu debug now,but tcf-agent_git.bb can't do it this time.FuturescanliNEWenhancementMedium
6095David ReynaRetrieve full build information independently of task execution4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
6233David ReynaDesign model for project owner / user4FutureDavid ReynaACCEPTEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6405David ReynaDefault to asking for a single path to the SDK in the pluginFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
6794David ReynaAdd last commit information to Toaster4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design available, layer details page
9895David ReynaProvide UI to allow local layers to be published to layerindex.Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
9918David ReynaUse bitbakes fetcher code to grab layers, do checkouts, etc.Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
10633David ReynaAdd optional layers selection toolFutureDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium
8591dengkebitbake world needs a lot of time for "Preparing RunQueue"10FutureRobert YangACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
11281Ed Bartoshwic: should be able to run with or without bitbake/native tools7FutureStephano CetolaNEWenhancementLow
9203Diana ThayerAutomatically paginate bitbake -e output1FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementLow
8483jingwangCompatible to run generic pyunit test cases by test runnerFutureCathy ShenIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
8530jingwangrunexported.py parameter support for: -m <machine arch>1FutureCathy ShenIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
8531jingwangrunexported.py parameter support for: -f <manifest>FutureCathy ShenIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
8533jingwangrunexported.py parameter support for: -x <xunit>FutureCathy ShenIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
4508Jose LamegoSystemtap plugin should support profiles3FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementLow
5285Jose Lamegopowertop: Eclipse plugin output is useless for new versions of powertop5FutureAdrian DudauNEWenhancementMedium
7656Jose Lamegopatchwork: auto-delegate patches6FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8394Jose Lamegopatchwork: ensure that patches received during a PW server outage are processed3FutureJose LamegoNEWenhancementMedium
8875Jose LamegoCreate Eclipse Yocto Plugin wizard UI for Yocto recipes creation/edition using devtool5FutureJose LamegoNEWenhancementMedium
9677Jose Perez CUpdate bugzilla instance to 5.X or greaterFutureLeonardo Sandoval GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10222Jose Perez CBugzilla component break-down required for QA/Testing2FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
10318Jose Perez Ca tool to consolidate testopia's database with the test list5FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
1974Joshua LockBitBake Contributor documentation1FutureJoshua Lock - DisabledACCEPTEDenhancementLow
6683Joshua LockProduce a script to automate release preparation tasks3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
8760Joshua LockAutobuilder additional task log availability2FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
9192Joshua Lock[meta-swupd] Support virtual images generated from a virtual recipeFutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
9322Joshua Lock[meta-swupd] Improve the algorithm for determining previous version1.5FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
9511Joshua LockProvide support for swupd manifest includes5FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
10802+Joshua Lockhave the Autobuilder's force-build be a toasterFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
10912Joshua LockProvide automated testing of meta-darwinFutureJoshua LockACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
10936Joshua LockAverage builder health status dash thingyFutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
11455Joshua LockImplement script to support running two versions of AB on YP infrastructure3FutureJoshua LockACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
4443Juro Bystrickybuild-appliance: generate ova packageFuturetfNEWenhancementLow
5421Juro BystrickySupport multiple MACHINE installs per SDKFutureMartin DonnellyNEWenhancementMedium
9885Juro Bystricky[meta-darwin] remove dependency on Mac OS SDK components which aren't distributableFutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
5874Jussi KukkonenDNS and proxy configurations should be available in sato images in connman GUI applicationFutureIonut ChisanoviciNEWenhancementLow
6077Jussi Kukkonenpiglit depends on libx112FutureOtavio SalvadorACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8647Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezScript to analyse what areas a patch changes and what tests need running13FuturePaul EggletonACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
8666Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezAdd bash completion to argparse-using scriptsFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
10847Leonardo Sandoval Gonzaleztestimage: add the ability to test dynamic IP addr targetsFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
4304LibertadDo automated upgrade path testing4FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
4349Robert YangAn easy way to find out why a recipe is built and installed (RDEPENDS)15FutureRobert YangIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementLow
4965Robert YangNot possible to pass the preferred version to bitbake on the command line3FutureLaszlo PappIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementLow
6433Robert Yangntpdate installs cron job in /var/spool/cron/rootFutureVolkerNEWenhancementLow
6451Robert Yangsave which recipe fetches which source5FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementLow
7610Robert Yang[Multilib] Can't install 64bit packages to 32bit rootfs10FutureWenzong.FanNEWenhancementMedium
8592Robert Yangsmart: make it can understand MLPREFIX10FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementMedium
8967Robert YangNeed a way to cleanup DEPENDS and RDEPENDS5FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementMedium
9463Robert YangAn easier way to debug package install (do_rootfs, do_populate_sdk)10FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementLow
4121Marklatencytop support for mips10FutureMarkNEWenhancementMedium
2484Mark HatleWhen the baselib does not match the expected library path, prelinking is not done.FutureMark HatleNEWenhancementMedium
3724Mark HatleSmart: Performance enhancement for Incremental InstallFutureMark HatleNEWenhancementMedium
4091Mark HatleAdd support to bitbake fetcher to fetch files from bare repos for PREMIRRORSFutureJeff PolkNEWenhancementMedium
4148Mark HatleAdd a mechanism to build a package that is the same bitsize as the machineFutureMark HatleNEWenhancementMedium
5437Mark HatleOn-target buildable SRPMsFutureMark HatleNEWenhancementLow
6259Mark HatleInvestigate OSTree integrationFutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
9980Mark Hatlecreate src packages that can be deployed to image targetsFuturebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
2394Markus LehtonenYocto BSP Tools: add 'publish' support for the kernel10FutureTom ZanussiACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
3732Markus Lehtonenyocto-bsp is based around having only one kernel10FutureBlloydNEWenhancementLow
8755Markus LehtonenRemote signing of RPM packagesFutureMarkus LehtonenIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium
7080Michael HalsteadAllow bugs to target multiple milestonesFutureMichael HalsteadIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
7087Michael HalsteadAdd another chart to the WikiFutureStephen K JolleyACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
7327Michael HalsteadAdd git hook to update bug status4FutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementMedium
9817Michael Halsteadadd a robot that tracks when patches are sent to mailing list for review and merged into master branches2.5FutureAlexander KanavinACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
10746Monserratselftest: Create a build-set to give automated coverage report of oe-selftest suiteFutureJose Perez CNEWenhancementMedium
5429Otavio SalvadorAdd ability for SDK-from-image to pick up additional host/target tools automaticallyFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9783Patrick OhlyImplement automated testing for meta-swupd5FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
9790Patrick OhlyDesign a solution for using a package manager to develop and transitioning to swupd for production5FutureJoshua LockNEWenhancementMedium
10203Patrick Ohlyprefer specialized image creation methods over chainingFuturePatrick OhlyNEWenhancementLow
10204Patrick Ohlyuse conversion commands instead of special code for hdddirect variantsFuturePatrick OhlyNEWenhancementLow
10518Patrick Ohlyswupd compatibility with image-prelinkFuturePatrick OhlyIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
1139Paul EggletonSearch all layers when directory/wildcard specified instead of stopping at first matchFutureMichael LippautzNEWenhancementMedium
1467Paul EggletonSync class header comments with reference manual1FutureScott GarmanNEWenhancementLow
1598Paul EggletonAdd remote layer support5FutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementLow
3362Paul EggletonImprove dependency analysis tools5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
5424Paul EggletonRationalise core-image.bbclass and image.bbclass1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
5426Paul EggletonDetect and fail if inherit is used in conf fileFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
5854Paul EggletonInvestigate sstate package compression improvementsFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
5883Paul EggletonAdd ability to specify locale base directoryFuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementLow
6059Paul EggletonAdd mechanism to define how class should be used1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
6155Paul EggletonMerge testimage-auto into testimageFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
6425Paul EggletonAdd ability to build a task in isolationFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
6478Paul EggletonTweaks to remove cruft from non-rootfs images1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
6855Paul EggletonAdd comprehensive regression tests for shared state functionality5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
7636Paul Eggletonrecipetool: basic spec file conversion5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
7683Paul EggletonProvide means of turning a recipe change into a bbappend4FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
7792Paul EggletonLayer compatible branches expansion5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8100Paul EggletonClear taint when recipe rebuildsFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
8677Paul EggletonLayer index: allow searching the metadataFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
8699Paul Eggletonoffer a way to use sstate-object hashes as dependencies of builds/packages4FutureGustavo Sverzut BarbieriNEWenhancementMedium
8789Paul Eggletonextensible SDK: allow disabling devtool subcommands based on capabilities2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9173Paul EggletonCreate a way that sstate will automatically be removed after setscene1FutureRandy WittNEWenhancementMedium
9387Paul EggletonExtensible SDK: add image customisation functionality5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9643Paul EggletonAdd a means of showing which variables triggered confighash changeFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9730Paul EggletonReplace custom code for bulk change with calls to recipeutilsFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
9760Paul EggletonMake it easier to set up your own derivative layer index10FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
11670Paul EggletonImprove terminology around BBCLASSEXTENDFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
1952Beth 'pidge' FlanaganLicense Compliance: Add GPL-2.0 written offer.1FutureBeth FlanaganACCEPTEDenhancementLow(Development)
1953Beth 'pidge' FlanaganLicense Compliance: Create License Responsibility File2FutureBeth FlanaganACCEPTEDenhancementLow(Development)
7701Beth 'pidge' Flanagannightly-autobuilder target2FutureTracy GraydonNEWenhancementLow
4836Chen QiMake update-alternatives mechanism in OE/Yocto more robust10FutureChen QiACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
5675Chen QiAdd a ROOT_PASSWD feature for imagesFutureLaszlo PappNEWenhancementMedium
7328Randy WittPackage feed publishing tool5FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
1803Richard PurdieAdd helper shell commandsFutureJoshua Lock - DisabledNEWenhancementMedium
2872Richard PurdieImplement gitpkgv functionality in fetcherFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
3306Richard PurdieSRC_URI's for git repos should use 'protocol=http' whenever possibleFutureEvadeflowNEWenhancementLow
3433Richard PurdieCreate Interactive bitbake commandline mode15FutureSaul WoldNEWenhancementMedium
3443Richard Purdiegit fetcher: support a more appendable syntax for supporting multiple branches in the SRC_URIFutureTom ZanussiNEWenhancementLow
4011Richard PurdieMerge machine specific config recipes into one recipe to rule them allFutureRichard PurdieIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
5709Richard PurdieAdd possibility to control event handlers orderFutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
5729Richard PurdieShow a warning when nativesdk/native classes are not inherited lastFutureLaurentiu PalcuNEWenhancementLow
5799Richard Purdieadd standardized MAINTAINERS infrastructureFutureTrevor WoernerNEWenhancementLow
7802Richard PurdieInsufficient info provided when a recipe fails.FutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementMedium
7827Richard PurdieHandle if bitbake server code changes when memory residentFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
7985Richard PurdieVariable typing support within BitBake15FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
9825Richard Purdieallow alternates with full protocol specs for improving bitbake git functionalityFutureAlexander StohrNEWenhancementMedium
10429Richard PurdieAdd runtime dependencies for native "packages"5FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
10682Richard Purdiemulticonfig sstate optimisations5FutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementMedium
10684Richard PurdieDistributed build support15FutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementMedium
11168Richard Purdiemulticonfig: use 'mc:' qualifier instead of 'multiconfig:'FutureHenry BruceNEWenhancementMedium
11647Richard Purdiebblayers entries that are not found result in immediate error and exit, should batch all missing layersFuturebrian averyNEWenhancementMedium
4085Ross BurtonNot all WARNINGS are stored in qa.logFutureMartin JansaACCEPTEDenhancementLow
4530Ross Burtongconv data needs virtual providers2FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
5725Ross BurtonAdd QA check for installing Python Eggs1FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
6434Ross BurtonAdd option to package .py/.pyc/both in Python packagesFutureVolkerNEWenhancementMedium
9242Ross BurtonRelocate segments in native binaries when restoring from sstate4FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
3999Saul Woldprovide description and compatibility data with kern-features.rcFutureTom ZanussiIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
4063Seebspseudo's logging and diagnostics are not very clearFutureSeebsNEWenhancementMedium
2082Sonia DelgadoAdditional test case: shared sstate-cache between users2FutureMark HatleNEWenhancementMedium
5349Sonia DelgadoAdd compiling tests to Image Tests for different memory sizes set for QEMUFutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
5455Sonia DelgadoAdd buck-security and other meta-security tests to automated testing4FutureSaul WoldNEWenhancementMedium
5839Sonia DelgadoAdd automated tests for hard dependencies and setscene tasks.FutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
5876Sonia DelgadoAdd a test for the kernel -c menuconfig option3FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
6163Sonia DelgadoImplement directfb testing using directfb-examples package.FutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementLow
6737Sonia DelgadoExtend automated ptest testing to work with opkgFutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementMedium
8500Sonia DelgadoEvaluate and possibly integrate Data-Driven Tests framework for TCs1FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
9080Sonia LeonAutobuilder/oe-selftest: Have a way to specify a which oe-self tests get run on a forced AB job2FutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
5600Scott RifenbarkSync the Glossary section with documentation.conf1FutureBelen Barros PenaIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium09 February 2015: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
5601Scott RifenbarkMerging the Glossary and the Variable Context sections3FutureBelen Barros PenaIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium20 January 2015: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
6158Scott RifenbarkEncourage best-practice configuration usage3FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium20 January 2015: IN PROGRESS DESIGN
10559Stephano Cetolarecipetool: generate install function for debian packagesFutureStephano CetolaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
9786Stephen K JolleyGo back in time and prevent Guido from creating python3FutureRandy MacLeodUNCONFIRMEDenhancementLow
9005Sujith HProvide build cancellation functionality for command line buildsFutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
3358sweeaunperf: enable new 'perf trace' tool5FutureTom ZanussiNEWenhancementMedium
3359sweeaunperf: add perf-dwarf feature5FutureTom ZanussiNEWenhancementMedium
7794Tiago RamosDesign Toaster First UseFutureTiago RamosNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
4053Tim OrlingContribute the contrib/vim files to vim0.2FutureOlof JohanssonACCEPTEDenhancementLow
7037Tim OrlingSupport for perl in "recipetool create"4FuturePaul EggletonIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
4284Toaster default assigneePresenting information provided by the diffsigs tool5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
5255Toaster default assigneeProvide access to tasks executable output in Toaster5FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
5648Toaster default assigneeAdd a field license_files to package information3FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
5811Toaster default assigneethe variable history should collect and display the variable value for each modification sequence5FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementLowGUI design available; needs data completion test
6712Toaster default assigneeModify the default Bootstrap behaviour of tooltips and popovers triggered on hover4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
6838Toaster default assigneetoaster must be able to submit error reports for failed builds from the interface5FutureAlexandru DamianACCEPTEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6910Toaster default assigneeUse sticky headers for long tables4FutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementMedium
7240Toaster default assigneeAdd declaration of image output file globs for Toaster1FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
7596Toaster default assigneevariable type support in project configuration pages4FutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMedium
7747Toaster default assigneeImprove messaging when Toaster is launched with no releases set4FutureBelen Barros PenaACCEPTEDenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8095Toaster default assigneeTable results should be sorted in alphabetical order and other secondary criterias.4FutureTiago RamosNEWenhancementLowGUI design available
8218Toaster default assigneeProvide a way to update layer information from the Toaster GUI5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8366Toaster default assigneeBuild the specific recipe versionFutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementMedium
8424Toaster default assigneeToaster: Compatible recipes tab should display the machine compatible recipes3FutureAlexandru RomanNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8425Toaster default assigneeToaster: A warning should be displayed when you delete a layer dependency4FutureAlexandru RomanNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
8434Toaster default assigneeToaster: package classes (rpm, ipk or deb) should be display in the build configuration page4FutureAlexandru RomanNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
8488Toaster default assigneeCollect variable information for the image scopeFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8705Toaster default assigneeStore valid values for variables in the Toaster databaseFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
8769Toaster default assigneeIntegrating wic into ToasterFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8857Toaster default assigneeDisplay number of search / filter results consistently across tables3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8858Toaster default assigneeWe should keep sorting state in our tables3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8859Toaster default assigneeProvide a way of specifying the default sort direction in ToasterTable4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLow
8866Toaster default assigneeHome-brew JSON encoding is ad hoc and incompleteFutureElliot SmithNEWenhancementMedium
8896Toaster default assigneeEnable sorting by number of dependenciesFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8955Toaster default assigneeRecipe explorerFutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementMedium
8959Toaster default assigneeAllow Toaster to run images on simulator, even a custom oneFutureMirela RabuleaNEWenhancementMedium
9297Toaster default assigneeToaster: Simplify building extensible SDK5FutureHenry BruceNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
9518Toaster default assigneeRationalise the directory structure generated by Toaster3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
9519Toaster default assigneeConsolidate used API into it's own view10FutureBelen Barros PenaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
9583Toaster default assigneeRefactor Toaster database schemaFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
9856Toaster default assigneeMigrate remaining tables to ToasterTableFutureElliot SmithNEWenhancementLow
9914Toaster default assigneeFor imported layers, remember the value of the last directory and the last Git repositoryFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
10085Todor MinchevRMC: move RMC feature out of meta-intelFutureJianxun ZhangNEWenhancementLow
9376Tom ZanussiEnhance descriptions for kernel tasks in the reference manual.10FutureScott RifenbarkIN PROGRESS REVIEWenhancementMedium07 Feb 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
2442Tracy Graydonfeature request: manifest files per license1FutureFrans MeulenbroeksACCEPTEDenhancementLow
7476Tracy GraydonImprove license manifest description2FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
139UnassignedSet default gcc instruction generation to TARGET_ARCH on target5FutureJoshua Lock - DisabledNEWenhancementMedium
405UnassignedAdd a mechanism to do pre-build sanity based on specific configurations20FutureMark HatleACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
760Unassigned[script] no options to use kernel nfs server as nfsroot7FutureQing HeNEWenhancementLow
1550UnassignedEnhance TARGET_VENDOR field support3FutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementLowP3
1646UnassignedFast boot time documentation3FutureSong LiuACCEPTEDenhancementLowDocs remaining
1658Unassigneddepexp like features without XFutureJoshua Lock - DisabledNEWenhancementLow
1789Unassigned[Autobuilder] Optionally generate a HTML log2FutureJoshua Lock - DisabledNEWenhancementMedium
1795UnassignedSimplify core-image-minimal-initramfs and reduce dependencies3FutureDarren HartACCEPTEDenhancementLow
1893UnassignedIncremental deb image generation10FutureRobert YangNEWenhancementLow(pending)
2025Unassignedrunqemu scripts should attempt sane defaults for unknown machines3FutureDarren HartNEWenhancementLow
2086UnassignedRewrite bbvars.py to use bitbake to find variablesFutureDarren HartNEWenhancementLow
2348UnassignedCleanup package.bbclass - runstrip and split_and_strip_files checksFutureMark HatleNEWenhancementLow
2375Unassigned[yocto-kernel,yocto-bsp] Use python logging module for errors, debug, info, etc1FutureDarren HartACCEPTEDenhancementLow
2549Unassigned[USE CASE] Support live images on emulated targets (hddimg for kvm)3FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementLow
2951UnassignedReview and remove unnecessary uses of _prepend/_appendFutureChristopher LarsonNEWenhancementLow
3059Unassignedpsplash doesn't blend if image contains alpha channelFutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMedium
3429UnassignedUpdater: create infrastructure to support direct image upgrading10FutureSaul WoldACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
3463UnassignedDefine PREEMPT_RT validation suite3FutureDarren HartNEWenhancementMedium
3498UnassignedRDEPENDS of packages created by PACKAGES_DYNAMIC not built before image rootfsFutureMartin JansaACCEPTEDenhancementLow
3887UnassignedMerge buildstats into build history and have one data collection mechanismFutureLaurentiu SerbanIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
3976UnassignedSupport ~ in package versionsFutureRichard PurdieNEWenhancementMediumMoved from Laurentiu to Unassigned
4120Unassignedrootfs_deb doesn't support BAD_RECOMMENDATIONS10FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementLowIMAGEGEN
4285Unassignedtasks: Visualising relationships between tasks10FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4301Unassignedrecipes: Visualising brought in by relationships between recipes5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4329UnassignedVisualising dependency and recommends relationships between packages3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4330UnassignedVisualising overall package size3FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4331UnassignedVisualising single package size5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4376UnassignedVisualising directory structure of built images5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4384UnassignedVisualising build time information5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4399Unassignedrecipes: Visualising dependency relationships between recipes5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4400UnassignedVisualising brought in by relationships between packages5FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4402UnassignedCustomise the summary of all the information available for one build + image recipe combination10FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
4436UnassignedAdd ptest for glibc5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumMoved from Laurentiu to Unassigned
4437UnassignedAdd ptest for gcc5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumMoved from Laurentiu to Unassigned
4479UnassignedEasy way to see all individual builds for a buildFutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
4516UnassignedSPDX License Manifests for Images3FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
4517UnassignedSPDX swabber.10FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
4526UnassignedRecord image size from buildhistory to track regression1.5FutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
4578Unassignedx32 ABI performance comparisonFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
4929UnassignedAdd support for pacman as package_pacman/xy.bbclassFutureLaszlo PappNEWenhancementLow
4976UnassignedAdd flag for package to signal reboot is required after installationFutureBryan EvensonNEWenhancementLow
5033UnassignedWay to audit all optional dependencies10FutureHongxu JiaNEWenhancementLow
5430UnassignedNotification systemFutureMark DodgsonNEWenhancementLow
5483UnassignedExtend Image creation to include workflow for security checkingFutureSaul WoldNEWenhancementMedium
5538UnassignedImplement Backend API controller for buildbotFutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMedium
5605UnassignedAdd ptest for libavFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
5785UnassignedMake it possible to sync up configurations with defconfigFutureLaszlo PappNEWenhancementLow
5822UnassignedNo link from /builders to in-progress builds1FutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementLowWas Bill Randle
5889UnassignedAdd Delta rpm/deb/ipkg support to reduce the size of package updates.FutureRandy MacLeodNEWenhancementMedium
5955UnassignedEnhance PATCHTOOL = "git" to be able to pop off patch seriesFutureJonathan LiuNEWenhancementMedium
6043UnassignedDeploy images collide across kernel recipesFutureDarren HartACCEPTEDenhancementMedium
6234UnassignedImplement model for project owner / user2FutureDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium
6282UnassignedUse glob patterns/better builder names7FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
6370UnassignedQA/oe-selftest: add test suite for recipe testingFutureStoicescu CornelNEWenhancementMedium
6469UnassignedHost system profiler tool.10FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
6541UnassignedEnhancements to searchFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
6603UnassignedExport / Import Toaster projectsFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6604UnassignedClone a Toaster projectFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
6640UnassignedCustomise BitBake and layer versions in a project7FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6649UnassignedAbility to report locked sigs delta5FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
6670Unassignedall compatible recipes page should link to layer source recipe with the layer nameFutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMedium
6701UnassignedProvide an option to select layers from different branches within a Toaster project7FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6706UnassignedInclude maintainers list for layersFutureFarrell WymoreNEWenhancementMedium
6764UnassignedLicense whitelisting3FutureJonathan LiuNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
6778UnassignedAdd "import layer" to layer suggestions drop downFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumproject configuration page
6840UnassignedSeeing builds delta in ToasterFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6897UnassignedCustomise the Django admin interfaceFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6898UnassignedDesign Toaster configuration interfaceFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6900UnassignedToaster should tell you when one of your local.conf variables has been overridenFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6915UnassignedToaster should handle ASSUME_PROVIDEDFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6916UnassignedToaster should turn QA check names in warnings / errors into linksFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
6950Unassignedbitbake errors must have unique ids to make them easily greppable in the sourceFutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementLow
6953UnassignedBranding SupportFutureJohnNEWenhancementMedium
6954UnassignedToaster Kernel Configuration ToolFutureJohnNEWenhancementMedium
6978UnassignedFor the local release in Toaster, show local path to layer directory instead of Git URLFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumproject configuration page
6980UnassignedAdd support for generate Package Stagger ChartFutureAníbal LimónNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7038UnassignedFor cached tasks, indicate in which URL the sstate object was foundFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7110UnassignedBuilds of "world" are pretty ugly in toaster UIFutureBill MillsNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7219UnassignedShow the file size of the license manifest when available for download in the build dashboardFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementLowbuild dashboard page
7234Unassignedwarn the user if the project configuration settings aren't reflected in the build10FutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7235Unassignedwarn the user about unexpected configuration changes in variable historyFutureAlexandru DamianNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7294UnassignedFor QA Issues errors and warnings, toaster should recognize the error and provide suggestions to the user on how the error can be repairedFutureIonut ChisanoviciNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
7314UnassignedAudit all recipes for proper CONFFILES assignment5FutureRandy MacLeodNEWenhancementMedium
7457UnassignedSplit "Previous Build" tasksFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7459UnassignedImplement the use of host USB devices on Linux for qemu machines3FutureCristian IorgaNEWenhancementMedium
7521UnassignedRedesign our filters mechanismFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7527UnassignedIntegrate Toaster with Jenkins10FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7695UnassignedAutomated QA tests for the autobuilder5FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
7696UnassignedRecipe GitPoller4FutureBeth FlanaganNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
7727Unassignedtoaster: show bbappend information for recipes4FuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
7742UnassignedRemove constraints when setting the layers checkout directoryFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
7748UnassignedProvide a way to do a Toaster cleanup and start again if you get the initial set up wrongFutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMedium
8003UnassignedUpdater: Make a filesystem suitable for the Stefano Updater5FutureMariano LopezIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONenhancementMedium
8008UnassignedExpose branch mapping through the layer index UIFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementMedium
8036UnassignedRequest to allow people to set pagination to all4.5Futurebrian averyNEWenhancementLow
8105Unassignedoe-selftest: allow breaking out without interrupting the current testFuturePaul EggletonNEWenhancementLow
8426UnassignedImprove how we display layer dependencies6FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
8482UnassignedSupport multi-nodes interoperability testingFutureCathy ShenNEWenhancementMedium
8505UnassignedAdd Bluetooth testing suite5FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
8506UnassignedAdd WiFi testing suite5FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
8507UnassignedAdd NFC testing suite5FutureAlexandru GeorgescuNEWenhancementMedium
8577UnassignedAdd a global UI widget to show progress of buildsFutureMichael WoodNEWenhancementLowGUI design pending
8682UnassignedImplement a way to check for vulnerable software on running targetFutureMariano LopezNEWenhancementMedium
8729Unassignedgrub: create a script to boot between rootfs and a maintenance partition3FutureMariano LopezIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
8797Unassignedupdater: create a new layer for image base update1FutureMariano LopezIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMedium
8841UnassignedCOPY_LIC_DIRS should use beginline and endline from LIC_FILES_CHKSUM1FutureJonathan LiuNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
9018UnassignedExtend existing AutoBuilder script to schedule builds3FutureAlex FrancoNEWenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
9153UnassignedEnhance build performance data4FutureBelen Barros PenaNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending
9335Unassigned[Autobuilder] Add support for display bitbake log errors in buildbot page4FutureAníbal LimónIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementMediumWas Bill Randle
9779Unassignedremote profilingFutureJussi KukkonenNEWenhancementMedium
9891Unassignednasm should be a cross recipeFutureRoss BurtonNEWenhancementLow
9956Unassignedreport tool: create a DB layout for storing the resultsFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
9957Unassignedreport tool: create an input service that feed results to the DBFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
9958Unassignedreport tool: a web interface for viewing test resultsFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMediumGUI design pending TRT
10034Unassignedoe-selftest: Field to select a subset of tests in the autobuildersFutureMariano LopezNEWenhancementMedium
10253UnassignedBetter user display/access of PACKAGECONFIG options for recipesFutureIgor StoppaNEWenhancementMedium
10526UnassignedToaster: Add support for feed publishingFutureBenjamin EsquivelNEWenhancementMedium
10570UnassignedCreate Automated Device Test ServiceFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10571Unassignedcreate a Service Interface for the Automated Device Test ControllerFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10572Unassignedcreate a DUT Management module for the Automated Device Test ControllerFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10573Unassignedcreate a reporting module for the automated device test controllerFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10574Unassignedcreate a task monitoring module for the automated device test controllerFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10575Unassignedcreate a test queuing component for the automated device test controllerFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
10576Unassignedcreate a task scheduling module for the automated device test controllerFutureJair GonzalezNEWenhancementLow
11557UnassignedCreate a task for forcing PR bumps on the PR serverFutureBevensonNEWenhancementMedium
3252venkata ramana gBinary level package selection and configuration tool.20Futurevenkata ramana gIN PROGRESS DESIGNenhancementLow
6307Bill MillsPackage grub-efi modules and scripts similar to grub-bios7FutureBill MillsNEWenhancementMedium
6308Bill Millsgrub-efi deployed image should be netboot capable and have some debug help3FutureBill MillsNEWenhancementMedium
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