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Yocto Project 1.2 (release date: April 27, 2012)

The detailed milestone map for the 1.2 release of Yocto Project is as below. If you would like to have a real time dynamic view of all scheduled features for 1.2, please click here [1].

To view the Yocto schedule-at-a-glance, go to YoctoCalendar.

Please note that the estimation for each feature is done based on 'perfect day'. The purpose of the estimation is to estimate the relative size of features, NOT to predict when a single feature could be done.

M1 (Oct. 31 to Dec. 23, 2011 -- 8 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-5, stabilization week 6-7, release week 8)

M1 Feature Development (Oct. 31 to Dec. 2, 2011)

IDRequesterSummary (20 tasks) MilestoneWhiteboardAssigneeStatus 
1008Mark HatleNew santiy check for userspace packages1.2 M1(P2)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Scott GarmanRESOLVED 
1461Beth FlanaganPut a uname and ab name in stdio1.2 M1(P3)(No QA needed) Status: Done and verifiedBeth FlanaganRESOLVED 
1546Richard PurdieLicense file WARNING messages1.2 M1(P1)(No QA needed) DoneBeth FlanaganRESOLVED 
1565Richard PurdiePackage History: Data Collection1.2 M1(P1)(QA Testing Completed) Merged into master and 1.2_M1Paul EggletonRESOLVED 
1568Richard PurdieQA Tests: Add recipe for ltp/posix tests and automate test1.2 M1(P2)(No QA needed) DoneJiajun XuRESOLVED 
1580JessicaAdd Valgrind support in remote tools1.2 M1(P2)(No QA needed) DoneJessicaRESOLVED 
1627Song LiuAutobuilder clean sstate option1.2 M1(P2)(No QA needed) Status: IN REPO FINISHEDBeth FlanaganRESOLVED 
1660Tom Zanussicrownbay: add support for video acceleration1.2 M1(P2)(QA Testing Completed) DoneTom ZanussiRESOLVED 
1661Tom Zanussimeta-intel: streamline and clean up kernel config options and machine conf files1.2 M1(P2)(No QA needed) DoneTom ZanussiRESOLVED 
1732Edwin Zhai[Build Appliance] Build core-image-minimal on sugarbay using Self Hosted Image1.2 M1(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100% completed) : core-image-minimal can build on sugarbayDexuan CuiRESOLVED 
1742Shane Wang[Hob2] Layer selection1.2 M1(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1743Shane Wang[Hob2] configuration and recipe parsing1.2 M1(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1745Shane Wang[Hob2] information collection for recipes1.2 M1(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1747Shane Wang[Hob2] getting build dependency1.2 M1(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1221Jiajun XuAdd build progress indicator1.2 M1Done. see bug 1751Shane WangVERIFIED 
1564Richard PurdieMultilib: Drop MULTILIB_IMAGE_INSTALL1.2 M1(P2)(QA Testing Completed)Dongxiao XuVERIFIED 
1603JessicaAdd recipe supporting autoconf-nativesdk and automake-nativesdk1.2 M1(P2) (QA testing completed) DoneWenzong.FanVERIFIED 
1751Shane Wang[Hob2] using progress bar to show build tasks left1.2 M1(P1)(QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Shane WangVERIFIED 
1674Xiaofeng Yanrun gtk+ over directfb1.2 M1(P2) (QA testing completed) DoneXiaofeng YanRESOLVED 
1776Beth FlanaganLicense wrangling, stage 11.2 M1Stage1: (P1) Final commit. RFC/Pull sent. Documentation sent to ScottrifBeth FlanaganRESOLVED 

M1 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 12/7/11
  • RC2: 12/14/11
  • M1 Release readiness meeting: 12/21/2011
  • M1 release: 12/23/11

M2 (Dec. 12, 2011 to Feb. 3, 2012 -- 8 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-6, week 7: Chinese New Year holiday for teams in China, release week 8)

M2 Feature Development (Dec. 12, 2011 to Jan. 6, 2012)

IDRequesterSummary (29 tasks) MilestoneWhiteboardAssigneeStatus 
1241Joshua Lock - DisabledShould be easier to find and remove packages1.2 M2(P2) Fixed.Shane WangRESOLVED 
1272JessicaPreference Package Format only support one selection at a time1.2 M2(P3) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1557Richard PurdieBuild Appliance: Pre-configured VM Build image built by Yocto1.2 M2(P1) for 2 peopleSaul WoldRESOLVED 
1559Richard PurdieHob Improvements tracking bug1.2 M2Umbrella Bug For Tracking OnlyShane WangRESOLVED 
1572Matthew McClintockreport on artifacts after image generation1.2 M2(P1) (Test Complete for Private Branch) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1642Song LiuMinimal Image unique1.2 M2(P2)(Test Case Ready)(Complete)Darren HartRESOLVED 
1647Song LiuUpstream config fragments1.2 M2(P2)(Already covered in QA plan) CompleteDarren HartRESOLVED 
1733Edwin Zhai[Build Appliance] Improve Self-Hosted Performance1.2 M2(P2) (Test Plan Ready) : Not need now.Edwin ZhaiRESOLVED 
1734Edwin Zhai[Build Appliance] Create image with X and Pygtk support1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed)(Done)Edwin ZhaiRESOLVED 
1744Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] load/save user's configuration1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Shane WangRESOLVED 
1746Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Generate a temporary recipe for image install1.2 M2(P1) InvalidShane WangRESOLVED 
1748Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] pkgdata improvement1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) (Patch Review) Development (100%)Shane WangRESOLVED 
1750Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Collect pkgdata information1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) (Done)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1752Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Package selection and deselection1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) (Patch Review and Revise) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1775Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Use configuration's key/value hash to validate parsing caches1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) (Patch Review and Revise) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1787Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Split bitbake server and frontend GUI1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) (Patch Review and Revise) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1805Joshua Lock - DisabledGUI helper to start creating a recipe1.2 M2(p2)(QA Testing Complete) - Impl 100% doneJessicaRESOLVED 
1809Shane Wang[Hob2] Feedbacks from hob2 preview1.2 M2100% Done.Belen Barros PenaRESOLVED 
1847Shane Wang[Hob2] UI implementation based on UI skeleton design1.2 M2(P1) (No QA needed) Development 100%anlimingRESOLVED 
1872Shane Wang[Hob2] some TODO enhancements for HOB Jiajun and Dongxiao thought about1.2 M2(Patch Review and Revise) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuRESOLVED 
991Joshua Lock - DisabledShow contents of images & tasks1.2 M2Done. see bug 1747Shane WangVERIFIED 
1450Joshua Lock - DisabledEnable removal of packages1.2 M2(P1)(QA Testing Completed) dup of 1752Shane WangVERIFIED 
1556Richard PurdieHandled Releases with the PR server1.2 M2(P1)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Lianhao LuVERIFIED 
1566Richard PurdiePackage History: Data Analysis1.2 M2(P1)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Paul EggletonVERIFIED 
1608Joshua Lock - DisabledImprove device management1.2 M2(P2) (No QA Needed Currently) (Done)Joshua Lock - DisabledVERIFIED 
1638Song Liureplace qemuppc1.2 M2(P2) (QA testing completed) DoneBruce AshfieldVERIFIED 
1651Mark HatleIncremental image generation1.2 M2(P3)(QA testing completed) DoneRobert YangVERIFIED 
1792Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Dynamically set back user selected packages to bitbake server and build the image1.2 M2(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Development (100%)Dongxiao XuVERIFIED 
1126Lianhao Lupending tasks and discussion about the networked PR service1.2 M2(P1)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Lianhao LuVERIFIED 

M2 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 1/11/12
  • RC2: 1/18/12
  • M2 Release readiness meeting:1/25/12
  • M2 release: 2/3/12

M3 (Jan. 23 to Mar. 16, 2012 -- 9 weeks: planning done in week 1-2, development week 1-6, stabilization week 7-8, release week 9)

M3 Feature Development (Jan. 23 to Feb. 24, 2012)

IDRequesterSummary (29 tasks) MilestoneWhiteboardAssigneeStatus 
37Rob Bradfordsato-icon-theme lacks generic / unknown icon1.2 M3(P2)(Done)Edwin ZhaiRESOLVED 
717Gary ThomasImprove syslog configurability1.2 M3(QA Test Completed)(Done)Joshua Lock - DisabledRESOLVED 
1141Scott Garmanbitbake -b prints meaningless error when given an invalid recipe name1.2 M3(P1)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Paul EggletonRESOLVED 
1143Scott GarmanRemove python stack trace when do_patch fails1.2 M3(P1) (QA Testing Completed) Patch merged (19 Jan)Paul EggletonRESOLVED 
1540Matthew McClintockDisplay a summary of warnings and errors at the end of a bitbake command1.2 M3(P1)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)Richard PurdieRESOLVED 
1547Richard PurdieLicense file cleanup1.2 M33 Stages: Stage1: (P1)(D4) Stage2: (P2)(D10) Stage3: (P3)(D5)Beth FlanaganRESOLVED 
1567Richard PurdieQA Tests: Add recipe for LSB Tests and automate test1.2 M3(P2) (No QA needed) DoneYi ZhaoRESOLVED 
1573Matthew McClintockmake it clear how to run saved hob recipes from command line1.2 M3(P2)(QA Testing Completed) DoneShane WangRESOLVED 
1590Richard PurdieArchive work directory1.2 M3(P2) (Test Case Ready) See 1977Wenzong.FanRESOLVED 
1620Song LiuFinish Oracle/Sun Hotspot JDK/JRE support1.2 M3(P2)(No QA Needed) (Done)Nitin KambleRESOLVED 
1623Song LiuPOSIX support1.2 M3(P2) (Already covered by QA plan) See 1740/1741Kai KangRESOLVED 
1630Song LiuProvide a click through license mechanism1.2 M3(P2)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Tom ZanussiRESOLVED 
1655Mark HatleExport source package from work1.2 M3(P3) (Test Case Ready ) (see 1977)Xiaofeng YanRESOLVED 
1735Edwin Zhai[Build Appliance] Test Self hosted image on vmware1.2 M3(P2) )(QA Testing Completed) (Done) : Mar 03, 2012Dexuan CuiRESOLVED 
1749Shane Wang[Hob2] getting build dependency quickly1.2 M3(P1)(QA Testing Completed) DoneDongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1764Shane Wang[Hob2] UI skelecton1.2 M3(P1) (No QA needed) 100% DoneBelen Barros PenaRESOLVED 
1871Shane Wang[Hob2] Implement the 4 use cases1.2 M3(QA testing completed) DoneDongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1873Shane Wang[Build Appliance] Track Dave's comments on build appliance1.2 M3(QA testing completed) (Done)Edwin ZhaiRESOLVED 
1277Joshua Lock - DisabledNeed guidance choosing 'Base image'1.2 M3(P2) (QA Testing Completed) Development 100% DoneShane WangVERIFIED 
1555Richard PurdieMake BasicHash the default signature generator1.2 M3(P1)(QA Testing Completed)Lianhao LuVERIFIED 
1589Richard PurdieDisk space monitoring1.2 M3(P3) (QA testing completed) DoneRobert YangVERIFIED 
1611Jessicaenhance the bitbake commander eclipse plugin1.2 M3(p2)DoneLianhao LuVERIFIED 
1682Robert YangA scripts to clean obsolote sstate cache files1.2 M3(P3)(QA testing completed) (Done)Robert YangVERIFIED 
1753Dongxiao Xu[Hob2] Handle multiple providers for virtual packages1.2 M3(P1) (QA Testing Completed) DoneShane WangVERIFIED 
1837Shane Wang[Hob2] integrate image deployment into HOB1.2 M3(P2) (QA Testing Completed) Development 100%.Shane WangVERIFIED 
542Darren Hartbitbake "NoProvider" message doesn't aid in resolving the problem1.2 M3(P1)(QA Testing Completed)(Done)Richard PurdieRESOLVED 
1127Scott GarmanImprove the error reporting when SkipPackage error is raised1.2 M3(P1)(Done)Scott GarmanRESOLVED 
1675Xiaofeng YanCreate an image to meet LSB requirement for version 1.21.2 M3(P2) (Already covered by QA plan )(Done)Xiaofeng YanRESOLVED 
1740Kai KangPOSIX support: Make new posix test suit passed on Yocto 1.21.2 M3(P2)(Already covered by QA plan)DoneKai KangRESOLVED 

M3 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 2/29/12
  • RC2: 3/7/12
  • M3 Release readiness meeting: 3/14/12
  • M3 release: 3/16/12

M4 (Mar. 5 to Apr. 27, 2012 -- 8 weeks: planning done in week 1, development week 1-4, stabilization week 5-7, release week 8)

M4 Feature Development (Mar. 5 to Mar. 18, 2012)

IDRequesterSummary (23 tasks) MilestoneWhiteboardAssigneeStatus 
1636Song LiuUpgrade to EFI1.2 M4(P2)(QA Testing Completed) (Done)Darren HartRESOLVED 
1543Richard PurdieImprove error handling and feedback to users1.2 M4(P1)(No QA needed) DoneScott GarmanRESOLVED 
1595Richard PurdieOpen source Yocto QA Test Cases1.2 M4(P2)(No QA Needed) Approved, DoneJiajun XuRESOLVED 
1643Song LiuKernel Tools: meta data handling enhancements1.2 M4(P2)(No QA Needed) (Done)Bruce AshfieldRESOLVED 
1644Song Liukernel: development workflow usecase documentation and support1.2 M4(P1) (Test Plan Ready)- done for 1.2, see 2333 for remaining workBruce AshfieldRESOLVED 
1737Edwin Zhai[Build Appliance] Create Deploy Script for deploying to HDD or USB1.2 M4(P1) (Done) dup of 1806Dexuan CuiRESOLVED 
1738Edwin Zhai[Build Appliance] Create GUI for Deploy Script to be integrated with HOB1.2 M4(P2) (QA Testing Completed) (Done)Dexuan CuiRESOLVED 
1806Darren HartImage Writer: provide an image writer tool to simplify the process of getting images to boot media1.2 M4(P1) (QA Testing Completed) DoneDarren HartRESOLVED 
1931Scott RifenbarkNeed better documentation on the IMAGE_INSTALL variable1.2 M4DoneScott RifenbarkRESOLVED 
718Gary ThomasAllow logrotate to use a different file system from the original logs1.2 M4(P3) (QA testing completed) DoneRobert YangVERIFIED 
1145Scott GarmanMake bitbake output less noisy for non-error cases1.2 M4(P1)(QA Testing Completed) (Testing)Paul EggletonVERIFIED 
1561Richard PurdieEnable cleanup of WORKDIR1.2 M4(P3)(QA testing completed) DoneKai KangVERIFIED 
2035JessicaADT manual needs update for 1.2 for tools like lttng, BPS tools, etc1.2 M4DoneScott RifenbarkVERIFIED[2]
1645Song LiuAdd linux-yocto tiny ktype1.2 M4(P2) (Done)Darren HartRESOLVED 
1678Tom Zanussikernel usability scripts1.2 M4(P2)(QA Testing Completed) DoneTom ZanussiRESOLVED 
1679Darren Hartlinux-kernel-dev refresh for 1.21.2 M4(P1) (No QA needed) DoneBruce AshfieldRESOLVED 
1680Darren Hartlinux-yocto stable refresh for 1.21.2 M4(P2) (No QA needed): DoneBruce AshfieldRESOLVED 
1741Kai KangPOSIX support: Fixes bugs for every milestone - 1.21.2 M4(P2)(Already covered by QA plan)DoneKai KangRESOLVED 
1777Beth FlanaganLicense wrangling, stage 21.2 M4Stage2: (P2) InvalidBeth FlanaganRESOLVED 
1960Shane Wang[Hob2] Change the UI to fit into the new design video1.2 M4(P1)(No QA needed) DoneDongxiao XuRESOLVED 
1977Xiaofeng YanRealize source archiver class1.2 M4(P2)(QA testing completed) DoneXiaofeng YanVERIFIED 
2100Giulia[Hob2] Provide visual feedback when removing recipes, packages or tasks.1.2 M4DoneanlimingVERIFIED 
2103Giulia[Hob2] Select a Base Image behaviour1.2 M4FixedShane WangVERIFIED 

M4 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: 3/28/12
  • RC2: 4/4/12
  • RC3: 4/11/12
  • RC4: 4/18/12
  • RC5: 4/23/12
  • M4 Release readiness meeting: 4/30/12
  • Yocto Project 1.2 release: 4/30/12

Yocto Project unscheduled features

Please feel free to pick up these features for development whenever you have time. We welcome and appreciate all developers' help from the community.

Feature List

Please see https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_1.2_Features#Unsorted

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