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Yocto Project 1.0.1 Release Criteria

Yocto Project 1.0.1 is a point release from Yocto Project 1.0. In general, it contains critical bug fixes as well as nice to have items that are small, well-contained and provide a high benefit to include.

The criteria for adding a code submission into 1.0.1 are that the change:

  • Addresses a High priority issue. (Typically, these have critical or major severity.)
  • Is small and simple to evaluate (both in lines of code and complexity)
  • Fixes a specific problem which users are likely to encounter
  • Fixes that problem in a clearly defined way
  • Is self contained and unlikely to interact badly with other parts of the system
  • Fixes known/clear bugs

Good candidate changes are ones which:

  • Address usability issues
  • Address host specific issues, particularly in releases of distros that come out after our release
  • Address post release bugs users are hitting and reporting
  • Address security issues

Bad candidate changes include:

  • Significant changes of version (point release for security problems are acceptable)
  • Anything involves major code changes where changes cannot be reviewed individually or separated out
  • Adding new features
  • Changes that break the layout or compatibility with existing builds
  • Changes that would trigger significant rebuilds
Release Criteria Target Status
Functional Completion No new significant features are added. Any minor functionality added is documented in git logs. List of commits has been defined and reviewed and all bugs are in the release.
Build and Release (Yocto) 1.0.1 build can be built with no errors. Build was successful.
Build and Release (BSPs) BSPs targeted for 1.0.1 (= all current BSPs) are built. N/A - BSPs will not be built for 1.0.1.
Open Bugs All bugs targeted for 1.0.1 are in the build by May 13th. Open bug query shows one bug - not a show-stopper?
Bugs found during testing have been fixed:
bug 1029 Fixed - mmc commands must be run from a prompt to do uboot - this will go in Release Notes and README.hardware
bug 1087 is Fixed
Total bug count: 28 bugs total
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. BLOCKED items are now tested
1.0.1FullTest Pass19MAY11.PNG
Compliance tests will not be done for 1.0.1.
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Tests passed
Documentation 1.0.1 Release Notes are complete. Need to provide Release Notes to tech editor prior to release.
Build Performance 1.0.1 does not increase performance above 107 minutes on a developer machine. We have increased build time (~2 minutes) due to a fix, but this was a concsious decision by the team.
Publication 1.0.1 release is built and announced to the community.
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