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The output of the bug triage meeting should be that all bugs have an owner, a target milestone, and a priority.

Prior to the meeting, each Product Owner should review their Weekly New and High Bugs and be ready with any opens. An example open would be a bug that may need to change Products.


  • Opens
    • Collect opens
    • Discuss opens
  • Review Queries
    • State number and owner
    • Owner makes any modifications
    • Assign owner, target milestone, and priority.

Note: for Yocto Project bugs go to: Bug Triage

Bug Criteria

  • Priority-Severity
    • High: Two Week
    • Medium+: Milestone
    • Medium: Nice to have for milestone, must have for release

MinnowBoard Bug Triage Searches

Non-Prioritized Bugs




MinnowBoard-MAX Open Bugs


MinnowBoard-MAX Closed Bugs

IDSummary (141 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
6178No firmware Ethernet driver to support 1Gb.criticalMedium+A1 ReleaseMichael KrauRESOLVED
6179DRM Initiation hang without a display.criticalMedium---Victor RodriguezRESOLVED
6180Unable to see or boot from microSD card.criticalHighA1 ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6181Firmware settings are not being saved between reboots.normalMedium---He, TimRESOLVED
6182Currently takes more then 2 secs to get the the EFI. Need <.5 sec.normalMediumProduction ReleaseDavid_WeiRESOLVED
6183Resume from S3 failscriticalMediumPre-Production ReleaDavid_WeiRESOLVED
6184USB 3.0 is not being driven properlycriticalHighA1 ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6185Alsa does not detect the audio devicemajorHigh---Darren HartVERIFIED
6186HDMI gpio usage issuemajorMediumPre-Production ReleaDavid AndersRESOLVED
6187"Bad displays are connected" error when booting without an HDMI monitor.majorHigh---Darren HartRESOLVED
6188without a known-good display, the firmware will fail to boot to the shellmajorMedium+---Darren HartRESOLVED
6189Minnowboard MAX EDKII implementationmajorHighPre-Production ReleaDivya MaheshRESOLVED
6190Firmware doesn't autodetect and boot FS0:/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efiminorMediumProduction ReleaseDarren HartVERIFIED
6191If you remove the SD card while in the shell it must do a reset/rebootminorMediumPre-Production ReleaDarren HartRESOLVED
6192Doesn't seem to recognize my Lilliput HDMI displaynormalMedium---Stephen K JolleyRESOLVED
6193The Ethernet Address is not provided in hardware, we have to do it via Firmware like we did for MinnowBoard 1criticalHighA1 ReleaseMichael KrauRESOLVED
6194Ethernet device does not apper in lsbpimajorHigh---Darren HartRESOLVED
6195USB 3.0 doesn't workcriticalMedium+---David AndersRESOLVED
6196CPU Heatsink pin just shot me in the eye!minorUndecided---David AndersRESOLVED
6197SATA - 5 volt Dongle doesn't work at this time.majorUndecided---David AndersRESOLVED
6198Low Speed Expansion Card TestingnormalHighA1 ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6199High Speed Expansion TestingnormalHighA1 ReleaseDavid AndersVERIFIED
6200JTAG TestingcriticalHigh---Divya MaheshRESOLVED
6209[MinnowMax] Alsa playback is silentnormalMediumFutureDarren HartRESOLVED
6265LPSS configuration requires everything enablednormalMediumA1 ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6266LPSS configuration help is misleading / inaccuratenormalMediumA1 ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6280[intel-corei7-64][MinnowMax] serial8250: too much work for irq4 messagesnormalMediumFutureCalifornia SullivanRESOLVED3
6340Option to toggle UART Flow ControlnormalMediumA1 ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6429Key to interrupt boot and enter BIOS menu isn't displayed to usernormalMedium+Production ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6431Changing BIOS options renders board ubootablecriticalHighPre-Production ReleaDarren HartRESOLVED
6468MinnowMax can be run on power from either USB portminorLowA4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6470Specify ACPI SPI UID=0normalMediumProduction ReleaseDarren HartVERIFIED
6471ACPI Reduce severity of Linux kernel S2 missing messagenormalLowFutureUnassignedRESOLVED
6472ACPI errors (LPSS ACPI Enumeration)normalMediumPre-Production ReleaDarren HartRESOLVED
6485Potential issue parsing EDID in firmwaremajorMediumProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6486ALSA device is not detected by OS (bad VERB tables maybe?)criticalHighProduction ReleaseHe, TimVERIFIED
6488Enable Calamari LPSS devices by defaultnormalMedium+Production ReleaseDarren HartVERIFIED
6531GPIO Pin Muxes not being set properlynormalMediumA1 ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6532uEFI Networking booting lacks clear indication of what's going onnormalMediumA1 ReleaseDavid_WeiRESOLVED
6533uEFI Network booting should be default to last prioritynormalMediumA1 ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6554SMBIOS Strings need to be populatednormalMedium+Production ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6555Provide User-Centric BIOS configuration menusenhancementLowProduction ReleaseMichael KrauRESOLVED
6556Intel SSD in USB 3.0 enclosure with USB 3.0 hub not detected at boot time when plugged into USB 2.0 portnormalLowProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6557Ethernet Link light (left light) is on when no cables or connection presentminorMediumProduction ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6578SD DDR50 support should be disabled by default in the BIOS settingsnormalLowProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6585Firmware doesn't boot past progress bar after power cyclecriticalHighProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6599HDMI-DVI conversion does not work: fix in GOP driver requirednormalMediumProduction ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6627Minnowboard Max fails to load the SPI devicenormalMediumFutureUnassignedRESOLVED
6628LPSS devices should be in ACPI mode by defaultnormalMediumProduction ReleaseDavid_WeiRESOLVED
6635Serial console no longer display POST messagesmajorUndecided---He, TimRESOLVED
6652unable to change boot ordernormalMedium+Pre-Production ReleaJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6663P-states reports incorrect max frequencynormalMediumA2 ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6672I2C Touch HID device should be removed from DSDTnormalMediumProduction ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
6673Bluetooth device should be removed from DSDTnormalMediumProduction ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
6674GPS device should be removed from DSDTnormalMedium+Production ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
6679Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) exposed over PCInormalMediumProduction ReleaseMarcel HoltmannRESOLVED
6695Firmware doesn't output anything on serial during during 5 second timeoutmajorMediumQ4 2014John 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6696I2C number changed in Firmware?normalMediumProduction ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6714IRQ request for Intel SoC DTS Thermal failsnormalMediumQ4 2014Marcel HoltmannRESOLVED
6715HID over I2C failure for i2c-MSFT0002:00normalMediumProduction ReleaseMarcel HoltmannRESOLVED
6716ASPM gets disabled by kernelnormalMediumProduction ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6717ACPI Exception while evaluating sleep statenormalMediumProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
6718Broadcom RFKILL switches are exposednormalMediumProduction ReleaseMarcel HoltmannRESOLVED
6719Gummiboot "Reboot Into Firmware Interface" does not worknormalMediumProduction ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6720Number of enumerated MMC/SDIO host controllersnormalMediumFutureUnassignedRESOLVED
6722Boot entry for partition not exposednormalMediumProduction ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6723hpet: number irqs doesn't agree with number of timersnormalMediumProduction ReleaseLu_ShifeiRESOLVED
6725setup_efi_pci() failed!normalMediumProduction ReleaseDarren HartRESOLVED
6727Feature request: provide an option to configure any of the HDR26 GPIO_S5[2:0] pins for wakeenhancementMediumProduction ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6732USB 2.0 Network interface causes firmware to stall on bootcriticalMedium+Production ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
6746S3 issue - Yocto which is installed on SD card fails to execute shutdown/reboot command after S3 resume.normalMedium+1.9California SullivanRESOLVED
6777[FNC] Unable to set CONFIG_COMPAT=y to kernel configmajorMedium1.7 M4Darren HartRESOLVED
6792Firmware and Device drivers should be tested for compatibility with D0 SoC steppingnormalMediumProduction ReleaseDarren HartCLOSED
6822Feature request: enhance I2C/SPI/GPIO connectivity through HDR26 pins.enhancementMediumA2 ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
6865I2S support on LSE needs clock sourcenormalMedium+A4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6866No GPIO controlled LED availablenormalMediumA4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6867No GPIO controlled "Reset" JumpernormalMediumA4 ReleaseDavid_WeiRESOLVED
6868Add support for 4gb DDR3 configurationnormalMedium+A3 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6869MinnowMax can not be powered via LSEnormalMediumA4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6927I2C Controller Intermittently Timeout and Lost ArbitrationmajorMedium+A4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6987mPCI-E only seems to only recognize wifi cardsmajorMediumProduction ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
6989Error in Create-DevboardKey script, when trying to make a Win8.1 installationmajorMediumProduction ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
6993Linux 3.15+ w/ 0.74 or 0.75 firmware causes kernel panicscriticalHighProduction ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
7027Connecting HDMI cable to the Minnowboard Max doesn't get the monitor ONnormalMediumA4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
7079Add lures as components for Minnow-board-MAXnormalMediumFutureMichael HalsteadRESOLVED
7109Is Minnowmax support Wake on Wireless Lan?normalMediumProduction Releaseaustin.zhangRESOLVED
7158BIOS date not configured with current date after flashmajorMediumProduction ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
7255The CPU is very hot if break into EFI shellnormalMediumProduction ReleaseYONG LIRESOLVED
7266Quad Core(E3845) processor fails to boot due to memory init errormajorMedium+Production ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
7311HDMI port cuts signal twice before UEFI startsnormalMediumProduction ReleaseIvan RouzanovCLOSED
7396MBI should be removed from DSDTnormalMediumProduction ReleaseIvan RouzanovRESOLVED
7438add support to enable secondary display interface on baytrailnormalMedium+Production ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
7471[MinnowBoard MAX] System fails to suspend twice in a row with i915 loadedmajorMedium+FutureDarren HartRESOLVED2
7497Add "save" option back to the boot ordering screennormalMediumProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
7525GPIO Wake should not program all GPIO pins for wake.normalMediumProduction ReleaseDavid_WeiRESOLVED
7572SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE fails on .76 MinnowMaxmajorMediumProduction Release RESOLVED
7579GCC build results in larger imagesnormalLowFutureDavid_WeiRESOLVED
7682acpitz-virtual-0 thermal device always returns 26.8 deg CnormalMediumProduction ReleaseUnassignedRESOLVED
7719HDMI not working with TFP-401 DVI based devicesmajorMedium+A4 ReleaseDavid AndersRESOLVED
7770Errors found on dmesg MM 32 bits firmware for core-sato-sdk imagenormalMedium1.9California SullivanVERIFIED
7793Errors found on dmesg MM 64 bits firmware for core-sato-sdk imagenormalMediumProduction ReleaseCalifornia SullivanRESOLVED
7888stat command on permissions field has undefined outputnormalMediumFutureJustin BrownRESOLVED
7897Dmesg error BAR 14 and BAR 15 failed to assign in Minnow MaxnormalMedium2.1 M3Saul WoldRESOLVED
7898Dmesg error controller can't do DEVSLP on Minnow MaxnormalLow1.9California SullivanVERIFIED
7900Dmesg error failed to setup card detect gpio on Minnow MaxnormalLow2.2California SullivanRESOLVED3
7901Dmesg error failed to retrieve link info, disabling eDP on Minnow MaxnormalLow1.9California SullivanVERIFIED
8085Wifi card on Silverjaw lure fails after suspend/resume on Minnowboard MaxnormalMediumProduction ReleaseJohn 'Warthog9' HawleyRESOLVED
8473Parselogs error: Online check failed for 0xb77b2ab0 Wired on lsb imagenormalMedium2.1Saul WoldVERIFIED
8526Parselogs error: creating IPv4 interface lo failed; interface ignorednormalMedium2.1Saul WoldRESOLVED
8689Parselogs error: can't open '/dev/ttyPCH0': No such file or directory^M in lsb imagenormalMedium2.1Cristina AguridaVERIFIED3
8972failed to add I2C device MSFT8000:00 from ACPI on MinnowBoard MaxnormalUndecided---He, TimRESOLVED
9062Firmware - Upgrade to UDK2015normalMediumProduction ReleaseMang GuoRESOLVED
9063Firmware - Support for Capsule update mechanismnormalMediumProduction ReleaseMike WuRESOLVED
9186test_parselogs (oeqa.runtime.parselogs.ParseLogsTest) failed on testimage lsb and sdknormalUndecided---Saul WoldRESOLVED
9254Mismatch between genericx86 and genericx86-64 keyboardsnormalMedium2.1 M4Saul WoldRESOLVED
9271dmi firmware registration failed, ioremap error on 32 bit MinnowBoardminorMedium2.2California SullivanRESOLVED3
9378Running testimage test_cvs failed oeqa.runtime.buildcvs.BuildCvsTestnormalUndecided2.1 M4Alexandru GeorgescuRESOLVED
9386Missing 3 steps in quick start in building for Minnowboard maxnormalUndecided2.1 M4Scott RifenbarkRESOLVED05 April 2016: RESOLVED1
9393When running testimage test_xorg_running failed getting the following error message Xorg does not appear to be runningnormalMedium+2.1 M4Aníbal LimónRESOLVED
9405running testimage dmesg test_parseLogs failednormalMedium2.2Saul WoldRESOLVED
9434Running testimage test_parselogs failed getting the following error message failed to retrieve link info, disabling eDP on Minnowboard Max 32 and 64normalUndecided2.2California SullivanRESOLVED
9462Boot and install from USB failed getting a xhci_hcd error after booting kernel panic is displayedmajorMedium2.2California SullivanRESOLVED3
9465Testimage dmesg test_parseLogs drm failed to retrieve info, disabling eDP (WIC)normalUndecided---Saul WoldRESOLVED
9860LAN device doesn't retrieve connection after resume from suspend statenormalMedium+2.2 M3David RodriguezVERIFIED
10021testimage test_parselogs WIC image failed for dmi firmware registration, ioremap error,normalUndecided2.2California SullivanRESOLVED
10219MinnowBoard MAX 0.93 64-Bit & network lostmajorMediumProduction ReleaseHe, TimRESOLVED
10262SD card not being recognized when trying to install the imagenormalMedium+2.2 M4Alejandro HernandezVERIFIEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10269Ethernet is not workingnormalUndecided2.2 M3Francisco PedrazaRESOLVED
10390Network interface eth0 not showing up on intel-core2-32majorUndecided---Alejandro HernandezRESOLVED
10500Benchmark meta-intel build VS generic-x86* build in OEnormalMedium+2.3 M2Todor MinchevRESOLVED4
10514test_parselogs on genericx86-lsb minnow board max 32 FAILED LOGIN (1) on '/dev/tty1' FOR 'UNKNOWN', Authentication failurenormalMedium2.3David Lopez BarribaVERIFIEDpossible 2.2.1
11341Systemctl fails to rename usb network interfacesnormalMedium2.4 M1Dmitry RozhkovRESOLVED
11476Nftables firewall supportenhancementMedium2.4 M1Ismo PuustinenRESOLVED
11879Testimage: multiple "uvesafb" errors present in log in minnowmax on genericx86/genericx86-64normalMedium+2.4 M4Alejandro HernandezRESOLVED3
11985Refkit wayland image: failed to return into virtual terminal after terminate wayland (ctrl+alt+backspace)normalUndecidedFutureJussi LaakoRESOLVED
11986Refkit wayland image: click on weston-terminal icon does not fire up new terminalnormalUndecidedFutureJussi LaakoRESOLVED
11987Refkit X11 image: select the "Exit" in twm does not terminate X11 fullynormalUndecidedFutureJussi LaakoRESOLVED
12213[TC 1059] test_parselogs failed on MMAX64 (Turbot) with direct firmware load for rtl_nic/rtl8168g-2.fw errornormalMedium2.5California SullivanVERIFIED
12214[TC 1059] [test_parselogs] failed on MMAX64 (Turbot, WIC image) : usb 1-3: device descriptor read/64, error -71normalMedium4.99nagarajagopalRESOLVED
12444[Test Case 1542] test_2_logrotate fails in MinnowMax with core-image-lsb-sdk-genericx86-64 imagenormalMedium+2.5 M2yeoh ee pengRESOLVED
12536[Meta-Intel 2.5 M1 RC1] Unable to boot up Minnowboard with core-image-sato-sdk-intel-core2-32normalMedium+2.5 M1California SullivanRESOLVED