Guidelines for contributing to meta-intel layer

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Note: This page is "Work in Progress", it is not finalized yet.


meta-intel Layer Information

git repository location:

Mailing List:

Guidelines for sending commits to meta-intel

Please follow general guidelines for contributing to Yocto Project. Here are some of the links.

Guidelines for submitting BSPs to meta-intel

1st follow these general BSP developer's guides:

Expectations for up-streaming a BSP in meta-intel layer

To keep the meta-intel layer in good shape, all the owners of the BSPs in the layer need to fulfill these expectations.

1. Make sure the BSP is functioning well at all the times

Sometimes dependent layers such as oecore introduce changes which can break layers and BSPs depending on it. The maintainer of the BSP need to regularly validate the BSP with the latest dependent layers, to make sure it is still functioning properly.

Check this link showing status of the various meta-intel BSPs kept up to date: Last Known Good Commits for meta-intel

2. Prepare the BSP for release with every meta-intel release

This involves these things:

  • tag the commit of the release in the meta-intel repository
  • Get the "Yocto Project Compatibile" certification for the BSP from here:
  • Build the binary images of the BSP with the meta_tlk layer, and make sure commercial licenses are turned off while building.
  • Provide the built release tarball of the BSP to the release engineer for releasing to Yocto Project BSP release area

Review process for sending commits and BSPs to meta-intel layer

Guidelines for releasing BSPs

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