Third Party BSP Release Process

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Third Party BSPs may be released with any major/minor Yocto release by the maintainers of the various BSP layers. The process for including a BSP release into a yocto release has a few routes, some less complicated than others.

Release Requirements

  • If your DL_DIR contains source which we are required to provide and that source package/revision does not exist at you MUST provide the source, as generated from your DL_DIR.
  • md5sums must be generated for EVERY file to be included in the release. Please use something similar to find . -type f -exec md5sum {} \; >> ../mybsp-poky-edison-6.0.md5sum to generate.
    • This should include additional files needed from your DL_DIR.
    • I do validate every file's md5sum prior to release and will not gpg sign an invalid .md5sum
  • You must include release notes.
  • You should include some sort of QA report, preferably a link to the QA report on the yocto wiki.
  • You should inform the Yocto Release Engineer ( at least 2 weeks prior to your intended release date (We prefer 4 weeks so we don't surprise those kind folks who mirror yocto).
  • Everything required for release must available to the Yocto Release Engineer at least 48 hours prior to release. This time is needed for mirror propagation.
  • Please do NOT mix major releases (e.g. building a meta-foo bsp layer with edison 6.0 and meta-qt3 5.0.1 ).
  • Please ensure that your release is built with a known poky release.
  • While you can include the poky release with your BSP, it is *STRONGLY* suggested that you do not, but rather provide a link to it. See BKM:_Packaging_a_BSP_for_Release

Release Checklist

2-4 Weeks Prior:

  • You have emailed the Yocto Release Engineer with your intention to release. Please try to give an estimate size of the release and against what released version of yocto you are building against.

Prior to the Release:

  • You have generated a tested BSP release against a known released version of yocto. Please include the git hash for EVERY official yocto layer you have built against. (meta-qt3, etc).
  • You have created a publicly accessible QA report that the release may link against.
  • You have generated an md5sum file of all files needed.
  • You have validated that all required source files are either in or in the area to be used for the release.
  • You have created a valid and documented BSP layer tarball named LAYERNAME-RELEASENAME-M.m.p.tar.bz2

48 Hours Prior to your release:

  • You have emailed the Yocto Release Engineer a link to download all files needed for the release
  • I validate the md5sums
  • I gpg sign the .md5sum file and prepare the release for the release directory/mirrors

Hours Prior to release:

  • Download links are made live and verified by both the Yocto Release Engineer and You.
  • If you would like the release announcement to be sent out to yocto-announce you have provided the text to the Yocto Community Manager (Jefro) and the Yocto Release Engineer.

Release Checklist