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Traditionally, the Linux Foundation organizes the Embedded Linux Conference -- one in North America (ELC) and one in Europe (ELCE). The Yocto Project often has a considerable presence at these events in the form of:

  • talks submitted/presented about The Yocto Project, OpenEmbedded, and related technologies including a community BoF (Birds of a Feather) session
  • a 1-day pre-event OpenEmbedded Developers Day (OEDAM [OpenEmbedded Developers Americas Meeting] for ELC and OEDEM [OpenEmbedded Developers European Meeting] for ELCE)
  • a 1-day post-event DevDay
  • a conference booth in the ELC/ELCE event hall, usually with demos

The ELC/ELCE events are often co-located with other LF-related events such as: the Linux Security Summit, Zephyr Summit, KVM Forum, Open Source Summit, etc… Starting around 2019, in an effort to better align some of these events, the early Embedded Linux Conference started moving later in the year, closing the gap between the ELC event and the ELCE event towards the end of the year and expanding the gap between the ELCE event and the ELC event. As a result there has been efforts to add YP/OE-specific events earlier in the year in order to maintain the roughly 6-month gap between events.

OE Developers Meeting

The OpenEmbedded Developers {Americas|European} Meeting is a 1-day event, organized by the OpenEmbedded members, for an informal, free-form round-table-style discussion of core issues of concern to core OE/YP developers, BSP maintainers, etc

Yocto Project Summit

The Yocto Project Summit is a multiple day event and includes workshops and a forum where the current and future use of the Yocto Project can be discussed.


DevDay was a 1-day training event consisting of multiple tracks:

  • a full-day beginners tutorial to get newcomers up-to-speed on basic YP/OE usage
  • hands-on classes based on narrow topics of a more specialized nature


Future events: See also: https://www.yoctoproject.org/events/

Past events:

for a list of YP/OE-related talks at ELC/ELCE see: