DevDay Prague 2017

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Page for DevDay Prague 2017

Starting at 9:00am, 26 October More info and tentative schedule

Begining Class

  • Class Slides
 [1]Beginning Class Slides
  • Sample Code

Advanced Class

  • Class Slides
 [2] Advanced Class Slides (PDF)
 [3] Advanced Class Slides (PowerPoint)
  • Sample Code
 [4]Sample script ''
  • Class image set up
 [5]Sample script to prepare up the class image
  • Devtool transcript
 [6] devtool.txt
  • CROPS eSDK notes (for Mac OS X)
 [7] crops-extsdk-mac.txt
  • eSDK sample code
 [8] hello.c
  • User Space notes (command cheatsheet)
 [9] Cheatsheet_userspace.txt
  • CROPS Toaster notes (for Mac OS X)
 [10] crops-toaster-mac.txt
  • CROPS poky container notes (for Mac OS X)
 [11] crops-poky-mac.txt
  • Events notes (command cheatsheet)
 [12] events_cheatsheet.txt