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Toaster is a web-based interface to OpenEmbedded and BitBake.

Screenshot of Toaster 2.1

General discussion about Toaster happens on a dedicated mailing list:

Using Toaster

Toaster can run in various modes and setups.

  • Local mode - in this mode Toaster is setup for use as a local development tool. It can be used to configure builds or just as a receiver for builds done on the command line with bitbake. You can launch it like this:
$ source oe-init-build-env
$ source toaster start

You then navigate to the link in your browser (e.g. http://localhost:8000) and configure a project. Or start building in the normal way with bitbake via the command line. Toaster will automatically pick up the builds and you will be able to see them on the build dashboard in your browser.

  • Production mode - All the same functionality as the local mode but with the web server setup as a shared service for multiple developers to use, this sets up Toaster as a wsgi application and requires additional configuration.

Toaster How-to's

Specific pages with Toaster how-tos are available below.

About Toaster

Analysis of builds using Toaster

In progress documentation

We are currently preparing the documentation for the Toaster build functionality. The content here is just a brain dump of what we need to cover (in no particular order). Feel free to add and create content as you see fit: