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This Yocto Project Cookbook collects working examples of how to use the Yocto Project, filling some of the gaps between the Yocto Project Quick Start Guide and the full reference documentation. Like any cookbook, we'll include both basic and complex examples you can follow to learn about the pantry of components and files available, and about the techniques for manipulating them using Yocto Project tools.

We encourage you, the Yocto Project community, to add

  • your own examples,
  • pointers to training materials,
  • tips,
  • and any other material that may be helpful to new and experienced users of Yocto Project.

Please test all procedures before adding them to this page; and if you do see a problem or improvement, start a discussion (use the discussion tab at the top of this page) , or edit the page itself!

Cookbook Topics

Other Links

Quick Start Guide
The official Yocto Project Quick Start Guide contains a step-by-step walk-through showing how to set up your environment and perform your first build
Developer Manual: Common Tasks
The Common Tasks section of the Yocto Project Developer Manual's documentation discusses creating layers, customizing images, writing recipes, configuring and patching the kernel, performing automated runtime testing, and more.
Creating a Custom Embedded Linux Distribution for Any Embedded Device Presentation from ELC 2016 Dev Day
A good overview presentation from the Linux Foundation covering many topics for creating a custom embedded Linux distribution with Yocto Project.

Here are links that were in a previous version of this Cookbook. (Some seem rather outdated that we'll need to comb through, but we wanted to keep them around for now.)

Everything you need to know to create and maintain a Yocto BSP
TomZ's page on how to create and maintain a Yocto Project BSP, including how to interact with the community
Startup scripts
How to get things to happen or start automatically: