Yocto Project Tagging Conventions

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Yocto Project Tags

In order to understand the tagging used within the Yocto Project, it is important to note what we release. We can break up our releases into three types. Major, minor, milestone. For each of these we release both the Yocto Project as well as the reference distribution, "poky", that we built with this version of the Yocto Project's build system.

During Milestone releases, we utilize the milestone naming convention to denote both poky and Yocto Project milestone releases. So, for example, during 1.4's milestone 4 release, we would use 1.4_M4.

Once we've branched to a major or minor named release branch, we no longer use the milestone name. We denote yocto releases and poky releases with different tags. There is no technical reason for this, it is merely for convenience. Some people are more familiar with Yocto release names over poky release names

Yocto Project Tagging Conventions

In general, we utilize 3 main types of tags in the main Yocto Project repositories:

Milestone Tags: M.m_M<milestone number> 1.4_M2

Poky Tags: <name>-M.m.p dora-10.0.0

Yocto Project Tags: yocto-M.m yocto-1.5

We also have a few prefixes that we've utilized for tags in the past:

  • release candidate

Used to denote a release candidate yocto-1.5_M5.rc1 dora-10.0.0.rc8

  • final release

Used to denote "final". Because we are aggressive in our release schedule, and because we do not delete tags, we utilize .final to denote the final version of a major and point releases.Most times, the .final tag will match up with the <name>-M.m.p tag. But we utilize .final when we sometimes have to slip a few changes into the release before it goes it. This is especially useful for documentation.


When in doubt, always utilize the .final tag.