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Yocto Project 3.3 release milestone structure

YP1.3milestone.png =

Yocto Project 3.3 release schedule (release date: April 30th, 2021 )

The detailed milestone map for the 3.3 release of Yocto Project is as below.

Please note that the estimation for each feature is done based on 'perfect day'. The purpose of the estimation is to estimate the relative size of features, NOT to predict when a single feature could be done.

M1 (Nov 1, 2020 - Dec 7, 2020)

M1 Feature/Tasks Development / Cutoff is

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (2 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
13325Richard PurdieRichard PurdieAdd link to the output directory from LHS console viewenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
13642Richard PurdieRichard PurdieSplit single "run-config" step into multiple stepsenhancementMedium+RESOLVED

M1 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (14 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
13988Richard PurdieBruce AshfieldIntermittent kernel apic boot panic on qemux86-64normalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
14037Richard PurdieBruce Ashfieldqemuarm-alt backtrace during bootnormalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
14056Richard PurdieBruce AshfieldKernel backtrace on qemux86-64, bad RIPnormalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
14082Richard PurdieBruce Ashfieldrcu stalls on qemumips64 ubuntu1804-ty-1normalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
8805Ross BurtonChee Yang1Detect and warn people naming functions something_remove_somethingnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12972Randy WittDavid ReynaDisable webhook for the toaster containernormalMediumRESOLVED
14083FedericoFederico[openssl-bin] missing runtime dependency to perl due to c_rehashminorMedium+RESOLVED
14003Richard PurdieJoshua WattIntermittent GPG selftest failurenormalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
13540Armin KusterMichael HalsteadBring up task should test user accountsnormalMediumRESOLVED
14113ninosninosGNU Fortran is not workingmajorMedium+RESOLVED
14135 Richard Purdierecipe poky/meta/recipes-support/lz4 broken; non-standard default branch namecriticalHighRESOLVED
13997Teoh Jay ShenSakib Sajal[QA 3.2 M2 RC1] failure in ptest : libinput.libinput-test-suitenormalMedium+RESOLVED
13993Richard PurdieStacy Gaikovaiatinfoil error handling during server startup suboptimalnormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14067Richard PurdieUnassignedclutter-gst qemu gtkdoc failurenormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED

M1 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule

  • RC1: Dec 7, 2020
  • M1 release: Dec 18, 2020

M2 (Dec 13, 2020 - Jan 18, 2021)

M2 Feature/tasks Development / Cutoff is


M2 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (12 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
14175 Anuj MittalGatesgarth no longer building under WSL2normalMedium+RESOLVED
13738 Paul Eggletondevtool modify fails with file:// fetchernormalMedium+RESOLVED
7010Joe BaloughJoe Balough1systemd-serialgetty cannot create a serial-getty@.service that is not enablednormalMediumRESOLVED
14103Dominik SchmidtJoshua WattGit URI Scheme password is droppednormalMedium+RESOLVED
13822Richard PurdieNew Comer BugsEasy to have misleading warnings if env script is executed instead of sourcednormalMedium+NEWCOMMERRESOLVED
14129Bartłomiej BurdukiewiczPaul Barkerwic: wrong rootfs file owner when using --exclude-pathmajorHighRESOLVED
13994Alexander KanavinPaul Barkerwic is modifying /etc/fstab in place, which races with other image type tasksnormalMedium+RESOLVED
13374Jon MasonRichard PurdieDetermine 32bit guest support on arm64normalMedium+RESOLVED
14093akusterRichard Purdiemaster] a-quick python warningnormalMedium+RESOLVED
14112David AbdurachmanovRichard Purdienspr-native with OE/Yocto build tools doesn't build [Ubuntu 16.04.6]: undefined reference to `__clock_getres@GLIBC_PRIVATE'normalMedium+backport?RESOLVED
14162Naveen SainiRichard Purdieinitramfs-boot reproducibility failurenormalMedium+RESOLVED
14133Ross BurtonRoss Burtonpseudo crashing on aarch64/ubuntu 20.04 with coreutils-nativenormalMedium+RESOLVED

M2 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: Jan 18, 2021
  • M2 release: Jan 29, 2021

M3 (Jan 30, 2021 - Mar 30, 2021)

M3 Feature/tasks Development / Cutoff is

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (4 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
10096Niko MaunoCharles Davies1Allow PREFERRED_VERSION miss to be fatalenhancementMedium+NEWCOMERRESOLVED
13320Richard PurdieIda DelphineUpdate license files to match current SPDX names and license contentsenhancementMedium+NEWCOMERRESOLVED
4148Mark HatleKai Kang3Add a mechanism to build a package that is the same bitsize as the machineenhancementMediumRESOLVED
13807Ross BurtonRoss BurtonAdd support for elfutils debuginfodenhancementMedium+newcomerRESOLVED

M3 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (36 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
13071Alejandro HernandezAlejandro10Multiconfig builds may try to execute events that don't exist for themnormalMedium+RESOLVED
13701Richard PurdieAnuj Mittalintermittent race in runtime parse logs failure in X on qemux86-64normalMedium+RESOLVED
13748Scott BrandenPaul Eggletonbitbake doesn't detect changes in code to run do_compile when using devtool modify on recipe with destsuffixnormalMedium+RESOLVED
13965ClementPaul EggletongRPC recipe not listed in master branch: layer index brokennormalMedium+RESOLVED
14219Richard PurdieBruce Ashfield3qemux86 backtrace on bootnormalHighRESOLVED
13955Robert BergerBruce AshfieldCan I customize the YP kernel headers?normalMedium+RESOLVED
14179Richard PurdieDorindaNeed to validate user isn't building in a PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHSnormalMedium+NEWCOMERRESOLVED
13527Armin KusterIda DelphineAdd SPDX license headers to all source files for layerindex-webnormalMedium+NEWCOMERRESOLVED
13529Armin KusterIda DelphineAdd SPDX license headers to all source files for prelink-crossnormalMedium+NEWCOMERRESOLVED
13901Jean-Marie LemetayerJean-Marie Lemetayernpm build error when the shrinkwrap file has no dependenciesminorMedium+RESOLVED
13229Jon MasonJon Masonttm_bo_vm_open kernel warningminorMedium+RESOLVED
14182Ross BurtonJoshua Wattvulkan-samples reproducible failurenormalMedium+RESOLVED
14217Yi Fan YuAníbal Limón0.5ptest-runner says child process returns 256 instead of 1normalMediumRESOLVED
14220Yi Fan YuAníbal Limón1ptest-runner cannot handle large child outputnormalMedium+RESOLVED
14191Matt HoosierMatt HoosierGit fetcher is fetching LFS content in do_unpacknormalMedium+RESOLVED
14114Nicolas DechesneNicolas DechesneImplement proper sphinx docs publishingnormalMedium+RESOLVED
14226Jon MasonJose QuaresmaCompile of shaderc fails on autobuildernormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14253Leonardo SandovalKhem Rajqemux86-world lib32-go-runtime-1.16-r0: task do_compile: unsupported setting GO386=387normalMedium+RESOLVED
13810Richard PurdieRandy MacLeodsystemd file executable bits disappearingnormalMedium+RESOLVED
14229Bernhard RosenkränzerRichard Purdiepseudo doesn't compile with glibc 2.33normalHighRESOLVED
13355Alexander KanavinRichard PurdieRDEPENDS does not work properly for native builds (only supports recipe names, not package names)normalMedium+RESOLVED
14054Ross BurtonRichard Purdiebitbake-layers allows adding invalid layer configurationnormalMedium+RESOLVED
14147Saul WoldRichard Purdielttng packaging failed due to possible pseudo race or missing pseudo syscallnormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14181Ross BurtonRichard PurdieFailure to unpickle during testimagenormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14183Ross BurtonRichard Purdiepsuedo path mismatch during image buildnormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14204Richard PurdieRichard PurdieVariables starting with python_ confuses bitbakenormalMedium+RESOLVED
14164Naveen SainiRoss Burtonlibinput arm ptest intermittent failurenormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14242JagadheesanSteve Sakomanmake-mod-scripts do_configure fail [Configuration file ".config" not found!]normalHighAB-INTRESOLVED
14215Tim BlechmannSteve SakomanSIGILL when building python3-setuptools-nativenormalMedium+backports of uninative upgrade as needed.RESOLVED
13891Ahmed HossamTrevor Woernerinsane.bbclass: do_package_qa hangs when checking a FIFO (named pipe) filenormalMedium+RESOLVED
14180Ross BurtonUnassignedSome tests randomly fail with dnf checksum mismatchnormalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14194Chee YangUnassignedgstreamer-1.0/pipelines_seek.test ptest failed on qemux86-64normalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14203Teoh Jay ShenUnassigned[QA 3.3 M2 RC1] failure in ptest : gstreamer1.0.gstreamer-1.0/pipelines_seek.testnormalUndecidedVERIFIED
14223Jon MasonYi Fan Yuvalgrind ptest failing on qemux86-64normalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14228Minjae KimYi Fan Yuvalgrind ptest failing on qemuarm64normalMedium+AB-INTRESOLVED
14237Yi Fan YuYi Fan Yuerror-report-web out of date? still using python2normalMedium+RESOLVED

M3 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: Mar 1, 2021
  • M3 Release : Mar 12, 2021

M4 (Mar 13, 2021 - Apr 20, 2021)

M4 Bug/fix Cutoff is

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (4 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
14109Scott EstersAnuj MittalCannot override SERIAL_CONSOLES with local.confenhancementUndecidedRESOLVED
14216Chee YangChee Yangwic to keep log and tmp direnhancementMediumRESOLVED
7670Christopher LarsonChristopher LarsonProposal: make TOPDIR or BUILDDIR available to the devshellenhancementMediumRESOLVED
9725brian avery 1add docstrings to functions in lib/bb/utils.py that are used in meta- files.enhancementMediumNEWCOMERRESOLVED

M4 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (17 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
14076akusterakustermaster] Terminal gnome is supported but did not start on Ubuntu 18.04normalMediumRESOLVED
14255Leonardo SandovalAlexandre Bellonireproducible-debian|fedora|ubuntu: several deb packages are missing or differentnormalMediumRESOLVED
13036chandana kalluriPaul Eggletondevtool modify gcc does not worknormalMediumRESOLVED
13147Robert BergerPaul EggletonImportError: No module named site OpenEmbedded requires 'python' to be python v2 (>= 2.7.3), not python v3.normalMediumRESOLVED
14075Richard PurdieBruce Ashfieldqemuarm testimage kernel backtracenormalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
13885Changqing LiChangqing Limaybe we should not set default %_transaction_color to 7normalMediumRESOLVED
14193Krayushkin KonstantinDorindapseudo applies PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS variable too greedynormalMediumRESOLVED
14332Michael OpdenackerMichael Halsteadlists.yoctoproject.org distinguishes between 2 messages on the same threadminorMediumRESOLVED
13351Kai RuhnauNew Comer Bugspulseaudio QA error when running without gesettings PACKAGECONFIGmajorMediumRESOLVED
13769Richard PurdieKhem RajParallel make race in glibcnormalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
14058 Randy MacLeodFatal errors occurred in subprocessesnormalMediumRESOLVED
13557Armin KusterRoss Burton[2.8 M3 RC1] pango failure in ptestnormalMediumRESOLVED
14211 Ross Burtonnativesdk-shadow And nativesdk-libglib-2.0-0 failnormalMediumRESOLVED
8161Andrei GherzanUnassigned2Can't use "\" characters in SRC_URI entries - not even escapednormalMediumRESOLVED
13471Randy MacLeodUnassignedMany packages do not have HOMEPAGE/DESCRIPTIONsminorMediumNEWCOMERRESOLVED
14166Naveen SainiUnassignedqemumips64 failed to shutdownnormalMediumAB-INTRESOLVED
14106Teoh Jay ShenUnassigned[QA 3.2 RC1] failure in ptest : glib-2.0.glib/gdatetime.testnormalUndecidedRESOLVED

M4 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass QA test follows every RC build)

  • RC1: Apr 5, 2021
  • 3.3 Release: Apr 20, 2021

Yocto Project 3.3 release unscheduled features/tasks list

These features/tasks are planned for 3.3, but have not been scheduled to any specific milestone. As we move forward, more of these will be scheduled into each milestone, especially during milestone planning for each milestone above.

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