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Yocto Project 3.1 Feature Planning

Yocto Project 3.1 release planning has been underway since Oct, 2019. Most all new features and ideas about 3.1 release are tracked as enhancements in Bugzilla. Yocto Project 3.1 is targeted to release in Apr. 2020. Detailed schedule is at this link: Yocto 3.1 Schedule

Yocto Project 3.1 Themes

  • Still TBD

Process for Entering New Feature Requests

We have been using the same Bugzilla where we manage bugs to manage all features. Features in Bugzilla should have their severity set to 'enhancement'. If you have a feature request or even an idea about something for 3.1 or future releases, please feel free to file an 'enhancement' feature in Bugzilla:

  • Set the severity of bug to be 'enhancement'. Please put as much detail as possible in the 'description' field and give it a concise and meaningful 'summary'. You can always add/edit as you have more thoughts and information about the feature. Others can also use the feature entry to ask questions or provide feedback.
  • If you know which functional category the feature belongs to, please put the bug # in appropriate category such as usability, performance, kernel, core build system, etc.
  • Set the priority you would like this to be or indicate this in the description field. We may adjust the priority when we have a better view of the whole release later on.
  • Preview your Entry to make sure it looks ok and then save it


High = Must have for the target release
Medium+ = Very important, needs special attention compared with other medium features
Medium = Important
Low = Nice to have, no defined plan

Unsorted Features (by priority)


13549Ross Burton (Arm)Get rid of python2 runtime dependencies for all recipes in oe-core3.1 M2Chen QiRESOLVEDenhancementHigh


IDAssigneeSummary (5 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
11291Anuj MittalDon't generate live images for x8613.1 M1Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
13324Joshua WattAdd reproducibility reporting to resulttool3.1 M1Richard PurdieRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
13736Kai KangAdd automated runtime test for ifupdown3.1 M3Randy MacLeodRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
12908Paul KnopfDead lock with multiple threads, one doing fopen64, other doing close on handles.3.1 M1Paul KnopfRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+
13830Tim OrlingAdd buildtools-extended-tarball documentation3.1 M4Tim OrlingRESOLVEDenhancementMedium+


IDAssigneeSummary (3 tasks) EMilestoneRequesterStatusSeverityPWhiteboard
13739AlejandroEnable OE runtime testing infrastructure for non-Linux systems43.1AlejandroRESOLVEDenhancementMedium
13720Alexander KanavinShould look at COMPATIBLE_HOST when picking machine3.1Ross Burton (Arm)RESOLVEDenhancementMedium
13630Richard Purdiecore-image-full-cmdline uses less from busybox3.1 RESOLVEDenhancementMedium




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