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Yocto Project 2.5 release milestone structure



Yocto Project 2.5 release schedule (release date: Apr. 27, 2018)

The detailed milestone map for the 2.5 release of Yocto Project is as below.

To view the Yocto schedule-at-a-glance, go to YoctoCalendar.

Please note that the estimation for each feature is done based on 'perfect day'. The purpose of the estimation is to estimate the relative size of features, NOT to predict when a single feature could be done.

M1 (Oct. 23, 2017 to Dec. 15, 2017

M1 Feature/Tasks Development / Cutoff is Dec. 4, 2017

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (14 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
10801Alexander KanavinAlexander Kanavin3devtool: upgrade: report diff for changed files referred to by LIC_FILES_CHKSUMenhancementMediumRESOLVED
11596Juro BystrickyCinly Ooi5bzip2-ptest: improve reproducible buildenhancementMediumRESOLVED
11753Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezDaniela Plascencia3patchwork should track the HEAD commit id in stored patchesenhancementMediumRESOLVED
10805Daniela PlascenciaDaniela Plascencia3Tinfoil usage in the test-suiteenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
11518Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezDaniela Plascencia1Upstream-Status Submitted and Inappropriate check for where/reason infoenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
11805Jose Perez CJose Perez C5Create yocto-bsp/yocto-kernel tools testsenhancementMediumRESOLVED
11806Jose Perez CJose Perez C5Create test for yocto-kernel toolenhancementMediumRESOLVED
5866Martin JansaJuro Bystricky5Reproducible builds: identical binariesenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
11780Joshua LockLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1Commit message failures should link to commit patch guidelinesenhancementMediumRESOLVED
10874Benjamin EsquivelLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez3oe-selftest: 35% of the testing time is concentrated in 5 tests (out of ~200)enhancementMedium+RESOLVED
12269Robert YangRobert Yang5copy_bitbake_and_layers(): make it support subgitsenhancementUndecidedRESOLVED
12196patriciaRoss Burton1Update GStreamer to 1.12.3enhancementMediumRESOLVED
12167brian averyStephano Cetola1Remove yocto-layer now that bitbake-layers has been mergedenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
12126brian averyTodor Minchevupgrade meta-intel-clear-containers to 3.0enhancementMediumRESOLVED

M1 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (61 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
11990Alex LennonAlex Lennon2Screen corruption with QEMU when running built qemux86 imagenormalMedium+RESOLVED
11978Paul EggletonAlejandro Hernandez2python-native is being built without IPV6 enablednormalMedium+RESOLVED
11763Patrick OhlyPaul Eggleton1bitbake-diffsigs: -t matches wrong task signature filesnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12185California SullivanPaul Eggleton2devtool_modify_native test failure in ross/rockonormalMedium+VERIFIED
12285Mikko YlinenPaul Eggletondevtool: upgrade: fails with a TypeErrornormalMedium+RESOLVED
12286AndrewPaul Eggleton0.25python-gevent_1.0.1.bb requires https for all downloads nownormalMedium+RESOLVED
12293Brendan Le FollPaul Eggleton1SWIG not supporting node.js version > 7normalMedium+RESOLVED
12318Paul EggletonPaul Eggleton0.25devtool upgrade+finish not deleting old filesnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12542yeoh ee pengCalifornia Sullivan[Meta-Intel 2.5 M1 RC1] Unable to build poky tiny image where microcode source was inaccessiblenormalMediumRESOLVED
12536Ashwin SomanCalifornia Sullivan[Meta-Intel 2.5 M1 RC1] Unable to boot up Minnowboard with core-image-sato-sdk-intel-core2-32normalMedium+RESOLVED
9927Humberto IbarraDaniela Plascencia2yocto-bsp: listing properties stdout and data send to -o option should be the samenormalMediumRESOLVED
9928Humberto IbarraDaniela Plascencia2yocto-bsp: logical if statements should be avoided in json return by list subcommandnormalMediumRESOLVED
11328Daniela PlascenciaDaniela Plascencia1tests: test_lic_files_chksum_presence uses a variable not always provided by BitbakenormalMediumRESOLVED
11755Daniela PlascenciaDaniela Plascencia3patchtest-oe: test checking changes in lic_files_chcksum not failing when lacking the explanation in commit messagenormalMediumRESOLVED
11055Daniela PlascenciaDaniela Plascencia2tests: patch upstream status check fails erroneouslynormalMedium+RESOLVED
12209Jackie HuangJackie Huangqemuppc: Cannot manage 'undefined' PCI device type '<NULL>'normalMedium+RESOLVED
12358Jackie HuangJackie Huangmozjs_17.0.0.bb:do_compile failed with DEFAULTTUNE "mips"normalMedium+RESOLVED
12028Jose Perez CJair Gonzalez4Create Test Plan for Kernel Test SuitenormalMedium+RESOLVED
12127Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezJair Gonzalez5Duplicate log observed on oe-selftest runsnormalMedium+RESOLVED
11886Paul EggletonJose Lamego2patchwork: series info page is uglyminorMediumRESOLVED
12174Ross BurtonJose Lamego1RRS not reporting correct version for ca-certificatesnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12094LibertadJose Perez C2ptest: modify the result chart so that the current release commit is compared with the previous commit releasenormalHighRESOLVED
12087brian averyJoshua Lock0.5Eclipse Oxygen needs to be added. Eclipse Mars needs to be droppednormalMediumRESOLVED
12103Joshua LockJoshua Lock3Intermittent failures in updating submodules for intel-iot-refkit repositorynormalMedium+RESOLVED
12326Joshua LockJoshua Lock1Rename beaglebone machine in meta-yocto-bspnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12377Armin KusterJoshua Lock[morty-next] oe-selftest failednormalMedium+RESOLVED
10953Ross BurtonJuro Bystricky2util-linux installs libtool wrapper scripts instead of binaries for ptestnormalMediumRESOLVED
11700Juro BystrickyJuro Bystricky1tcl_8.6.6: tclConfig.sh: non-deterministic generationnormalMedium+RESOLVED
11705Juro BystrickyJuro Bystricky1gobject-introspection_1.50.0 contains various references to the host build systemnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12353Juro BystrickyKai Kangmips screen-4.6.2-r0 do_compilenormalMedium+RESOLVED
11392Paul EggletonKristi2Document how to specify a branch / tag / revision when using devtool add with a remote URLnormalMedium26 September 2017: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
11800Juan Manuel Cruz AlcarazKristi1NOAUTOPACKAGEDEBUG undocumentednormalMedium+19 DECEMBER, 2017: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
10473Yi ZhaoLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1Fail to launch custom qemu image with runqemunormalMedium+RESOLVED
11821Armin KusterLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1nightly-oe-selftest 2.4_M1-574-g2ec756257e failednormalMedium+RESOLVED
12218Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalezdevtool modify failing in fedora 26normalMedium+RESOLVED
12341Juro BystrickyMatt MadisonERROR: go-cross-canadian-x86-64-1.9-r0 do_compile: Function failednormalMedium+RESOLVED
12051Tracy GraydonMaxin B. John0.5hostap-utils download site is downnormalMediumRESOLVED
11960Tony RiedererMaxin B. John1.5groupadd fails on ubuntu 16.04normalMedium+RESOLVED
12235Jonathan LiuMaxin B. John1image.bbclass: Consider adding --apparent-size to du -ks for get_rootfs_sizenormalMedium+RESOLVED
12361Maxin B. JohnMaxin B. JohnFetcher failure for URL: "http://www.webdav.org/neon/neon-0.30.2.tar.gz"normalMedium+Please backport to pyro (2.3)RESOLVED
12073oscar lopez arandasoscar lopez arandas1selftest: setUpClass failed failing on ubuntu 17.04 (oeqa.selftest.signing.Signing)normalMedium+RESOLVED
11757Patrick OhlyPatrick Ohlyselftests: do not touch existing build artifactsnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12264Robert BergerRobert BergerIMAGE_FSTYPES += "... wic.bmap ..." bmaptool freaking outnormalMediumBackport 2.3.3 and 2.4.1?RESOLVED
12297Andrea AdamiKhem Raj1gcc7 fixes for armv5e [ARM] PR 82445 - (no boot)majorMedium+RESOLVED
12336Andrea AdamiKhem Raj1musl 1.18 fails to build for armv5tenormalMedium+RESOLVED
11393Paul EggletonRebecca Chang3recipetool: create: handle git URLs specifying only a tagminorMedium+VERIFIED
12163Ross BurtonRichard Purdie1Obtuse error if build dir != cwdnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12183California SullivanRichard Purdie3core-image-sato nightly-ppc failed to boot during testimagenormalMedium+RESOLVED
12232Phlip BalisterRichard Purdie0.5bitbake-layers create-layer has bad BBFILES entrynormalMedium+RESOLVED
12301Richard PurdieRichard PurdieKernel boot hanging on 4.12.14 with qemux86-64normalMedium+RESOLVED
12329Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezRichard Purdietestimage execution interrupted for nightly-x86normalMedium+RESOLVED
12403Juro BystrickyRoss Burton[QEMU]core-image-sato: no input from keyboard nor mouse for x86normalHighRESOLVED
12250Armin KusterRoss Burton3[ross/mut] nightly-x86 failed QEMU abortnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12251Armin KusterRoss Burton1[ross/mut] nightly-oe-selftest failednormalMedium+RESOLVED
12255Armin KusterRoss Burton[ross/mut] test_dnf_reinstall failed on nightly-ppc-lsb sanity testnormalMedium+Backport 2.3.3 and 2.4.1?RESOLVED
11967Jose Perez CSaul Woldcreating root file systems using 'elf' failed with error convert_magic 00000000 != a5a5a5a5normalMedium+RESOLVED
12162Robert BergerSaul WoldERROR: do_kernel_metadata: Could not locate BSP definitionnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12173brian averySaul Wold4wic cp,rm,ls of a partition e.g. ic ls myimage.wic:1/ fails if host mtools are not installednormalMedium+RESOLVED
12114oscar lopez arandasSonia Leonoe-selftest on Ubuntu1704 hangs due to a resource warning of unclosed file.normalMedium+Backport 2.3.3?VERIFIED
12191brian averyScott Rifenbark5need to document new wic features wic cp, wic rm, and wic ls.normalMedium+13 Oct 2017: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
12186Stephano CetolaStephano Cetola1add musl/qemux86-64 targetnormalMedium+RESOLVED

M1 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule

  • RC1: 12/4/17
  • M1 release: 12/15/17

M2 (Dec. 5, 2017 to Jan. 26, 2018

M2 Feature/tasks Development / Cutoff is Jan. 15, 2018

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (17 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
12348Ross BurtonAlexander Kanavin5Integration Meson build systemenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
12425Juro BystrickyAlexander Kanavin1Upgrade rpm to 4.14.0+ to support binary reproducibilityenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
11943Paul EggletonAmanda Brindle1oe-pkgdata-util should support RPROVIDESenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
10556brian averybrian avery5Docker tooling support to manipulate CROPS containers from the Eclipse CROPS pluginenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
11519Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezDaniela Plascencia1check for four-space indented in python metadataenhancementMediumRESOLVED
10773Jair Gonzalezyeoh ee peng3QA Bitbake: extend coverage for event unit testenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
11363California SullivanHaris Okanovic15Support building and deploying multiple kernels for a single imageenhancementMedium+LETRESOLVED
9787Joshua LockJose Perez C4create selftest for useradd-staticidsenhancementMediumRESOLVED
12327Joshua LockJoshua Lock5Split embedded shell commands out into callable scriptsenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
10956Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1selftest: sstatetessts should use world instead of image targets, making it distro agnosticenhancementMediumRESOLVED
12177brian averyRebecca Chang2Support wic in the esdkenhancementMedium+RESOLVED
8730 Ross Burton8separate code generating python manifest file from manifest information and improve the manifest generationenhancementMediumRESOLVED
11510Alejandro HernandezRoss Burton6Improve the way we handle python's packaging (autopackaging)enhancementMediumLETRESOLVED
11694Alejandro HernandezRoss Burton7Python JSON manifest should be parsed directly by bitbakeenhancementMediumLETRESOLVED
11695Alejandro HernandezRoss Burton7Add task to create python manifest(s) automaticallyenhancementMediumLETRESOLVED
12370Scott RifenbarkScott Rifenbark1Create new YP Overview ManualenhancementMedium+09 February 2018: RESOLVED/NOT A BUGRESOLVED
11814Stephano CetolaStephano Cetola3Add a warning if buildhistory remote push failsenhancementMediumRESOLVED

M2 Bugs

IDRequesterAssigneeESummary (43 tasks) SeverityPWhiteboardStatus
12472Randy MacLeodAlexander Kanavin2webkitgtk is vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre defectsnormalHighRESOLVED
12022Richard PurdieAlexander Kanavin5signing.Signing.test_signing_packages hangs on ubuntu1704.yocto.ionormalMedium+RESOLVED
12238Armin KusterAlexander KanavinRemove stale UPSTREAM_VERSION_UNKNOWNnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12396Alexander KanavinAlexander Kanavin2AUH: retrieving logs after running testimages is broken in multiple waysnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12477Joshua LockAlexander KanavinPossible bad interaction between shared-state uninative and gobject-introspectionnormalMedium+RESOLVED
11930Paul EggletonAmanda Brindle1Gateway timeout error searching for recipes without keywordnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12381Patrick OhlyPaul Eggletondevtool: deploy-target: only set port when explicitly requestednormalMediumRESOLVED
12356Rebecca ChangPaul Eggletondevtool search produces tracebacks and not returning the search resultsnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12034Todor MinchevBruce Ashfield5backtrace in dmesg on qemuppc with 4.9normalMedium+RESOLVED
12095Dvorkin DmitryChin Huat Ang1Toolchain.Host.Mismatch problemnormalMediumRESOLVED
12459David ReynaDavid Reyna1corrupted patch for bldcollector URL filenormalHighRESOLVED
12444yeoh ee pengyeoh ee peng[Test Case 1542] test_2_logrotate fails in MinnowMax with core-image-lsb-sdk-genericx86-64 imagenormalMedium+RESOLVED
12357Rebecca ChangJoshua Lockdevtool sdk-install unable to add componentnormalMedium+RESOLVED
11472Juro BystrickyJuro Bystricky1Python Makefile contains many references to the build systemnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12221Juro BystrickyJuro Bystricky3inconsistent .gnu_debuglinknormalMedium+RESOLVED
12016Paul EggletonKristi2Values for path variables in bitbake hello world tutorial make it harder to build upon itnormalMedium22 DECEMBER 2017: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
12089brian averyKristi1Need to document BBFILES_DYNAMICnormalMedium05 February 2018: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
11911Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezKristi2connection lost between host-target on a nightly-arm-lsb AB buildnormalMedium+19 DECEMBER, 2017: RESOLVEDRESOLVED
11580Paul EggletonLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1oe-selftest: blocking buildhistory enablement is too onerousnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12385Rebecca ChangLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalezoe-selftest: unable run test case modulenormalMedium+RESOLVED
12442Robert YangRobert Yang1FAILED: oe-selftest -r devtool.DevtoolTests.test_create_workspacenormalMediumRESOLVED
12210Robert YangRobert Yang2populate_sdk_ext failed when multilibnormalMedium+Backport to 2.4.1 and 2.3.3 if needed.RESOLVED
12270Jair GonzalezRobert Yang2[rocko] [Test Case 1534] runqemu fails using esdk in nfs modenormalMedium+Backport 2.3.3 and 2.4.1?RESOLVED
12343Robert YangRobert Yang1Let QEMU_USE_KVM can be set to 1normalMedium+RESOLVED
12438Robert YangRobert Yang1oe-selftest -r eSDK.oeSDKExtSelfTest.test_image_generation_binary_feeds errornormalUndecidedRESOLVED
12426Paul EggletonMichael HalsteadLayer index updates not being runmajorHighRESOLVED
12460Rebecca ChangMichael HalsteadChange in push.yoctoproject.org fingerprint causing connection timeout and autobuilder hangnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12222FerryRebecca Changpopulate_sdk fails with multilib due to lib32- packages uninstallablenormalMediumRESOLVED
12418Richard PurdieRichard Purdie1Stale reference to meta-yoctonormalMedium30 March 2018: Set doc flag to "done"RESOLVED
12039Richard PurdieRichard Purdie2mips packages corrupt oe-selftestnormalMedium+RESOLVED
12464Keegan MorrowRichard PurdieFailure when get_srcrev runs from fakeroot tasksminorMedium+Backport 2.2.4, 2.3.4, and 2.4.2?RESOLVED
12398California SullivanRoss Burtonlibxslt intermittent fetch failuresnormalMediumRESOLVED
11513Ross BurtonRoss Burton2Python3 isn't mu