Yocto 1.6 meta-intel testing plan

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The test process is mainly focused to track and review the quality and performance of the meta-intel BSPs.

Test Areas

The meta-intel testing is being part of the Target System test are within Yocto 1.6 Overall Testing Plan. The test cases that we run are available on Testopia. There, you can browse to the BSPs component, select the “master branch” testing plan and then access the “Test Cases” panel to view all the test cases available. They are used for testing QEMU, core BSPs and meta-intel BSPs. To organize them, we divided them into test runs templates (check the “Test runs” panel and filter by TEMPLATE) and then create new test runs based on them for each build that we need.

As a reminder, the Testopia wiki have all the information needed for working with Testopia.

The target machines tested are:

  • emenlow
  • crownbay
  • minnowboard
  • fri2
  • nuc
  • jasperforest
  • sugarbay
  • crystalforest

Test Cycle

The testing of meta-intel BSPs is performed on every Full pass, Release Candidate or Release test according to the Yocto 1.6 Schedule. meta-intel BSPs are not covered in the weekly testing. Details on the Full Pass, Release Candidate or Release Test can be found in the Test Cycle section in the Yocto Overall 1.6 Test Plan. In the Meta-intel Release Process is detailed the release process of meta-intel.

Test Automation

The plan for 1.6 HW automation is detailed in the HW automation bug 1596.

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