Yocto 1.2 Weekly Test Report

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This page is to hold Weekly Test Report for Yocto 1.2.

Yocto 1.2 20111023 Weekly Test Report

This is the weekly test report for Yocto 1.2 2011023 build. There are 7 new bugs found in this build. All meta-intel BSP builds failed on autobuilder. avahi/connman could not work due to dbus file missing. X86-64 arm toolchain build failed on autobuilder.

Test Summary:

Yocto 1.2 20111023 Test Result Summary.JPG

Test detail Summary:

Yocto 1.2 20111023 Detail Test Result.JPG

  • You can check the detailed test result in attachment for each target.
  • The failed/blocked case number is listed with failed cases’ bug number.

Commit Information:

Tree/Branch: Poky/master_under_test
Poky Commit id: 88d7de9aa239bbb47245afc13d3a3e9689e9ebfb

Issue Summary:

Yocto 1.2 20111023 Issue Summary Result.JPG

History Test Report

Test Report for Yocto 1.2 20111015 build

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