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Update for Yocto 1.1.1

QA tested latest BSP images for Yocto 1.1.1. There is no new issue found against previous testing. Meanwhile, crownbay image pass build and is also validated by QA.

Fullpass Yocto1.1.1 Test Result Summary.JPG

Fullpass Yocto1.1.1 Detailed Test Result.JPG

Commit Information:

Tree/Branch: Poky/edison
Poky Commit: 0fbd6a161576b2cafa8583adde0ffb15347c884a

Meta branch: edison

Yocto 1.1.1 test Fullpass Test Report

This is the fullpass test report for Yocto 1.1.1 build.There are 3 new bugs found for this build. Crownbay image failed on Autobuilder due to do_rootfs phase and reported libva is required for libegl1. X server can not start up on n450. System can’t get IP address when resume form S3 standby mode on eMenlow.Unnormal capacity of rpm datebase in qemux86/qemux86-64. No libc and libreadline for basic image build with nonGPLv3 enable. Multilib could not work with ipk format while rpm could work. HOB could not build image with ipk/deb format. NAS build failed due to broken SRC_URI of libgsm. ALL BSPS and QEMU target could work well without issue.

Test Summary

Fullpass Yocto Test Result Summary.png Fullpass Yocto Detailed Test Result.png

  • You can check the detailed test result in attachment for each target.
  • The failed/blocked case number is listed with failed cases’ bug number.

Commit Information:

Tree/Branch: Poky/edison
Poky Commit: 69a3fba2aabfa37ebf27d9a2f33304d1c58e4436

Meta branch: edison
Issue Summary: Fullpass Yocto Issue Summary.png

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