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As part of the Web Hob strategy and roadmap exercise carried out in late 2012, three contexts of use were identified following interviews with stakeholders and potential users.

The ultimate goal of the Web Hob is to support all three contexts, each of which has its own fairly distinct set of use cases.



The contexts are summarised below.

1. Local Web Hob

The Web Hob is running on localhost, on a single machine, and is not being accessed over the network. It acts as essentially a front-end layer for BitBake in a single-user context.

The user must be capable of installing Web Hob on their own machine.

2. Team Web Hob

Web Hob is installed on to a private server within an organisation's network and is then used by multiple engineers or developers. The organisation is responsible for maintenance of the Web Hob install. By running Web Hob behind the firewall, the organisation is able to harness its collaborative capabilities while maintaining security and keeping source code on its own infrastructure.

There must be people within the organisation who are able to install, configure and run the Web Hob server, but once it is in place other users (such as developers) can access its features over its web interface.

3. Public Web Hob

Web Hob runs on a publicly accessible website, on infrastructure owned and maintained by the Yocto Project. Visitors to the website can create accounts and use Web Hob features without having to carry out any local installation.

Relevance to implementation

The contexts defined above have some relevance to the implementation roadmap for Web Hob. The initial focus will be on the Local Web Hob context as the use cases that support it are more suited to early implementation. It will then serve as the basis for the first Team Web Hob release, which will introduce a new set of use cases and technical requirements. The Public Web Hob context might be seen as a more long-term aspiration which will only be achievable once Team Web Hob reaches a certain level of maturity.

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