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Yocto bugzilla adds a lot of fake users for each product and classification as components' default CC user. If developer/tester want to get some components intime bug update, (s)he can Watch related fake user.

  • How to Watch?
  1. Login Yocto bugzilla.
  2. Click user Preferences
  3. Select Email Preferences
  4. Find fake user email address and Add users to my watch list
  • Fake user email address and Classification/Product list
Classification Product Fake user
Yocto Projects yp.watcher@fake.user
Cross-prelink yp.cp.watcher@fake.user
Swabber yp.swabber.watcher@fake.user
Pseudo yp.pseudo.watcher@fake.user
Eclipse Plugin yp.ep.watcher@fake.user
Anjuta Plugin yp.ap.watcher@fake.user
Kernel yp.kernel.watcher@fake.user
Test Suite yp.test.watcher@fake.user
BSPs yp.bsp.watcher@fake.user
SDK tools yp.sdk.watcher@fake.user
Infrastructure Infras.watcher@fake.user
Autobuilder infras.ab.watcher@fake.user
Website infras.web.watcher@fake.user
Bugzilla infras.bug.watcher@fake.user
Poky poky.watcher@fake.user
Build System
Documentation poky.doc.watcher@fake.user
ADT poky.adt.watcher@fake.user
Security N/A
Yocto Metadata Layers meta.watcher@fake.user
Meta Recipes
Layers meta.layer.watcher@fake.user
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