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Note: there's a bug with PREMIRRORS handling. For optimal use of this workflow you should be running with either Morty 2.2.2+/1.32, Pyro 2.3.1+/1.34


OE-Core image builder

How to configure an OE-Core system to build images from shared artefacts.


  • Quickly build images from pre-existing artefacts on minimal hardware (e.g. laptops).
  • Avoid networking issues fetching from some upstream hosts (i.e. great firewall)


  • A mirror of sstate objects (i.e. contents of SSTATE_DIR) which the build machine can access via a uri (file://, http://, etc)
    • if using the example poky distro you can use the mirrors on the Yocto Project infrastructure at
  • A fixed version of the metadata which matches the sstate mirror (if the metadata isn't identical there's a strong chance of sstate checksum mismatches which result in being unable to use the mirrored objects and having to build recipes and their dependencies)
    • i.e. if using poky and the Yocto Project mirrors as above, use a tagged release
  • Make use of uninative, this fixed libc implementation ensures greater shared state object reuse for native recipes
    • the poky distro makes use of uninative by default, it's highly recommended that you use uninative in your custom distro
  • A mirror of the download sources (i.e. contents of DL_DIR) to use as a premirror
    • the sources used by the core Yocto Project layers are mirrored on Yocto Project infrastructure at
    • Note: the poky distro uses the Yocto Project download mirror as a premirror for non-SCM fetchers by default

Configuration steps

  1. Use own-mirrors to configure PREMIRRORS for all supported fetchers with a single mirror URL
  2. (optional) add extra protocol-url pairs to PREMIRRORS

Example site.conf

# Use Yocto Project source mirror for all sources
INHERIT += "own-mirrors"

# Add extra PREMIRRORS for non-upstream (Yocto Project) components
PREMIRRORS_prepend = "\
    https?$://.*/.* \n \
    git://.*/.* \n \

# Use Yocto Project sstate mirror and project-specific sstate mirror
    file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH \n \
    file://.*;downloadfilename=PATH \n \

eSDK image builder

How to generate an eSDK to facilitate application development and custom image builds from an existing set of artefacts.


  • Fully contained Yocto Project environment
  • go from eSDK install to generated image in <10 minutes
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