Test Report for Yocto 1.1 20110723 build

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Yocto 1.1 20110723 Weekly Test Report

pdf format test report could be found @ File:Weekly test report for Yocto1.1 20110723.pdf

This is the weekly test report for Yocto1.1 20110723 build. There is one new bug found. The qemuppc and qemumips images can not boot up due to kernel update to 3.0. Standby and I2C issue still exist on Emenlow. All the lsb image build failed on autobuilder. Psplash failed issue exist on Blacksand in current build. Xorg and broken grub still exist on Crownbay. 3D testing still is blocked on sugarbay. Broken ldd issue still exist also. The rpm/zypper install/removal consume disk space issue still exists. Perl still not found in qemu sato image. For bug fixing, ${B} issue for linux-yocto has been fixed. Non-GPLv3 issue for build system also fixed. Ld.so issue fixed on Sugarbay in current build.

Test Summary:

Yocto 1.1 20110723 Test Result Summary.png

Test detail Summary:

Yocto 1.1 20110723 Detail Test Result.PNG

  • You can check the detailed test result in attachment for each target.
  • The failed/blocked case number is listed with failed cases’ bug number.

Commit Information:

Tree/Branch: Poky/Master

Poky Commit id: eea4bd731ef286516ee1fb934fe2222a09c06e70

Meta Branch: Master

Meta Commit id: 96c247dad88b9fc0159b2a929216876d9fbb06dc

Issue Summary:

Yocto 1.1 20110723 Issue Summary Result.PNG

Verified Fixed Bugs:

1. Bug 1133 - No provider for core-image-minimal/basic for non-GPLv3 build

2. Bug 1136 - do_menuconfig for linux-yocto needs ${B} exists

3. Bug 1237 - [sugarbay] Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-deps.c: 622: _dl_map_object_deps: Assertion `nlist > 1' failed!

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