Test Report for Yocto 1.1 20110624 build

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This page is to hold Weekly Test Report for Yocto 1.1.

Yocto 1.1 20110624 Weekly Test Report

pdf format test report could be found @ File:Weekly test report for Yocto1.1 20110624.pdf

This is the weekly test report for Yocto 1.1 20110624 build. There are six new bugs found in this testing. Both sato and sato-sdk for Qemux86 and Qemux84-64 were build successfully on autobuilder, and all mete-intel BSPs are validated too. Mkswap failed when installation on emenlow/blacksand/crownbay. X server failed to start up on Crownbay-emgd. Qemuppc lsb-sdk rootfs image and qemumips lsb-sdk image build failed on autobuilder in nightly build. And mmci-omap-hs failed when boot up with current build. Rpm/zypper install/remove consume disk space issue still exist in this build. No icons shown on X desktop with Qemux86-64 sato and sato-sdk. After upgrade the BIOS/firmware, standby issue on Blacksand not reappear. For bug fixing, autobuilder build issues about lsb/sato-sdk/toolchain images are fixed.

Test Summary: Yocto 1.1 20110624 Test Result Summary.png

Test detail Summary: Yocto 1.1 20110624 Detail Test Result.PNG

  • You can check the detailed test result in attachment for each target.
  • The failed/blocked case number is listed with failed cases’ bug number.

Commit Information:

Tree/Branch: Poky/master

Poky Commit: a1f79a7896b6411669b3ccada6204d2695e80fc5

Meta Branch: master

Meta Commit: 50661bf038a34702f3aa139c3ea0d67fbb0ce5db

Issue Summary: Yocto 1.1 20110624 Issue Summary Result.PNG

Verified Fixed Bugs:

1. Bug 1183 - sstate_task_postfunc fail for manifest-qemux86-qt4-x11-free.deploy-rpm

2. Bug 1184 - ghostscript checksum fail on autobuilder

3. Bug 1185 - gcc-cross-canadian do_configure fail on autobuilder for qemuarm/mips/ppc

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