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This page tracks the official technical contributors to the YP core from each of the Yocto Project's member organizations. Note that many organizations provide more resources than just one, particularly in terms of hardware or specific feature support, which is why the Yocto Project is a de facto standard for building Linux for embedded systems.

Platinum Members

  • Intel: Ross Burton <>
  • Texas Instruments: Denys Dmytriyenko <>

Gold Members

  • NXP: Name <email>
  • Comcast: Name <email>
  • Renesas: Mr. Takamitsu Honda <>
  • Wind River: Robert Yang <>; Mark Hatle <>; Bruce Ashfield <>
  • Juniper Networks: Name <email>
  • Xilinx: Manjukumar Harthikote Matha <>
  • Mentor Graphics: Chris Larson <>
  • OpenEmbedded: Philip Balister <>
  • Long Term Support Initiative: Name <email>

Silver Members

  • Linaro: Koen Kooi <>; Nicolas Dechesne <>; Fathi Boudra <>
  • MontaVista: Armin Kuster <>
  • Dell: Name <email>
  • OS Systems: Fabio Berton <>; Otavio Salvador <>
  • Enea: Cosmin Moldoveanu <>
  • AMD: Drew Moseley <>
  • LG: Changhyeok Bae <>
  • Lineo Solutions: Name <email>
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