Rpm's Repository Setup for QA

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To setting up a repository to have different version of rpm packages to be used in smart tests for BSP you will need:

  • Apache 2 installed and configured (may not need too much configuration).
  • createrepo installed

Steps - Host

1. Create a folder and upload inside the *.rpm files with different versions

mkdir /var/www/html/rpm

2. Create the repo using createrepo tool

createrepo /var/www/html/rpm/

3. Ensure repodata/ directory was created with below files inside:


Steps - DUT (Device Under Test)

1. Inform smart of package database you want to use, server.name = host_ip

smart channel --add all type=rpm-md baseurl=http://server.name/rpm 

2. Fetch the repository information using below command

smart update

3. Now follow the steps indicated on smart test cases for BSP

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