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Feature Table

Version Release Date Codename Feature Stability Completeness Documentation Plans Notes
2.3 May 2017 Pyro Patchwork Process, Tooling Improvements
2.3 May 2017 Pyro Patchtest Process/Tooling/Workflow Improvements
2.3 May 2017 Pyro SWAT Process, Tooling, Workflow Improvements
2.3 May 2017 Pyro Error reporting Process/Tooling/Workflow Improvements
2.3 May 2017 Pyro TRT Improving Testing/QA Automation/Coverage Efficiency
2.3 May 2017 Pyro Reproducibility Creating Leading edge Build Technology
2.3 May 2017 Pyro sharing binaries
2.3 May 2017 Pyro git recipe versions Creating Leading edge Build Technology
2.3 May 2017 Pyro CROPS Enhancing IoT Application Development
2.3 May 2017 Pyro eSDK Enhancing IoT Application Development
2.3 May 2017 Pyro devtool Enhancing IoT Application Development
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty Python 3.x Migrated BitBake and python functions in the OE metadata to Python 3
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty Multi Config Bitbake improvement single config allows multiple builds for multiple machines on one platform
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty Patchwork Process Improvement
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty swupd Process Improvement
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty error reporting improve process
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty Toaster. Better integration
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty Better integrate and get user adoption of eSDK.
2.2 Nov 2016 Morty CROPS. better integration
2.1 Apr 2016 Krogoth eSDK replace the adt-installer driven approach and supporting infrastructure
2.1 Apr 2016 Krogoth recipetool support developer driven workflows
2.1 Apr 2016 Krogoth devtool support developer driven workflows
2.1 Apr 2016 Krogoth Toaster Image customization support
2.1 Apr 2016 Krogoth Tooling/workflow improvements (automatic upgrades/upgrade status/error reporting/patchwork)
2.1 Apr 2016 Krogoth Automated test improve coverage and accuracy
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro UX Improvements
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Development support using other OS’s (Windows/MAC)
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Error reporting system improvements
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Distro Recipe Upgrades
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Toaster
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Eclipse plug-in
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Deployment Improvements
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Autobuilder
2.0 Nov 2015 Jethro Meta-intel
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Developer Workflow
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Toaster
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Autobuilder
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Kernel build process
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Building using other OS’s (Windows/MAC)
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Bare Metal Tool Chain
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido ARM 64 Support
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Live log watching in Bitbake
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Package reporting system
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Error reporting system
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido oe Layer index (repackage list and make it public)
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Machine set up tools
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Testing suite for WIC
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido BSP Testing automate
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Binary comparison tool for package output
1.8 Apr 2015 Fido Meta Translator
1.7 Oct 2014 Dizzy Developer Experience and Workflows with the Project
1.7 Oct 2014 Dizzy Automation (ptest, hardware, package upgrade)
1.7 Oct 2014 Dizzy Performance
1.6 Apr 2014 Daisy Enhanced Testing and test automation: (OE-Selftest, Automated Hardware testing, ptest integration, migration of Sato into hardware test interface)
1.6 Apr 2014 Daisy Developer Experience Improvements: (Continued development of Webhob including integrating into the core, Autobuilder Enhancements (extended coverage, usability, Improvements, performance improvements), Commandline Bitbake improvements)
1.5 Oct 2013 Dora Developer experience: (Webhob 0.9, ADT support for Windows/MacOS environments, Bitbake commandline rethink/restructure)
1.5 Oct 2013 Dora Validation automation: (Automatic ptest support as part of qemu tests, Extension of the qemu test to cover many currently manual QA test, Much more extensive tests of postinst/multilib)
1.5 Oct 2013 Dora Performance: (Continued performance benchmark tracking, Extension of current benchmarks, Removal of pseudo-native wrapper script special case)
1.4 Apr 2013 Dylan Usability
1.4 Apr 2013 Dylan Technology Leadership
1.4 Apr 2013 Dylan Performance
1.4 Apr 2013 Dylan Documentation
1.3 Oct 2012 Danny Continuity / Refresh: The usual keeping up to date with various upstream project, continue to work on the quality of the metadata and keeping up to date with bug fixing.
1.3 Oct 2012 Danny Stabilization & Adoption: We've introduced a lot of changes. I think now may be a good time to catch our breath so to speak and ensure everything is complete, functional, well tested and has the right level of polish. We also need to encourage adoption of the project by OSV and Silicon Vendors and look at ways we can advance and integrate Shoeleather-type board labs (from semis and OSVs).
1.3 Oct 2012 Danny Usability: Introduce WebHob? (We have been actively working on WebHOB in 1.3, but this one will have to wait until some later release.)
1.3 Oct 2012 Danny Continue improving error messages: Reserve time to jump on usability issues as they come up
1.2 Apr 2012 Denzil Improved usability of the build system for new experienced users, new novice users and existing users.
1.1 Oct 2011 Edison Multilibs & OE-core config - This work, which began in Yocto Project 1.0, needs to be completed.
1.1 Oct 2011 Edison Improve ease of BSP creation - Document the lifecycle and process. Possibly create walkthroughs or tutorials to integrate a new board into the linux-yocto kernel.
1.1 Oct 2011 Edison Enable users to easily and seamlessly build Yocto images - This refers to the effort to complete and integrate the Image Creator work started in 1.0.
1.1 Oct 2011 Edison Build performance – Get to the goal of 1 hour build time on a developer machine.
1.1 Oct 2011 Edison Upstreaming – Submit patches to upstream projects in order to reduce the large number of patches which are currently part of Yocto Project.
1.0 Apr 2011 Barnard