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Old Milestone - Bugs Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (2697 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
580 5poky-qemu does not make proper use of CROSSPATH (breaking distcc)LowScott Garman1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
970 14yocto 1.0 sato-sdk 336 errors from zypper verifyMediumMark Hatle1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
1046 Recipe gobject-introspection does not buildMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETEMaybe impossible, base source is needed for m4 macros (08-Aug-2011)
1138 [LTP] Some growfiles cases failed with Yocto 1.1 M1 buildLowDarren Hart1.4RESOLVEDFIXEDsuggestion is post 1.1. test cases still fail with eglibc 4.5.1(June 16)
1609 20selinux patch integrationMediumXin Ouyang1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
1870 5[DEB] meta-toolchain-gmae: do_populate_sdk failed with package_debMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2010 0.5Some unnecessary packages installed cause AutoBuilder built failedMedium+Michael Halstead1.4RESOLVEDFIXED(Development) Status: Tested. Estimate: 4 hours
2349 Fix rpm-based image generation to enforce sensible package install orderingMediumMark Hatle1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2410 linux-yocto-dev kernel boot issues on qemumips64MediumBruce Ashfield1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2430 [mpc8315e-rdb] mpc8315e-rdb core-minimal-image boot failed with 20120505 buildMediumYang Shi1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2431 5RRECOMMENDS and RDEPENDS are basically the same with opkgMediumAndrei Gherzan1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2486 2netbase includes init scriptMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED4cb7c9a7ca3632c15414177e6e3ee399ad48ba08
2551 5EMGD requires video accelerationLowNitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED(P2) Nitin: patch reivew
2669 libiconv external recipe has RPATH QA issueLowBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2684 Need additional information on configuring and using the PR serverMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED11 Feb 2013: Resolved
2712 1All BSP README files for the meta-intel BSPs should note the 10-day timer feature for unaltered imagesMedium+Beth Flanagan1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2759 qt4-native-4.8.1-r14.1 build error with long TMPDIR: initializer-string for array of chars is too long [-fpermissive]MediumPaul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2790 unpatched make 3.82 breaks eglibc-initialMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED8 Feb 2013: Resolved
2810 rpcbind: Could we replace portmap with rpcbindLowCristian Iorga1.4RESOLVEDFIXED9a1c99916bfc8b599e1fd567b0a61b979576b254
2827 Cross-debugging instructions not really effectiveMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2013 - Resolved/Fixed
2837 update lttng UST to 2.0MediumPaul Barrette1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2843 glib-2.0-native: do_compile failed if no python-xml installed, on SLED11.2MediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED28 Nov 2012 - RESOLVED
2856 meta-intel: gnupg version out of sync with poky layerLowDarren Hart1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE(autobuilder)
2874 [Autobuilder] Killing triggered builds via the autobuilder is painfulMediumBeth Flanagan1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2880 Building bash 4.2 on beagleboard fails with gcc version 4.7.1 and throwing an error message gcc:internal compiler error : Segmentation fault (program cc1).MediumRadu Moisan1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
2881 Under pseudo rm of files > 2GB fail with errno 75 = Value too large for defined data typeMediumSeebs1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
2909 devshell documentation obsoleteMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED27 Nov 2012 - Resolved
2915 Don't use /usr/libexecMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED(patch review)
3021 The Yocto.bc.ui plugin should not depend on JDT UIMediumJessica1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3050 linux-yocto-3.0 Kernel is not being tested with 1.3 Poky branchesMediumLaurentiu Serban1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3068 [FRI2]MMC detection FastBoot firmwareMedium+Darren Hart1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
3084 PolicyKit support should be a distro featureMediumRoss Burton1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3092 PR goes backwards with PR-server enabledMedium+Constantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3139 opkg package name which don't match the regular expression [a-z0-9.+-]\+ will fail while do_package_write_ipkMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED86204fbc69197ac113a5c8429a6c330bad560cee
3154 gdk-pixbuf-native cannot build without X11 on the host systemMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3177 String literal parser too greedyMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3187 Useless suggestion when version not foundMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3191 Install-conflict message could be a lot more usefulMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3193 [HOB] Key / Values format check before savingMediumJessica1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3216 Race for /usr/share/aclocal in sysrootMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXEDRelease note (patch out for review, likely master only)
3219 arm tune files share the same TUNE_PKGARCH with different TUNE_CCARGSMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3220 sstate: fetcher should download sstate packages directly to right prefixMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3225 linux-yocto SRCPV is changed after every MACHINE switchMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3232 autoconf-2.69 segfaults since it was upgraded in oe-coreMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3238 5crownbay: build has warningsMediumNitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3249 xf86-video-intel: needs updatingMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3250 Fetcher errors when looking for sstate package in do_package_write_ipk_setsceneMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3262 Glossary entry for "STAMP" variable doesn't match the softwareMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED15 Nov 2012 - resolved
3267 apr and apr-util config scripts produce incorrect pathsMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3280 meta-cedartrail: Clutter on OpenGL fails to initializeMedium+Rahul Saxena1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
3284 bitbake -c menuconfig doesn't check errors returned by make menuconfigMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3287 qemugl still being installed into x86 imagesMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3289 1building an image for emenlow BSP produces warningsMediumNitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3292 *_FEATURES variables documentation is inadequateMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED11 Feb 2013 - resolved/fixed
3295 2meta-intel BSPs: mesa_demos compile error on autobuilderMedium+Nitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3307 Cannot disable "already stripped" warningMediumRobert Yang1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3312 glib-2.0 fails to build in a multimachine tmpdirMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3315 Confusing error message if build/tmp/deploy is deleted between runsLowRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3324 'x11' not in DISTRO_FEATURES while building BARYONMediumPaul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3330 cannot compile sudoku project using a user build toolchain for denzilMediumJessica1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3337 Running sanity test for qemuarm core-image-minimal failedLowYi Zhao1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3340 python-setuptools fails to buildMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3344 git: unpackaged python files in git_remote_helpersMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3348 5sugarbay: video doesn't work after vaapi upgradeMedium+Nitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3356 press “ctrl+c” in vncviewer lead to standard input(keyboard) doesn't work correctly when running x11vnc by terminalMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3365 [meta-cedartrail] cdv-pvr-driver fails to re-installMediumRahul Saxena1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3368 5emenlow kernel prints lot of messages while running glxgearsMediumNitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3370 guile-native cannot be restored from sstateMedium+Ross Burton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED(Patch Review)
3373 3meta-intel: VA_FEATURES unnecessarily causes X11 dependency via libvaMediumNitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXEDpatch reivew
3386 adt-installer points to non-existent repositoryMediumJessica1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3390 Different PACKAGE_ARCH in recipe only for some package or MACHINE causes missing ipk files in deployMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3394 Different all architecture for some packagegroup recipes when building for e.g. arm and x86MediumPaul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3395 Wrong paths in eglibc-initial sstate manifestMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3399 [cedartrail] unable enter UI Interface, have x-server init errorMedium+Rahul Saxena1.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
3400 [cedartrail] unable enter UI Interface, have x-server init errorMedium+Rahul Saxena1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3409 meta-toolchain-qte fails to find c++ headers when relocatedMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3422 Correct commentary and possibly code assumptions about the existence of KMETAMediumBruce Ashfield1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3445 development manual lacks mentioning that eclipse need pde plugin installed.MediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED28 Nov 2012 - RESOLVED
3456 Provide Build/Host information to "Build configuration" summaryLowRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3460 python-pygtk: do_compile failed when parallel buildingMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3461 FLAC text relocation warningsMediumRoss Burton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED(Patch Review)
3464 binutils-native-2.22-r17: do_compile failed on ubuntu 12.10MediumHongxu Jia1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3469 1mesa-demos fail to build if using other GL libraryMediumRoss Burton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3474 RPM -dev packages with pkgconfig files depend on pkgconfigMedium+Bogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3479 bitbake hangs while building pseudoMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3482 1A lot of -dbg packages don't get installed on beagleboard platformMediumMing Liu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3484 do_package_write_* reexecuted on checksum change even with OEBasicMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3499 neon-native package build hangs at do_configureMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3500 Host user not recognized when building meta-toolchain-sdkMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3514 Doesn't checks if the kernel fits in the memoryMediumMichel Thebeau1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3521 Warnings from sstate overwriting files in sysrootMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3528 [qemuarm] runqemu qemuarm throwing few errors on consoleMediumAndrei Dinu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3530 meta-baryon:Can't create baryon-image.MediumKevin Strasser1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3534 incremental RPM generation does not workMediumRobert Yang1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
3551 bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-minimal fails due to missing dependency of bashMediumPaul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3552 The FILESEXTRAPATHS variable needs a more accurate description.MediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED11 Feb 2013: Resolved
3554 "all" tasks don't affect all packages?MediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3555 non-GPLv3 build failsMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3561 bitbake: vardeps aren't obeyed for functions run from non-task-contextMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3565 [multilib] avoid creating multilib variants for allarch recipesMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED1674541ed83fa4645f2e078f65fe0f878527ee6e
3568 kernel-dev should be excluded for multilib and possibly x32MediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED1674541ed83fa4645f2e078f65fe0f878527ee6e
3594 Add tmux support in devshellLowChristopher Larson1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3596 cogl fails to build on arm - world buildsMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3597 sat-solver failes to build for arm worldMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3616 buildhistory triggers an error if a package URI is changed and versions are the sameMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3620 bibake doesn't reparse the recipes after task dependency update in bbclassMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3622 select preferred provider for multiple runtime providersMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3626 building cairo-native failed on ubuntu 11.10MediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3627 lsb image build fails with error: Can't install libz-dev-1.2.7-r0@i586: no package provides pkgconfigMedium+Paul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3628 sudoku-savant configure failed on toolchain installed by adt_installer (nightly build 20121219-5)MediumJessica1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3632 8[Autobuilder] fri2-noemgd build failed on autobuilder due to stale NFS HandleMediumMichael Halstead1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3640 sanity.bbclass sometimes failing to find saved_tmpdir when tmp-eglibc was deletedMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3644 [Matchbox]Click multiple times on the “stroke recogniser” icon lead to process waste and memory leakMediumRoss Burton1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3645 Using wrong data when 2 recipes provide same runtime packageMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3661 In variable glossary, definition of FILESPATH is incorrectMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED29 Jan 2013: Resolved
3662 Some layer-related variables need adding/editing in the variable glossaryMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED11 April 2013
3663 Ch 4 refers to meta-intel layer as if it's essential for the upcoming workMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED29 Jan 2013: In progress review
3664 If bbappend file is not adding any files, point out no need to prepend to FILESEXTRAPATHSMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED1 Feb 2013: needs review
3666 Missing procps package in sato and sato-sdk imageMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3668 [Autobuilder] directfb fail for qemux86MediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3676 PulseAudio build problemsMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3681 smart: Can't install multilib gcc into rootfsMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3684 The default signature handler is not correct in ref manualMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED12 Feb 2013: Needinfo
3698 [Autobuilder] meta-intel builds failed, missing provider for xorg-abi-video-8MediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3717 oprofile on PPC needs libpfmHighMatthew McClintock1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3728 page numbers not visible in printed manualsLowScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED11 Feb 2013: Resolved
3730 0.25Compliance link in meta-bsp_name README is broken.LowNitin Kamble1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3741 deb packages problem on arm (gnueabi) architectureMediumConstantin Musca1.4RESOLVEDFIXED9d076dcba1531686241dab62ff0f973537d40ca6
3749 populate_sdk keeps pulling in ssh_dropbearMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3750 harfbuzz: license warningsLowBeth Flanagan1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3754 bind: nslookup is not shipped, its man page should not be shipped as wellLowWenzong.Fan1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3770 populate_sdk_base.bbclass: cannot install 32 bit SDK on 64 bit hostMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3793 Missing /etc/init.d directory while using jffs2 imagesMediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3794 add more BSPs to meta-intel targetMediumBeth Flanagan1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3796 [Autobuilder] harfbuzz fails to compile on ARM and MIPSMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3797 [Autobuilder] qemuimage-testlib causes build failureLowDarren Hart1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3798 [AUtobuilder] nightly-x86-64-lsb build fails due to rsync errorMediumMichael Halstead1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3814 FRI2 audio playback is brokenLowDarren Hart1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3815 connman-gnome: fails to configure due to missing dependency to intltool-nativeMediumMing Liu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3818 [autobuilder] qemux86-world: qt-x11-free-native fails to compileMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3820 missing dependency on libudev.ro while building with pam enabled and systemdMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3822 qmmp compile failureMedium+Paul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3825 netcat-openbsd do_compile failed with dependency errorLowZhu Yanjun1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
3827 sstate: some native sstate files can't be re-used between mips and other archsMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3831 meta/recipes-bsp/v86d/v86d_0.1.10.bb SRC_URI outdatedMediumAndy Dalton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3834 bitbake requires whitespace before +=MediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXEDA candidate for 1.3.3
3835 meta-toolchain is failing to buildMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3838 Alternatives Section 7.3 obsoleteMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED6 Feb 2013: resolved
3841 apr-util-native do_compile fails when using ccache-nativeMediumRoss Burton1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3857 ERROR: Package version for package matchbox-wm-staticdev went backwards which would break package feedsMediumBeth Flanagan1.4RESOLVEDFIXEDautobuilder
3859 valgrind configuration isn't deterministicMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3878 arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-ld: unrecognized option '-Wl,-O1'MediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3881 When smart is installed on the host system, failures can occur when using smart-native to construct filesystemsMediumBogdan Marinescu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3891 adt-installer fails to build due to failed kconfig-frontends-native configureMediumJessica1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3905 ipkg/opkg data does not track dependency on version numbersMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3912 Warning: avahi: Files/directories were installed but not shippedMediumCristian Iorga1.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3920 Recipe for meta-toolchain creates an environment script with bad LDFLAGSMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3926 Parse error isn't handled correctlyMedium+Christopher Larson1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3943 Binutils compile failureMediumKhem Raj1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3944 syslinux.bbclass needs some work to add serial support and a real menuMediumJason Wessel1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3945 connman-properties gives segfaultMediumMihai Prica1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3970 Runtime initialization error: Cannot create link over existing -/tmp-.MediumChen Qi1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
4023 Missing g77 and gfortran in toolchain sdkMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
4038 2util-linux: systemd unit files installed but not shippedMediumChen Qi1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
4042 The Qemu Kernel path from Preferences is marked as changed while typing only if there was a wrong path beforeLowJessica1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
4049 The man page for bitbake does not include the -u optionLowRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2013 - reviewed
4051 bitbake world has error on qemumips. alsa/alsa-tools_1.0.26.1.bb compile failed.MediumSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
4054 No hg support in bb-filesMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4066 iptables: autoconf warningsMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
4067 The 'Open my images' dialog should be modalMediumAndrei Dinu1.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4077 possible issue with new stat cachingMediumRichard Purdie1.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4086 TCMODE = "external-linaro" shows" ERROR: QA Issue: No GNU_HASH in the elf binary ...."Medium+Marcin Juszkiewicz1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
4136 libudev-dev not installed in sdkMediumPaul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
5370 elfutils fails to build for Ubuntu 13.10, AMD 64. for QEMU64 demoMediumPaul Eggleton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
3175 2failed to build image on vmware with build-applianceMediumCristian Iorga1.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDCommit: d4a4d00fb6961d3db8db6e8794066fdc29a79c46
3257 2EMGD installs duplicate libraries instead of symlinksMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDreview
3258 2EMGD should package MIX separatelyMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3347 3[FRI2]Xorg server fails to start with runlevel 5MediumDarren Hart1.4 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3451 [p1022ds] Some error messages with dmesgMediumMatthew McClintock1.4 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
2461 4list_installed_packages seems to retrieve incomplete list.MediumBeth Flanagan1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED(Pending)
2563 4[Build Appliance] - Virtual machine does not shut down cleanly with "shutdown -h now"MediumAndrei Dinu1.4 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
2758 1Update the output folder name of eclipse plugin from indigo to junoMediumBeth Flanagan1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3311 core-image-minimal does not boot when built with poky-tinyMedium+Saul Wold1.4 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3408 TMPDIR cannot contain ../MediumSaul Wold1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3476 Autobuilder failing on fsl-ppcMedium+Matthew McClintock1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED(autobuilder)
3495 [romley] xf86-video-mga fails to configureMediumRoss Burton1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED(autobuilder)
3503 additions to IMAGE_INSTALL_append go unnoticedMedium+Richard Purdie1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3545 Autobuilder fail for python-smartpm under qemux86Medium+Bogdan Marinescu1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED(autobuilder)
3546 Autobuilder fails for util-linux under qemux86Medium+Saul Wold1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED(autobuilder)
3550 Errors appear in eclipse when debugging and using a relocated SDKMedium+Jessica1.4 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3556 udev fails to settle on atom-pcMedium+Alexandru Damian1.4 M2RESOLVEDINVALID
3558 guile fails to compile in world build - maybe parallelism issueMedium+Bogdan Marinescu1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3571 Home Smart icon does not workMedium+ 1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3572 QT/Phonon integration on imx.6Medium+ 1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3584 lsbinitscripts build breaks due to referencing build host filesMediumSaul Wold1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3589 lttng-modules crashes while doing do_make_scripts taskMedium+Tom Zanussi1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3610 kconfig-frontends fails with newer autoconfMediumSaul Wold1.4 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3617 meta-fsl-arm: X11 widows manager is not working properlyMedium+Otavio Salvador1.4 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3623 meta-toolchain build error: Can't install libpng-dev-1.5.13-r0Medium+Bogdan Marinescu1.4 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3624 [Autobuilder] nightly-fsl-arm failed to build on autobuilderMediumBeth Flanagan1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3625 [Autobuilder] fail for qt-x11-free-3.3.5 on nightly-mips-lsbMedium+Saul Wold1.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3208 5Enable GMA500 for -noemgd meta-intel BSPsMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3411 Preserve siginfo filesMedium+Paul Eggleton1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3418 2Update meta-data to use explicit scc references onlyLowBruce Ashfield1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3615 /unit_tests/mxc_epdc_x11_fb_test.out will not work for imx6Low 1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3653 adt_installer.tar.bz2 missed with nightly build 20121226-1Medium+Beth Flanagan1.4 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3667 [Autobuilder] avahi fail on nightly-fsl-armMediumOtavio Salvador1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDautobuilder
3679 libtelepathy is not using python-native while buildingMediumCristian Iorga1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED0624d147f2a0edc5cab39278972db66e48db95f0
3699 [Autobuilder] cedartrail: no package provides perl(IPC::Open2)MediumPaul Eggleton1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDPatch sent for review
3753 rpm2cpio fails to unpack emgd 1.16 binary rpmsMedium+Saul Wold1.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
1094 2module.bbclass is well out of sync with the version in openembeddedLowDarren Hart1.4 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
2773 2[multilib] no provider for lib64-perf/lsb-imageMediumTom Zanussi1.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
2821 libowl do_fetch errorMedium+Michael Halstead1.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3227 connman sanity tests fail (autobuilder)Medium+Cristian Iorga1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3397 /var/log and /var/cache should not be on volatile storage (tmpfs)MediumChen Qi1.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3415 1Only print kernel_configcheck warnings with a verbose settingMediumBruce Ashfield1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3421 3Cleanup standard-nocfg.sccMediumBruce Ashfield1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3447 3Configure oprofile to use 'operf' perf_events mode rather than legacy modeMedium+Tom Zanussi1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDpatchset posted to oe-core maling list
3563 glib-2.0-native:do_configure failed with gcc version 4.3.4 on x86MediumHongxu Jia1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3611 sysv init scripts does not regard the kernel command line parametersMediumChen Qi1.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3612 sysv init scripts don't take the consistent format.MediumChen Qi1.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3614 3usb3 boot not supportedMedium+Nitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
3725 guilt: unsupported version of git ( Ashfield1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3726 [Autobuilder] valgrind: Can't install valgrind-3.7.0-r8@x86_64: no package provides libmpi.so.1MediumPaul Eggleton1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDPatch sent for review
3731 2yocto-bsp creates kernel bbappend files that override settings even when other machines are activeMediumTom Zanussi1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3756 2crosstap and stap fail in core-image-sato-sdk (pre 1.4M3)MediumTom Zanussi1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3764 2[Autobuilder] Missing provider for libva-intel-driverMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3768 0.5smart: --yaml option doesn't workMediumPaul Eggleton1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3775 0.25Kernel recipe fails for sys940x on the autobuilderUndecidedNitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3776 2core-image-lsb-sdk image build for crownbay BSP fails on emgd installMedium+Nitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3779 0.5core-image-lsb-sdk USB boot failedMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3784 Inconsistency in the SDK produced by OE/YoctoMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3785 kernel build for cedar-trail bsp is failingMedium+Rahul Saxena1.4 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
3787 unable to build external kernel modules with linux-yocto 3.4Medium+Darren Hart1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3790 [Autobuilder] Multiple build failures due to perl not being providedMedium+Darren Hart1.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3791 [Autobuilder] unable to install perf due to perl module issueMediumPaul Eggleton1.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3792 Missed development packages using IMAGE_FEATURES+="dev-pkgs"MediumPaul Eggleton1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3799 [Autobuilder] nightly-x86-64 dmesg sanity failed (modprobe gpf)Medium+Darren Hart1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3802 5udev provided by systemd always installed regardless of the init managerMediumChen Qi1.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3803 [AUtobuilder] multiple build failures due to errors in kernel-side packagingMediumSaul Wold1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3806 [Autobuilder] qemux86-64 "general protection fault" after system haltMedium+Darren Hart1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3810 FRI2 BSP hits kernel BUG while bootingMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3811 [autobuilder] qemuppc - do_patch fails for linux-yocto_3.4Medium+Bruce Ashfield1.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3832 SDK is broken now after enabling multilib for gcc on targetMediumConstantin Musca1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED898a8094b1dcffc5ee54dbb612477c9bb3b8fd4b
3839 [Test Case 378] Relocatable SDK - C - build Hello World GTK C Autotols ProjectMedium+Laurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3840 have pulseaudio-server postinstall run on hostMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3846 1X fails to start for fri2-noemgd BSPMediumNitin Kamble1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3855 Autobuilder: build-appliance-image-1.0-r19: task do_rootfs: FailedHighLaurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDautobuilder
3858 mips: Segmentation fault qemuwrapperHighLaurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATEautobuilder
3863 rootfs generation failing at this point: Running intercept scripts: Executing update_font_cacheHighLaurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATEautobuilder
3872 Multiple scripts directories causes infinite oe-core/scripts/bitbake loopMediumSaul Wold1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3874 Overrides are evaluated for primary and multilib configuration, causing potential conflictsMedium+Richard Purdie1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3893 gconftool fails due to invalid character '+' during populate-sdkMedium+Laurentiu Palcu1.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4432 mc: cannot open /usr/lib/mc/mc/extfs.d directoryMediumPaul Eggleton1.4.2RESOLVEDFIXED
4522 danny: After building an image, Hob reports the estimated image size in the "Edit Packages" screenLowCristiana Voicu1.4.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4565 Could NOT find Qt4 (missing: QT_RCC_EXECUTABLE QT_INCLUDE_DIR QT_LIBRARY_DIR QT_QTCORE_LIBRARY) (found version "4.8.1")LowPaul Eggleton1.4.2RESOLVEDFIXED
4588 Missing symlink to /etc/init.d/functions.initscripts on first bootMediumSaul Wold1.4.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4629 Change of DISTRO_VERSION breaks nativesdk recipesMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4897 gstreamer QA relocation warnings on dylanMediumCristian Iorga1.4.2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4899 External toolchain does not work with poky dylanHighChristopher Larson1.4.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4908 External toolchain does not work with poky dylanMedium+Paul Eggleton1.4.2RESOLVEDFIXED
5039 [Yocot 1.4.2] [ADT] ARM: target arch change from armv5te to armv7a-vfp-neonMediumPaul Eggleton1.4.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5040 [Yocto 1.4.2] runqemu: Could not initialize SDL(No available video device) for core-image-sato on Fedora 19MediumPaul Eggleton1.4.2RESOLVEDFIXEDRelease Note 1.4.2
5053 Error when building packages.Medium+Cristiana Voicu1.4.2RESOLVEDFIXED
5339 Generated toolchain not working outside default installation pathMedium+Laurentiu Palcu1.4.2RESOLVEDFIXED
5355 systemd[1]: Failed to mount /run: No such file or directoryHighRoss Burton1.4.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5934 ADT installer package error with build 20140306-3(1.4.3 dylan branch)Medium+Beth Flanagan1.4.3RESOLVEDFIXED
5937 [QEMUX86]g++ project compilation failsMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4.3RESOLVEDINVALID
5938 [QEMUX86]gcc project compilation failMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4.3RESOLVEDINVALID
5952 ADT-installer: using gcc to build c projects failed under ppc architecture with build 1.4.3(2014-03-06)MediumLaurentiu Palcu1.4.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6008 All layers can be removedMediumCristiana Voicu1.4.3RESOLVEDFIXED
6038 [dylan] qemux86-64 v86d segfault at initMediumScott Rifenbark1.4.3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
6058 [1.4.3] make version 3.82 may be wrong in BAMedium+Beth Flanagan1.4.3RESOLVEDFIXED
917 1mediatomb fails to start, can't find libjs.soLowRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXEDDemo layer, needs owner (30-Jun-2011)
1706 disabling package management is not describedMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED8 May 2013
1881 3[DEB] Fix Debian package feedsMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
1913 1need to abstract building msdos images into an msdosfs.bbclass to share the codeLowDarren Hart1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
1914 modify the tune files of ppc targetsLowKhem Raj1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
2318 4Web is really quite badMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2014: Reset documentation flag to "No"
2524 building meta-toolchain for armv7ahf failedMediumKhem Raj1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
2855 [mpc8315e-rdb] udevadm settle - timeout of 180 seconds reachedMediumBruce Ashfield1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
2894 rpm mishandling pkg_postinstMediumMark Hatle1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3197 Changes to the 'Image types' tab in the 'Advanced configuration' dialogMedium+valentin1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3393 Build fails when using Sourcery CodeBench Lite for ARM toolchain with multiple providers errorsMediumChristopher Larson1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
3449 archiver doesn't interact well with sstateMediumChristopher Larson1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3781 i.MX6Q: mfw_isink ProblemMediumOtavio Salvador1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3823 git-native depends on gettextMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3947 GCC + eglibc + Texinfo5.0+Medium+Khem Raj1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3969 Add QA warning for shipping /usr/share/info/dirMediumMihai Prica1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4061 matchbox-panel assertion failureMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4062 matchbox-desktop - Icon warnings during startupMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4108 beagleboard-sato-sdk, video player could not show menu button clearlyMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4149 start x11vnc on beagleboard, use a host access vncviewer, the keyboard "Caps Lock" could not workLowLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4185 /unit_tests/akiyo.mp4 is missingLowDaiane1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4232 opkg doesn't invoke prerm when upgradingMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4239 pulseaudio changes directory in do_compileMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4248 Host gcc 4.8 issues (gcc-cross-initial do_compile failure)Medium+Bogdan Marinescu1.5RESOLVEDFIXEDRelease note for 1.4
4252 Wiki editing help page seems brokenMediumMichael Halstead1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4286 recipes that provide kernel modules need to provide packages that begin with 'kernel-module-'MediumYang Shi1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4309 Unpackaged file warnings for systemd units when systemd disabledMediumRadu Moisan1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4312 systemd system freezes on shutdownMediumRadu Moisan1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4338 bitbake hangs forever before showing any outputMediumRichard Purdie1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4340 qemumips: colors in sato image do not look rightMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4345 Shutdown icon doesn't work with rootless XMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4359 Intermittent timeout during sanity testsMediumBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4374 SERIAL_CONSOLES creates entries in inittab which do not have a unique IDMediumPaul Eggleton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4409 4qemu password is asked in the console when using systemtap pluginLowScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED14 October 2013: Changed doc requirement to "done"
4410 systemd: do_compile failed in parallel builds with system's make 3.28MediumHongxu Jia1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4412 core-image-lsb-sdk build for powerpc 64bit boards is failingMediumChunrong Guo1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4422 Poky build thyselfMediumCristian Iorga1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4439 devshell fails to open a new tmux sessionMediumChristopher Larson1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4447 The cache checksum for the base configuration does not change when the task data variable changesMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4449 GStreamer mp3 playback on Nitrogen6X - seg faultsMediumDaiane1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4456 ConnMan recipe has not activated VPN supportMediumJukka Rissanen1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4474 bitbake fails to find patch files moved to a second valid locationMediumPaul Eggleton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4478 Darren can't find anything on the ABsMediumBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4486 Traceback when inheriting useradd but not setting USERADD_PARAM or GROUPADD_PARAMMediumIonut Radu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4490 run-postinsts fails on directdisk imageMediumJonathan Liu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4495 eglibc causes internal compiler error with GCC4.8MediumKhem Raj1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4500 util-linux symbol link libuuid.so should in libuuid's dev rpmMediumxiao1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4505 bitbake parses wrong PATH environment variableMediumRichard Purdie1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4509 Creating debug session fails when SDK is not installed in the default locationMediumJessica1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4512 runqemu messes up terminal settingsMediumAndrei Dinu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4524 u-boot fails to compileMedium+Zhenhua Luo1.5RESOLVEDFIXED(autobuilder)
4555 Test case for smart recommends support is not effectiveMedium+Stoicescu Cornel1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4561 System tap script cannot be canceledMediumJessica1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4562 5python-scons-native: invoke scons failed on Fedora-17 while the destro didn't install sconsMediumHongxu Jia1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4567 ntp display some abnormal behaviorsMediumXufeng Zhang1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4569 Kernel crashes when started with kvm enabledMediumDarren Hart1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4576 libx11: Xcms should be enabled by defaultMediumJonathan Liu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4580 SCTP association can get stuck in SCTP_STATE_SHUTDOWN_PENDING state foreverMediumXufeng Zhang1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4582 [Autobuilder] ICE while compiling perf on ARMMediumKhem Raj1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4583 [autobuilder] matchbox-keyboard build failureMediumIonut Radu1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4587 DNS not working with connman in qemu imageMediumCristian Iorga1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4594 [AUtobuilder] dmesg sanity test failed because of network issueMediumStefan Stanacar1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4600 openssl: potential NULL pointer dereference in several placeMediumXufeng Zhang1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4602 [Autobuilder] smart can't install gdb because of liblzmaMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4616 bitbake doesn't find "imx6sabresd" as a valid machine name.MediumBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4622 buildhistory fails or reports wrong info when building 2 SDK images in one bitbake callMediumPaul Eggleton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4633 incorrect package conflict between two different images on same machine?MediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4734 [Autobuilder] sanity network test failedMediumStefan Stanacar1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4739 useradd.bbclass: useradd_sysroot not run per-MACHINEMediumRichard Purdie1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4743 yocto-kernel tool fails when config BBLAYERS behind BBLAYERS_NON_REMOVABLE in bblayers.confMediumTom Zanussi1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4795 PSEUDO_LOCALSTATEDIR _sometimes_ points to WORKDIR with wrong TARGET_OSMediumRichard Purdie1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4797 Qt SDK broken with angstrom-staging-yocto1.3 branchMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4803 systemd.class does not handle multilib well when package has multiple servicesMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4817 [p1022ds] ltp fail to build with 1.5 M2.rc1MediumZhenhua Luo1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4821 pciutils has a dependency on kmodMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4822 Adding libdir to INSANE_SKIP_${PN} doesn't workMediumPaul Eggleton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4825 [Autobuilder][multilib] Qemu or its network is not up in 50 secondsMediumStefan Stanacar1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4826 [Autobuilder] lib32-gcc requires autoconf 2.64 instead of 2.69MediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4828 Support 2013Q2 Intel Graphics Stack Release in Yocto ProjectMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4842 [Autobuilder] Failed to create SSTATE_DIRMediumBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4843 Issue with pseudo on 64-bit build hostMedium+Seebs1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4845 m4-native:do_configure failed with gcc version 4.1.2 on x86MediumRandy MacLeod1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4855 update-alternatives error for iproute2MediumYi Zhao1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4862 /etc/init.d/alignment.sh not called for systemdMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4890 Smart failures occur during core-image-sato-sdk on nightly-mips sanity testingMediumStefan Stanacar1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4893 meta-intel missing mesa bbappendMediumNitin Kamble1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4895 Enhance LSB_Test.sh to detect the download errorMediumYi Zhao1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4898 mesa git: libXvMCsoftpipe.so/libXvMCsoftpipe.la installed but not shippedMediumJonathan Liu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4901 No warning that the toolchain and machine do not matchMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4912 No "Required Packages" mentioned for DebianMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED10 Sept 2013: RESOLVED
4916 lib-perl, liburi-perl, and curses-perl all have the same description stringLowmulhern1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4919 Non-obvious failure when NO32LIBS=0 but 32-bit toolchain is brokenMediumSeebs1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4920 buiding pseudo with NO32LIBS=0 will fail silently if gnu/stubs-32.h is missingMediumSeebs1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4921 Building libtool_cross fails when using external cross-toolchain for 32 bit on 64 bit hostMediumChristopher Larson1.5RESOLVEDMOVED
4923 Cross-compilation issue with libexec when building for 32 bit host on arch 64.MediumChristopher Larson1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4924 Redundant directories and files in toolchain tarballMedium+Jessica1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4928 No documentation for UBOOT_MACHINEMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED07 October 2013 - RESOLVED
4932 Busybox doe not compile with arm-2009q1LowLaszlo Papp1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4935 Typo in the reference book's FAQMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED29 July 2013: RESOLVED
4941 udev doesn't compile with older toolchainsLowLaszlo Papp1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4945 No proper message in case of errors when building u-boot through bitbakeMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4947 Crash using 24bpp X11 color depth on i.MX6Q with VivanteMediumOtavio Salvador1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4950 Black rendering of windowed Open GLES applications on iMX6 Vivante under X11MediumOtavio Salvador1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4954 Crash running glmark2-es2 on i.MX6MediumDaiane1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4969 packagegroup-core-boot: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for packagegroup-core-boot: busybox-hwclockMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED02 April 2014: Need some doc guidance.
4971 sed-native needed for meta-toolchain-sdk buildMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4975 LIC_FILES_CHKSUM shouldn't encourage use of ..MediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED13 August 2013: RESOLVED/FIXED
4978 [Build Appliance] binutils-cross fail to compileMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4979 [beagleobard xM] Some internal error message in dmesg when boot upMediumSimarpreet Singh1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4980 Document layer templatesLowScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED20 September 2013: RESOLVED
4982 [beagleboard xm] ltp test failed because cmd mkfs.ext4 does not existMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4987 Document version requirements in RDEPENDS etcMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED18 September 2013: RESOLVED
4989 Problems with booting Yocto Linux for Arrow SoC kitMediumSaul Wold1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4994 [beagleboard] posix test failedMedium+Bruce Ashfield1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4998 Package : xserver-xorg- Salvador1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5007 mesa-demos fails to build with a undefined reference errorMediumOtavio Salvador1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5013 dependency on virtual providers doesn't work when added through PACKAGECONFIGMediumRichard Purdie1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5035 Make the official releases work with prefetched or created tarballsLowScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED27 September 2013: RESOLVED
5037 BSP layer included in bblayers.conf when building other MACHINEsMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED18 September 2013: RESOLVED
5055 Smart and RPM tests are not skipped correctly when no package manager exists.LowStefan Stanacar1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
5066 LSB systemd inconsistency between busybox-syslogd and sysklogdMediumChen Qi1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5208 Failed to remove packages via PACKAGE_EXCLUDEMediumMark Hatle1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
5213 Fullscreen mode doesn't hide embedded panelMediumIrina Patru1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
5215 qemumips doesn't have CONFIG_TRACEPOINTSMediumTom Zanussi1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5272 slang test case strops.sl failed in x86-64MediumIrina Patru1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5343 keystone-evm build fails because of missing licenses in several cloud*.bb filesMediumDenys Dmytriyenko1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
2786 [LTP]/opt/ltp/Version file doesn't show the correct version of ltpMediumCristian Iorga1.5 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3404 5udev mount.sh writes to /tmp before it is symlinked to /var/tmpMediumChen Qi1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDBlocked, need some further discussion
4016 5LSB 4.1 Library Check: symbols are not found in libqt-mt.so.3MediumHongxu Jia1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4398 "all succeeded" does not look like a reason to fail a buildUndecidedRobert Yang1.5 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4424 glib-2.0-native: do_compile failed on opensuse 12.2 64bitMediumJesse Zhang1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4426 1ghostscript: do_fetch failed due to checksums mismatchMediumRobert Yang1.5 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4440 3update kernel labsMediumTom Zanussi1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4454 2Refactor remote tools plug-in to prepare using common remote communication plug-inMediumIoana Grigoropol1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4458 global methodpool checks don't work with multithreaded parsingMediumRichard Purdie1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4459 methodpool does not account for two identically named files (different paths) that provide the different methodsMediumRichard Purdie1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4460 When an error about already declared functions occurs, the build does not stopMediumRichard Purdie1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
349 [QT] fotowall warns iconv failure in QIconvCodecLowJonathan Liu1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
2064 4[BSP] mount shows "/dev/sda4 on /media/sda4" but /media/sda4 doesn't existLowHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3705 Existing filesystems aren't cleanly unmounted after booting from USB-driveLowHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4406 Yocto-linux-rt: BUG() warning is triggered in rt kernel when run 'perf top' command on ARM/PowerPCMediumXufeng Zhang1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4438 Update syslinux to 4.06 (or 5.01)MediumJonathan Liu1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4480 Autobuilder emails are unreadable and pretty uselessMedium+Beth Flanagan1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4488 SDK installer doesn't handle spaces in pathMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4550 3ADT: iptables autoreconf run fails on CentOSMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4556 Fix issue for changed RSA keyMedium+Ioana Grigoropol1.5 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4558 script "yocto-kernel config add" could add one component more than one timesLowNing Zhang1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4566 routerstation pro cannot bootup with NFS in yocto 1.5 20130521-1 buildMedium+Simarpreet Singh1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4592 Please update ltsi branchMediumBruce Ashfield1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4595 Invalid symbolic link file modules-arch.tgz in tmp/deploy/images directoryMediumYi Zhao1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4615 meta-intel BSPs all fail with lsb: emgd-driver no package provider build crash (including meta-minnow)Medium+Nitin Kamble1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4617 2ddimage: incompatibility with dashMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4626 Createrepo is not workingMediumSaul Wold1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4632 udev 182 init script should mount devtmpfs instead tmpfsMediumSaul Wold1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4736 populate_sdk compile failures; when run after target buildMedium+Laurentiu Palcu1.5 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4738 2udev-cache doesn't work well on OE/Yocto based systemsMediumChen Qi1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4745 5automount failed occasionally at system coldplug timeMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4746 2invoke "/etc/init.d/systemd-udevd restart" failedUndecidedHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4749 2wget:do_configure failedUndecidedHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4758 2adt_installer: perl lib version doesn't match perl script on Ubuntu-13.04MediumHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4760 2adt-installer: installation failed when permission deny on the installation directoryMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4773 patch for ghostscript does not applyMediumPaul Eggleton1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4774 /media diretory cleanupLowChen Qi1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4784 Allow user to choose boot action in live imagesLowChen Qi1.5 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4787 bitbake -e: Failure expanding variable SRCPVUndecidedRobert Yang1.5 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4802 2Busybox on target upgrade fails if upgrading from 'one-binary' version to 'two-binary' versionUndecidedChen Qi1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4850 Error building libgluMedium+Otavio Salvador1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
1115 3LSB 4.1 error from wide characterMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4379 [Performance] The switch to turn off the generation of temp/run.* fileUndecidedRobert Yang1.5 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
4455 7Create new remote communication utilities plug-in supporting remote tools & bitbake commander plugins functionalitiesMediumIoana Grigoropol1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4511 error for using oprofile.ko to profilingLowDaiane1.5 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4732 Wrong path to terminfo files in buildtools-tarball causes python version check to failMedium+Hongxu Jia1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4741 2Netfilter NAT not configured properly/different for Kernel 3.8.4MediumNitin Kamble1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4756 Kernel upgrade on x86 is difficult/impossibleMediumDarren Hart1.5 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4835 xterm-256color causes python version check to failMedium+Hongxu Jia1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4853 Can't install prebuilt SDKMedium+Stefan Stanacar1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4886 /etc/rc5.d/S20irattach: /etc/sysconfig/irda: Read-only file systemMediumChen Qi1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4903 No proper error message for layer version mismatchMediumRoss Burton1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4904 Autobuilder built beagleboard 20130724-2 image failedMediumStefan Stanacar1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4917 X server crashes under Build Appliance while switching between pcmanfm and terminals applicationsMedium+Ross Burton1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4918 d-bus daemon fails to startHighRoss Burton1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4946 [Regression] X crash on Yocto with i.MX6Q BSP 3.5.7-1.0.0 softfloatMediumOtavio Salvador1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4955 [adt_installer] Allow relative paths for specifying sysroot locationMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4983 [Autobuilder] eclipse plug-in build failures for both Kepler and Juno due to can't find build scriptsMedium+Beth Flanagan1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED(autobuilder)
1950 2EFI only live images are not bootableMediumDarren Hart1.5 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
4494 Setting static IP addresses via connman ethernet provisioning mechanism does not allow manual IP adress changeMediumCristian Iorga1.5 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4599 Connection Properties shows the network disabled, for UNFS qemuarm targetMediumvenkata ramana g1.5 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4879 nss postinst cannot be configured offlineMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4881 Cannot move the mount of /media/xxx over to $ROOT_DIR/media/xxx in live imageMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4882 udev has an implicit dependency on initscripts, which is not appropriateMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4883 No directory error for populate-volatile.sh at rootfs timeMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4885 lighttpd: /www directory should be writable in read-only rootfsMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4887 openssh not working well with read-only rootfsMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4889 python-native: remove unused and duplicated sitecustomize.pyMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4896 [lsb image] pidof: invalid options on command lineMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4911 Wiki: Distribution Support outdatedMediumScott Rifenbark1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED18 September 2013: RESOLVED
4927 Make Archlinux a supported or document the unwillingness of rolling-releaseLowScott Rifenbark1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED31 October 2013: RESOLVED
4937 1Error at rootfs time: "tar: .: file changed as we read it"MediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4939 2Cannot start qemu image in environment created by buildtools-tarball.MediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4984 sftp conection close core-image-baseMediumSaul Wold1.5 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4990 grub-efi-native_2.00.bb, do_compile is failingMediumSaul Wold1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4991 Invalid symbolic link kernel image in qemu rootfsMediumDarren Hart1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4993 Kernel module package namingMediumMark Hatle1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4997 grub 0.97 doesn't work wellMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5018 5Improve the minimal installer in OE and fix bugs in itUndecidedChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5029 libasound-module-bluez should have a version for BlueZ 5MediumCristian Iorga1.5 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5030 Multiple providers are available for runtime libasound-module-bluez (bluez4, bluez5) warningMediumCristian Iorga1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5064 CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE overridden for arm targetsMediumBruce Ashfield1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5096 xf86-video-intel fails when opengl isn't a DISTRO_FEATUREMedium+Ross Burton1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
1088 More fully document packaging systemsLowPaul Eggleton1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
2766 3coreutils build error with long TMPDIR: Argument list too longMediumRobert Yang1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
3938 routerstation/mpc8315e: connman startup unused ethernet port when using nfsMedium+Mihai Prica1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4360 bluez5 QA warnings in multilibMediumMihai Prica1.5 M5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4481 Human-readable build namesMedium+Beth Flanagan1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4485 Autobuilder should resolve commit IDs immediatelyMedium+Beth Flanagan1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4866 SDK installer fails on hosts with Python 3.xMedium+Laurentiu Palcu1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "Done".
4867 pkg_postinst_kernel-image calls depmod but there is no RDEPENDS on module-init-tools-depmodMediumDarren Hart1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4880 Use a uniform way to determine whether rootfs is read-onlyMediumChen Qi1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4888 Take into consideration that possibility of /var/lib on a separate writable media in case of a read-only rootfsMediumChen Qi1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5028 BlueZ 5 packs tests in a -tests packageMediumMihai Prica1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5047 [ruqemu] iptables rule does not get cleanedMediumChen Qi1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5048 [runqemu] failure when already in use tap interfaceMediumChen Qi1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5056 possible parallel make issue with telepathy-mission-controlMediumCristian Iorga1.5 M5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5060 list-packageconfig-flags.py: search bitbake lib dir failedMediumHongxu Jia1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5065 Document the fact that the SRCREV_meta needs to be updated after modifying the linux-yocto metadata meta branchMediumScott Rifenbark1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED13 September 2013: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
5067 1bitbake make-3.81 prints stack trace of python callsMediumRobert Yang1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "No".
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 501 > 500

Old Milestone - Enhancements Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (1018 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
806 4Consider using PatchELF rather than chrpath for modifying the RPATHLowJoshua Lock - Disabled1.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
823 Ensure Poky can be run on non-Linux UnicesLowJoshua Lock - Disabled1.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
874 1[AutoBuilder/FEAT] Set Bug to Fixed automatically when building in AutoBuilderLowBeth Flanagan1.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
1613 Embedded java environment or even JDK supportLowSong Liu1.4RESOLVEDINVALID
1618 4MeeGo / Tizen GPLv2 SyncLowSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
1632 3Eval Patch management toolsLowSaul Wold1.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
1650 Need documentation on contributing patches and codeLowScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED17-Nov-2011: Resolved Fixed with 3.8 of dev manual.
2645 [DOC] The ADT documentation should be improved to include additional command line instructionsMediumScott Rifenbark1.4RESOLVEDFIXED1 March 2013: In Progress Review
3435 10Investigate fast boot optimization options for non-SystemD init system.LowRadu Moisan1.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3621 Source in -dbg packages is wasteful and not massively usefulLowRoss Burton1.4RESOLVEDFIXED
1474 12QEMU won't run on a system that does not support tunctlLowAndrei Dinu1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
1612 1Build statistics reportingLowBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
1763 10[USE CASE] More universally bootable live imagesMediumDarren Hart1.5RESOLVEDFIXED(Waiting on EFI/SYSLINUX/HYBRID Patches)
1778 2License wrangling, stage 3MediumBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE(1.3)
2275 3License compliance: failure to detect new license filesLowBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3413 [Performance] Use the profiling and tracing tools to see where build performance might be improvedMediumTom Zanussi1.5RESOLVEDFIXEDInvestigating
3723 2smart: Performance enhancement for attemptonly and complementary installsMediumMark Hatle1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4205 not so many recent builds displayed in Grid displayMediumBeth Flanagan1.5RESOLVEDFIXED02 January 2014: I am investigating potential doc needs here.
4335 2Default FILES_PN shouldn't hard-code udev pathMediumRoss Burton1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4413 Extend Yocto ADT Project Template to support CMake type projectsMediumAtanas Gegov Oss1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4430 Bring buildhistory-web up-to-dateMediumPaul Eggleton1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5214 Improve PACKAGECONFIG explanationMediumScott Rifenbark1.5RESOLVEDFIXED07 October 2013: RESOLVED
5271 EMGD 1.18 kernel components need to be upgraded to the 3.10 kernelLowTom Zanussi1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4178 14Add FUSE: File system in UserspaceLowHongxu Jia1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4341 3udev-hwdb postinstall does not run on hostMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDRelease Note 1.4
1633 4AMT driver integrationMediumNitin Kamble1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4418 5Wayland support in toolkitsMediumRoss Burton1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4761 replace unionfs with aufs in live imageMediumChen Qi1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
1487 qemu: when booting from live CD, X cannot be started needs unionfsLowChen Qi1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4352 5prune pn-depends.dot, packages-depends.dot and task-depends.dotLowRobert Yang1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3868 20Add gcc security flagsHighSaul Wold1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED08 April 2014: Setting documentation flag to "Done."
4079 Ability to ignore a package (don't install a package)HighMark Hatle1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 Sept 2013: RESOLVED (with doc change)
4103 Stop using linux live and replace with read-only rootfsMediumChen Qi1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4705 [QA] - verify - Filter the content of the recipes tableMedium+Andreea Brandusa Proca1.5.1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4707 [QA] - verify - Filter the content of the packages tableMedium+Andreea Brandusa Proca1.5.1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4723 [QA] - verify - Sort the content of the packages tableMediumIonut Chisanovici1.5.1RESOLVEDFIXED
4808 [QA] - verify Ability to remove a packageHighAlexandru Georgescu1.5.1RESOLVEDFIXED
1511 Support versioned scm snapshots for mirroringMediumRichard Purdie1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
1829 Developer Patch Submission Template ImprovementsLowPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
1973 Enhance BitBake manualMediumScott Rifenbark1.6RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2014: RESOLVED
2424 1Rename core imagesMediumPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED20 March 2014: Doc flag reset
2465 5add/enable more jasperforest drivers (NTB and Crystal Beach 3 DMA/DCA drivers)MediumNitin Kamble1.6RESOLVEDWONTFIX
3441 staticdev-pkgs should be added to meta-toolchain-sdk tooLowPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDWONTFIX
3885 3define site macros for x32 in the x32-linux site config fileMediumNitin Kamble1.6RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4137 1.6 Test Automation Tracking BugHighStefan Stanacar1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
4302 Create a custom error message to deal with missing layer directoriesMedium+valentin1.6RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4425 Prevent including the same file twiceMediumRichard Purdie1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
4653 [QA] - verify - Create a custom error message to deal with missing layer directoriesMedium+Lucian Musat1.6RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4679 [QA] - verify - create infrastructure to support direct image upgardingLowAlexandru Palalau1.6RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4685 1[QA] - verify - Add method to configure preferred ABI when using RPMLowAlexandru Georgescu1.6RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4687 [QA] - verify - Create Interactive bitbake commandline modeMedium+Stoicescu Cornel1.6RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4691 [QA] - verify - 1.6 Test Automation Tracking BugHighStefan Stanacar1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
4779 5Refactor rootfs_ipk.bbclassMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.6RESOLVEDFIXEDImplementation finished, waiting after dependencies
4781 5Refactor rootfs_deb.bbclassMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.6RESOLVEDFIXEDImplementation finished, waiting after dependencies
4782 3Remove meta-toolchain-gmaeMediumRoss Burton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2014: Reset documentation flag to "No"
4856 Improve usability of bitbake -c listtasksMediumPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED20 March 2014: Doc flag reset
5072 Tests need a better way of determining if a package it's installedMediumStefan Stanacar1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5281 Server mode should generate port number if not setMediumRichard Purdie1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5286 package_rpm handling of MULTILIB_PREFIX_LIST needs refactoringMediumPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5297 Support 2013Q3 Intel Graphics Stack Release in Yocto ProjectMediumNitin Kamble1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5301 Ability to track DISTRO_FEATURE useMediumRichard Purdie1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5324 [distro] Consider providing distro testing solutionMediumAlexandru Palalau1.6RESOLVEDFIXED08 April 2014: Setting documentation flag to "No."
5358 Avoid buildhistory changing do_package checksumsMediumPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5368 Stop using release tarballs for main metadata releasesMedium+Scott Rifenbark1.6RESOLVEDFIXED11 March 2014: RESOLVED
5406 do_split_packages should set SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTIONLowPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED20 March 2014: Doc flag reset
5410 Write installed package list to deploy dirMediumPaul Eggleton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED20 March 2014: Doc flag reset
5436 Add the ability to specify static uid / gid pairs to be used by packages at build time for post install scriptsMediumMark Hatle1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5454 [Autobuilder] Package index performance improvementMedium+Beth Flanagan1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5471 [QA] - verify - Automate BSP TestingHighAlexandru Georgescu1.6RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5472 BitBake manual: copy / adjust BitBake variablesMedium+Scott Rifenbark1.6RESOLVEDFIXED22 April 2014: RESOLVED/FIXED
5480 Integrate Wayland 1.2+MediumRoss Burton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5583 Test Weston on qemuMediumvalentin1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5591 cmake.bbclass should support separate build directoriesMediumRoss Burton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5598 [QA] - verify - Bitbake resident server autoloading/unloadingMedium+Ionut Chisanovici1.6RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5616 3Hard reset capabilityHighCristian Iorga1.6RESOLVEDFIXED18 April 2014: Setting documentation flag to "Done".
5663 Hard to debug failing interceptsMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5665 run-postinsts should have native systemd supportMediumRoss Burton1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5704 Write manifest creation python class/routineMediumLaurentiu Palcu1.6RESOLVEDFIXED08 April 2014: Setting documentation flag to "No."
5717 GITSM fetcher should use ud.basecmdMediumRichard Purdie1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5724 bitbake -e sometimes is not usefulMediumRichard Purdie1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
5770 Document the default for BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKEMediumScott Rifenbark1.6RESOLVEDFIXED31 January 2014: Marked the "Documentation change" field to "Done"
5118 4[HOB] meta-hob layer should dissapearMediumCristiana Voicu1.6 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5442 2sanity.bbclass: check TMPDIR is not on nfsMediumRobert Yang1.6 M1RESOLVEDFIXED26 March 2014: Setting documentation flag to "Done."
5450 [Autobuilder] Deferred deletion of buildsMediumBeth Flanagan1.6 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4780 5Refactor rootfs_rpm.bbclassMediumHongxu Jia1.6 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDThe Rpm Image Creation has finished and been tested, start the incremental development.
5435 Add the ability to create an image from a package feedMediumHongxu Jia1.6 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5486 Update kernel lab to 1.5 (dora)LowTom Zanussi1.6 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5529 5Split PACKAGES into PACKAGES_DEV, PACKAGES_DBG and so onUndecidedRobert Yang1.6 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
1894 10Incremental ipk image generationLowHongxu Jia1.6 M4RESOLVEDFIXED(Test Case Ready)
4119 Make it possible to create custom kernel headers packageMediumBruce Ashfield1.6 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE31 March 2014: Resetting documentation flag to "No."
5113 10archive*.bbclass: need refactorMediumRobert Yang1.6 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5444 41.6 Autobuilder Enhancement Tracking bugHighBeth Flanagan1.6 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5556 5A way to force all the recipes rebuildUndecidedRobert Yang1.6 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5557 5An easy way to build recipe from sourceUndecidedRobert Yang1.6 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
3821 Add Python 3.x recipeMediumKhem Raj1.6 M5RESOLVEDFIXED09 April 2014: Set documentation flag to "Done."
5495 10yocto-bsp 1.6 upgrade and automation enhancementsMediumTom Zanussi1.6 M5RESOLVEDFIXED11 April 2014: Documentation flag set to "Done."
5614 5Automated testing master image generation / operationHighStefan Stanacar1.6 M5RESOLVEDFIXED17 April 2014: Marked documentation flag to "Done".
5820 Link warnings to their corresponding tasks (when applicable)MediumAlexandru Damian1.6 M5RESOLVEDWONTFIXGUI design available; needs data completion test
6013 1genext2fs: remove itMediumRobert Yang1.6 M5RESOLVEDFIXED24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "No".
4642 [QA] - verify - Refactor plug-in code to create a common remote communication util plug-inMedium+Alexandru Georgescu1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4659 [QA] - verify - Implement Shuku proposalMedium+Alexandru Palalau1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4683 [QA] - verify - Merge buildstats into build history and have one data collection mechanismMedium+Alexandru Palalau1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4724 [QA] - verify - Deployment user experience enhancementMedium+Stoicescu Cornel1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5434 [QA] Add test plan for testing uClibc BuildsMedium+Alexandru Palalau1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5465 [QA] - verify - meta-intel: intel microcode updateMedium+Alexandru Palalau1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5466 [QA] - verify - Sharing PR server between builders with different metadataMedium+Stoicescu Cornel1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5519 [QA] - verify - wic updatesMedium+Ionut Chisanovici1.6.1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5595 [QA] - verify - Toaster must be able to stop a bitbake server, and clean all artifactsMedium+Andreea Brandusa Proca1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5599 [QA] - verify - Optimise away meta-oe X init mechanismMedium+Alexandru Georgescu1.6.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
545 3Improve SDK sysroot extensibility and workflowMediumChen Qi1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
641 [DOC] need a doc for qemu usageMediumTrevor Woerner1.7RESOLVEDFIXED31 July: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
1691 5[HOB] make IMAGES_TYPE a per recipe settingMediumCristiana Voicu1.7RESOLVEDWONTFIX
3140 3Autobuilder should build an image with each packaging formatMediumBeth Flanagan1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
3345 15[HOB] Add a target for adt-installerMediumCristiana Voicu1.7RESOLVEDWONTFIX10 Sept 2013: Some doc notes added
3743 Packaging license textsMediumBeth Flanagan1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
4075 20Improve the installer user experienceMediumChen Qi1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
4394 Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) supportMediumWei Sern Chan1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
4697 [QA] - verify - Search the content of the builds tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4698 [QA] - verify - Filter the content of the builds tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4701 [QA] - verify - Filter the content of the bitbake variables tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4702 [QA] - verify - Filter the content of the tasks tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4704 [QA] - verify - Search the content of the tasks tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4706 [QA] - verify - Search the content of the recipes tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4708 [QA] - verify - Search the content of the packages tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4709 [QA] - verify - Filter the content of the build time tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4710 [QA] - verify - Search the content of the build time tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4711 [QA] - verify - Sort the content of the build time tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4719 [QA] - verify - Sort the content of the builds tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4720 [QA] - verify - Sort the content of the bitbake variables tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4721 [QA] - verify - Sort the content of the tasks tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4722 [QA] - verify - Sort the content of the recipes tableMediumYuan Sun1.7RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5006 Allow package management to update sysroot components of the SDKMediumChen Qi1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5479 3Use gstreamer-vaapi instead of MiXMediumRoss Burton1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5563 toaster change REST API implementation to use Django REST frameworkMediumAlexandru Damian1.7RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5689 5need a tool to verify to HOMEPAGEMediumChong Lu1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
5705 Support 2013Q4 Intel Graphics Stack Release in Yocto ProjectMediumvalentin1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6071 Autobuilder class docs - __init__.pyMediumBeth Flanagan1.7RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
6097 Support 2014Q1 Intel Graphics Stack Release in Yocto ProjectMediumRoss Burton1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETEMoved from Laurentiu to Unassigned
6160 Show QA check name next to error messageLowChong Lu1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6173 Update kexec-tools to 2.0.6MediumArmin Kuster1.7RESOLVEDFIXEDMoved from Laurentiu to Unassigned
6217 bitbake.conf should set defaults for BB_NUMBER_THREADSMediumRoss Burton1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6225 [Usage Flow] Improve the Yocto Project development workflowMediumJessica1.7RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6226 [Usage Flow] Improve the kernel development workflowMediumJessica1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6227 [Usage Flow] Improve the system development workflowMediumJessica1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6228 [Usage Flow] Improve the application development workflowMediumJessica1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6229 [Usage Flow] Improve support for Yocto Project enablersMediumJessica1.7RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6262 bitbake debug does not show .bbappend and .inc filesMediumRichard Purdie1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6320 Drop *-config binconfig scriptsMediumSaul Wold1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6354 PublishArtifacts needs md5sums as an artifact.MediumBeth Flanagan1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6360 linux-yocto: Maintain meta historyMediumBruce Ashfield1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6493 typo in postinstall error messageLowRichard Purdie1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6513 wic needs to support creating FAT partitionsMediumTom Zanussi1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6574 qt4: Avoid duplicate flags in the g++-unix.confMediumRichard Purdie1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6605 create an extension point in bitbake/buildinfohelperMediumAlexandru Damian1.7RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6621 Document debug-without-srcMediumScott Rifenbark1.7RESOLVEDFIXED15 August 2014: RESOLVED
5490 Support multiple Bitbake server backends for each Toaster webserverMediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5541 design Build REST APIMediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5974 Buildsets should pass all properties from triggering schedulerMediumBeth Flanagan1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6363 Update kernel lab to 1.6 (daisy)MediumTom Zanussi1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6403 Automate RP's release part of the process to avoid regressionsMedium+Tracy Graydon1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
2416 xmlto/xsltproc stylesheets cannot be found even when they are installed in sysrootMediumHongxu Jia1.7 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
2610 1poky-tiny builds should be marked as failed if the image size is above a specified thresholdMediumRobert Yang1.7 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5412 standardize how .bbappend files do FILESEXTRAPATHMediumHongxu Jia1.7 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5521 Document file checksumsMediumScott Rifenbark1.7 M2RESOLVEDFIXED02 June 2014: RESOLVED
6544 Rewrite eglibc-utils/usr/bin/tzselect as a posix shMediumHongxu Jia1.7 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
1238 7Man pages (and other documentation) are not compressedLowHongxu Jia1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4073 2Add method to configure preferred ABI when using RPMLowRobert Yang1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDIMAGEGEN
5747 Create a test to look for most issues reports in logsMediumLucian Musat1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5895 Document the conf-notes.txt fileLowScott Rifenbark1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED29 July 2014: RESOLVED
6237 Ability to identify build host and build directoryMediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design pending
6240 Toaster must be able to create a build environment and launch the Bitbake server (remote use case)MediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6263 Release documents are needed for some significant changes among recipesLowScott Rifenbark1.7 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE06 May 2014: RESOLVED/OBSOLETE
6281 Release note buildstep for autobuilderMediumBeth Flanagan1.7 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
6390 Add section on fixing parallel make racesMediumScott Rifenbark1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED31 July 2014: RESOLVED
6396 2Check image size after it is generatedMediumRobert Yang1.7 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
6463 5oe-core: create a meta binary package for the image recipeLowRobert Yang1.7 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6499 Add more GPLv3-like licenses to non-GPLv3 examplesMediumScott Rifenbark1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED22 July 2014: RESOLVED
6538 Display submission date / time informationLowRoxana Ciobanu1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
6586 create extension point in toasterMediumFarrell Wymore1.7 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6639 only allowed sstate-cache objects are allowed in a build (read-only sstate-cache)MediumHongxu Jia1.7 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
1662 5Use the per-file dependencies in deb and ipkg packagesLowRobert Yang1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
4444 10meta-intel: support for video encode/transcodeMediumSaul Wold1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5206 5Sato video player needs to be replacedMediumRoss Burton1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5265 Add wildcard support for SANITY_TESTED_DISTROSMediumPaul Eggleton1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5312 3yocto-bsp: get rid of 'strange' characters in yocto-bsp template filenamesMediumTom Zanussi1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5344 5Split up IMAGE_FEATURES - debug-tweaks into logical componentsMediumSaul Wold1.8RESOLVEDFIXED12 February 2015: Docs updated
5571 Re-validate checksums in do_unpackMediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6078 glew depends on libx11MediumRoss Burton1.8RESOLVEDNOTABUG
6298 To enable 64-bit target machine booted with sato-sdk image to compile 32-bit applicationMediumSaul Wold1.8RESOLVEDNOTABUG
6487 Add Aarch64 qemu target.MediumKai Kang1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6552 Need a proper way to install Toaster dependenciesMediumPaul Eggleton1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6642 Add a package QA check for ${D} in postinstall script functionsMediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6736 Link errors to the AutobuilderMediumMichael Wood1.8RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
6770 Improve storing build information in imagesMediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6789 Move all Toaster tables to AngularJSMediumMichael Wood1.8RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6853 Include LTSI kernel in release processMediumSaul Wold1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6857 add support for python 3.4.2MediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6968 Rename defaultval flag to _defaultvalMediumRoss Burton1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6982 Add a package QA check for ${D} in FILESMediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
7119 Autobuilder should link to errors.yoctoproject.orgMediumBeth Flanagan1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
7126 Enhance QA checks to detect build host path usageMediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
7245 send-error-report tool data in post body rather than paramMediumMichael Wood1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5594 Add documentation on optimising build performanceMediumScott Rifenbark1.8 M1RESOLVEDFIXED21 November 2014: RESOLVED
5026 1Ability to set TMPDIR in autobuilder.confMediumBeth Flanagan1.8 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5200 5Improve the handling of CONFFILESMediumChen Qi1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6023 Toaster should simply start instead of throwing a "lock state" errorMediumAlexandru Damian1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6523 0.5Look into RAM usageLowMichael Wood1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
6540 2Enhancements to the error details pageLowMichael Wood1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
6542 2Add filtering capabilities to the search results pageLowMichael Wood1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
6952 Replace procps with procps-ngMediumSaul Wold1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3548 eclipse plugin should have a logging featureMediumTodor Minchev1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4934 Make konsole work with KDE 4 for OE_TERMINALLowPaul Eggleton1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5348 Add ability to fetch layers from layer indexMediumChong Lu1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5991 1Allow more flexible versioned layer dependenciesMediumPaul Eggleton1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6310 8grub-efi: should contain filesMediumRobert Yang1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6946 kernel-dev: meta-data cleanup and auditMediumBruce Ashfield1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6977 5mkfs.ext3 is slow to copy rootfs to new file systemMediumRobert Yang1.8 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
7036 Support for python in "recipetool create"MediumChristopher Larson1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7059 Upgrade python 2.x to 2.7.9MediumAlejandro Hernandez1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7092 linux-yocto: improve do_patch performanceMediumBruce Ashfield1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7163 Should use South for schema migrationMediumMichael Wood1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5463 Document tune files / variablesMediumScott Rifenbark1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED17 March 2015: RESOLVED
6397 10Fix "Argument list too long" issuesLowRobert Yang1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7034 15check whether all the qa checks worksMediumRobert Yang1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7252 1Enable 2014Q4 Intel Graphics Stack ReleaseMediumAníbal Limón1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7341 Performance issue in do_rootfs (mkfs.ext*)MediumRichard Purdie1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7370 Don't warn for defconfig+scc autogenerated BSP descriptionMediumBruce Ashfield1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7417 Add section on changing hostnameMediumScott Rifenbark1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED17 March 2015: IN PROGRESS DESIGN
6744 1extensible SDK: handle path restrictions imposed by build systemMediumBrendan Le Foll1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7441 do_kernel_configme fails when patches create directoriesMediumBruce Ashfield1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7964 recipetool: add sub-command to just create a bbappendLowPaul Eggleton1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7630 1Provide some hint for the "textrel" QA issueUndecidedScott Rifenbark1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED27 April 2015: RESOLVED
6202 1Linux-yocto.bb suggests running bitbake -c devshell on do_patch failureMediumBruce Ashfield1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4146 5Allow a layer to include another layerMediumJason Wessel1.9 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
6667 1Enable DRM_CIRRUS_QEMUMediumBruce Ashfield1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7282 2linux-yocto: accidentally skips patchesMediumBruce Ashfield1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7720 10make the world build work without x11 in DISTRO_FEATURESMediumRobert Yang1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8110 5insane.bbclass: check the /etc/<files> are set by CONFFILESUndecidedRobert Yang1.9 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
8169 binconfig-disabled class should make config scripts print a human-readable errorMediumRoss Burton1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3505 5world-image as bitbake build targetMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
5044 3bitbake does not take into consideration some forms of PREFERRED_PROVIDERSMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
5046 Document that CPPFLAGS override behavior and possible workaroundLowPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
5321 10When DISTRO_FEATURES are removed, bitbake world should still workMediumRandy MacLeod2.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5506 5Content Assist Does Not Work for bbappend filesMediumTodor Minchev2.1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5582 5Start Weston with systemdMediumAlexander Kanavin2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7278 1Default core-image-x11 has X server with screen blanking activeMediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7339 2Performance issue in do_rootfs (buildhistory_list_installed_image)MediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7443 1runqemu should allow using kvm in absence of vhost-netMediumRandy Witt2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7580 Add musl as a system C library optionMediumKhem Raj2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7624 devtool: extract: fall back to metadata git history to get patch author/dateLowPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7634 5recipetool: extend autotools recipe creationMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7635 3recipetool: extend cmake recipe creationMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7676 recipetool: add ability to update variable value in recipeLowPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7797 4Clarify what will happen to errors submitted to errors.yoctoproject.orgMediumMichael Wood2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7908 devtool: deploy-target: write deployed file list to target instead of hostLowPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8032 5bitbake: improve messages when multiple providers are being builtMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8099 Suggestion: prefix task log messages with recipe+taskMediumChristopher Larson2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8432 1align release versioning scheme with OE-CoreMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8762 testimage: make it can run by non root user (without sudo)MediumRoss Burton2.1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
8815 Add possibility to choose audio outputMediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8852 0.5Test that layer git revisions are displayed and do not fail without git repositoryMediumDaniel Istrate2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8855 3devtool: build-image: allow specifying packages to includeMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8920 2oe-selftest: users should be able to specify those folders that 'coverage' should look intoMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8978 2devtool: deploy-target: preserve old files so we can restore them laterMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8982 5devtool: add: support out-of-tree kernel modulesMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8990 0.5makeinfo should be included in build-toolsMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9022 5Replace retry logic in useradd with flocksMediumKai Kang2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
5407 2Create standard method for adding package feedsMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8728 3wic: Allow to use custom bootloader configurationMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7427 5Image manifest file lacking newline char in last lineMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8468 3bitbake: remove stamp-base supportMediumChen Qi2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8622 5e2fsprogs: support xattrMediumRobert Yang2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8764 5Add an easy to use script like AUH (auto upgrade help)UndecidedRobert Yang2.1 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8820 0.5Would like to be able to specify partitions be created but not mounted in a wksMediumJoshua Lock2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3444 5Use sparse files for imagesMediumRoss Burton2.1 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
6027 2add Build configuration info to BSPMediumAlexandru Georgescu2.1 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
7499 5Automate -dbg package constructionMediumRichard Purdie2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8847 3QA warnings can be improvedMediumRobert Yang2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8881 5print recipe name as a error promotion when bitbake PACKAGEMediumRobert Yang2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8979 devtool: provide an easy way to get to the workdir/logsMedium+Paul Eggleton2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8981 3devtool: add: support kernel source treesMedium+Paul Eggleton2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9014 5Can run "bitbake recipe" directly withtout initialUndecidedRobert Yang2.1 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
9039 3Integrate swupd tools from Clear Linux into OE CoreHighJoshua Lock2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9040 1Implement a mechanism to support generating swupd bundlesHighJoshua Lock2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9089 5Extensible SDK add tests for sdk-updateMedium+Aníbal Limón2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9161 5make vm and live image can build togetherMediumRobert Yang2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3169 15Implement Shuku proposalMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4223 2System tap plugin works only with a fixed poky/build folderMediumJose Lamego2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7058 20ERROR: QA Issue: File xxx in package contained reference to tmpdir [buildpaths]MediumHongxu Jia2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7615 5Autobuilder should automatically create BSPs for major releasesMediumTracy Graydon2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7658 4patchwork: provide means of recording additional patch statusesHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8640 2Remove vala from oe-core?Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.2 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8653 Validate OLDEST_KERNELLowPaul Eggleton2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8704 3patchwork: support history tracking of patch statusMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9017 4Sync and Upgrade AB configurationMediumPlauchu Edwin2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9082 0.5Display network information on log-in screensMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9235 1oe-init-build-env: to receive an argument/variable for appending to local.confMediumMariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9321 4[meta-swupd] Enhancements for use within a continuous integration systemMediumJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9325 2[meta-swupd] Copy only required bundle contents, rather than copying the entire mega image and then pruning unwanted filesMediumJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9340 5Improve tooling around BuildLog and SWAT processHighJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9388 5A way to no build kernelMediumRobert Yang2.2 M1RESOLVEDINVALID
9401 1patchtest: show assertion messages on summaryMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9403 1patchtest-oe: show the solution on the assertion messageMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9419 0.1Enabling systemd-boot to replace gummibootMediumJianxun Zhang2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9599 4Reduce bundle overheads by not depending on os-core when generating bundle sysrootsMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4078 5A method to validate the contents of changes to recipes, configuration files and classesHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8648 10Automatic testing of incoming patchesHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDTesting in Progress
9251 1Need flowchart style documentation showing progress of tasks and what they touch in a setscene vs non setscene setting.MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: RESOLVED
9515 1update-rcd class should add build dependencies if requiredMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9529 sysvinit: inittab labels for consoles need to be restricted to 4 charactersMediumStephano Cetola2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9671 1UPSTREAM_CHECK_* variables needs documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED8 June 2016: RESOLVED
9823 1Suggested additions to the shared state cache documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: RESOLVED
9843 1Suggested additions to the documentation on PRMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED30 June 2016: RESOLVED
9871 patchtest-oe: make sure description is present on patchesMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9872 1patchtest-oe: check LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM is present on new recipesMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9873 1patchtest-oe: in case LIC_FILES_CHKSUM changed, make sure commit message indicates the reasonMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9876 patchtest-oe: check that attached SW patches does not contain trailing spacesMedium+Jose Perez C2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9881 1patchtest-oe: check patch's subject lengthMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9886 systemd-boot: Support construct direct-boot image with sd-boot in wic and wksMediumJianxun Zhang2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4827 15runqemu shouldn't hard-code machine knowledgeMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7568 3Create an image to run regular build tests for no-X11 caseMediumBill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8318 20Avoid unnecessary package feed churn due to packages rebuildingMedium+Robert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8532 3runexported.py parameter support for: -a <tag>Medium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9169 add fix_buildpaths.bbclass to fix build pathMediumHongxu Jia2.2 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9257 1extensible SDK: need an easy way of installing toolchainsMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9389 2oeqa: split configuration from the codeMediumJose Lamego2.2 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9399 10qemu-native: make it can boot efi imagesUndecidedRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9408 3create-pull-request: auto push the branch if not presentMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9409 2create-pull-request: add the ability to read env varMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9410 2create-pull-request: automatically add the subject when there is only one patchMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9411 5runqemu: make it support arch as the parameter rather than machineUndecidedRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9421 10kernel: add an ability to build from an existing .configMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9436 3lib/bb/fetch2/git.py: print more friendly errors messages when failedlib/bb/fetch2/git.pyMediumChen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9466 7enhance kernel configuration audit to include reasons for missing configs, and required config checkingMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9538 10Review common security hardening flags and expand security_flags.incMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9624 1build-perf-test: store test results in GitMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9625 1build-perf-test: re-organize test output dataMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9756 2Plan clean up and improvements for oeqaMedium+Aníbal Limón2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9835 Split container/vm related systemd services into a separate packageMediumChen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9861 1Suggested additions to the dependencies sectionMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED16 July 2016: RESOLVED
9869 5Provide a per-target manifest of files which were, or would have been, producedMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9874 2patchtest-oe: check that patches are removed if these are removed from the SRC_URIMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9875 2patchtest-oe: in case upstream link change (SRC_URI), check that checksums flags also indicated this changeMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9899 1Add REMOVE_PKG_SUPPORT to variable referenceMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
9904 1patchwork: show cover letter message in series created with pull requestHighJose Lamego2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9909 1Suggested clarification re. implementation and limitations of BBCLASSEXTENDMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED16 July 2016: RESOLVED
9933 1Suggested additions to the DEPENDS documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 July 2016: RESOLVED
9940 autobuilder will need an eclipse-poky recipe for the Neon branchMedium+Bill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9963 1Warning against ${PN}-dev-related gotcha in the RDEPENDS glossary entryUndecidedScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 July 2016: RESOLVED
9967 1Suggested fleshing out of the do_package documentationUndecidedScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 July 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9968 1Suggested fleshing out of the do_populate_sysroot documentationUndecidedScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 July 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9970 1Suggested fleshing out of the do_deploy documentationUndecidedScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED19 July 2016: RESOLVED
9976 1Suggested addition to 2.3. Debugging Build Failures re. missing build-time dependenciesUndecidedScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED19 July 2016: RESOLVED
9983 1host-user-contaminated, invalid-chars, and invalid-packageconfig are missing from '7.62. insane.bbclass'UndecidedScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED19 July 2016: RESOLVED
9984 1Suggested clarification of the '3.1.2. Variable Expansion' sectionMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 August 2016: RESOLVED
9988 1Suggested clarification of the STAGING_DIR_* glossary entriesMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
9989 1Two tiny documentation nits re. D and do_checkpkgMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10057 1patchtest: create a cron job to monitor oe-core mailing listMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10088 RMC:RMC Project - add dynamic linking option for C libMediumJianxun Zhang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10118 3Make a bitbake container similar to the extsdk container, but for multiple releases like the toaster containerMedium+brian avery2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7744 3Improve messaging in empty states when Toaster does not have any layer informationMediumBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIXGUI design pending
8851 5Add bashism checks for shell script functionsMedium+Ross Burton2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9457 10patchtest: document deployment with isolation featuresHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9672 2Add documentation for package installation during runtime testingMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED7 June 2016: ACCEPTED
9679 1Add a small section on dependencies in the Writing a New Recipe sectionMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED04 Oct 2016: RESOLVED
9737 1[PATCH] ui/knotty: give out start time of taskMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10066 1Suggested new section on listing package contentsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDMOVED07 Sept 2016: RESOLVED/MOVED
10119 1eSDK container solution should be extended to run on windows (and mac)Medium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10120 5Bitbake container solution should be extended to run on windows (and mac)Medium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10375 2patchtest: result summary must be created inside guestMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10410 3Solve conflict on python-unidiff v1 recipeMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3043 3runqemu: Investigate and implement (if possible) a local firewall sanity checkMediumTodor Minchev2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
3420 6Audit *-standard.scc and move non-hardware items up into standard.sccMediumBruce Ashfield2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
3990 qemuarm and qemuppc poky-tiny images can not boot up via "runqemu qemuarch ramfs" commandMediumJackie Huang2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5654 5Add EFI to qemux86 and qemux86-64MediumPatrick Ohly2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
6287 5Release scripts for BSPs/images.MediumBeth 'pidge' Flanagan2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
7691 1Locking of branch/repoMediumUnassigned2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIXWas Bill Randle
9078 When changing SDKIMAGE_FEATURES to "dev-pkgs", some -dbg packages are still installedLowRoss Burton2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
9129 4Enhance Test Suite scanning and executionMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9224 3[meta-swupd] Try to speed up update generation by parallelising calls to swupd_* programs where possibleMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDINVALID
9591 0.5Zephyr project configuration should allow kernel and app to be in different folder hierachiesMediumTodor Minchev2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
9726 10Add support for autobuilder to create CROPS containersMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9931 oe-selftest: Increase organization of codeMediumMariano Lopez2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10125 RMC: RMC Project - Provide test suites to run on host and targetsMediumJianxun Zhang2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10241 1Missing files in rootfs when adding links /bin ->/usr/bin and /lib -> /usr/lib in recipe base-filesMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10242 Improve the detection of misplaced parametersMediumRoss Burton2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10404 1MIPS: Use MACHINEOVERRIDES and reduce duplication in various recipes due to mips variantsMediumZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10470 I would like to be able to set kernel CONFIGS from my local.conf fileLowBruce Ashfield2.3RESOLVEDINVALID
10475 1Document correct usage of FuncFailedMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10584 3rm_work.bbclass: reduce maximum amount of disk space required for a buildMediumPatrick Ohly2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10637 1WIC image dependencies are not included in the buildMediumEd Bartosh2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10743 build-perf-test: Add test to verify if parsing time is improved with a hot codeparser cacheMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11056 yocto-autobuilder-setup fails on openSUSE clean installMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
5546 2Optimise away meta-oe X init mechanismHighJussi Kukkonen2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8880 5Need better allarch multilib sanity or automated QA testsMedium+Chen Qi2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9088 3Extensible SDK add tests for devtoolMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9189 1[meta-swupd] Creates a lot of duplicate filesMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9390 10oeqa: don't write anything to local.conf or bblayers.confMediumJose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9570 2Zephyr Container for Windows/Mac/LinuxMediumTodor Minchev2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9954 4report tool: a communication mechanism for sending resultsHighMariano Lopez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10058 1patchtest-oe: check SUMMARY presence on new recipesMediumDaniela Plascencia2.3 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10059 2patchtest-oe: check bitbake datastore variables on classes or includesMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10064 1patchtest: Series Details must contain the revisionMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10078 1patchtest-oe: check patch authorMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10112 5Patchtest-oe: tests summary must provide patch nameMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10327 sstate mirror does not serve up the (contents of ) the uninative tarballMediumbrian avery2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10413 0.25recipetool: use & to split licenses in LICENSE valueMediumPaul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10469 2Install package dependencies for patchtest image (poky) developmentMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10509 Include patchwork repository into git.yp.orgHighMichael Halstead2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10511 Patchwork production instance code base must point to git.yp.org repoHighMichael Halstead2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10527 2Travis test for the build of an out of kernel app for Zephyr containerMediumTodor Minchev2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10625 2Don't show "Series without cover letter" for series without cover letterMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10702 1add meta-swupd to update mechanism overviewMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
1560 5Enable recipe specific sysrootsHighRichard Purdie2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3276 3PulseAudio isn't testedMediumJuan Ramos2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4144 2Runtime performance testingMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4527 3create a Runtime performance test layer to enable runtime performance testsMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4528 2boot time should be tracked for systemd and SysVinitMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5369 3Create test plan to do performance analysis of x32 runtimeMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5477 2Check for any performance degradations with gcc security flags enabledMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5478 2test build time performance degradations with gcc security flags enabledMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6296 2Add support for runtime performance tests to image_testsMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6607 Auto-detect client locale and use for date formattingLowbrian avery2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7096 2Document how to use initramfs featuresMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED25 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
7546 5Streamline application development manualMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
7887 3Add support for user networking to runqemuHighRobert Yang2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8719 10Ensure bootable images can be supported by wic for all reference BSPsMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDLET
8724 3Automate information collection for runtime errorsMedium+Todor Minchev2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED4
8727 0.1fetcher: should not log errors but pass them for handlingMediumJose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9166 1Need to document the do_devpyshell task that is in the devshell.bbclassMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
9468 3Export Tests execution (Runexport.py) execution log needs improvementsMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9689+ Create a python library for automatic device manipulationMedium+Benjamin Esquivel2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10233 2oeqa: Runner add the ability to output XML test resultsMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10235 2oeqa: Implement OETiemout decoratorMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10236 2oeqa: Implement OETag decorator.Medium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10352 15Performance of bitbake -S is horribleHighJianxun Zhang2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10353 3oeqa allow to filter tests based on different criteriaMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10467 2Link to BuildLog entries from autobuilder UIMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10502 1Ensure BuildLogger doesn't try and update whilst the target wiki page is being editedMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDINVALID
10530 add dumbinit as entry point for crops containersMediumRandy Witt2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10590 3build-perf-test: suitable test report formatMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10627 3Way to navigate through patches in a seriesMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10658 1Support for IAMCU baremetal toolchain for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10659 1.5Support for ARC baremetal toolchain for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10660 2Support for Nios2 baremetal toolchain for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10662 3Provide "newlib" for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10663 5Create BSP binary package classMedium+Stephano Cetola2.3 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10704 add OSTree to update mechanism overviewMediumIsmo Puustinen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10710 1make it be able to login as root by default when debug-tweaks is not setMediumRobert Yang2.3 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10747 Add support for testing wic images on non x86 platformsMedium+Yi Zhao2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10762 1patchwork: Enable automatic status update when patches are merged for all projectsMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10778 2Adopt skipStep() throughout the codebaseMediumJoshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5427 5Extend and tidy up layer sanity checkingMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
8200 1Add acl to default DISTRO_FEATURES?MediumRoss Burton2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9460 1Provide a way to automate testing of meta-mingwMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9894 1Investigate porting smartpm, createrepo to python3Medium+Chen Qi2.3 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9944 1patchtest-oe: check that patch was sent to the correct mailing listMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10092 5RMC: RMC Project - Provide dumpers for fingerprint and database fileMedium+Todor Minchev2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10215 4Add a class which allows buiding git upstream versions of code using BBCLASSEXTENDMedium+Ross Burton2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10325 1.5license.bbclass should only copy licenses for packages actually installedMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10558 3.5Create Nexus instance (a java repository manager)HighMichael Halstead2.3 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10619 10Refactor wic codebaseMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDLET
10624 1Ability to set patch metadata from a mailMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10626 3git-pw needs bundle supportMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10661 2Provide support to run Zephyr images in QEMUMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10678 0.5Drop usage/support of bb.data.expand() and replace with d.expand()Medium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10688 2Add a test looking for common paths that indicate patch is for the wrong layerMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10703 add mender.io to update mechanism overviewMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10707 Fix CVE defects in openssl by upgrading bugfix/letter releaseMedium+Randy MacLeod2.3 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10789 5patchtest-oe: Include a test case that fails in case pylint issues are found on new patch changesMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10819 0.5Support range select in patch listMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10822 3Multiple select/change state controls in series viewMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10823 0.5A V2 series wasn't detected as suchMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10905 2Difficult to find status of patchMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10924 5RMC: Bring supported RMC functions to systemd-boot efi stubMedium+Mikko Ylinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10951 12Runtime Performance testing frameworkMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
11037 5selftest: Optimize use of get_bb_varMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11088 1wikilog must handle non-Latin characters in wiki page contentMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6700 2systemd's resolved conflicts with connmanMediumChen Qi2.3 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8314 5warn when ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY are the sameMediumChen Qi2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9037 1Consider alternate methods for maintain Yocto releases after 1yrMedium+Richard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9423 5devshell: export CONFIGUREOPTS to envMediumRobert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9675 30Replacing/updating smartpm/createrepoMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
9962 1Suggested additions to the --help output re. -v and -DMediumDiana Thayer2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10596 5Enable tests of layers for compatibility (YP Compatible v2)HighRichard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED27 March 2017: Setting to 2.3 M4
10618 3Increase oe-selftest coverage of wic codebaseMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10692 1Add references to SYSROOT_DIRSMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED18 Nov 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10878 1source code lines should not exceed more than 80 charactersMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11021 2Section on source archiving needs to discuss filtering optionsMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
11027 0.5patchwork: Notify if status-change-through-email was attempted without required privilegesMediumJose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11066 4Reference Kit Secure BootMediumMikko Ylinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11068 2QEMU as a supported platformMediumDmitry Rozhkov2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11070 2whole-disk encryptionMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11071 2installer imageMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11072 2integrity protectionMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11076 Supported hardware definitionMediumJussi Laako2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11079 0.5devtool deploy.py should allow for changing the port for ssh/scpMediumTim Orling2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11080 Enabling testing TPM(v1.2) Support on QEMUMediumAmaranth Valluri2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11081 BT Audio SupportMediumJaska Uimonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
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