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The below are some stylistic guidelines to be aware of when importing recipes from OpenEmbedded (Classic). Note: please be sure to always attribute OpenEmbedded when you take a recipe from there, even if it is changed heavily. Something like based on recipe from OE-Classic in your commit message should suffice.

  • Consistent whitespace throughout the file
  • File follows a roughly standard variable order
  • Patches are all documented
  • Use BBCLASSEXTEND where possible instead of -native / -nativesdk versions
  • pkgconfig .pc files are correct and don't need manual mangling
    • if its using pkgconfig.bbclass ensure the .pc files are correct, may need a patch. Sure sign is the .pc files have long paths in including the WORKDIR or sysroot paths. They should just have references like "/usr/lib/", i.e. target system paths and pkgconfig will automatically add in the correct sysroot paths as needed.
  • No custom do_configure for autotooled projects
  • Use "make install" where at all possible
  • Remove any BBVERSIONS lines
  • Use ALTERNATIVE_* Recipe metadata instead of update-alternatives command

For more practical information on migrating recipes see Migrating metadata to OE-Core over at the OE wiki.

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