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This page should be used to keep track of items which should be added to the migration guide in the YP Reference Manual. It's a living document for the life of a development cycle and by M4 should represent a significant proportion of items that are worthy of note in the migration guide.

Once the migration guide for a release has been completed the contents of this page should be cleared out.


2.7 Migration Guide items

  • bitbake: bitbake: BBHandler: Check tab indentation for python code
  • scripts/distro: Remove as using obsolete APIs and need re-implementing sanely
  • perl: add a version that builds the recipe using perl-cross
  • arm-tunes: Remove -march option if mcpu is already added
  • update-alternatives: convert file renames to PACKAGE_PREPROCESS_FUNCS
  • native: Enable RDEPENDS handling
  • inetutils: Disable rsh, etc in the build
  • base/pixbufcache: Remove obsolete sstatecompletions code

  • Bitbake will now check BBFILE_COLLECTIONS for duplicate entries and trigger an error if any are found.
  • The system and user-mode parts of qemu-native have been split: qemu-native provides the user-mode components and qemu-system-native provides the system components. If you have recipes that depend upon QEMU's system emulation functionality at build time, they should now depend upon qemu-system-native instead of qemu-native.
  • The previously deprecated upstream-tracking.inc file has now been removed - UPSTREAM_TRACKING* variables are now set in the corresponding recipes instead. Remove any references you have to this file in your configuration.
  • The DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC variable is no longer used - glibc configurability via kconfig was removed a long time ago (around the time eglibc merged into glibc ) and the libc-* features it was used to set have not been effective since then. Remove any references you have to DISTRO_FEATURES_LIBC in your own layers.

Packaging changes

  • bind: nsupdate binary moved to bind-utils package
  • Change default debug split to make separate source packages
  • util-linux: split out blkdiscard into its own package
  • util-linux: one package per binary (pt 1: base_sbindir)
  • util-linux: one package per binary (pt 2: base_bindir)
  • util-linux: one package per binary (pt 3: sbindir)
  • util-linux: one package per binary (pt 4: bindir)
  • util-linux: move /etc/default/mountall into -mount subpackage
  • netbase/base-files: move /etc/hosts from netbase to base-files
  • tzdata: main package now converted to an empty meta package that pulls in all tzdata packages by default
  • lrzsz has been removed from packagegroup-self-hosted and packagegroup-core-tools-testapps as X/Y/ZModem support is less likely to be needed on modern systems. If you are relying on these packagegroups to include this package in your image, you will now need to add it explicitly.

Removed classes

  • distutils-tools: was never used
  • bugzilla.bbclass: obsolete
  • distrodata: functionally replaced by more modern tinfoil-based implementation

Removed recipes

  • gcc: drop version 7.3 recipes (8.3 now remains)
  • linux-yocto: drop version 4.14 & 4.18 recipes (4.19 & 5.0 now remain)
  • go: drop version 1.9 recipes (1.11 & 1.12 now remain)
  • xvideo-tests: obsolete
  • libart-lgpl: obsolete
  • gtk-icon-utils-native: tools now provided by gtk+3-native
  • gcc-cross-initial, gcc-crosssdk-initial: no longer needed (gcc-cross/gcc-crosssdk now used instead)
  • glibc-initial: removed as the benefits of having it (for site_config) are currently outweighed by the cost of building it.
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